BuyHive Lat Pulldown & Low Row Cable (For Home Gyms)

Are you looking to get the most out of your money for your home gym?  

The BuyHive Lat Pull Down/Low Row Cable Machine is one of the best lat machines out there on the budget end of the scale. It offers all the basic home workouts at an amazing price. 

If you do want to spend a bit more then check our top picks for home lat pulldown machines.

This home gym equipment is perfect for anyone who wants an excellent workout experience at home, without emptying your wallet. It's affordable and perfect for beginners to use. Many users enjoy the machine and love the features it has. 

Overall, you’ll want to know more about the pros and cons this machine has to offer! 


  • Easy to assemble and is compact
  • Feels stable and smooth to use 
  • Great price
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the home gym 
  • Allows you to do many different exercises 


  • Boxes may come with missing parts 
  • Seat is too far forward; you may need to lean back 
  • Some packaging issues

Unique Features Of The Buy Hive Lat Pulldown Machine

The BuyHive Lat Pulldown Machine is perfect for any home gym. It’s easy to put together, runs smoothly, and doesn’t cost very much. You’re sure to get a lot of use from it as well. 

4-Position Adjustable Foam Rollers 

The adjustable foam rollers adjust to your height and lock in place. That way, you can rely on them for support. You use them to keep yourself on the bench as you work out. Without them, you’d feel out of place and have to keep adjusting your position. 

4-Position Adjustable Seat Height  

There are also four options for adjusting the height of the seat. That way, a wider variety of people can use the equipment. This feature is essential for making the equipment work for anyone who decides to order it. 

BuyHive LAT Pull Down Machine sideview

High And Low Pulley Station  

With this feature, you can work out your shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, and lats in an efficient way.

You get the additional support you need from the machine, making it safer to do. Overall, you get an amazing workout with these options. 

Heavy Duty Steel Construction  

The machine is made from durable and long-lasting steel. These materials shouldn't break or wear out easily. With it, you can feel confident that the weights won’t damage the machine with use. 

BuyHive LAT Pull Down Machine pulley

Simply Assemble Required  

The machine is also super easy to build. It comes with instructions, but you can also watch the process online. Many users said that they had no problem getting the equipment set up and could use it the same day. 

1” And 2” Weight Sleeves  

The weight sleeves make it possible to get various different grips on them, such as wide and close grip. This feature helps you work on your form and helps ensure your safety on the bench. 

BuyHive Lat Pulldown Machine & Low Row Cable Reviewed

Product Specifications


39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches 


220.46 lbs 

Maximum Load Capacity

500 lbs 

Height Restrictions

77 inches  

Low Row Bar

59 inches



For the price you pay, you get a fantastic value on the BuyHive Weight Bench. Everything comes securely packaged, and you receive directions. You'll want to have a wrench to put the machine together.  

Once you get it up and running, you'll notice right away how smooth the pulldown is. You get sleeves for Olympic weights, too, making it even more worth investing in if you are a seasoned lifter. Many users also appreciated the many different types of back exercises that they were able to conduct with this machine- we’re sure you will too! 

The machine can hold up to 500 pounds securely, making it an amazing choice for serious pulldown enthusiasts too. No matter how much you want to use, the machine should be able to hold the weight. 

BuyHive LAT Pull Down Machine Low Row Cable

The Buy Hive machine should also stay securely in place without you having to bolt it to the ground. It doesn't slide, even when you're conducting intense workouts. It's a good option for most heights, too- it comes with four included settings. If you're exceptionally tall, though, you still might need to lean back a bit, even on the furthest setting. 

Overall, we have to say that this is the best home gym option for many people. It’s cost efficient and very simple to put together by yourself. You’re sure to have it together in no time, allowing you to get to your workouts right away.

Plus, you won’t need to pay as much as you think- this option has impressive prices and works great for any personal gym. It's important to note that the weights themselves are sold separately.  

Comparisons With Similar Lat Pulldown Brands  

Merax Vs BuyHive 

When it comes to improving your fitness in a home gym, both of these are great choices. However, the Merax lat machine can hold maximum weight loads of 286 pounds, while the BuyHive holds an outstanding 500.

Both options are wonderful, but BuyHive is better if you want to lift more weight over time. They also are comfortable to use, and both operate very smoothly. The BuyHive also feels more durable and comes with better quality of materials. 

Merax LAT Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine...
  • Constructed with heavy-gauge steel frame with...
  • A 42" wide-grip lat bar and low bar equipped...
  • Quality high & low pulley system with...
  • High density cushioned seat pad adjustable in...

Valor Fitness CB-12 Vs BuyHive 

To start, you’ll notice that the Valor Fitness CB-12 is a lot more expensive. However, it’s more versatile and comes with additional bars, making it possible to perform even more exercises. The machine is easy to use and comes with adjustable seating.

The BuyHive offers more basic functions for a better price tag. They both use great construction material as well, so you’re sure to get a lot of use out of the model you choose.  

Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine, Low...
  • HEAVY DUTY- Constructed from 2” x 2”...
  • VERSATILE- Includes Lat Bar and an adjustable...
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT PAD- Seat adjusts up or down...
  • CONTINUOUS PEGS- Weight storage pegs...

How To Assemble The BuyHive Lat Pulldown Machine

Before attempting to assemble the BuyHive, make sure that you read the included instructions. The manual includes the safety precautions that you need to be aware of. 

Once you’ve done that, you can get started. Make sure you have a wrench that fits on all of the sockets. The given instructions with this product are very vague. You’ll want to do your best to follow them and don’t secure the bolts just yet. You can do this once you’ve made sure the parts are all in the correct locations. 

Users also say that you should have some WD40 on hand. The bolts aren’t pre-sprayed and can cause the machine to make loud, awful notices. It’s best you take the time to spray them on your own.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How many standard plates does this machine hold?

The machine can safely hold about 125 pounds worth of plates. The packaging states that the machine can hold up to 500 pounds, but for many people, that number is too high- 125 is sufficient, especially for beginners.  

Where can I buy a replacement seat?  

If you're looking for a replacement seat, you should contact the company directly. They say they can send you a chair free of charge, making it more worth it. 

Can the lat pulldown be detached so a rope can be attached?  

Yes, you can change out the equipment to get a variety of different workouts in. 

How long are the pulley cables on the BuyHive?  

According to the company, the top cable is five feet long, while the lower cable is about 4.5 feet long. This size allows for a great workout. 

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Overall, you’re sure to enjoy this cost efficient lat pulldown option in your home gym. The BuyHive has many uses and works great in a personal setting! 

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Last Updated on September 14, 2021