Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells (Reviewed For Home Gyms)

There’s one piece of equipment that EVERY home gym should have: dumbbells. Dumbbells are one of the most efficient ways of building overall physical strength and developing your fitness levels.  

The problem is that a complete set of dumbbells is expensive, takes up space, and looks messy.  

This is where the Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells come in. They're an all-in-one adjustable dumbbell set that takes up the same space as 1 set of dumbbells. You can adjust the weight quickly without needing to undo annoying weight collars, and they’re cheap. 

In this Flybird dumbbells review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about investing in this extremely popular product.  

The Flybird adjustable dumbbells are best suited for those of you who’re looking to strengthen your body and build muscle from your home gym. Adjustable dumbbells work by allowing the user to change the weight on the fly.

As the dumbbells are compact, they’re perfect for almost any home gym as they barely take up any room and can be stored easily. Unlike a regular dumbbell set, the Flybird dumbbells don’t need a storage rack to keep them tidy.  

Even though the Flybird dumbbells are of excellent value, they’re exceptionally well made, and you’ll feel safe while using this great piece of home gym equipment.  

If you’re like me and you hate changing weights on dumbbells and bars, then you’ll be pleased to know the Flybird dumbbells only take 1 second to change, meaning more rest for you between sets. 

What We Like 

  • Fantastic value for your money
  • Available in two weight options 
  • Comfortable yet strong handle 
  • Extremely easy to adjust 
  • The weight feels very safe and secure

What We Didn’t Like 

  • The weights tray isn’t as robust as I’d like 
  • Only sold as one dumbbell (not a set)
  • Weight intervals on the 55lb dumbbell are pretty big

Unique Features Of The Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells 

Buying the Flybird dumbbells is an investment in yourself. They’re relatively cheap compared to full dumbbell sets, and they barely take up any space.  

So if you’re on a budget or don’t have the space in your home garage gym for a full rack of dumbbells, then the Flybird adjustable dumbbells are the perfect equipment for you. Saving space and more money in your pocket, it’s a win-win.  

Visual Weight Dial 

These dumbbells come with a great looking and easy-to-read visual dial that makes selecting the weight you require a straightforward task.  

This will be useful to you as you can effortlessly adjust the dumbbells mid-set without focusing too much on changing the weight. The last thing you want is to be thrown out of your zone.  

Special Locked Design 

Nobody enjoys using rickety dumbbells that feel like they’re about to fall apart at any moment, crushing whatever body part of yours unfortunate enough to be beneath them.  

This is why Flybird has a specially designed 8 part locking system that locks the weight plates into the dumbbell structure.

This will ensure that the weight plates don't fall off mid-exercise.  

flybird adjustable dumbbells special lock design

Heavy Duty Construction 

Flybird has over 20 years of experience designing and constructing excellent gym equipment, and their adjustable dumbbells are no different.  

They have heavy-duty handles on both the 25lb and 55lb offerings. The 25lb is entirely metal (handle and plates), while the 55lb Flybird dumbbell has a robust yet comfortable no-slip polymer handle.  

One-Handed Operation Design 

Usually, dumbbells and barbells carry one problem... difficult bar collars and the tedious loading and unloading of the weight. Luckily Flybird has solved both of these problems for you.  

Their genius design lets you place the weight down, twist the handle to adjust it, and pick up the dumbbell with the new weight, all in one easy motion using only one hand.  

Adjustable Counterweight Plate 

The adjustable counterweight can be adjusted easily using the dumbbell’s handle and weight tray. 

The weights go up in varying increments depending on which Flybird dumbbell you choose. 

  • Flybird dumbbell 25lbs – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 
  • Flybird dumbbell 55lbs – 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 
flybird adjustable dumbbells one-hand operation

Powder Coated Weight Plate 

The weighted plates of the Flybird adjustable dumbbells are aluminum coated with a hard-wearing frosted powder coating to help protect the weights from any rust and give them an excellent looking finish.  

As mentioned earlier in the article, you won’t need to put up with the bad-smelling rubber coating that most dumbbell sets seem to have.

Time & Space Saving 

I don’t think it needs saying, but I’ll say it anyway.

The Flybird adjustable dumbbells save you a considerable amount of space compared to your traditional dumbbell set. 

Each dumbbell is five dumbbells in one; they’re perfect if you’re conscious of space in your home gym.  

They also save you a considerable amount of time due to the speed you can adjust the weight: no wasted time loading and de-loading between each set.  

You can also check out our guide to the different types of dumbbells here.

Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells Reviewed 

Product Specifications

Dimensions (L*W*H)

14.6 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches  

Weight Range 

5-25 lbs or 11-55 lbs (depending on model) 

Handle Material 


Number of Settings 



Yes - 1-year 

Dumbbells are a staple piece of equipment for any home gym and have been proven to be as effective as machines for building muscle.  The problem is they take up a hell of a lot of space. But this is where the Flybird adjustable dumbbells come in and steal the show.  

Working your muscles has never been easier; you place the dumbbells onto the compact storage tray and twist the handle to adjust the weights. The weight change is seamless, fast, and more effortless than I had ever thought it would be.  

flybird adjustable dumbbells

I found that the regained time gave me plenty of time to recover between sets without needing to spend most of my rest period messing around with weight collars. This was a pleasant surprise and something I hadn’t thought about until I used the Flybird dumbbell system.  

Upper Body Exercises 

FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell exercise

Many upper body exercises can be performed using dumbbells; the Flybird adjustable dumbbells are no different.  

