Inspire m3 Home Gym Review (Price & Comparison Guide)

Investing in a well-equipped home gym system is one of the most effective ways to get in shape - all without having to leave the house. Home gyms are designed to give users a total-body workout in an all-in-one, easy-to-use system. They come with several integral pieces of home gym equipment so that you can do lat pulldowns, chest presses, leg extensions, and more.  

There are several home gym models to choose from, but today, we’re here to provide you with a full Inspire M3 Home Gym review. The M3 is an extremely popular model, so let’s find out why by covering the features, pros and cons, and whether or not this home gym is worth the money.  

The Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym is often referred to as the "rockstar of home gyms," and a big reason for this is the commercial-quality design. It's fit for a professional fitness setting but also compact enough to fit in your home.

The entire gym and all of its components can fit on a 4’x6’ mat, so finding space for this well-rounded piece of equipment shouldn’t be a problem. Here are the features that make the M3 stand out from other highly-rated home gyms:   

Award-Winning All-In-One Home Gym  

Thanks to the all-in-one design of this piece of equipment, there is a nearly unlimited number of Inspire M3 exercises (about 100) you can do. This is a total-body workout machine that comes with a fixed and cable motion press station, a seated station for leg extensions and curls, a unique abdominal station, and so much more.  

Heavy-Duty Build Quality  

The M3 frame is built from heavy-duty 2″x4″ oval and 3″ round 11 gauge tubular steel. It’s powder-coated for added resistance against everyday wear and tear that offers a durable, maintenance-free finish. It also features nylon pulleys, 2000-pound tensile strength cables, and precision ball bearings in its press arm pivot. 

In terms of size, the home gym footprint is 73″ long by 40” wide by 81” high with a top beam height of 84”. The gym itself weighs just over 523 pounds, so there’s very little risk of wobbling or instability. The heavy weight has a lot of pros, but it also means that this is far from portable, so don’t plan on moving it around the home.  

Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym front view

Safe & Smart Design  

Inspire Fitness was extremely smart in their design tactics when creating this gym. As mentioned before, it's compact in size but also heavy enough to remain stable. For even more stability, it features a 3-point floor contact system.  

Another design feature worth mentioning is the orthopedic-grade seat and backrest. They are both ergonomically designed to promote good form for a variety of exercises, but also designed to match the natural shape and curvature of the back and spine for added comfort. Not only does this keep you feeling good, but it also keeps you safe by minimizing the risk of injury 

High-Quality Pulley Systems  

Quality pulleys are essential for staying safe as well as pushing your limits, and the M3 Home Gym definitely delivers on this front.

The pulley systems are made with aircraft-grade cables that have 2,000-pounds of tensile strength.  

Not only is there a high-pulley station, but also a low-pulley system that’s designed with a seated rowing bar. This allows for a wide range of upper body exercises 

Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym side view

Multiple Pivot Points Throughout  

The M3’s seated bench press station is designed with several pivot points that utilize 1.5” precision steel ball bearings. The other pivot points move on brass bushings, which help to ensure a smooth, seamless motion and require very little maintenance.  

Wide Variety of Add-Ons Available  

With your purchase of the M3, you’ll have access to these accessories: an aluminum revolving easy curl bar, strap handles with revolving grips, and an ankle strap. It also comes with a 215-pound weight stack, which is plenty for beginners and intermediate weight lifters.  

One great thing about the M3 is that you can customize the home gym with more add-ons and accessories, like a leg press or an abdominal bar.  

Competitive Warranty For Buyers  

Compared to similar home gyms, Inspire Fitness has a very competitive warranty policy. As long as you’re using this piece of equipment for residential use, you’ll get to enjoy the perks of a limited lifetime warranty.  

Available Tech and Workout Charts 

Thanks to the informative Inspire M3 Home Gym manual, it's easy to get a good idea of the different exercises and workouts that are available to you. There are also many online resources that can help you with your workouts, like this Inspire M3 workout chart 

Having the M3 exercise chart accessible will not only give you detailed steps on how to use each aspect of the M3, but it will also provide you with training tips as well as safety precautions.  

Inspire M3 Home Gym Review 

Product Specifications


73"L x 40"W x 81"H 


523 lbs (with included weight stack) 

Maximum Load Capacity 


Weight Stack 

215 lbs 

Resistance Ratio 

High, Mid & Lower Pulleys 1:2, Leg Ext 1:1, Leg Curl 3:4, Leg Press 2:1, Press Arm 1.2:2 


Limited Lifetime (for residential use) 

Next, let’s get into our thoughts on the performance, functionality, and overall worth of a home gym system like the M3.   

Construction & Quality 

The quality of the Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym that’s worth talking about is the heavy-duty frame. Although this isn’t a cheap piece of equipment by any means, the frame quality is top-of-the-line, especially when compared to less expensive systems.  

