It's only natural to wonder what the best ways of taking supplements are. Most supplements come in pill or powder form, so it's natural to wonder which is best.

But we weren't prepared to answer one question: whether it's best to snort your pre-workout.

For some reason, this question comes up much more than you'd expect. Maybe people believe that if the powder is snorted, it'll enter the bloodstream quicker or have more powerful effects. So, can you snort pre workout?

Although it is physically possible, there is no reason for you to snort your pre-workout powder. Pre-workout powders are designed for traditional ingestion. That means the powder is meant to go into your bloodstream after being metabolized in your digestive system.

If administered into the sinus cavities, it won't function properly. So taking it in any way other than drinking it is not only dangerous but also offers no additional benefits.

The residue left in your nose might also find its way into your respiratory system, where it definitely does not belong.

You need to mix your pre-workout with water and drink it. Although nobody truly knows the consequences of snorting pre-workout long-term, we can safely say it offers zero additional benefits.

And lastly, it's just not a good idea! Why would you need to consume your supplements like this? Just because it's powder? How often have you snorted your chocolate milk or coffee?

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What Happens When You Snort Pre-Workout Supplements?

People snort drugs because they typically achieve a faster onset of desired effects than other delivery methods.

However, pre-workouts are formulated to be taken in a particular manner, ingested orally, and released slowly. Therefore, if you take your pre-workout properly, it's broken down in your stomach before being absorbed into the bloodstream over time.

When you snort pre-workout, the drug's full effect is released almost immediately, which can have serious consequences.

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Snorting pre-workout can have detrimental effects on your health [1]. The cumulative irritation of your nostrils, nasal passages, and sinus structures can lead to several adverse events, like:

  • Hoarseness
  • Irritation of the nasal mucosa
  • Loss of smell
  • Nose bleeds
  • Perforation of the nasal septum
  • Problems swallowing
  • Sinusitis

Remember, destroyed or permanently damaged nasal airways have long-term consequences.

Your nose filters the air as it goes into your lungs. It conditions and cleans the air you breathe; if it can't do its job, the air you breathe into your lungs isn't as good for you.

Snorting pre-workout also increases the chances of other negative consequences and overdose. For example, a 20-year-old woman suffered a heart attack after swallowing a scoop of pure pre-workout powder. She didn't even snort it and still had a heart attack.

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Other 'Shortcuts' To Avoid With Pre-Workouts

Now that we know that snorting your pre-workout isn't the best idea, let's look at other shortcuts you should avoid.

All of these ideas are just as bad as snorting, and they will all almost certainly lead to medical issues down the line.

  • Taking your powder rectally
  • Smoking your powder
  • Injecting it directly into your bloodstream
  • Dry scooping pre-workout

You should only take your supplements as directed on the label. Taking them any way other than as directed by the manufacturer can lead to adverse pre-workout side effects and health issues.

That also goes for dosing. Do not take a larger dose of your pre-workout than what is stated by the manufacturer. There is a lot of caffeine in pre-workouts, so it's critical to follow the directions when mixing.

There's nothing better than mixing your pre-workout supplements with water and drinking it before you get to the gym. You'll reap all the benefits as intended without the possible risks of snorting pre-workout.

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What Is The Best Way To Take Pre-Workouts?

The best way to take your pre-workout is as directed by the manufacturer. For most pre-workouts, you'll mix 1-2 scoops of powder with 8-16 ounces of water. But there are a few more things you should pay attention to.

First, some people get the timing wrong. Many lifters start drinking their pre-workout in the gym parking lot or right before they walk into their home gym. Please avoid this mistake.

Most active ingredients in pre-workout supplements take 30-60 minutes to reach peak levels. So if you drink your pre-workout right before you exercise, you won't feel the full effects until an hour after you've started!

You should also try to avoid taking your pre-workout on an empty stomach. Taking pre-workout on an empty stomach can cause unpleasant side effects like lightheadedness, jitteriness, and nausea.

To avoid feeling these side effects, eat a small pre-workout snack with your pre-workout.

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Common Snorting Pre-Workout Questions

Did Rich Piana die from snorting pre-workout?

Celebrity bodybuilder Rich Piana's tragic death brought light to the fact that he snorted pre-workout as part of his routine. A large pile of pre-workout powder was found at his home. However, it's still unclear what exactly caused the massive heart failure that led to Piana's death [2].

Can pre-workout get in your lungs?

Trying to dry scoop pre-workout powder carries severe risks. When you take these supplements without mixing them with water, you can inhale them directly into your lungs. This can cause dangerous asthma and potentially permanent lung damage.

What should you do if you accidentally inhale pre-workouts?

The best thing you can do if you inhale a pre-workout is cough everything up. Any severe issues from inhaling the powder will happen immediately, like suffocation. Prolonged inhalation can cause damage, but that won't occur after a single accident.

What happens if you eat pre-workout powder?

Dry scooping pre-workout can trigger health problems ranging from trouble breathing to a heart attack. Some people who eat a dry scoop of pre-workout could inhale some of the powder [3]. The best-case scenario is they cough out powder everywhere. The worst-case scenario is that the powder makes its way to the lungs, and they develop inflammation or an infection. You could also experience heart palpitations or other heart-related symptoms because of the high caffeine content.

Should you take pre-workout if you are under 18?

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, no scientific evidence demonstrates for or against the safety of pre-workout supplements in young athletes. A teen taking a pre-workout should pick a high-quality product that has undergone independent testing and carefully follow the directions [4]. Don't take multiple supplements with overlapping components to avoid ingesting excessive quantities of chemicals like caffeine that can be harmful over time.


Although it's possible, there is no reason to snort your pre-workout. Snorting pre-workout will lessen the supplement's effects and could have several severe adverse side effects.

Always follow the directions on your pre-workout and take it as directed for best results.






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