Home Gym Financing With No Credit Check? (See These Brands)

If you build it right, a home gym can be the greatest asset when working on your health goals. Working out from the comfort of your home is a fantastic way to commit to a habit.

With a home gym, you do not have to worry about paying membership fees, and you can work out anytime.

However, it can be expensive if you do not know where to start. This guide is here to help you with home gym financing with no credit check! 

If you want to update your home fitness center or gym with new strength and cardio equipment, the most crucial consideration is how you will pay for it. 

It is not cheap to get gym equipment for your home gym; in fact, the expenses can run relatively high if you try to fit your gym with state-of-the-art accessories and fitness machines.

So if you want the finest machines, or even just some reliable gym brands, you might not have the cash on hand to do so. However, you can get the equipment leased or financed. 

The average cost of a home gym system is approximately $2000; however, you can go as low as $300 or as high as $15,000.

Depending on the range you fall on and your training goals, you can go from building an entire weightlifting room to buying some dumbbells. 

However, the overall $300 to $15000 USD cost to build your home gym depends on the components you require in your home gym.

Overall, a home gym can cost a lot. But the upside is that it helps you save quite a bit more by negating membership fees and commute costs. 

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Home Gym setup that has been financed

What Home Gym Financing Options Are Available?

You may have, at some point, wondered, “can I finance home gym equipment?” Of course, you can, but paying upfront may cause irreparable damage to your finances. So, here are some options for you to finance your home gym.  

Garage Gym Pro Tip: Already have some old exercise equipment laying around the house? Consider selling them to add to your cash coffers before considering the below financing options. 

Point Of Sale Financing 

If you do not have finances on hand or do not want a credit check, point-of-sale finance is easy and quick. It helps you at the exact moment you want to make a purchase.

With it, you will know what the monthly payments will be, and it will make it easier for you to work out whether it will be affordable or not. 

Since point-of-sale finance is typically approved without a credit check, it is a possible borrowing option if you do not have a credit history or bad credit.  

Also, most point-of-sale finance providers will report your payment history. This will help boost your credit score if you provide timely payments without getting help from credit repair services.

0% Interest Credit Cards 

A zero percent interest credit card can typically provide you the payment flexibility of a point-of-sale financing option, and perhaps even more. 

For instance, some interest-free purchase cards offer a joining bonus that you can use to pay out by spending a certain amount in a fixed duration.

With credit cards providing a zero percent interest for a period of up to twenty months, it might also offer you a long time to pay what you owe without interest.

Personal Loans 

If you are thinking of spending big on a new home gym apparatus, getting an online personal loan is another option.

If you have a good credit score and are qualified to receive the best loan terms and rates, you may like the flexibility of a long-term loan that you can pay back over the years. 

If you favor this option, remember, you may have to wait a while for approval.  

PayPal Credit 

If you are buying from a home fitness company that accepts PayPal, it will mostly be PayPal Credit – that is the line of credit in your PayPal account, which will also be an option. 

You can sign up to PayPal Credit while checking out the home gym equipment and get the chance to utilize an interest-free purchase period.[1]

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

If you are considering a lease-to-own arrangement, you must remember that home gym equipment is not legally yours unless you have paid everything you owe. 

Therefore, if you must stop paying for some reason, you must return that equipment and not get your money back, which you have paid already.

Usually, a lease-to-own compels you to pay the full price, along with the charges, within a specific duration, often between ninety days and twelve months. And if you fail to pay, higher rates and further fees may be applied.[2]

Furthermore, lease-to-own might be a feasible option for you if you need your financial decision to be based on your income instead of your credit score. However, the downside of a lease is that there are:

  • Ownership rules to consider 
  • A typical tendency towards APRs  
  • Less favorable charges than the other finance options 
home gym with cardio and cable machines

Gym Equipment Financing From Popular Fitness Brands

Most well-known fitness brands offer various financing options for home gym equipment. So, here are some of the financing options available from popular fitness brands:

Marcy Home Gym Financing

You can find a dealer to acquire Marcy gym equipment through leasing contracts. There are multiple benefits of getting Marcy home gym financing.

For instance, you will have much more wiggle-room by financing or leasing your equipment, and it is not like borrowing money from a bank where you worry about the increasing interest rates and down payment.

Additionally, after leasing a contract, you can either renew your lease or enter a new one. This means you should not be stuck with second-hand or old equipment for your home gym.

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Rogue Home Gym Financing  

Rogue has had partnerships with some of the most prominent fitness equipment industry leaders.

The aim is to help established gym owners and you to finance your home gym facility on your terms. 

They even offer Rogue home gym packages, which are perfect for someone just starting out.

rogue home gym setup

Rogue home gym financing options include setting up a customized payment plan or leasing the gym equipment from them. 

With Rogue home gym financing options, you will find it easier to work on a budget, increase tax benefits, and get your home gym operations running faster.

REP Home Gym Financing 

rep fitness home gym setup

REP fitness home gym financing has various options that you can start with to set up your home gym. REP fitness has four interest-free payment plans every two weeks, no late fees, and they do not impact the credit score.

In addition, the home gym financing from REP fitness is available on purchases from $30 to $1500. 

They have no overhead charges, and you can quickly get in touch with REP fitness if you are searching for an option that does not involve a credit check.

You can find everything you need from REP Fitness including gym packages, barbells, dumbbells, and weight benches.

Torque Home Gym Financing 

Torque fitness has various home gym financing options that let you split the purchase into easy monthly payments (like three, six, or twelve monthly payment plans).

The rates differ from 0% APR for qualified customers to 10-30% APR. So, for example, if your home gym equipment costs around $700, you would have to pay $64.96 for twelve months at an APR of 20%. 

The process of getting Torque home gym financing is quick and easy; you only need to enter some information, and you’re good to go.[3]

Also, checking the eligibility will not damage your credit score. Furthermore, Torque fitness has no hidden fees, so you will know exactly what you owe before committing.

Titan Home Gym Financing 

Titan Fitness financing has affordable monthly plans for your home gym. They provide options to buy now and pay for the purchase later at reasonable interest rates. 

There are also no prepayment penalties, and you can pay for the purchase with a monthly payment plan and prepay anytime without inferring a penalty.

The application process is simple and easy, and you can get to a decision in no time without any obligation of a purchase. Also, it will not affect your credit score if you are simply checking the rates.

Strength Warehouse Home Gym Financing 

The Strength Warehouse has partnered with Klarna to provide you with a better shopping experience for your home gym.[4]

Klarna helps up your home gym shopping game, so with it, you only must select Klarna at checkout and get the option to shop now and pay later for the purchase.

In addition, you can apply for easy monthly home gym financing at the checkout directly. And a simple and easy two-step application will help you make an instant decision. Then, after being approved, you will get reminders and manage payments directly via Klarna.

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Common Home Gym Financing Questions

How can you save money when buying gym equipment? 

The first thing is to consider your needs; the home gym equipment you want must satisfy your needs and interests—no need for excess equipment that you might not need. You should also consider price and space before making a decision.

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How much does it cost to finance gym equipment? 

The cost to finance gym equipment depends greatly on the equipment you require, its condition, and your credit score. For a general estimate, machines like ellipticals, stationary bikes, and treadmills can be leased for about $60 to $100 a month.

Does home gym financing need a credit check? 

Since point-of-sale financing will typically be approved with no credit check, it is a suitable borrowing option if you do not have a credit history or suffer from bad credit. 


When you plan to work out from home, the first step is setting up a home gym, which is not a cheap option.  

However, there are multiple home gym financing options available that can help you start taking care of your health in a cost-effective manner, and we hope this guide was able to help you with it.  


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