Whether you choose the Flybird adjustable dumbbells 25lbs or the Flybird adjustable 55lbs, you’ll be able to perform some of the best upper body muscle building movements.  

You’ll have the ability to perform upper exercises such as shoulder press, chest press, chest fly, dumbbell curl, tricep extension, lateral raise, front raise, upright row, and many more. Many of these dumbbell chest exercises can be performed without a bench.

Lower Body Exercises 

Nobody should miss leg day, and neither should you. Luckily there are loads of lower body exercises you can perform using the Flybird adjustable Dumbbells that will work your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, building you a pair of legs to be proud of.  

Exercises such as goblet squats, deadlifts, calf raises, hip thrusts, glute bridge, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, and more can be performed using the Flybird dumbbells. Dumbbell leg exercises have been shown to be as effective as barbell ones.

As the legs are a powerful muscle group, you’ll probably benefit from using the heavier Flybird adjustable dumbbells 55lbs. 

Abdominal Exercises 

Having a solid core will give you a stronger body and aid you in all other lifts 

With the Flybird adjustable dumbbells, you’ll be able to work all areas of your abdominals from the lower abs to your obliques.  

Exercises such as Russian twists, weighted crunch, woodchops, side bends, weighted leg raises, and more can be performed using either Flybird dumbbell options (25lbs or 55lbs). 


Overall, Flybird has designed a brilliant dumbbell that will make any other dumbbell set obsolete. The handles are super comfortable to hold and use while performing any of the exercises mentioned above, and best of all, they feel incredibly sturdy.  

I love the simplistic approach to the weight change, and the eight-pin locking system gave me complete confidence in the Flybird dumbbells.  

The only downside to the Flybird adjustable dumbbells is that the storage tray seems flimsy compared to the robust construction of the dumbbells themselves. While you only use the trays to rest the weights while adjusting the weighted plates, it would be nice to see the tray reinforced in future models.  

Other than that point, my experience of the Flybird dumbbells has been excellent. They’ll be a brilliant addition to any home gym. 

Comparing With Similar Adjustable Dumbbell Brands 

Flybird Vs Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells 

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Both the Flybird and the Ativafit adjustable dumbbells cost around $100 for their lower weight options. However, when it comes to the higher weighted dumbbell option, the Ativafit only costs approximately $150 for 44lbs, whereas the Flybird costs nearly $200 for 55lbs. 

However, even though there is a slight price difference, I feel that the design of the Ativafit dumbbell is miles behind the Flybirds. The Flybird has a simple single-handed weight change, and the Ativafit requires two hands (using a small lever). Both are easy to change, but the one-handed nature of the Flybird gives it the edge.  

Even though the design is slicker on the Flybird, it only comes with one dumbbell for the price. In contrast, Ativafit provides two dumbbells with every order. This could be enough to sway your decision, especially if you’re on a budget.  

Overall, if you want a slicker design, the Flybird is best, but if you’re looking to save money, then Ativafit’s dumbbells are great. 

Flybird Vs Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbells 

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Lifepro’s adjustable dumbbells look excellent; they look robust and have a fantastic gloss finish on the metal weight plates.  

However, as with the Ativafit dumbbells, the Lifepro utilizes a small lever to adjust the dumbbell weight. While this isn't a deal-breaker, it isn’t as easy to change as the single-handed change over that the Flybird dumbbells give you.  

Both the Flybird and Lifepro provide between 5-25lbs of adjustable weight, but the option of upgrading to the heavier Flybird adjustable dumbbell gives Flybird the advantage.  

Even though Lifepro’s offering isn’t bad, I’d choose Flybird every time.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you drop Flybird adjustable dumbbells on the ground? 

The Flybird adjustable dumbbells are mechanical; this means the mechanism that allows you to change the weight could be damaged if the dumbbells are dropped. While they will take some knocking around, I wouldn’t recommend finishing your set and throwing them down like you’re Eddie Hall setting a new PB. 

If you want to keep them in good shape, look after them.  

How do you adjust Flybird dumbbells? 

To use the Flybird dumbbells, you simply place the dumbbells into their docking stations/tray, and from there, you twist the hand clockwise or anticlockwise to the weight you wish to select. Then you lift the dumbbell back up, and it will now be lighter or heavier depending on what weight you’ve chosen.  

Adjusting the weight takes one hand and 1 second.  

What are Flybird plates made of? 

The Flybird plates are entirely made from metal. They have a hard-wearing frosted powder coating to make them hard-wearing.  

As they’re metal, I’ve found that the dumbbells don’t have a bad smell as some rubber ones do. This is a bonus as you no longer have to hold your breath while you’re working out with them.  

Where are Flybird adjustable dumbbells made? 

The Flybird adjustable dumbbells are owned by its parent company “Yongkang Tonghe Trade Co," a Chinese-based business.  

They’re manufactured in China and shipped to the USA, where they’re stored. The Flybird company aims to keep manufacturing costs down while maintaining a high level of service.  


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In summary, the Flybird adjustable dumbbells are a brilliantly designed piece of home gym equipment that will benefit anyone working out from home.  

The sleek design will allow you to store the dumbbells pretty much anywhere in your home without taking up much space; this is a huge bonus compared to the average set of dumbbells.  

While they are pretty cheap, you will most likely require two of them, which could add up. But, in the end, I believe you’d be making an excellent investment by purchasing these adjustable dumbbells.  

Last Updated on February 8, 2022