10 Best Workout Headphones Reviewed and Rated

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who simply works out a couple of times a week, you likely know the importance of listening to music while you exercise. Like most of the fitness enthusiasts, your workout motivation largely comes from music.

And nothing kills your concentration like an ear bud falling out mid-sprint or your earphones slipping off your head during a deadlift. So it is only natural to look for the best workout headphones on the market, right?

Without a doubt, music helps you stay focused and motivated during a workout. It keeps you going whether your time in the gym involves the smooth inclusions of yoga, the powerful lifts of weight training, or the rhythmic steps of running.

Music has been widely credited for improving mental focus, commitment, and even stamina and endurance. The best workout headphones should be able to handle whatever you decide to do.

However, the method in which you listen to your favorite music is something you should take into consideration. Headphones are often the most ideal choice, but not all headphones are created equally. Sadly, it’s not that simple.

There’s an insanely diverse range of workout headphones available these days and personal preferences with regards to the type of phones you prefer to play a significant part.


Product Name

Headphone Design

Sensitivity (dB/mW)


Check Price

Powerbeats2 Wired In-Ear Headphone

In ear


1 year

Soundcore Vortex Wireless Over-Ear Headphones...

Soundcore Vortex Wireless Headset

Over Ear


18 months

No products found.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Sport

In ear


18 months

No products found.

SPPQ V4.1 Stereo Sports Headset

In ear


1 year

TREBLAB XR100 - Ergonomic Wireless Sport...

TREBLAB XR100 - Wireless Sport Earbuds

In ear


1 year

No products found.

SoundWhiz Noise Cancelling Earbuds

In ear


1 year

Bluetooth Headphones, Hussar Magicbuds Best...

Hussar Magicbuds Sports Earphones

In ear


1 year

Bluetooth Headphones,aelec Wireless Bluetooth...

AELEC Bluetooth In-Ear Sports Headsets

In ear


1 year

No products found.

TaoTronics Wireless Magnetic Earbuds TT-BH07

In ear


18 months

Panasonic Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120K

In ear


90 days

Best Workout Headphones

Why do you need a good pair of exercise headphones?

In general, workout headphones are for people who want to run, hike, or hit the gym while listening to music, podcasts, or other media. Such headphones are specifically designed to withstand a variety of stressors such as sweat, rain, and strain from media players dropping to the floor, and abuse from being thrown into a bag along with damp equipment.

Nothing’s more annoying than a cord smacking your face when you’re stressing out on the treadmill. This is where wireless headphones come to the picture.

The right playlist can help you run harder, play smarter, and make you feel like you can do another rep. But it’s almost difficult to focus on your workout with your earbuds keep popping out of your ears. So you need a good pair of sports headphones that stay in its place, no matter how intense your workout session gets. 

A decent pair of sports headphones is a worthy investment. Research suggests the right type and tempo of tune can keep in the loop for longer. So it’s time you lace up your running shoes, strap an iPod to your arm and prepare for musical motivation.

Things to Consider

There are lots of things to consider when looking for the right pair of workout headphones whether wired or wireless. With so many headphones on the market, it’s hard to know which ones will really rock your workout. So whilst earbuds for working out sounds like a superb investment, you have to be very careful to choose ones specifically tailored to your exercise of choice.

Earbuds or Over-the-Ear

Some people just can’t seem to get earbuds to fit or stay in, despite then coming with several silicone end pieces that are supposed to fit just about any ear. When looking for the best earbuds for working out, you have to remember that the extra movement can keep pulling them out if they are not super snug in your ear.

Over-the-ear varieties, on the other hand, are often heavy and clunky and too much to deal with when you’re sweating profusely or in the middle of your workout session. For the same reason, most individuals go for in-ear headphones, also known as earbuds. They’re not only lightweight but also fit more securely and have features that are specifically designed for working out.

Ease of Use

The last thing you’d want to be doing while working out at the gym is wasting your valuable time fidgeting with your headphones. You expect your wireless headphones to pair quickly and wired headsets to stay out of the way. Plus,If that’s you,  you’d also want onboard controls that are easy to access and simple to use.


The gym bag is not the place for your oversized headsets that look like a gigantic headpiece; not only they are too heavy to be carried around but also get in the way more often. You want specially designed sports headphones that transport easily in your bag or hand.

Too heavy or bulky headsets will not only add unnecessary space in your bag but also put pressure on our neck when you wear them for extended periods.