The 11-gauge steel construction is a big thing to thank for this, but it also has to do with the tripod floor stand. We also love that the machine is compact but still ultra-durable. Just make sure you have enough ceiling space as the top beam height is 84”.  

Assembly & Maintenance 

As is the case with any all-in-one home gym, the Inspire M3 assembly process isn’t the easiest. Considering all the parts and pieces of equipment that are included in the system, this is no big surprise.  

The good news, though, is that the manual is straightforward and gives clear details on how to put the home gym together. You can expect assembly to take a couple of hours, and it’s definitely recommended that you do it with a friend or family member.  

Another perk of buying the M3 is that it requires very little maintenance. Aside from regularly wiping down the equipment after each workout session, there’s not much else you need to do. The pulleys and pivots are designed with oil-impregnated bushings, which means they’ll remain smooth even after extended use.  

Upper Body Exercises 

This machine allows you to do over 100 different exercises, and many of them target the upper body, including the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms. For the chest, you can do bench presses, chest presses, pectoral fly workouts, inclined chest presses with the included strap handles, alternating inclined chest presses, and more. 

Shoulder exercises include lateral deltoid raises, front deltoid raises, standing shoulder presses, alternating shoulder presses, and upright rows (just to name a few).

Thanks to the high and low pulley systems, targeting the arm muscles is easy with tricep pushdowns, tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, and bicep curls. 

One thing that we especially love about this machine is that it’s built with separated press arms. 

Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym upperbody exercise

That means that each press arm works and moves independently, so you can either work both arms at once or target one arm at a time.  

Abs & Back Exercises 

Working out the back muscles is something that many people forget to focus on, or simply don’t know what to do. With the M3, that won’t be an issue. This machine’s high pulley system allows for lat pulldowns and alternating high rows, which are both great for strengthening the back.  

Just keep in mind that the aluminum lat bar isn’t included, but you can purchase one separately. You also have the option to purchase an ab bar for more challenging abdominal crunches.  

Speaking of abs, you're definitely not limited on ab and core workouts with the M3. In addition to seated abdominal crunches, the machine is also great for kneeling ab crunches, thanks to the patented seated crunch station. 

Lower Body Exercises

Leg extensions are one of the best lower body workouts that can be done with the M3. This exercise targets the quads, and the foam rollers that are necessary for holding down the legs and ankles are soft and comfortable.  

You can also do seated leg curls, inner/outer thigh exercises, and glute kickbacks. There’s an optional leg press add-on if you’re looking for an exercise to target both the quads and hamstrings simultaneously. 

Pros & Cons Of The Inspire Fitness M3  

There’s a lot to love about the M3 Home Gym, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to fitness equipment. Here’s a breakdown of the pros, as well as the cons: 

What We Like 

  • Heavy-duty steel frame 
  • Over 100 possible exercises for a total-body workout 
  • Orthopedic seat and backrest with lots of padding 
  • High-quality cable and pulley system 
  • Compact - great for home gyms 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Priced higher than the average cost of a home garage gym 
  • Assembly can be challenging and time consuming (although this is fairly normal for all-in-one systems) 

Add-Ons & Accessories For The Inspire Fitness M3  

There are a lot of different Inspire M3 accessories that can be used with this home gym, like the multi-ring D handles, double-D low row handle, additional weight plate, and tricep row. We won’t list them all here, but feel free to browse the products on the company’s website.   

There are a few options for equipment add-ons that are worth mentioning. The first is the optional leg press, which can be used for both leg presses and calf raises. Then there’s the optional aluminum lat bar, which is ideal for working out the back and lateral muscles. And lastly, there’s the optional ab bar for increasing resistance while doing crunches.  

Comparing With Other Inspire Fitness Home Gym Models

The M3 is merely one of several home gym models available at Inspire Fitness. While it’s an excellent choice for getting a total body workout at home, there may be another Inspire home gym that better meets your needs.  

Here’s a quick comparison of the top models from Inspire Fitness:  

Inspire M1 Vs M3

The M1 is the most basic model in this series of Inspire Fitness home gyms, which also means it's the most affordable. It still comes with a good amount of features and functions, like low pulley systems, a telescoping seat, and a 165-pound weight stack. It’s not the ideal choice for heavy lifters, but it’s still a solid option for beginner-level fitness enthusiasts who want to get in shape at home. 

Inspire Fitness M1 Home Gym
  • Six pull points offer 50% resistance for...
  • Telescoping seat allows for seated and lying...
  • Space forward design makes the M1 perfect for...
  • Warranty: (Residential) Lifetime Limited...

