PRX Performance Reviews – Are These Folding Racks Worth It?

Creating a home gym for yourself is one of the best steps you can take to boost your overall fitness and is key to building muscle. 

One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need in your home gym is an excellent quality home gym system, such as a folding squat rack.

This is where PRx Performance Home Gyms comes in and saves the day. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing the PRx Performance reviews and detailing everything you need to know about buying this unique product.  

The PRx Performance home gym equipment is undoubtedly something you’ll want in your home gym.

They’re designed for those of you who require a multi-functioning squat rack that can fold away when it’s not being used, saving you space in your home gym.

If you’re looking to build muscle, then the PRx gym equipment will help you do so without taking up too much space. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the PRx Performance Folding Racks look fantastic and perform relatively well compared to other folding home gym equipment.  

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What We Like 

  • They look fantastic 
  • Easy to fold away after use 
  • Multiple uses 
  • Small footprint when open or closed
  • Free PRx Fit App 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Doesn’t come with an Olympic bar
  • Rather expensive 
  • No dipping station 

PRX Performance Reviews - Which Rack Is Best?

1. Profile® PRO Racks 

The PRx Performance Profile PRO is their flagship folding gym. It has a much more robust construction using 3” x 3” 11 gauge steel and can handle up to 1000lbs of weight which should be more than enough for you to have a decent workout. 

When the Profile PRO is folded, it sits a mere 4 inches from the wall, making it one of the most compact folding squat racks I’ve come across. 

The Profile PRO also has laser-cut numbers running along the uprights so that you can position the heavy-duty J-Cup barbell holders evenly without guesswork.   

One of my favorite features of the Profile PRO is that you can customize your rack to match the color scheme of your home gym. This might not seem like a big deal, but the colors look fantastic and are a great touch.  

From this PRx Performance rack review, I’ve found that if you’re looking for a robust folding squat rack system with a slick design, then the PRx Profile PRO is the perfect solution to your home gym problem. 

The PRO is much more robust than the standard PRx Profile and is worth spending the extra money on if you have the budget.  

2. Profile® ONE Racks 

The PRx Profile ONE rack is their mid-range offering coming in at around $600-900 depending on which pull up bar you select to go with your Profile ONE foldable rack. 

Even though this is the mid-range model, it doesn’t lack quality and has a robust 2” x 3” 11 gauge steel construction that other folding racks will be jealous of. It has a weight rating of 1000lbs which is in line with the Profile PRO and Murphy.  

One thing I love about the ONE is that you can select various pull-up bar options such as the straight bar, kipping bar, or multi-grip bar. This allows you to customize your PRx home gym to suit your needs.  

However, there are a few things that could make the ONE better. The ONE is only available in black; while this isn’t a bad thing, it would be nice to select the color of the rack like you can with the PRO. 

The ONE also lacks any numbering on the laser cut holes; this is slightly annoying when setting up the J-Cups quickly, and you end up putting them in the wrong spot.  

Besides the minor issues mentioned above, the Profile ONE is a pretty awesome foldable rack that doesn’t carry any significant faults. You’d do well to have this equipment in your home gym.

3. Fold-In Murphy Rack 

If you love the look of the PRx foldable squat rack but can’t afford to pay over $1000 for the ONE or PRO, then you should check out the Murphy, which only costs around $500. 

From this PRx Performance Murphy rack review, I’ve found that it offers a much cheaper home gym solution than the ONE or PRO, without sacrificing its excellent quality.  

The Murphy PRx Performance garage gym operates slightly differently from the previous models I’ve mentioned in this article. Instead of folding vertically using gas shocks, the Murphy folds horizontally and looks similar to other brands of the folding gym.

Much like the PRx PRO, the Murphy can support up to 1000lbs of weight which is a substantial amount and should be more than enough for any home gym. 

One aspect of the Murphy that sticks out to me is that it comes with a foldable bench press. This is an excellent addition to the foldable rack and certainly gives you the most bang for your buck.

The only downside to the PRx Murphy is that the pull-up bar is rather basic and doesn’t come with any other handles. 

Overall, if you find yourself on a budget and can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a piece of home gym equipment, then the Murphy PRx home gym folding rack is a brilliant substitute.  

Complete Garage Gym Packages & Builds 

So you’ve decided you want to design a PRx Performance home gym but are unsure where to start?

