Garage Gym Packages (Best Equipment For Complete Builds)

Building a home gym is a great way to take complete control of your workouts and daily routines.

But, unfortunately, it can also end up taking all of your time and money without promising you get everything you need. 

The answer is a garage gym package. These packages are essentially a turn-key home gym that gives you everything you need right from the jump.

You don't need to worry about making room or hoping all the pieces go together. Garage gym packages make building a home gym even more worth it.

This article will look at garage gym packages, review, rate, compare them, and help you decide which is the best package for your needs. 

In this section, we will rate, review and compare the best home gym packages. Each package has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we will cover.

We will look at the unique features of each setup, their costs, and customization features. 

1. PRx Performance Home Gym Package 

PRx Home Gym Package with foldable rack and bumper plates

PRX Performance may be the most complete and unique manufacturer of packaged gym systems.

Not only do they offer you 9 complete packages to choose from, but they also offer you the chance to build your own. 

The pre-built packages come in three different styles with three different layouts each. 

Two of the builds are designed for a single person named Men's and Women's, with the third group for both, named Couple's. 

Each of the packages comes with a full setup. All you have to do is pick your squat rack height and color.

The racks come in 90 and 96-inch options with longer bars and more weight on the Men’s set.[1] The Couple’s set includes both longer and shorter bars and the larger weight sets.[2]

If you prefer to build your own, there is an option for that. First, you start with your squat rack style and color (PRO or Profile options available).

Once your squat rack is picked, you can then choose the bars, weights, kettlebells, seat or bench, and accessories you want. 

The pre-built packages will cost a little less than the build-your-own (BYO) options, unless you go minimal and only get a squat rack and bench with only a few accessories.[3]

Note that the packaged systems do not save you any money in the long run over buying the pieces individually. Instead, they simply offer the PRX Performance equipment in single-click ordering options.  

However, the ability to decide on your equipment piece by piece in a set is something not every brand offers and is one of the biggest draws to PRX Performance. 

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  • Packages systems with options 
  • BYO option also available 
  • Elite packages offer everything you need 
  • Multiple rack heights 
  • Accessory add-ons available 


  • No cost savings with package ordering 
  • Most expensive package option on this list 

2. Rogue Fitness Garage Gym Packages

Rogue Crossfit Equipment Package

Rogue Fitness is a leader in strength training and has sponsored many Cross Fit competitions over the years.

They offer a wide variety of weight and cardio training equipment solutions, including packaged systems. 

What you will not find with these packages are racks or smith cages. Instead, you get everything you need to lift in your home, garage, or basement without all the frills and extras. 

It is a great way to focus on your task at hand and quickly move from one workout to the next. 

There are two primary packages offered for home gyms, Garage Packages and CrossFit packages.[4] All packs will come with an Ohio bar and free weights. This is the perfect starter kit to building a home gym with CrossFit equipment.

With the Warrior Package, for example, you also get bumper plates, kettle balls, collars, slam balls, climbing rope, rings, medicine ball, jump rope, abdominal mat, parallette, gymnastic rings, and a Concept2 Model D rowing machine.[5]

That is a lot of equipment for a single package and for the price, it is a great value. 

You can also specialize your package if you don't need everything, and find a package designed for your specific needs.

They offer packages with pieces and parts of the Warrior package in differing quantities. 

If you need a bench or seat, you can opt to add one of their 5 different styles when placing your order.

Also, you can select the bar type you prefer, if the Ohio bar is not suitable for your needs.

The Women's Bella bar, for example, is shorter and costs $70 less when added to the package. 

If you are looking to start your own gym or run a team workout, they also offer military packages.[6]

These are similar to the warrior package, just in larger quantities. That means 2, 4, 5, and even 10 person setups are just a click away. 

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  • Great warranty, including lifetime options for most pieces 
  • Turn any garage into a CrossFit box 
  • Multiple packages ready to go 
  • Select your weights and bars before you buy 
  • One shipping charge 


  • No squat rack included 
  • Benches and seats are additional 

3. Rep Fitness Home Gym Packages

REP Fitness Space Saving Package

REP Fitness offers 7 different garage gym packages for you to choose from. Two of those packages come with a rack. 

However, what sets REP apart from the rest is their extensive BYO package system. 

