Marcy Dumbbells Review (Adjustable & Hex Sets Compared)

While creating your home gym, you need to consider adding a few dumbbells to the mix to help work those muscles and get stronger than ever before. There are two main types of dumbbells that you can choose, the adjustable dumbbells and the fixed HEX dumbbells.  

Adjustable dumbbells often have plates that you can switch out to make the whole device lighter or heavier. This makes it easier to have one dumbbell that switches based on the type of workout you are doing and the muscle group you focus on. The HEX dumbbells are closer to traditional dumbbells, where you will need to get one in each weight you want to use.  

Marcy dumbbells are great options to choose from, helping you to get the best workout ever. Let's take a look at this Marcy dumbbells review to learn more about their adjustable and HEX options and why you should choose these dumbbells for all of your workout needs.  

What We Like 

  • Durable and meant to last  
  • Easy to grip and hold for a long workout
  • Affordable pricing compared to other options
  • Many options to choose from for a workout
  • Protected and will not rust through

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Not traditional adjustable weights, take longer to adjust
  • Fewer weight options on higher or lower end of things
  • Some sets only send one dumbbell in the order.

Unique Features Of The Marcy Dumbbells 

Marcy dumbbells come in two main types, the adjustable dumbbells and the hex dumbbells.

Both of these have benefits based on the type that you feel the most comfortable using each day.

And they both have unique features that help them beat out the competition. We have discussed some of these unique features below to help you familiarize yourself with each model.

Marcy 40 Pound Vinyl Dumbbell Set with Adjustable Weights

Adjustable Dumbbells 

  • Chrome Plated Spin Lock Collars  
    The Marcy adjustable dumbbells come with a spinlock collar that is chrome plated. This helps keep it safe and ensures the plates will stay in place while you utilize the dumbbells. This adds to the safety of using these adjustable weights. In addition, users will not need to worry about the plates moving around while they work out, so they can focus on muscle growth, not moving plates.  
  • Chrome Plated, Knurled Handle Grips  
    The handle grips are important when choosing a good adjustable dumbbell. You want something sturdy and easy to grasp while you complete the hard sets. The chrome-plated handle grips will do just the trick you need. The easier it is to grip the bar, the safer the whole dumbbell can be for those using it.  
  • Durable & Rust-Proof Cast Iron Weight Plates  
    The weight plates that come with these adjustable weights are some of the best. They are designed to prevent rust and are durable, even if you have to give up during the workout and throw them on the ground a bit. With proper care and attention, these plates will not break and can last a long time.  

Hex Dumbbells 

  • Solid Cast Iron Core  
    Cast iron is durable, hard to break, and meant to last. Add to it that the cast iron rarely rusts, and you have a dumbbell that will beat out the competition. The cores of these Hex dumbbells are made out of solid cast iron, giving you the best results each time.  
  • Long-Lasting Finish  
    The finish placed on the plates of these dumbbells is meant to keep them strong and sturdy for as long as possible. This means the plates will not rust or break like other models, ensuring that you have the right dumbbells for a long time.  
  • Ergonomic Knurled Grip Prevents Slipping  
    The grip on these weights is designed to make it easy to hold onto, no matter the workout you would like to do. Other dumbbells have slippery handles or ones that are too big or too hard on the hands. The ergonomic design will make the hand comfortable while preventing slipping along the way.  

Marcy Dumbbells Reviewed

Marcy provides several different types of dumbbells for customers to choose from.

Whether you like the idea of using an adjustable weight set to keep space clean and clear, or you would like to keep the weights separate with some high-quality Hex dumbbells, Marcy has an option for you.

Some of the best weights that you can use from this company include: 

Marcy Adjustable Cast Iron Set 

Marcy Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set with...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – The ADS-42 boasts a...
  • SPIN LOCK COLLARS – Forget about moving and...
  • VARIOUS WEIGHT PLATES – Customize your...



14.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches 

Weight Range 

3 - 40 lbs

Item Weight 

40 lbs

Number of Settings 



2 years

When you are looking for an adjustable dumbbell set, the Marcy Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set is a great option.

This one comes with plates for three pounds and five pounds to help you get started, but there are additional Marcy weights you can purchase to take this even higher. The spinlock collars will help keep the plates in place while working out, and the knurled bar allows for some of the best grip as you go.  

There is so much to love about the sturdy construction that comes with this adjustable cast iron dumbbell set.

You will love that it is durable and made to last, the carrying case helps to keep things organized, and the grip is simple to use all the time.

Add in lots of extra weight or keep it light for the best workout each time.  

Marcy Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

Marcy Vinyl Set with Adjustable Weights 

On Sale Today
Marcy 40 Pound Vinyl Dumbbell Set with...
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Organizing your gym...
  • SPRING-CLIP COLLARS – Forget about...
  • TWO DIFFERENT PLATE WEIGHTS – This gym gear...



14 x 9.5 x 9.5 Inches 

Weight Range 

5 - 40 lbs

Item Weight 

42 lbs

Number of Settings 



2 years

This dumbbell set is one of the best options that you can use to build those bulky arms and get in a great workout, no matter how much time you have. The handle is designed to be slip-resistant, and you will be able to hold on tight as you lift the heavy weight each time. 

Marcy 40 Pound Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Choose the exact weight limit up to 40 pounds, switching out plates based on the muscle group you would like to do that day.  

The construction of this dumbbell set is impressive. It is resistant to rust, able to handle even tough usage when you are trying to get the workout done quickly, and is perfect for keeping your whole gym cleaned up rather than using a lot of weights at once. 