Luckily, PRx has thought about this problem for you and has developed complete garage gym packages.

These packages allow you to choose a starting point or use the PRO Gym Builder to enter your home gym’s dimensions, such as ceiling height and wall width. It will show you where to place your equipment to save the most space. 

Not only will the PRx complete home gym builder place your foldable rack, but it will also place any additional add-ons or accessories you might want in your home gym.  

The accessories and add-ons available for these racks include: 

I found myself designing my ideal home gym setup and size with just a few clicks of a button.

It was simple, and it’s easy to see why the PRx Performance home gym is so successful; it looks fantastic. Plus, even with every accessory added, it barely takes up any room at all.  

The only downside of the PRO Gym Builder by PRx is that the price shoots up quickly when adding accessories.

But, if you’re building a home gym, and PRx is within your budget, this option is worth every dollar.  






(L x W x H) 

27 x 52 x 96 Inches  

22 x 42 x 90 Inches 

27.5 x 49 x 90 Inches 

Weight (lbs) 



123 lbs 

Max Load Capacity (lbs) 

1000 lbs

1000 lbs

1000 lbs


Lifetime Limited

Lifetime Limited  


Price Check

PRx Performance Accessories & Add-ons 

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, PRx Performance has a wide range of accessories and add-ons that you can purchase alongside your PRx Performance folding rack.

One of the best selling accessories is the PRx Performance Men’s Olympic Elite Barbell.

The barbell looks fantastic and has a great looking black zinc finish to it with a knurled grip.

Each bar has a weight capacity of 1500lbs which is a fair amount of weight, and unless you’re the world’s strongest man, I doubt you’ll need that much on the bar.  

To go with the bar, you can purchase PRx Performance Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates. These are Olympic-sized rubber plates ranging from 10lbs to 45lbs.  

Another popular add-on is the PRx Performance Folding Bench; it can fix to your wall just like the PRx frame and folds vertically towards the wall for easy storage.  

Many other add-ons include a plyometric box, bar storage, weight storage, resistance bands, band storage, dipping bars, safety bars, kettlebell storage, and more.

prx performance complete garage gym package

What About Prx Shipping?

Like most (not all) gym companies, PRx has a solid shipping system in place which means the vast majority of their gear goes out within 2-3 days. Their offocial stance is listed below

We ship our orders via Fed Ex Ground. Transit usually takes 3-5 business days. During the holiday season, please allow 7-10 business day. You will receive shipping confirmation email with a link to your tracking information the day your order ships from our facility.

More details can be found on their shipping and returns page. From my experience receiving the Profile Pro rack, it took 4 days from order to receiving my product. Everything arrived at once, which doesn't always happen but it did in my case. 

Unique Features Of The PRX Performance Folding Racks 

One of the key selling points of the PRx Performance is that their squat rack systems folds away against a wall and barely takes up any space.

If you have a small home gym and can’t afford to take up too much space with a squat rack, then the PRx Performance is a fantastic investment for your home gym. 

Patented Space Saving Design 

There are many different types of squat racks, but the PRx Performance folding systems have a unique patented space-saving design that not only solves the problem of having limited space in your home gyms, but the racks work brilliantly.  

Unlike some folding gym racks, the PRx Performance is made using high-grade steel and has an easy-to-use design that makes folding the squat rack an easy process.

As the folding rack is wall-mounted, it not only saves you plenty of floor space, but it’s relatively discreet and will let you store equipment underneath it.  

Folding squat rack systems are fantastic, and the PRx Performance series does a great job of providing you with both quality and functionality.  

Wide Range of Bar Options 

prx performance folding rack reviews

Each version of the PRx Performance comes with its own type of pull up bar. The PRx Performance Profile ONE, PRO, and Murphy come with a standard straight pull-up bar that is simple and looks the part.

However, you can upgrade your chosen PRx Performance system to have either a Kipping pull up bar included or a multi-grip bar.

I’m a massive fan of the multi-grip bar as it allowed me to perform neutral grip pull-ups, reverse grip, and several other variations with ease.  

The bars are excellently designed and are comfortable to use no matter what pull up bar you selected. Pull ups allow you to work your back muscles using a full range of motion, stimulating the muscle fibers to grow.

Large Variety of Add-Ons & Accessories Available 

The PRx Performance garage gym equipment is brilliant as a stand-alone piece of home gym equipment, but what happens if you want to add to it?

