Transparent Labs is a brand I trust and one I recommend to beginners. Still, the flavor matters just as much as the formula.

Transparent Labs produces pre-workouts in a range of flavors, but you need to pick the right one. If you don't, you won't enjoy it and probably won't use it.

It can be challenging to choose between them, so I wanted to make it easier. I tried, tasted, researched, and ranked Transparent Lab's pre-workout flavors to help you choose the right one.

Transparent Labs pre-workout gives an energy boost without blowing your head off. Each scoop contains 200-250mg of caffeine, which is manageable and far less than some competitor brands.[1]

Transparent Lab's pre-workout is also made with high-quality ingredients. They don't use any artificial sweeteners, just stevia sweeteners, and their blend is gentler on the stomach.[2]

However, the formula and ingredients do not mean much if you can't drink it. The flavor is so important because there's nothing worse than a tub of pre-workout you can't even use.

Luckily for you, I've done all the hard work. I've tested all seven available flavors and ranked them here for you.

1. Blue Raspberry

Let’s start with the best, Transparent Labs Blue Raspberry Pre-workout. It tastes like a sugary raspberry with a bit of extra tartness.

This gives a good balance of sweet and sour and makes it incredibly easy to drink. Plus, it blends amazingly with water and leaves no lumps.

If you're familiar with blue raspberry supplements or sweets, you'll know it's an artificial taste.

However, Transparent Labs doesn't use artificial sweeteners, so it's not as noticeable. There's definitely less bitterness than you get with other brands, too.

Transparent Labs Blue Raspberry flavor is their most popular because it’s sweet, tangy, and refreshing. It’s my top pick and will make it easy to enjoy your pre-workout.

This flavor is available in Transparent Labs Bulk, Lean, and Stim-free pre-workout ranges.

Transparent Labs Pre- Workout Flavor Blue Raspberry

My Flavor Rating


2. Peach Mango

If you enjoy refreshing drinks, you'll love the Transparent Labs Peach Mango pre-workout.

It combines sweet peach and mango to give you a smooth, fresh taste with just a hint of tanginess. It's one of the easiest to drink first thing in the morning.

The Peach Mango Pre doesn't have the same balance of tart and sweet notes as the Blue Raspberry, but it tastes a lot more natural.

It's much less sweet or candy-flavored than most pre-workouts, making it popular with older gymgoers.

If you want a more mellow pre-workout with juicy, fruity notes, I recommend this one.

This flavor is available in Transparent Labs Bulk and Stim-free pre-workout ranges.

Transparent Labs Pre- Workout Flavor Peach Mango

My Flavor Rating


3. Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch is a popular pre-workout flavor, but the Transparent Labs version is not what I expected. It has all the flavors of tropical fruits but with a sour edge.

This gives the mixture a great contrast and really wakes up your taste buds.

Transparent Labs Tropical Punch pre-workout is one of their most popular flavors because it packs a lot of flavor. It's bolder than the Peach Mango or Strawberry Kiwi flavors, leaving a more noticeable aftertaste.

If you like tropical flavors and a mix of sweet and sour, you’ll love this pre-workout.

This flavor is available in Transparent Labs Bulk, Lean, and Stim-free pre-workout ranges.

Transparent labs pre workout flavor tropical punch

My Flavor Rating


4. Black Cherry

I’m a big fan of cherries, so I was always going to love this one, but it’s also one of the highest-rated by consumers. The black cherry flavors give it an intense sweetness with a slight hint of tartness.

This pre-workout is bolder than the Tropical Punch or Peach Mango flavors and packs a stronger flavor. It doesn't taste as sweet as the Blue Raspberry blend at first, but over time, it builds until it's slightly syrupy.

The natural sweetness disguises the other ingredients and makes it very craveable. It's great for those who enjoy sweet supplements but don't want anything that tastes too artificial.

This flavor is only available in the Transparent Labs Bulk pre-workout range.