Sweat Resistance

It goes without saying that you’ll be sweating a lot while working out. You don’t want headsets that will fizzle and short-out when you start working harder. Water resistance is a must for those who live in places where it rains torrentially at all times, or are particularly rough with their headphones. If that’s you, we’d recommend chunkier models.


Some headphones slide off when you move up and down and sweat during runs, which is quite annoying. A good pair of sports headphones must stay stable and secure on your head no matter how intense your training or workout session gets.

Play Time

You can see how many hours of music you can get from your wired or wireless headphones by having a look at their play time. How many hours you need depends on how frequently you run and how often you prefer to recharge or batteries. The more play time the better, but it also depends on your budget and preferences.

Sound Quality

Well, sound is the one thing you cannot compromise with. Sound quality is where you either have a love or hate relationship with your headphones. If you’re a purist who likes balanced sound signature, you’d like headphones with powerful bass that makes the music more dynamic and fuller.

An amazing sound quality is a combination of amazing clarity, sound reproduction and balance, as well as crisp and accurate bass – you’d definitely want all these things in your headpiece to get the best possible sound quality.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is important because you don’t want all the people around you to hear what kind of music you’re listening to and at the same time you don’t want to hear what they are talking about.

Best Workout Headphones Reviewed and Tested

If you’re serious about your fitness you need a decent pair of workout headphones. These are our top picks for the best workout headphones to plug in and help you stay motivated whether you’re sweating out in a gym, hitting the road, or running the hills.

1. Powerbeats2 Wired In-Ear Headphone

Inspired by the likes of basketball legends, the relentless Powerbeats2 Wired In-Ear Headphone is designed to defy the ordinary while catapulting athletes towards unparalleled performance.

Completely redesigned to withstand the most rigorous workout session, these slick-looking headphones feature metal face fronts combined with the strength and durability of IPX4 materials for optimal sweat and water resistance.

Lightweight and engineered with the power of dual-driver acoustics, these beautiful headphones deliver the premium sound and performance needed to propel you through rigorous workouts.

Features & Specifications:
  • IPX4 sweat and water resistant
  • Tangle free wrap around cable
  • Remote talk
  • Dual-driver acoustics
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rechargeable battery with 6-hour playback time
  • Range: 30′


  • Tough In-Ear style wired headphones built for intense workouts
  • IPX4 sweat and water resistant to handle tough workouts
  • Metal face fronts for additional fortitude
  • Dual-driver acoustic power for Beats signature sound
  • Noise isolation for powerful listening experience
  • Easily adjustable and flexible earhooks for long-lasting comfort and secure fit
  • RemoteTalk cable with no-slip grip to control music, change tracks and answer calls
  • Earphones deliver premium sound on the court, in the gym, or on the streets


  • The lowest mids can sound a little boomy
  • There seems to be a slight boost in the vocal range
  • The high seems to be slightly rolled off at the very highest frequencies

2. Tauren Ultimate Sport Workout Headphones

Soundcore Vortex Wireless Over-Ear Headphones...
  • 【Stunning Sound】40 mm drivers power...
  • 【Play Longer】Get up to 20 hours of...
  • 【Stow Away】Fold flat and store in the...
  • 【Lightweight Fit】The memory foam ear-cups...

If you’re looking for great looking, well-designed headphones that will make you look super cool while working out, running, or simply sitting outside listening to music, then the Tauren Ultimate Sport Workout Headphones are just the thing for you.

Excellent dynamic sound quality and extremely clear, realistic booming bass, these ultimate sport headphones sound just like you’re sitting in the front row of a concert. Plus, they have the very popular black with red accents that everyone is looking for these days. Your workouts will be so much fun with these magnificent yet super cool headphones.

Features & Specifications:
  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Water-resistant, adjustable, elastic design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes In-Line microphone
  • Dynamic crystal clear sound
  • Soft sweat-proof earpads
  • Outstanding construction and durability
  • 5mm Connection


  • 5mm connection makes this ideal for iPod, iPhone, Android and much more
  • Extremely clear, realistic with the deepest, booming bass for fun workout sessions
  • Superior lightweight design makes these the best headphones the money can buy
  • Sweat-proof earpads make this headphone very comfortable and practical
  • Fold up easily to fit in your purse, your backpack or your coat
  • Chord is flat and won’t tangle
  • Includes In-Line microphone and volume controls on the cable
  • The black and red design looks super cool and trendy for any use


  • Sound is decent but not so great considering the price
  • The oblong construction protrudes a little too far from the head
  • Decently comfortable but not for extended periods

3. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Sports headphones

No products found.

