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If you’re working out at home, you want some solid flooring that will protect your home. Horse stall mats work well, but they can get dirty and sweaty over time.

This can ruin the look of your gym and make them smell pretty bad, so it’s important that you maintain your flooring properly.

In this guide, we'll explain how to clean horse stall mats properly so you can keep your home gym in good condition.  

Rubber mats are common in gyms to help protect your floor and give you a comfortable, level surface to workout on.

Horse stall mats were originally designed for use in a horse stable, and they're tough enough to withstand the weight of a horse but comfortable enough for animals to lie down on them.

These qualities also make it perfect for home gyms, and they're an inexpensive way to cover your floor.  

Horse stall mats are made from high-quality recycled crumb rubber, which is very durable, but it can smell pretty bad.

On top of this, the flooring will see a lot of use, and chalk, rust, dirt, dust, and sweat can all gather on the surface. The flooring is definitely tough enough to stand up to this, but it can start to look and smell terrible if you don’t maintain it properly.   

To do this, you'll need: 

Then follow these steps: 

1. Lift The Mats

You’ll need to clean both sides of your mat, so you’ll have to move your gym equipment and lift them out. It’s a good idea to take them to a well-ventilated area where they can dry quickly and where bad odors can be removed. 

2. Brush The Floors

Chalk and rust will gather on the top of your horse stall mats, so you'll need to start by brushing it all clear.

Some people use a leaf blower to remove the loose bits of dirt and debris, but the problem is that they can just blow into your other gym equipment, so it’s a better idea to brush it up and dispose of it properly. 

Removing this top layer of dirt will open up the pores in the rubber and help neutralize some of the bad odors.  

3. Disinfect Your Gym Mat

It’s a good idea to disinfect your gym mats regularly. This will help remove any chalk or rust staining and help get rid of bad smells coming from the mats

Move your mats outside, spray your disinfectant all over both sides, and leave it for about 30 minutes. The disinfectant will help dissolve some of the dirt on the mats and is particularly useful for cleaning any gaps you can't easily reach

After 30 minutes, take some cold water and rinse off the disinfectant. Make sure you don't use a harsh cleaner because it can stain the mats. It's usually a good idea to test it on a small, less visible area to ensure it's safe to use.  

4. Mop The Floors

Mix the dish soap or low pH cleaner with warm water in a bucket. It’s really important you don’t use bleach or any other harsh soap because this will damage the rubber matting.

You can also mix in 3-5 drops of your essential oil if you want to deodorize your horse stall mats. Mop all the flooring and make sure you cover both sides of the horse stall mats. 

If you’re mopping a big area, you will need to change the water a few times because otherwise, you could spread the dirt across the floor. 

Some people recommend using a scrubbing brush to clean your horse stall mats but scrubbing too hard can damage the flooring. 

A mop should do the job, but if you have some stubborn stains, you should look for a gentle scrubbing brush to help you get them out.   

5. Ventilate The Area

Open up your doors and windows and turn on any fans you have to increase the ventilation.

This will help your gym mats to dry quickly, and after 2-3 hours, they should be completely dry. 

You can then lift them back into place and put your gym equipment back on top. 

how to clean horse stall mats for home gyms

Why Is Cleaning Horse Stall Mats In Home Gyms Important?

Cleaning your horse stall mats is important to keep your gym functional and looking good. Regular maintenance offers a few key benefits:  

Safer Workouts

Horse stall mats are used to give you a stable and secure surface for working out. Rust, chalk, and other dirt will all gather on the rubber matting over time and cause damage to the surface.

This can make the floor less stable, and even though horse stall mats are water-resistant, the sweat could pool on the top and make you more likely to fall.

You want to feel confident while working out, so regularly cleaning your horse stall mats is essential for keeping the flooring in good condition. This will limit any risk of injury and make your workouts safer.

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Protects The Flooring

Rust and sweat can seriously impact your flooring and can lead to damage over time. This can eventually mean your horse stall mats get to the point where they need to be replaced, which can be expensive if you have a large home gym.

By cleaning the mats regularly, you'll protect the flooring for longer and get greater long-term value for money. 

Prevents Bad Smells

Horse stall mats can have a very noticeable smell anyway, but when you combine that with sweat and dirt, it can start to be unbearable.

This can impact your workouts and make you reluctant to even go into your home gym. Cleaning and disinfecting your horse stall mats will stop this from happening and let you work out comfortably. 

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Better Looking Gym

The most obvious reason to clean your horse stall mats is to keep your gym looking good. The last thing you want is a grubby and stained floor, so getting into a good cleaning routine will help to keep your gym in good condition.

best way to clean horse stall mats

How Often Should You Clean Your Home Gym Rubber Mats?

How often you clean your home gym horse stall mats will depend on how much you use your gym. The more frequently it’s used, the more dirt will gather, and the more often it should be cleaned.  

It’s a good idea to brush the flooring in your home gym every week to remove any larger pieces of debris and get rid of any chalk. You should also look to perform a fortnightly deep clean where you disinfect the mats and mop both sides of them.  

It may seem like a hassle moving all of your gym equipment out every few weeks so you can clean the floors, but it's necessary to keep your horse stall mats in good condition.

If you leave it too long between cleaning, it could become stained or damaged, and it can be difficult to clean it properly. Regular cleaning can actually save you time in the long run, so it's worth carving out a few hours to do it.

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Frequently Asked Horse Stall Mat Cleaning Questions

What are horse stall mats made of? 

Horse stall mats are made out of recycled crumb rubber, with chemicals used to hold it all together. This material is good in home gyms because it’s inexpensive, firm, and comfortable, but it's porous, so it needs to be properly cleaned and maintained.  

Can you pressure wash horse stall mats? 

Yes, horse stall mats are made from a rubber that is tough enough to withstand a pressure washer, and this can be a really quick way to clean them.  

How do you deodorize a horse stall mat? 

Leaving your new horse stall mats in the sun for a few days will help to release some of the mad smells generated by the materials. Disinfecting and mopping your horse stall mat regularly should also help limit any bad smells, but you can also mix essential oils in your mop water to cover it with a more pleasant scent. 

How long should it take to clean a horse stall mat? 

This depends on the size of your home gym and how much you need to clean, but it will usually take less than an hour to clean it. You’ll then need to leave it 2-3 hours to dry before you use it again.


Horse stall mats offer an inexpensive way to work out safely and protect your home from heavy gym equipment, but you must clean and maintain them.

Hopefully, this guide has helped explain the importance of keeping them in good condition, and you now know how to go about cleaning them properly.  

Last Updated on December 18, 2022

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