While attending the ESPY Awards back in 2011, Jonah Hill revealed that he had lost over 30 pounds.[1]

Just how did Jonah Hill lose weight throughout his career? We have all the details behind the Jonah Hill workout down below.

Jonah Hill's Weight Loss Workout Routine Explained

Jonah Hill initially burst into the mainstream after starring in the iconic classic Superbad in 2007.[2]

Since then, he has gone on to produce, write, and star in movies and shows for over a decade. From 21 Jump Street to Moneyball to The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill always seeks to challenge himself.

After struggling with body image issues for so long, Jonah Hill decided to make a change. He started doing ten push-ups a day, gradually increasing to one hundred a day.

Hill started running soon after, enjoying the minimal equipment and accessible nature of the activity. He eventually found a love of jiu-jitsu and boxing at celeb hot spot Gotham Gym.

Jonah Hill Walking Outdoors Casual Wear

His weight has fluctuated throughout his career, especially early on when he was given roles that required putting on some weight. For Jonah Hill, weight loss was not needed for a role but for his self-confidence and to get in better shape.

Jonah Hill’s workout routine is a varied one born from a desire to find happiness and a healthier state of mind. With his writing and honest struggles with his body, Jonah Hill became an inspiration to many.

The Jonah Hill workout routine is simple to follow through a personal trainer at a local gym or attending classes. He dedicates eight or more hours a week to doing the following:





45 minutes


50 minutes


45 minutes





45 minutes

Resistance Training

60 minutes





50 minutes




45 minutes

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60 minutes

Resistance Training

60 minutes





45 minutes




60 minutes

Weekends: Rest

Jonah Hill Gym Workout

Jonah Hills Background - Comedian, Actor, Filmmaker

Jonah Hill Feldstein was born in December 1983 to a Jewish LA showbiz family. He started writing and performing plays while attending The New School college in 2003.

During this time, he was introduced to Dustin Hoffman by Hoffman’s kids and invited to audition for I Heart Huckabees; this audition kickstarted Hill’s acting career.

It started with brief appearances in films such as Click and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but starring in Superbad changed everything. That film propelled Hill and co-star Michael Cera into stardom.

Since then, Jonah Hill has gone on to star in big movies such as War Dogs, Don’t Look Up, and more. Hill has also voiced characters in animated movies like the Green Lantern in The Lego Movie and Carl in Sausage Party.

However, Jonah Hill is not just an actor. He made his directorial debut in 2018 with the film the Mid90s. He has also directed music videos for various artists, including Vampire Weekend and Sara Bareilles.

Current Body Stats

Jonah Hill’s weight loss journey has had highs and lows. Because of his history and career, these stats below may change.






192 lbs


38 years old


16 inches


36 inches


42 inches

Jonah Hill Body Stats

Jonah Hill’s Workout and Training Principles

According to Jonah Hill, he spent his entire young adult life listening to others criticize him for his weight. Before War Dogs, he lost weight for the sake of his mental health.

He started small with push-ups and running before gradually increasing how much training he did; this, in combination with cutting junk food, following a healthy meal plan, and keeping a food journal, helped him cut the excess body weight.

Jonah Hill found what worked for him and slowly built himself up to a place where he felt challenged but not too strained.

With his dedication and consistency, it is easy to see why he began losing weight. However, he has been prone to fluctuating weight over the years - this structured workplan and routine have always helped when he has gained weight.

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Jonah Hill Before And After

Accomplishments, Awards and Nominations


Jonah Hill has won four different awards over the years, and all achieved back in 2014. He won two Creative Impact in Acting awards for Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, three for his comedic work on Wolf and 22 Jump Street.


We cannot win them all, even when you are as hardworking as Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill has frequently been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and has even received an Oscar nomination for that work.

However, Hill has not won any award from a major association and has lost out on 34 nominations over the course of his career.

Jonah Hill's Diet Plan Explained

Before Hills started his weight loss journey, he called Channing Tatum for advice. He asked if training with a professional and seeing a nutritionist would help him lose weight, to which Tatum said, 'It's the simplest thing in the entire world.'[3]

Once Jonah Hill started his workout journey, he got in contact with a nutritionist. This nutritionist discussed his goals with him and encouraged Hill to keep a food log. By writing exactly what he ate and when, they could identify what nutritional gaps were in his diet and craft a food plan that fixed them.

The Jonah Hill diet is a simple one that relies on things like lean protein, low-fat dairy, and lots of Japanese food. There are plenty of Japanese dish options that provide plenty of nutrition without excess fat or junk, such as a six-piece sushi roll set.

This results in Hill eating less cholesterol, fewer fats, and little processed sugar.

A structured workout plan and healthy food were not the only things that helped Jonah Hill feel good. He tends to lose weight when he stops drinking beer and eating pizza. In his early career, Hill lived like a frat guy, enjoying these delicious processed foods with his friends.[4]

Hill knows that those two things are his weaknesses, to does not drink beer as often anymore.

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What to eat

  • Lean protein
  • Fish
  • Whole grains
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Sushi
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Fish oil

What To Avoid

  • Beer
  • Pizza
  • Refined food
  • Junk food
  • Processed food
  • Sugar

What Supplements Does Jonah Hill Take?

Jonah Hill does not advocate for or take any specific supplements as part of his diet. He has said in the past,

'I wish there was some crazy thing that I did, like a pill or a genie or something, but I went to see a nutritionist, and he told me what to eat to change my habits.' 

Jonah Hill’s supplements come from his healthy diet rather than an external source. 

Common Questions About Jonah Hill

Does Jonah Hill surf?

Jonah Hill does often go surfing with his surf instructor partner Sarah Brady. Surfing is a great form of exercise that is fun to do with loved ones or alone.

What has Jonah Hill said about his physique?

When he was younger, he spent ‘…most of my young adult life listening to people say I was fat, gross, and unattractive.’ When discussing his body image, Hill said: ‘I think everyone has a version of themselves — I call it a snapshot — at some point in life…For me, it’s definitely being like this 14-year-old kid, being overweight, wanting to fit in…and just feeling lonely…’ [5]


As you can see, it is possible to lose weight without any expensive gym memberships.

Hill cut the weight by starting small and building up to a regular exercise routine that anyone can follow. Once he got comfortable with that, he challenged himself with more complex and expensive training, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We recommend taking inspiration from his journey and trying out some of his tips, such as the food journal, healthy diet, and finding what feels best for you.

As the Jonah Hill weight loss journey has proved, what matters is dedication, persistence, and starting simple before moving on to professional aid.


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