Featuring behind-ear streamline outlook, the Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Sports headphones can fit firmly into your ear and minimize the outside noise which offers runner an amazing workout experience.

The build quality inspires confidence that they’ll hold up under rigorous use. The stylish design guarantees 100% stable and comfortable user wearing experience perfect for heading to the gym. It also delivers superior audio performance during both music and calls, thanks to the AptX Stereo Sound technology.

Features & Specifications:
  • Wireless Bluetooth sports headphones
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Water resistant
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Nano-coating sweat-proof technology
  • Behind-ear ergonomics design
  • AptX Stereo Sound
  • Extra-long playing time
  • Mpow original design


  • Headphone will huddle up automatically that is quite flexible
  • Nano-coating technology for protection against sweat and moisture
  • Firmly fits into your ear and minimize the outside noise
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides much lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission
  • Enjoy CD-quality sound and stereo without the wires and cables
  • AptX Stereo Sound for superior audio performance in music and calls
  • Upgraded battery capacity allows you to enjoy over 8 hours talking/playing time


  • May not fit some people securely
  • Generic styling
  • The plastic part feels a little cheap
  • The cord that goes around the back of the head is pretty stiff

4. Cablex Bluetooth Headphones

No products found.

Extremely lightweight and super comfortable, the Cablex Bluetooth Headphones enhance wearing comfort while keeping earphone stay stable during running, hiking, cycling, jogging, etc. Superior audio tech brings a nice boost in clarity and dynamic stereo delivering crystal clear sound. Bass and mids are fairly rich and the highs are crisp without listening fatigue.

Plus,Plus it also features the CVC 6.0 noise cancellation smartly filters outside noise, and with HD built-in microphone, you can just enjoy clear, pleasant calling for hours.  The string is very long too so that it goes around the back of your neck comfortably.

Features & Specifications:
  • Weight: 20g/0.72 oz
  • Lithium 4.5V/85mAh battery
  • Charging Port: Micro USB
  • Charging Specification: 5/0.5~1A
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Playtime: up to 8 hours
  • Standby time: 120 hours
  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation
  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • On-Earbud HD microphone
  • Stunning listening experience


  • Super comfortable, lightweight design keeps headphone stay stable during workout sessions
  • Premium soft, smooth silicone gel surface helps sweat proof which makes it a great all-rounder for all active lifestyle
  • Crystal clear sound brings a nice boost in clarity and dynamic stereo
  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation smartly filters outside noise
  • Fast and easy connection with latest Bluetooth V4.1 tech
  • Long battery life offers up to 8 hours of playing/talking time
  • Easy-pressed on-ear controls for volume and pairing


  • Becomes loose while running
  • Seems like an odd fit for some ears
  • Little bit bigger
  • The little flap over the Micros USB gets in the way when plugging in

5. TREBLAB XR100 Bluetooth Headphones

TREBLAB XR100 - Ergonomic Wireless Sport...
  • Incredible Listening Experience – Our in...
  • Whether running, biking, training hard in the...
  • Awesome Noise Reduction – ear-tips block...
  • Longest Playtime – Jogging headphones will...

Another fellas who made it to our list of best workout headphones are made by Treblab. Don’t let the simplistic approach fool you – they are very lightweight and trendy so you can listen to your favorite music on-the-go without worrying about how your earbuds look and feel.

Thanks to Bluetooth V4.1, the TREBLAB XR100 Bluetooth Headphones are something you can enjoy without the constant issue you face with your typical wired headphones. But these are not completely wireless because there’s a flat cable that connects the two ear pieces together.

The earbuds come with over-the-ear clips that keep the buds in your ears even while you’re exercising. It delivers true HD sound with an unparalleled bass response and serene noise canceling – all with seamless wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Features & Specifications:
  • High-definition sound
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Secure comfort fit
  • Up to 9 hours of playtime
  • Bluetooth 4.1 CSR with AptX compression
  • Noise Cancellation CMC 6.0
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Signal Range: 38 feet
  • Supports multi-device connection
  • In-ear voice prompts
  • Compatible with all devices with Bluetooth


  • A flawless listening experience with unparalleled sound quality with the latest in Bluetooth innovation
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of wired devices
  • Ideal for use when running, biking, or training hard in the gym
  • Comfy headsets stay glued to your ears
  • Ridiculously long battery life so you won’t get stuck with no music
  • Advanced passive noise cancellation to remove outside noise
  • IPX4 water-resistant so you won’t have to worry about water spill


  • Range is not so good
  • The non-removable earhook isn’t adjustable
  • Sound quality is good but not so great
  • Not ideal for listening to music all day

6. SoundWhiz W10 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

No products found.