You start by selecting your rack from their list of 11 different options. You can choose the height and color you need that will fit your size and garage space. 

As an optional side, you can also add on storage space for the rack to hold bars and weights, if needed. 

Next, you choose your lat and row options, including the standard or rear base supported models in 80 or 93-inches. 

If you need a bench, REP has you covered. Select one from over 25 color and functionality options they have before you move on. 

Now you get to pick your favorite bar. From the REP basic bar to the Sabre, Gladiator or Excalibur.

But what would a bar be without weights to put on it? Choose the set that fits your needs best by selecting style or weight, and you are good to go. 

As an added bonus, REP will toss in a few freebies from time to time. 

As of this writing, for example, they add a couple of steel 2.5 and 5/lb weights and a set of spring clips. Previously, they offered a kettlebell set. 

Once your build is done, click "add to cart" and wait a couple weeks for delivery. It doesn't get any easier. Now you have a complete budget home or garage gym with zero hassle. 


  • Limited lifetime warranty on defects or craftsmanship 
  • BYO options are all-inclusive 
  • Accessories and add-ons available 
  • Pre-packaged options also available 
  • High quality, affordable equipment 


  • A lot of constantly out of stock items  
  • Warranty claim can be a hassle 

4. GETRX'D Gym Packages

GETRXD Garage Gym Package

The GetRX’D crew offers quite a few package systems. Everything from the biggest seller, BYO package, to a complete studio set up for major gyms.

Whatever your needs are, there is an answer from GetRX’D. 

One of the things we like the most is that their systems are built on each other. 

For example, the base system of the home gym packages is Fundamentals. It comes with a bar, weights, clips, and rings. 

Each package starts with this base package content and adds new pieces at your choice of build-up. So if you need a little more, maybe you only need to select the Scaled Package. 

If you want even more, the RX package is for you. Want it all? The Elite package has everything you need including a power rack. 

On top of all that, they also offer entire gym packages with power racks, rowers, and even a recumbent bike. But assuming you don't need all the pieces? This is where the BYO package comes into play. 

Arguably the most complete BYO option, GetRX’D has a turn-key system that is built to your standards. The most frustrating thing is how popular these systems are.

The equipment is among the best in the industry, and you will find these packages are often sold out. 

As soon as new stock is listed, it is sold. So you have to be a little lucky to get the exact power rack package you need. 

However, customer service is great and easy to contact, giving you information on new stock replenishment and offers they may have. 

In fact, unlike almost every other brand, they understand their popularity and provide constant updates on their website about out-of-stock options.[7]

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  • Great quality equipment 
  • Multiple tiered packages 
  • Great customer service 
  • Pre-built or BYO options 


  • Often out of stock 
  • Not the highest warranty coverage 

5. FringeSports Home Gym Packages

FringeSports Gym Package with rack, barbell, weight plates, and bench

FringeSports has a lot of package options for any budget, gym size, or needs.

So whether you want a small lifting station for your garage or have a large family that wants to start lifting in the warehouse at the end of the block, FringeSports has you covered. 

With a starter system, you can get a squat stand rack and bench that comes with a standard bar. You can then add bumper plate sets (black or colored). 

If you want more, they offer more. Everything is available from 5 to 15 person setups, barbell packages, body-weight workout packages, and everything in between. 

They even offer squat stands and sets for kids. If you have a specific need, their custom and fabrication division can even build rigs to meet your demands. 

What we like best about this brand is that they only sell one type of system. You don’t have to worry about who the parent company behind the brand is or where the packages are coming from.

Everything is manufactured in Texas and ships, for free, the day after you order. 

Unlike the other smaller brands, FringeSports doesn’t have the out-of-stock issues as often. 

Unfortunately, they also don't have high warranty coverage (though some items are warrantied for life). What they do offer, though, are solutions. 

Even if you bought their products second-hand or have outgrown the set you bought, you can get trade-in value, upgrades, or assistance with your weight sets.  

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  • Low pricing and trade-in policy 
  • Free shipping 
  • Larger package discounts than other brands 
  • Options for all budget ranges 
  • Custom build rigs available 


  • Not the greatest warranty coverage 
  • Shipping only within the US currently 

6. RitFit – Basic Amazon Build 

RitFit Squat Rack Power Cage Home Gym...
210 Reviews
RitFit Squat Rack Power Cage Home Gym...
  • RitFit Home Gym Package gets you everything...
  • What's in the package - RitFit Power Cage...
  • A Sturdy Home Gym Station - The Home Gym...
  • Unlimited Home Gym Workouts - Equipped with a...