Transparent Labs Pre- Workout Flavor black cherry

My Flavor Rating


5. Strawberry Kiwi

Transparent Labs Strawberry Kiwi pre-workout combines sweet strawberry and tart kiwi notes.

Strawberry Kiwi is often a hit-or-miss flavor, but Transparent Labs has got it right here. It’s light and easy to drink, with no overpowering flavors.

Strawberry Kiwi is one of their most popular pre-workout flavors because it balances sweet and tart notes. It tastes just like juice or a smoothie and is perfect for anyone who enjoys fruity beverages.

This pre-workout is best for anyone who wants softer, subtle flavors that taste more natural.

This flavor is only available in the Transparent Labs Bulk pre-workout range.

Transparent Labs Pre- Workout Flavor strawberry kiwi

My Flavor Rating


6. Sour Grape

Sweet grape pre-workout is a popular pre-workout flavor, but Transparent Labs offers something more exciting with its sour grape option. It’s intensely sour, with a candied finish to round it out.

This Transparent Labs flavor isn't for everyone, but it's popular with younger people. The bitterness gives you a real punch to the senses, and it will wake you up before the caffeine has a chance to take effect.

If you want an easy drinking pre, stick with the Tropical Punch or Blue Raspberry. However, if you like sour sweets that are a bit of a shock to the system, this is the flavor I recommend.

This flavor is available in Transparent Labs Bulk, Lean, and Stim-free pre-workout ranges.

Transparent Labs Pre- Workout Flavor sour grape

My Flavor Rating


7. Pina Colada

Transparent Labs Pina Colada pre-workout is a bit different. It combines flavors of pineapple and coconut that give it a sweeter taste than any others on the list.

It’s a refreshing combination and makes the supplement easy to drink.

What I like most about this flavor is how subtle it is. It is very sweet but not sickly, and it's not overpowering like some candied pre-workouts.

It even felt more gentle on my body. I had fewer tingles after drinking it and no crash later. I only ranked it down because it didn't blend as well as the other flavors.

If you enjoy sweet coconut flavors, you’ll love this pre-workout.

This flavor is only available in the Transparent Labs Bulk pre-workout range.

Transparent Labs Pre-Workout Flavor Pina Colada

My Flavor Rating


How I Decided On My Top Picks

Ranking different flavors is never easy because we don’t all have the same tastes. However, I was determined to find the best pre-workout flavors and put them in an order most people would agree with.

I wanted to explore:

  • How each pre-workout taste
  • The balance of flavors and how easy it was to drink
  • What was distinctive or unique about it

I didn’t want it to be solely based on my opinion, so I considered two things:

1. Consumer feedback and reviews

Looking at marketplace reviews, forum discussions, and speaking to other colleagues in the fitness industry, I built up a good picture of what people wanted in their pre-workout and how Transparent Labs measured up.

This let me narrow down the search to the most popular flavors.

2. Taste testing and ranking

I tried servings of the best Transparent Labs pre-workout flavors to see how each tasted. I only had a small amount of each (or I would have been awake for a year) to gauge the taste and aftertaste.

man drinking transparent labs pre workout at the gym

Common Questions About Transparent Labs

Is Transparent Labs a good pre-workout for beginners?

Yes, Transparent Labs pre-workout has a gentler formula with less caffeine than other brands. This allows beginners to get the benefits with less risk of potential side effects [3].

Are there any side effects from taking Transparent Labs pre-workouts?

There are potential side effects from taking any pre-workout because of the high quantities of caffeine in each serving. These side effects may include jitters, anxiety, insomnia, and heart problems. However, Transparent Labs has less caffeine than other brands, so there’s less risk of side effects.

The Best Transparent Labs Pre-Workout Flavor Is…

Transparent Labs Blue Raspberry is the best pre-workout flavor. It balances sweet and tart notes, and there's no sickly artificial aftertaste like you get with other brands.

Plus, it blends well to give you a smooth and easy-to-drink mixture. 

This flavor makes pre-workout easier to take, and it works well for beginners or experienced athletes.


Miloš Lepotic

Miloš Lepotic

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