Whether you run, work out at the gym, or do Pilates in front of the television, the SoundWhiz W10 Bluetooth Sports Headphones are just the things for you. Simple, they sound amazing, they’re sweat proof, and they never fall out, plus they come packaged with a deluxe velvet carry case to avoid unwanted bag tangles.

With a powerful bass and crisp treble, the W10 provides exactly the range of sound you want from a sports headset, combined with the benefits of superb noise cancellation using advanced CVC 6.0 technology, which is just perfect for workout in a crowded gym or running with road noise.

Features & Specifications:
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Range: 33 feet (10m)
  • Battery: Lithium polymer battery (70mAh)
  • Charging: USB (DC 5V)
  • Noise Cancellation: CVC 6
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Play Time: up to 8 hours
  • Talk Time: up to 8 hours
  • Standby: up to 180 hours


  • Advanced NFC and latest Bluetooth V4.1 offers fast pairing to your device
  • Easy to take calls and move between songs
  • Patented ear-stabilizer technology and in-ear ergonomics provide the most stable headphones
  • Different sized earbuds and hooks to customize your fit
  • Louder than most sports earbuds with strong bass to power you through your workouts
  • APT-X codec provides higher fidelity sound
  • Active noise cancellation makes them ideal for the gym (CVC6)
  • Long battery life allows for intense workout sessions with no recharging
  • Comes with convenient carry pouch to avoid tangles in your gym bag
  • Full music control so you won’t have to fumble around for the control board on the wires
  • Built-in mic allows for calls and Siri/Svoice commands


  • The power button is very small
  • Sound quality isn’t that great
  • Bass is decent but not that powerful

7. Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones

On Sale Today
Bluetooth Headphones, Hussar Magicbuds Best...
  • COMFORTABLE and SECURE FIT: With Ergonomic...
  • NOISE REDUCTION: With CVC 6.0 technology, the...

The carefully crafted over-the-ear hooks make the Hussar Magicbuds a great workout partner. When you’re traveling or at the gym and you want to be able to get up and move your body freely without constraint, it can be a little challenging to have access to your favorite tunes, especially with headphone cords tangles in every direction.

But the Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Headphones always stay in your ear while you’re running or working out. Having access to syncing to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, no matter which brand or platform you’re using, is a major plus to a set of headphones meant specifically for that purpose.

All these features are the reason why they made it to our list of best workout headphones.

Features & Specifications:
  • Premium sound quality with rich bass and crystal clear treble
  • Play Time: up to 7 hours
  • Comfortable, secure fit with ergonomic design
  • Sweat-proof and premium made with soft, smooth silicone gel surface
  • In-ear noise cancellation with CVC 6.0
  • Latest Bluetooth V4.1 Technology
  • Bluetooth Range: 33 feet
  • Universal compatibility with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.


  • Superior sound and amazing volume with advanced APT-X tech that offers incredible sound quality with deep bass and crisp treble
  • With ergonomic design and silicone ear hooks, Magicbuds stay secure behind your ears and rest comfortably in the ear canal
  • CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology to reduce background noise so you can focus on your favorite music
  • Bluetooth V4.1 connectivity for seamless syncing to all your wireless devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Windows phones
  • Built-in controls are fairly easy to find and use while running or working out
  • Built-in mic allows you to receive incoming calls while working out


  • Need a little caution if running near traffic or crowded areas
  • Slightly overpriced compared to other Bluetooth earbuds
  • Bluetooth connectivity is not reliable

8. AELEC Flexbuds Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Headphones,aelec Wireless Bluetooth...
  • UP TO 7 HOURS BATTERY LIFE: Long Music...

Smooth silicone construction and ergonomics design make it a great pair for anyone who tends to sweat a lot during exercising. You can go anywhere and do whatever you want to do with the AELEC Flexbuds Bluetooth Earbuds without worrying about it may get damaged.

The high fidelity stereo music with advanced APT-X audio technology and CVC 6.0 noise canceling technology let you enjoy high-quality sound performance while working out, running errands, or even doing daily chores around the house.