Luckily, PRx has a wide variety of add-ons and accessories that you can purchase to go with your PRx Performance system.  

One of my favorite add-ons is a large number of storage options. They’ve got kettlebell storage, mobility band storage, barbell holders, plate storage, and more. 

They have storage for any home gym equipment that you might have. This is excellent as it allows you to put away your equipment without taking up much space.  

PRx Performance also has other add-ons such as their 3-in-1 plyometric box, olympic barbells, landmine attachments, etc. This will allow you to expand your exercise options without needing another bulky machine.  

Ability To Create Entire Home Gym 

If you’re starting from scratch, then the PRx Performance is the perfect piece of equipment to build your home gym around.

You can even use the PRx Performance Pro gym builder to help you create your ideal home gym. 

Creating your home gym with the PRx Performance as the centerpiece will be a huge talking point amongst your friends.

No matter which PRx Performance foldable system you choose (Profile ONE, Profile PRO, or Murphy), it will provide you with a brilliant base to build the rest of your home gym around. 

PRx Fit App 

Each PRx Performance folding gym comes with a free membership to the PRx Fit app.

The PRx Fit App is a 100% free app that provides you with daily workouts, so you’ll never have to worry about what workout you’re going to do in your home gym.  

Each workout is challenging and has been developed to work with the PRx Performance equipment.

Or, if you want to step away from the PRx Performance equipment, you can use their bodyweight workout plans.  

PRx Fit the App

This is an excellent touch from PRx Performance; you’ll love the app.  

Made In The USA 

One reason I love the PRx Performance foldable system is that it’s made in the USA.

This will help you ensure that only the best quality materials are used, and it makes it much easier to reach customer service if you need to ask any questions regarding your purchase.  

Other folding systems are often made in China, and while this isn’t always a bad thing, it can mean poorer materials and poor construction methods.

Luckily the PRx Performance home gym equipment is created and made in the USA.  

Superb Build Quality  

  • Durable Steel Construction  
    The PRx Performance range is constructed using heavy-duty 2” x 3” 11 gauge steel, providing you with a robust frame that can withstand up to 1000lbs of weight. This will give you the confidence to lift heavy and not worry about having an unstable frame.  
  • Heavy-Duty Gas Shocks  
    The heavy-duty gas shocks allow you to fold and unfold the PRx Performance equipment with relative ease. The safety pins are also designed to lock the PRx Performance Profile ONE, Profile PRO, and Murphy into position once it is opened or closed. The last thing you need is a folding squat rack that is difficult to open and close; luckily, the PRx Performance is excellent; no wonder they patented the design.  
  • Special Grip Texture  
    The grips on the PRx Performance pull up pars are textured to not only improve your grip but to add to the comfort while you’re working out. Textured grips are a brilliant way to ensure you can achieve those last few reps before you lose grip and slip off from the pull-up bar. There’s no need to add any grip tape to this bar.
  • Heavy Duty J-Cups  
    Home gym equipment can be expensive, particularly Olympic barbells. This is why PRx Performance has developed heavy-duty J cups to help protect your barbells during your workout. They use fantastic looking powder coating and are manufactured using 10mm steel (can hold up to 1000lbs) and topped with UMHW plastic to prevent the knurling on your Olympic barbell. 
  • Plastic Footplates   
    Another brilliant feature on the PRx Performance Profile ONE, PRO, and Murphy is that they all have plastic-covered footplates to help protect your home gym’s floor. There’s nothing worse than folding away your home gym equipment to find that you’ve taken half of the floor with you. Fortunately, the plastic coating on the PRx Performance footplates will protect your floor from any damage.  

Comparisons With Similar Home Gym Folding Racks 

PRX Performance Vs Rogue Wall Mounted Racks 

When comparing the PRx Performance home gym racks to the Rogue wall-mounted racks, I found that the Rogue frames look bulkier and nowhere near as slick as the PRx PRO. 

Both foldable racks use 11 gauge steel and are incredibly sturdy, especially when using the frames for heavier lifting. If you’re on a budget, then the Rogue wall-mounted rack might be out of your range.

Prices start at just under $1500, and that’s for the frame alone. One thing I noticed about Rogue is that the frame comes out from the wall quite some distance, which could be a problem for smaller home gyms. 

