Making sure that you stay fit and healthy is key to improving your overall well-being.

However, reaching your health goals requires training and discipline that can be hard to come by when training alone. If you find yourself wondering, 'do I need a personal trainer?', read our guide below to find out. 

Still asking yourself, 'do I really need a personal trainer?’ Here are some common reasons for people to use personal trainers – if one or more of these matches your situation, it may be worth looking into. 

1. Brand New To Training & Fitness 

There are hundreds of workout types and regimes to choose from, making it overwhelming and hard to start for many people looking to get fit.

Personal trainers will take your fitness level and physical needs into account and help you start strong while building healthy lifestyle habits for the future. 

2. Get Better Results From Your Workouts 

Training on your own has plenty of benefits, but you may be hindering yourself without even knowing it.

Personal trainers use their knowledge of proper form and technique to help you break through those plateaus and smash those goals.

No matter your workout style, there is a personal trainer out there who can help you level up your fitness.  

3. Learn New Types Of Workouts

It is all too easy to get caught in an everyday workout routine. If it is getting old quickly, it can cause many people to fall off the bandwagon.

Consulting a personal trainer can give you plenty of inspiration and guidance to try a new workout style or challenge that can freshen up your fitness regime. 

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4. If You Have A Specific Illness, Injury, Or Condition 

Whether you suffer from a past injury or a particular physical condition, you may find yourself needed specialist help to recover or reach those goals.

You can find technical experts that have worked with your condition in the past and are able to take your needs into account.

Likewise, if you want to avoid a specific injury or ailment, trainers should have tips on what to do within your training to ensure that it is minimized. 

5. Need Accountability And Motivation 

While working out alone, it is easy to let your discipline slip and spend less time working out and more time socializing or procrastinating.

A personal trainer knows how to keep you motivated and call you out on your mindset to help you snap out of a fitness funk.  

6. Preparing For A Sport/Life Event 

Hiring a personal trainer does not have to be a long-term investment. Plenty of people hire trainers to help them prepare for big events like competitions, weddings, and photoshoots. 

Whatever your goals for the event, a trainer can build a short-term plan that allows you to look and feel your best for it. 

7. Want To Work Out In Your Home Gym 

Working out at home is a great way to maintain privacy and convenience without compromising your schedule.

Personal trainers can come to your home with equipment and tips on making your home work for you. They can also have personalized suggestions on equipment that you could incorporate into your home gym. 

Do I Need A Personal Trainer

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

A personal trainer is someone who leads, instructs, and motivates people of all ages and skill levels in exercise. They are trained professionals who lead by example and by individual or group training sessions.  

Personal trainers are typically found doing the following: 

  • Giving demonstrations of exercise movements, sometimes giving alternatives for various skill levels 
  • Watching clients and giving feedback on form and progress 
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting choreographed workout programs as needed 
  • Explaining and enforcing safety rules for working out and emergency events 
  • Give valuable information regarding nutrition, weight control, exercise regimes, and more 
  • Giving emergency first aid where necessary 

By using prior knowledge, motivation techniques, and your fitness information, personal trainers can help you smash those fitness goals and become a better you. 

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How Can A Personal Trainer Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goal?

Is a personal trainer worth it? While personal trainers are often seen as class instructors or weight loss experts, they can be used to help you achieve a variety of goals, including: 

For Building Muscle 

Looking to build muscle but not sure where to start? Personal trainers can use their detailed knowledge of the human body and various training techniques to create an effective muscle-building workout program for you. 

For Bodybuilding 

For those looking to get into bodybuilding, you can find personal trainers who specialize in this field. These trainers can give you training regimes, nutrition tips, and motivation to see that goal through. 

For Losing Weight & Getting Fit 

Losing weight and getting into shape is a common desire for many, but it can be challenging to know where to start. Personal trainers have plenty of experience and will tailor a program to control your weight and manage your fitness level. 

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Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Personal Fitness Trainer

Do I need a PT to get fit? Not necessarily, but they can be beneficial. These professionals are trained to empower you with the proper knowledge and tools to be your best self and reach your fitness goals.  

A wealth of experience and expertise is ready to give you tips on form, nutrition, and fitness styles that may work for you. By working with a qualified personal trainer, you can use personalized fitness plans to achieve targeted results in your training.

If you are the type who gets discouraged easily, having someone else who has been through it with you keeps you accountable and motivated to try your best 

That being said, there are some potential drawbacks to hiring a personal trainer. Cost is a significant factor; both in-person and online personal training can cost up to $100 an hour depending on their expertise and more.  

Another issue comes with scheduling – your free time may clash with another clients,' or you may not be able to have the same slot each week. Shopping around to find an available and qualified trainer could be worth it, if that is what you need. 


  • Personalized fitness plans 
  • Motivation and accountability 
  • Expertise and experience 
  • Targeted results 


  • Cost
  • Location and time management 
Pros & Cons PT

What Makes A Good PT?

  • They Are Qualified And Experienced
    Having someone on your side that is both highly accredited and experienced can be profoundly reassuring – especially if you are just starting out.  
  • They Are Focused
    Personal training is focused on providing high-quality support and care within your sessions can be a great boon to your motivation. 
  • They Are Relatable
    Many personal trainers start out because they are passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Many have had health or weight issues in the past that helped them develop a real love of working out, which can be relatable to hear.  
  • They Ask Questions
    To provide the right workout regimes and tips for you, a personal trainer really needs to dig deep into your health and goals. Asking the right questions can help them find the perfect routine for your body. 
  • They Listen
    It is no use to ask questions without listening to the answers – having a listening ear can help you break unhealthy habits and break plateaus.  
  • They Educate Their Clients
    Your body is a complex machine that can achieve incredible things. Professionals have a detailed working knowledge of the human body and can pass on helpful tips and lessons [1]. 
  • They Are Easy To Understand
    People of all levels and experiences hire personal trainers; these professionals are masters of working with a variety of personality types. 
  • They Track Your Progress
    Personal fitness instructors can easily track and digest your various numbers and progress. Over time, they use your workout data to adjust your regime and find new ways to help you challenge yourself [2]. 
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People Also Ask (FAQs)

How many times a week should I train with a personal trainer? 

That depends on a variety of factors, such as your budget, location, and fitness level, as well as your trainer's availability. Factors like these decide how often you should train with a personal trainer in a week.  

Can you get fit without a personal trainer? 

Absolutely! There are plenty of free classes and fitness regimes to suit all levels online without the need to hire a personal trainer. With consistent discipline, plenty of effort, and healthy habits, you can get fit on your own.  

How much does the personal fitness trainer services cost? 

There are many factors that determine how much a virtual or in-person session can cost, with most costing up to $100 an hour. The best price is one that suits your budget, but $15-$40 an hour is a reasonable estimate.  

Are online personal trainers any good? 

Online personal trainers can be a great bridge between the privacy and convenience of your home and the resources and community of the gym. We recommend shopping around and checking customer reviews carefully to find the right online trainer for you. 


Should I get into personal training? If you do feel that a personal training session is suitable for your fitness journey, we recommend shopping around, organizing a personal budget, and interviewing various personal trainers in your area. 

By being wary and taking the time to understand your needs, it is possible to find a professional that will help you become the best version of yourself 




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