Plus, it also features a flexible design with bendable ear hook to the curves around your ear gently, and with total function control, you’ll always find a reason to wear AELEC headphones.

Features & Specifications:
  • Bluetooth V4.0 Technology for seamless connectivity
  • Noise Cancelling CVC 6.0
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Sweat-proof In-ear headphones
  • Fast Charging Time (1-2 hours)
  • Playback Time: Up to 4 hours for music and 6 hours talk time
  • Operation Range: 30 feet
  • Functions: Volume Control, Music Control, Calling, Voice Prompt


  • Ergonomically designed bendable earbuds and over-the-ear hooks for secure and comfortable fit
  • Advanced APT-X Audio Decode Technology offers high-quality sound with powerful bass
  • Made with lightweight supreme silicone to lighten the burden when you’re in the gym working out or running while listening to your favorite music
  • Easy connectivity to sync multiple wireless devices simultaneously
  • Sweat-proof earbuds make it the best company for exercise
  • Built-in controls are large and easy to locate
  • Makes it easy to make and receive phone calls while working out or running


  • It won’t perform too well when too much water comes in
  • Earbud tip colors may vary
  • The high end isn’t overpowering

9. TaoTronics Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds

No products found.

Whether you’re working out at the comfort of your own home or simply working out at the gym, you likely know the importance of listening to music while you exercise. From head to toe, the TaoTronics Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds have been carefully crafted to match well with anyone who wants a reliable, inexpensive pair that’s built specifically for working out.

Weighing in at just half an ounce, they’re incredibly lightweight and simplistic in their design. Not only does the earphone withstand dust, moisture, and sweat during workouts, it’s also designed with magnetic earbuds to stay around your neck without slipping off.

Features & Specifications:
  • Built-in magnets to attach the two headphones together
  • CVC noise cancellation technology
  • Bluetooth V4.1 Technology
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enables devices
  • CD-like high-quality sound
  • Play Time: Up to 5 hours
  • Standby: 175 hours
  • Double-link support


  • Perfect workout headphones that are snug and secure so the headphones stay put
  • Built-in magnets let you attach the two headphones together when not using
  • Comfortable in-ear design, snug and secure, make sure the headset stays put and your music stays smooth when you’re working out
  • CVC Noise Cancellation 6.0 Technology reduces outside noise
  • Clear microphone sound when talking to your family or friends
  • High-quality, hands-free phone conversation
  • Latest Bluetooth V4.1 Technology for easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices
  • Great bass performance coupled with advanced APT-X support to enjoy CD-like high-quality sound
  • Double-link support allows you to connect your smartphone and tablet at the same time
  • Metal construction for great look on the outside while maintaining steady airflow inside


  • Not so long battery life
  • Little inferior in sound quality
  • Wireless range is not too optimal

10. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones

Enjoy the unlimited in style, comfort and listening pleasure with the very stylish and trendy Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFit Earbuds. With three included sets of earpads (S/M/L), you’ll get a custom, comfortable fit that won’t slip out.

Plus, the nine vivid color options with color matching cords let you choose one that complements your outfit, accessories and mood. The large 9mm neodymium drivers along with a wide frequency response and smart ergonomic fit deliver dynamic, crystal clear sound while blocking outside noise. Plus, it can be comfortably threaded through a jacket, bag, or backpack.

Features & Specifications:
  • Black ultra-soft ErgoFit in-ear earbud headphones
  • Nine vivid color options with matching cords
  • Smart ergonomic fit for ultimate comfort
  • Comfort-length, 3.6-foot cord for extra convenience
  • Frequency Response (Hz-KHz): 20-20
  • Plug: Nickel


  • ErgoFit in-ear design conform instantly to your ears
  • Nine vivid color options with matching cords to complement your outfit
  • Wide frequency response and smart ergonomic fit deliver dynamic, crystal clear sound while blocking ambient noise
  • Ergonomic design for full listening comfort and fit with snug earbuds
  • Comfort length, color-matched cord provides extra flexibility and comfort needed for an active day
  • Long 3.6-ft cord threads comfortably through clothing and bags


  • Not great for activities such as jogging
  • The in-line on/off charging piece is very heavy

Decision Time

Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just running a few miles to stay in shape, or just getting moving, the best workout headphones will be your ideal workout partner. Plus, you could enjoy the extra motivation of your favorite track during your next run. After all, the idea here is to keep you motivated and happy when you’re pushing yourself to the limits.

Last Updated on August 18, 2021