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Hex trap bars offer a safe and simple way to do a range of workouts. However, there isn't a standardized weight for them, so it can be difficult to know how much you're lifting.

This can impact your gains or even lead to injury if you've got an overloaded trap bar. But don’t worry, because we'll explain how much a trap bar weighs so you use it safely and effectively in this guide.  

Every lifter knows that you need to know exactly how much is on the bar. Knowing how much you’re lifting allows you to constantly challenge your body, which will improve your strength and help you develop larger muscles.

If you deadlift with too light a weight, you won't see the benefits, but if you try to lift too much, you can risk serious injury to your back.  

You need to know how much the trap bar weighs because every pound matters. Even a few kilos over your desired weight could compromise your form and risk injury. This becomes even more important when you’re lifting heavy, so if you want to make progress, you need to know exactly how much the entire load is, including the bar.  

Hex trap bars exist to make it easier to perform deadlifts, and you should be able to lift significantly more. In fact, a good trap bar should allow you to lift 8-15% more than a standard deadlift.

However, most trap bars are heavier than standard barbells, so it can be deceiving, and you may even be loading fewer weight plates onto the trap bar. Make sure you understand exactly how much the trap bar weighs so you can use it properly, and if you aren't sure, then you should ask someone to help you.   

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how much does a hex bar weigh

So, How Much Do Hex/Trap Bars Weigh?

Not only do different trap bars weigh varying amounts, but there are also a lot of different types of trap bars to choose from. Each hex trap bar is used slightly differently, and they all weigh somewhat different amounts.

Therefore, you'll need to check which trap bar you're using at home or in the gym so you can accurately gauge what you're lifting.   

A standard barbell will weigh 45 pounds, which is roughly 20kg, but trap bars aren't as standardized because they aren’t really used in competitions. As a result, hex trap bars can weigh anywhere from 30 to 70 pounds

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Conventional Hex bar 

The conventional hex bar is the one you'll find in most commercial gyms. They’re primarily used for deadlifts and help users perform the movement without injuring their back.

The conventional hex bars tend to be the cheapest option, and if you're looking for a hex bar in your home gym, you'll probably look for this model.  

Conventional hex trap bars are heavier than standard barbells because there's more metal. They typically weigh 60 pounds, which is around 27kg, but you can get some lighter models, which are around 45 pounds, about 20kg.

Experienced lifters can also get Olympic conventional hex bars which are made from thicker steel and designed to handle up to 1000 pounds of weight. The thicker material makes them slightly heavier, and they can weigh as much as 75 pounds, or 34kg.  

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Heavy-Duty Trap Bars 

If you're a seasoned powerlifter or looking to compete, then you'll probably need a tougher trap bar. These heavy-duty models are made from thicker steel and have several different knurled grips so that you can lift them in a variety of ways.

They can typically handle up to 1500 pounds of weight which is perfect if you want to lift heavy.  

The thicker steel and larger size of the heavy-duty trap bar makes it heavier than the conventional trap bar. They’ll usually weigh about 125 pounds, which is 56kg, but you can get some slightly heavier or lighter models.

These are the heaviest hex trap bars, and only very advanced lifters will need them.  

How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh

Open-Back Trap Bar 

Open-back trap bars are becoming increasingly common, and you may have seen them in your local gym. They're made the same way but have one open side so you can walk right into the bar.

They’re more versatile than a conventional hex bar and allow you to carry out lunges, lifts, and squats more easily. They’re a great alternative for those looking to build functional strength across their whole body.  

Open back trap bars tend to be a cheaper option, and they're slightly lighter than conventional hex trap bars. They usually weigh between 40 and 60 pounds, which is around 18-27kg, but you can get some heavier models which are over 75 pounds, roughly 34kg.

Tri-Grip Trap Bar  

Tri-grip trap bars are more difficult to find, and not many brands will stock them. They are made with rotating handles, so you can use different grips and perform a wide variety of lifts. This helps you build your body strength gradually and adjust the grips as you go.  

Tri grip trap bars tend to be slightly heavier than conventional trap bars because there is extra material for the large handles. They’ll typically weigh 50-70 pounds, which is about 22-31kg.  

1” Sleeve Trap Bar  

The majority of trap bars are made with a 2-inch sleeve which is Olympic standard. Most weight plates have a 2 inch hole for this type of bar, but some people do use weight plates with a 1 inch hole because they’re cheaper and easier to store.

If you are using 1 inch weight plates, then you’ll need a 1-inch sleeve trap bar to use them with.   

The thinner metal makes this type of trap bar a lot lighter. It will typically weigh 35-40 pounds, which is around 15-18kg. 1 inch sleeve trap bars are usually only found in home gyms, and they are generally cheaper than your conventional hex trap bar.  

how much does a deadlift bar weigh

Popular Trap Bar Brands & Their Weight Compared 

There's a lot of variety when it comes to trap bars, and that's not just based on the type of bar. Every brand makes a slightly different trap bar, and, unlike barbells, there isn't a standard weight.

The overall weight of the trap bar will depend on the materials used, the design, and the additional features. Generally, the heavier the trap bar, the more weight it can bear, so you'll find the high-end fitness brand trap bars weigh more.  

Premium fitness brands like Hammer Strength have trap bars that weigh about 60 pounds, or 27kg. They're a little heavier than other brands because they use slightly thicker steel and are designed to bear more weight.

Rogue Fitness is also considered a premium fitness brand, and their trap bar weighs the same, about 60 pounds or 27kg. Both of these trap bars will be well suited for experienced lifters, but they can be expensive.  

At the other end of the spectrum, you have brands like PureGym Fitness Equipment. They’re still a reliable brand, but they are a bit more affordable and don't have the same premium quality. Their trap bars will weigh about 50 pounds, or 22kg, and won't be able to handle as heavy a load.   

Every brand is slightly different, but here’s a summary of some of the most popular trap bars and how much they weigh: 


Weight (lb) 

Weight (Kg) 























Frequently Asked Trap Bar Weight Questions 

What weight should I use when starting to trap bar deadlift? 

When you're first starting to perform a trap bar deadlift, you need to get used to the movement and focus on form. A good 1 rep max for trap bad deadlifts is 195-200 pounds, but you'll need to build up to this, and pushing yourself too early could risk injury. Start really light, potentially with under 50 pounds, and don't increase the load until you feel very confident with the movement.  

Is a trap bar deadlift easier than a straight bar?  

Trap bar deadlifts are easier because they help you to control the movement. This lowers the risk of poor form, which can cause back injuries. Some fitness professionals consider hex trap bar deadlifts cheating, but the reality is that you're lifting the same weight in the same way. The only difference is that you're doing it more safely using specialist equipment.  

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What is the difference between trap bar and hex bar? 

Trap bars and hex bars are both the same thing, although you can get some variations of trap bar which don’t have the full hexagonal shape (like the open-back trap bar). However, if somebody says trap or hex bar, they’re usually referring to the same thing.  

Can you both squat and deadlift with a trap bar? 

Many people call trap bar deadlifts a squat, but because the weight starts on the ground, it is considered a deadlift. You won't be able to do a true squat with a trap bar, but you will be able to train your lower body effectively with it.  


Hex trap bars are used by lifters of all abilities and can help you perform a deadlift safely. The amount of weight you lift will directly impact your strength and muscle development, so you need to understand exactly how much your trap bar weighs so you know what you’re lifting.

Hopefully, this guide has helped, and you now know how much your hex trap bar weighs.  

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