RitFit is one of the few package gym systems you can find on Amazon, and this makes a world of difference when you need things shipped or less hassle for returns or warranty claims. 

With RitFit, you can choose from over 8 different package setups getting a full cage and optional equipment with all of them. 

The Package 10 is the most inclusive system offering you the power cage and pull-down system, a full 7-foot Olympic barbell, bench, weight clamps, and a complete set (10, 25, 35, and 45) of bumper plates. 

The various packages come with different pieces, but the rack and weights are pretty standard across the board. Other options include more weights, iron plates, or a curl bar. 

Once ordered, the system ships in a few boxes and will take two people to assemble. 

Set aside about three hours for assembly, though, and once completed, your home gym will be ready to go. Complete and thorough instructions are included. 

Because it ships with Amazon, there is a return policy. However, getting a full warranty claim will be difficult. 

With various storefronts offering the packages, your customer service experience may vary. Luckily, though, Amazon customer service is there to step in if needed. 

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  • High quality, durable system 
  • 1000 pound weight limit on rack 
  • Olympic plates and bar included 
  • J-cup, dip bars, and landmine lift included 


  • Return policy only 
  • No BYO option 

7. BodyBoss 2.0 

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 - Full Portable Gym...
167 Reviews
BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 - Full Portable Gym...
  • OVER $1,000,000 RAISED ON KICKSTARTER &...

Not technically a garage gym package, but worthy of a mention, the BodyBoss 2.0 system is something to behold.

There are no weights, no Olympic bars, kettlebells, or cages. Instead, you get a clip mat, a few handles, and some elastic cables. 

Marketed as the gym you can take anywhere, this system uses resistance training to simulate weight lifting. 

It is a great answer to cardio, strength, and endurance training. With the new 2.0 system, there are more movements and workout routines to follow. 

The entire system weighs only 15 pounds, folds up for storage or transport, and can be set up almost anywhere. 

With an unfolded footprint of 34x20x1 inches, you can work out at home, on the go, or even in the office. 

Think you can't do much?

There are over 100 exercises you can perform with this system, including squats, resistance push-ups, bucket toss, chest press, triceps pull downs, bicep curls, deadlifts, and even boxing. 

The stand can support up to 500 pounds of force, and each band gives you 10 to 80 pounds of resistance, depending on how you attach it to the base. 

The system does come with a 1-year warranty, but through ratings, reviews, and consumer posts, this isn't much of an issue at all. 

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  • Lightweight, portable system 
  • Affordable home gym 
  • Workout support for free 
  • Ships worldwide 
  • Everything included 


  • 1-year warranty 
  • No customization available 

Complete Garage Gym Packages: The Popular Choice For Homeowners

Buying your home gym as a complete package gives you an all-in-one solution to the biggest problem of home systems.

Not only will you get all the pieces you need, but you will get the pieces that fit and work together. 

Included in the home gym can be any piece of equipment you need. Commonly found are cage systems with weight stacks, fan bikes, free weights, and bars.

You can also select your seats and benches, extra handles, accessories, and weight racks. 

Sold separately, you could end up spending thousands and, depending on your budget, it could take years to acquire everything.

However, with these package systems, you get what you need upfront and usually for a discount over the cost of the pieces individually. 

Building A Low Cost Vs More Expensive Garage Gym 

When dealing with home gym setups, you can outfit your space for any budget. Gym equipment ranges in quality and price, and you can essentially spend what you need or want. 

There are setups that cost over $10,000 and setups that were put together for less than $2,000. Where you fit on that scale depends on your needs, and of course, your budget. 

If you want to build your own home gym on a budget, you have a few options. You can buy older, used equipment, build your own or buy from discount retailers or online sales. 

Regardless of your choice, you can outfit a decent gym space for a few thousand dollars. 

More expensive home gyms and setups are a lot easier since the packages contain everything you need.