For ease and comfort while getting the best workout, this dumbbell set is the way to go.  

Marcy Inspire Rubber Hex (Heavy) 

On Sale Today
Marcy Rubber Hex dumbbell  - 30 lb, sold as...
  • Solid cast iron core with durable rubber...
  • Non-rust chrome, long lasting finish
  • Contoured ergonomic knurled grip prevents...



Based on the weight of the dumbbell 

Weight Range 

25 - 50 lbs

Item Weight 

25 - 50 lbs depending on weight 

Number of Settings 

Need separate dumbbells for each weight 


2 years

If the adjustable weights are not your thing for a workout and you want to have individual weights to help get things done, then the Marcy Inspire Rubber Hex Dumbbell is going to be one of the best decisions you can make. However, they are sold in individual weights, so you will need to order two in each weight to make sure you have enough.  

The grip on these is some of the best in the industry, providing the support you need without being too slippery or wide. The rubber on the ends of the weight helps provide some protection, both for your floors and the weight itself.

You should consider having a weight rack to store these on, giving some added protection and keeping the home gym clean. With choices between 25 to 50 pounds, you will be able to get that workout done in no time.  

Marcy Inspire Rubber Hex (Light) 

On Sale Today
Marcy Rubber Hex dumbbell  - 10 lb, sold as...
  • Solid cast iron core with durable rubber...
  • Non-rust chrome, long lasting finish
  • Contoured ergonomic knurled grip prevents...
  • This listing is for a pair(2) of dumbbells



Based on the weight of the dumbbell 

Weight Range 

25 - 50 lbs

Item Weight 

5 - 20 lbs depending on weight

Number of Settings 

Need separate dumbbells for each weight 


2 years

As a beginner, you may want to start with a lighter weight to help you get started before you build up. And this Marcy Inspire Rubber Hex Dumbbell set will be the best option for you.

This set only goes up to 20 pounds, making it easier for someone just starting out. Even better, they are sold in sets, so you get both weights at the same time, rather than just one of them like the previous option.  

The solid cast iron core will help make sure these weights last a long time. And the durable rubber coating will keep the weights safe, even if you drop them to the floor in exhaustion. The ergonomic grip helps you hold the weight well, and the non-rust chrome all around makes this a great addition to any home gym.  

Comparisons With Marcy Dumbbell Alternatives 

Marcy provides some great dumbbells for customers to use, but how do they compare to some of the other options that are available?  

There are many adjustable dumbbell brands on the market. We have chosen 3 to compare directly.

Marcy Vs Weider 

Rubber Hex Dumbbell - 10 LB
  • Prevent your dumbbell from rolling away or...

Weider provides some great dumbbells to choose from, but the quality in construction is not found like with the Marcy dumbbells. These are not as durable, with a handle that is not as good for the grip and the rubber ends are not there. 

They do provide more of a weight range from 10 to 40 pounds, but they miss out on some of the higher and lower ends of the weight spectrum on the Weider weights that some customers want. 

Marcy Vs CAP 

On Sale Today
CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set...
  • What’s included 40 pound set includes 2...
  • Construction durable cast iron plates have a...
  • Features: Set deatures ergonomic grips,...
  • Versatile: Dumbbells offer the ability to...

When it comes to adjustable weights, Marcy and Cap are both great options. However, if you would like to get really heavy with the weights you do on the dumbbells, you will have more options with the Cap adjustable dumbbells. 

These are designed to go all the way up to 200 pounds. This is higher than the 40 pounds that most Marcy adjustable weights will provide. The quality and durability are similar, but the heavier weight is better with Cap.  

Marcy Vs IronMaster 

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable...
  • Quick-Lock design adjusts from 5-75 lbs in 2...
  • Super heavy duty construction with welded...
  • System includes two adjustable dumbbells at...
  • Super space efficient design. Takes up less...

Marcy has some great adjustable weights, but they do take a little time to switch on and off the weights, which may not work for your workout. For a more traditional adjustable weight option, the IronMaster adjustable dumbbells is a better option. 

They provide options that go up to 75 pounds and provide a quick-lock feature that helps you get the plates on and off with ease. If the workout has to be done quickly, if you like a lot of weight, or you share the dumbbell with a lot of people, IronMaster is better. For beginners who want something easy and durable, the Marcy adjustable weights are best.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where are Marcy dumbbells made? 

The Marcy dumbbells are made in America. While some of the local parts may be outsourced to other countries, these are designed and manufactured by a company in the United States, providing customers with the product they want and deserve each time.  

Are Marcy adjustable dumbbells safe? 

The Marcy adjustable dumbbells are entirely safe for the customer to use. They are designed to be simple to adjust to the right weight for each user, based on the muscle group being utilized. Customers will find that these are safe and can enhance their workout each day. Just make sure that you are locking the plates in place properly so they do not move around.  

Where can I buy Marcy dumbbells? 

Customers who are interested in purchasing Marcy dumbbells will find that there are many locations to choose from when it comes to the Marcy dumbbells. You can choose to visit the Marcy website to see all of the weight equipment and accessories available for purchase. Amazon is another popular place to find these dumbbells. There are other websites that provide these dumbbells, but always review and make sure you are getting a legitimate product.  


Marcy dumbbells are an excellent option for you to choose to use for your home gym. They allow for some flexibility, and you can adjust the weights without having to keep a lot of weights around all the time. Check out some of the available options to see which one is right for you.

Paul J