Deltech Power Rack Tested & Reviewed

I had the opportunity to test out another power rack in one of the gyms in my neighbourhood, the Deltech Power Rack. This particular rack surprised me in various ways, which I’ll outline here.

Yes, they do. Deltech Fitness Company manufactures fitness equipment, ranging from dumbbell racks to weight benches to power racks. Currently they offer 4 different power cages and I’ve tested out the Deltech Fitness DF4500 Power & Squat Rack (full cage).

So let’s jump right to it.

Features of Deltech Power Rack

Product Specifications








190 lbs

Ground to First Hole


Hole Distance


Adjustment Levels


The rack is made of heavy gauge steel tubing and comes with a tough powdercoat finish. The feet of the rack are made of heavy duty rubber, which makes the power rack perfectly stable on all kinds of different floor.

The walk-in area is 56” in length, 44”in width and 82”in height, which offers plenty of space, if you ask me.

Deltech Power Rack Dimensions

Deltech Power Rack is also fully upgrade-able with 200 lb weight stack attachment and optional lat. The manufacturer claims the rack can withstand 700-pound max load. 

Feature Summary:

One of the features that set the rack apart from the competition is that it includes J hooks on the outside of the rack and on the inside as well. So to summarize:

  • Made of Heavy Gauge Steel Tubing
  • Weight Catches with Hooks on the Inside and Outside
  • Includes Chin-up Bar
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Feet
  • Upgradeable with Optional Attachments
Deltech Power Rack

Packaging & Assembly

Since I’ve tested Deltech Fitness Power Rack in a gym, I could not see how it was packaged and how long the assembly took, so I asked the owner about these details.

According to him, the Power Rack arrived on one, tightly packed box. Not much to add here. Regarding the assembly, the owner had two guys that put the rack together; whom I was not able to contact. 

So after a little bit of research on the internet, I found out that one person is able to put the rack together with the help of crescent wrench. But generally, I’d recommend having someone help you out with the assembly. In most cases, the rack was assembled in 2-3 hours with 2 pair of hands.

One reported issue is with the chin-up bar. It screws with 8 bolts and it can be a quite difficult  to set it correctly.

Let’s Pump It Up – My Experience with Deltech Power Rack

Since the rack supports up to 700 lbs load, there was no way I could test this out with my 155 lbs weight. So I guess we have to believe the manufacturer in this case. I loaded up the bar with 160 lbs weights and the rack wasn’t rocking at all. It was perfectly stable. Not that I would expect any less, since 160 lbs is really not that much.

Next I tried to chin-up bar. Again, it was perfectly stable even with some calisthenics workout. One downside here is that the chin-up bar is not curled, which limits the pull-up possibilities, but that’s not much of an issue.

Pros and Cons

As with every power cage and every product, Deltech Fitness Power Rack has its ups and downs as well.


  • Very Sturdy Construction Made of Strong Gauge Steel
  • Spacious
  • Heavy Duty High Quality Rubber Feet
  • J-Hooks from the Inside and Outside
  • Great Customer Support


  • The Paint Chips Off Easily
  • Chin-Up Bar Assembly is a Headache
  • Reported Incorrectly Labelled ‘Left and Right’ Parts in the Manual
  • Pricey in Comparison with Similiar Power Racks

So, Should You Get Deltech Power Rack?

Deltech Fitness Power Rack/ Squat Rack
28 Reviews
Deltech Fitness Power Rack/ Squat Rack
  • Heavy Gage Steel Tubing
  • Weight Catches are Designed With Hooks on the...
  • Chin-Up Bar
  • Weights and Bar not included

Our Rating: 4.3 Star Rating 4.3 / 5

Overall, this is a great power rack in the medium-priced category. It offers great durability & stability. If you don’t mind the paint chipping of easily, this is a power rack worth getting.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021