However, the higher costs can be a problem for smaller budgets. With garage gym packages, though, you can save quite a bit of money without having to buy used equipment. 

garage gym with two squat racks and weight benches

Considerations When Choosing A Garage Gym Build Package

Finding the right home gym package for your needs can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider before you buy.

Let's take a look at those factors to help you make the right decision. 

Type of Gym Equipment Required 

One of the first things you need to consider is what you want and expect for your equipment.

There are two basic types of workout gear, cardio equipment for home gyms and strength training equipment. 

Many home gyms focus on one or the other, but a mix of both is also a viable option.

Knowing what you want before you start your build or buying will help you focus on the right equipment for your final design. 

Your Fitness Needs 

Your home gym, unlike a member’s gym, needs to contain equipment that you will actually use.

One of the biggest mistakes of gym package building is buying equipment you don't know how to use or will not use frequently. 

Make sure that your home gym is full of equipment and apparatuses you actually need and will use. Not only will it save time, but money as well. 

Space Available 

Whether you add a fan bike or a smith cage, you need to ensure you have the room for the pieces you buy.

Gym equipment is solid, sturdy, and durable, but it is also difficult to move out of the way. 

You need to not only make sure you have the floor space for the actual equipment, but you also need space to work out.

Headroom, side, and backroom, as well as storage for handles, bars, and weights, need to be considered and accounted for. 

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Equipment Features 

One of the most significant points of the cost to value ratio is all the little extras. For example, you may find a weight stack that costs the same as another, and both fit your home gym.

But if one of them comes with a towel and water bottle rack as well as the ability to expand the weight limit that the other doesn't, it makes it a better deal. 

If you can spend the same (or less) now and get things you will use, even in the future, consider it.

Pay attention to the features and options of each piece, as they can make or break your final decision. 

Equipment Costs 

The initial cost of an entire gym system can get quite high.

However, when you balance the initial cost versus the higher costs of buying each piece over time, a home gym package makes a lot of sense. 

Knowing those costs and determining which pieces need to be included and which can wait for a larger budget is crucial to your wallet. 

Shipping Costs 

As you can imagine, gym equipment is not only potentially costly, but it is heavy. Shipping costs can become a larger burden than you imagine.

Some brands and retailers may offer free shipping when a certain price is reached, or let you choose your shipping method. 

When planning a budget, and your purchase, be sure to include shipping charges.

You can always shop around for a better deal, but shipping charges, which also include professional assembly, will always be a part of it. 

Ease of Setup & Maintenance 

You also want to find a system that is easy to put together and offers low maintenance. All gym equipment needs to be maintained at some point.

Whether that is oiling cables or vacuuming the floor space underneath, some level of care is required. 

Lower maintenance and easy assembly or set up means more time working out and less time working.

Understanding the process and following through, though, will add years to your enjoyment and use of the equipment. 

Common Home Gym Package Questions

How long does it take to set up a large garage gym? 

Most larger home gym systems will require multiple people and a few hours minimum to assemble and set up. Aside from a standard set of tools, you should expect at least 4 or 5 hours for a two-person team to assemble. 

Which brand of home gym packages is the cheapest? 

Pricing for home gym packages will vary greatly from brand to brand, depending on what is included in your package, when and where you buy, and how it is shipped. Brands like RitFit and Rep Fitness are usually offering great deals.

How big should a 1, 5 & 10 person garage gym be? 

When dealing with a home gym, you need to consider the space for the equipment but also enough room to work out and store the weights, bars, and accessories. It is recommended you have about 10 square feet per member/station for adequate room. A 5 person or 10 person gym would need 50 to 100 square feet, at minimum. 

How do I know if my equipment will arrive quickly? 

You can check the shipping options before you check out when buying online. This will tell you the expected shipping time frame as well as when the system will be shipped. When ordering, you should expect a week or more before the unit is shipped and another 7 to 14 days to arrive. Expedited shipping may be available or offered for a higher price. 


Building a home gym packaged system is a great way to get everything you need in one stop. While saving time and getting only what you need, you can also save money and effort. 

With these systems, you can pick and choose your pieces, get discounts on bundling and shipping, and maybe even in-home assembly.

While all of these garage gym packages are excellent, if you can shell out the dough, we recommend the PRX Performance package.

It is an excellent opportunity to start your home gym the right way and only get parts you will actually use. 



Last Updated on February 22, 2023