Overall, I found that Rogue makes an excellent folding rack, but PRx Performance will look and perform much better in your home gym, particularly if you lack space.  

PRX Performance Vs Merax

Merax Wall Mount Folding Squat Rack, 1000lb...
  • Space Efficiency - Foldable wall mount power...
  • Convenient Conversion - The featured pin and...
  • Easy Installation - Straightforward...
  • Heavy Gauge Steel - The Merax wall mount...

The Merax wall mounted folding squat rack is a high-grade piece of home gym equipment that would make an excellent addition to almost all home gyms.  

However, when you compare it to the PRx Performance folding racks, I noticed that the frame requires more time to fold away than the PRx PRO or ONE does.

This is because you need to remove the pull-up bar before you fold the frame away. 

Both racks can support 1000 lbs which seems to be the standard weight capacity for most folding squat racks, so it’s good to see both PRx and Merax following suit.  

When it came to installing the Merax, it was a lot harder to install than the PRx, mainly due to the weight of the horizontal supports. This is something that PRx has avoided by using the gas shocks (which are lightweight). 

After comparing the two racks, I’ve found that the PRx Performance racks have more to offer, but it will come down to your preference.  

PRx Performance On Shark Tank 

Shark Tank is a popular American TV show where entrepreneurs present their ideas in front of successful investors in the hope of securing an investment. 

In 2016 PRx Performance's two founders presented the PRx Performance Profile Pro folding squat rack, and it went down a treat with some of the "Sharks."  

Initially, the founders wanted $80K for 10% of their business; however, Kevin O’Leary offered them the same amount of money for 20% of their business, plus 20% of sales until they paid his investment back.

Needless to say, the PRx founders jumped at the deal.  

Today, they’re still operating but at a much larger scale, thanks to the investment from Kevin O’Leary.

Plus, Shark Tank gave PRx Performance a lot of publicity, helping the PRx home gym equipment reach a wider audience.  

Common Questions About The Prx Performance Brans

Who owns PRX performance? 

Two US locals from Fargo, North Dakota, named Brian Brasch and Erik Hopperstad, own PRx Performance. However, the two owners appeared on Shark Tank in 2016 and secured a deal with inverter Kevin O’Leary. While O’Leary doesn’t own the company, he is heavily invested in PRx Performance.  

If the PRx Performance got an investment from one of the sharks on Shark Tank, then you know it’s worth its weight in gold.  

How do you install the PRx performance home gyms? 

Installing the PRx Performance is relatively simple. Follow the instructions in the PRx Performance manual, and you’ll be ready to use the folding squat rack in less than an hour or two.  

Everything you need to know about your PRx Performance home gym equipment is mentioned in the manual. PRx has provided one of the best instruction manuals I’ve come across for folding gym equipment.  

How much space do I need for PRx? 

The PRx Performance garage gym equipment is one of the most compact folding squat rack systems out there. You won’t need much space at all; when the rack is unfolded, it comes off the wall about 27”, which isn’t much at all. When the frame is folded away, it takes up even less room, a meager 9".  

The PRx Performance is incredibly slick-looking with a footprint of: 

Folded up: 52” x 91” x 9” 

Folded down: 52” x 73” x 26.75” 

I think you’ll agree; it barely takes up any space at all.  

Do Rogue Fitness accessories work with PRx? 

PRx Performance makes some accessories for their racks, such as battle rope storage, barbell storage, chalk bowls, weight storage, and many others. But, if you want to use Rogue Fitness accessories on your PRx Performance folding rack, you should be fine to do so.  

The PRx Performance is made to standard sizes and suited for most of Rogue Fitness’s accessories. However, be sure to check the measurements before you buy any additional accessories.  

Does PRx ever go on sale? 

Yes, the PRx Performance folding home gym equipment does go on sale occasionally on the PRx website.  

Be sure to check it regularly, especially around the holidays, as they’ll most likely have some sort of sale or offer on.  

Conclusion - Which Should You Buy?

Overall, if you’re looking for an excellent folding gym that will allow you to have an efficient workout without sacrificing too much space (it’s only 4 inches from the wall when folded), then the PRx Performance folding squat rack is an excellent choice.  

Whether you choose the PRx Performance ONE, PRO, or Murphy, each will make an outstanding addition to your home gym.  

Last Updated on April 22, 2023