Inspire M2 Vs M3

When you compare the Inspire M2 and M3, the M2 lacks a few of the features that come with the M3 model. The main difference is that the arms of the M2's chest press do not move independently from one another, and the M2 comes with just 165 pounds of weight plates instead of the M3's 215-pound weight stack. 

Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym
7 Reviews
Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym
  • Frame: Heavy-duty 2"x 4" oval and 3"round 11...
  • Powder Coated Finish: The Electrostatic...
  • Pivot Points: The bench press pivot points...
  • Accessories: 48" Aluminum Revolving Lat Bar,...

Inspire M3 Vs M5

The M5 is the most advanced home gym in this product line, which means it is also the priciest. It comes with a press arm, seated leg curl and extension station, dual weight stacks, free movement handles, a row station, and 4 pulleys. The main difference between the M5 and the M3 is that the M5 allows for 2 users to work out simultaneously. 

Inspire Fitness M5 Multi-Gym Home Gym
2 Reviews
Inspire Fitness M5 Multi-Gym Home Gym
  • 2 USERS AT ONCE - With dual weight 215 lb....
  • TOTAL BODY MACHINE - Try more than 50...
  • Included Accessories - 2 x Double D Low Row...
  • Optional Add-Ons - Leg Press and Ab Bar

Inspire M3 Vs Inspire Functional Trainers

The line of Functional Trainers - including the FT1, FT2, and FTX - are better suited to upper body workouts since they do not include a seated station. You can, however, purchase add-ons for a bench and leg extension kit, but this will cost you extra. 

Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer
  • Isolate each pulley - two weight stacks &...
  • Complete freedom - thirty swivel pulley...
  • Included accessories - triceps rope, pair of...
  • Options available - Bench, Ab Bar. Resistance...

Comparisons With Other Home Gyms Brands 

Inspire M3 Vs Body Solid EXM3000LPS

Inspire Fitness is certainly not the only brand that manufactures all-in-one home gym systems. Body-Solid is another reputable company, and the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym is as multifunctional as they come.  

This home gym setup includes 7 different stations for getting a full-body workout, including a multi-press station, leg press, pec station, lat pulldown, ab crunch, leg extension, and low pulley station. It includes a 210-pound weight stack, and similar to the M3, it has multiple options for add-ons and accessories.  

On Sale Today
Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Body-Solid Multi-Station...
  • MULTIUSER: This multi-station home fitness...
  • SEVEN STATIONS: This fitness equipment...
  • WEIGHT STACK: This powerful home gym comes...

Inspire M3 Vs Marcy Smith Machine Cage

Another comparable model to the M3 is the Marcy Smith Machine Cage System Home Gym. This piece of equipment is slightly more affordable than the M3, but it still offers a lot of potential for targeting all of the major muscle groups.  

On Sale Today
Marcy Smith Machine Cage System Home Gym...
  • You don’t have to switch between various...
  • Cage size – 70” L x 84” W x 86” H |...
  • Equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars, this...
  • Full assembly required | Equipped with...

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who makes Inspire Fitness home gyms? 

The Inspire Fitness company is a subsidiary of Health in Motion, LLC, which is a specialty product manufacturer. Founded in 2003, Inspire Fitness was one of the original divisions of Health In Motion. Inspire Fitness is headquartered in Southern California with an international office in Xiamen, China.  

How much do M3 Inspire plates weigh? 

The M3 Home Gym comes with a 215-pound weight stack, which is ideal for beginner and intermediate-level weight lifting. If you’re looking to lift more weight, consider the M5 model instead. This one comes with 2 sets of 215-pound weights, so 430 pounds in total.  

Where is Inspire Fitness equipment made? 

The company headquarters are located in Corona, California, which is where most of their products are manufactured. However, some of their products are made in their international location, which is in Xiamen, China.  

Where can I buy replacement parts for the Inspire Fitness M3 home gym? 

It’s best to reach out to the company directly if you’re in need of replacement parts. The M3 model is covered under a limited lifetime warranty, so depending on the parts needed and your reasons for needing them, you may be able to get a free replacement.  

Where can I buy Inspire Fitness M3 home gym equipment and add-ons? 

You can either purchase the Inspire M3 Multi Gym directly from the Inspire Fitness website or order it online from a retailer like Amazon. Inspire Fitness sells its products directly on Amazon, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing the M3 from the manufacturer rather than from a third-party retailer.  


Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym
4 Reviews
Inspire Fitness M3 Home Gym
  • Total Body Machine. More than 100 different...
  • Built-In Crunch Bench. The patented seated...
  • Pivot Points: The bench press pivot points...
  • Included Accessories: Aluminum Revolving Easy...

There you have it - the complete Inspire M3 Home Gym review. Try not to let the high cost of this all-in-one system scare you; when you do the math, it could be cheaper to buy this home gym rather than having to purchase separate pieces of equipment individually.