LIT pre-workout is regarded as one of the best-tasting supplements on the market, but only if you buy the right flavor. If you don’t, you could be left with a tub of pre-workout you can’t stomach.

I’ve used LIT and LIT AF pre-workout for years, and I wanted to make it easier for clients and gymgoers to choose the best flavors.

I’ve tasted, researched, and reviewed all the LIT pre-workouts and ranked them so you can easily select the best flavors.

I always tell beginners that the pre-workout flavor matters almost as much as the formula. You can have the highest quality pre in the world, but if the taste isn't good, there's no way you'll take it regularly.

LIT pre-workout is my go-to recommendation for beginners because it’s consistent, relatively gentle, and has a great selection of flavors.

In fact, LIT pre-workouts are some of the best around for those who like supplements with a bold and sweet taste.

Narrowing down the top 7 wasn’t easy, but I did it. Here are my top picks:

1. Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is one of my favorites, and not just for supplements. This pre-workout has sweet raspberry flavors with a tart and tangy finish.

It’s sweeter than other Blue Raspberry pre-workouts but very easy to drink.

I rate LIT Blue Raspberry first because it's one of the most refreshing flavors. It's much better than a classic blue slushie, and I could drink it even if I weren't training.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Blue Raspberry)

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2. Gummy Worm

Remember those gummy worms you ate as a kid? Well, that’s exactly what this pre-workout tastes like.

It’s sweet and fruity and blends well. It’s not quite as sweet as the Cotton Candy flavor, but it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys sweets.

Gummy Worm is one of Lit’s first flavors and is still one of their most frequently ordered pre-workouts. Nothing about it tastes natural, but it isn't supposed to. Instead, it's an easy one to sip and enjoy.

This powdered pre is a great option for those who enjoy bold, sweet flavors. Plus, they do a pre-bottled carbonated version that's even better!

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Gummy Worm)

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3. Strawberry Lemonade

If you want a refreshing pre-workout mix, LIT's Strawberry Lemonade pre-workout is the one you need.

It combines the sweetness of strawberry with the tartness of lemon to give a good blend of sweet and sour - something everyone will enjoy.

Other brands offer Strawberry Lemonade pre-workout, but LITs has a stronger flavor. It's fresh and powerful and even feels like you're putting goodness into your body!

This is the most balanced LIT pre-workout and the one I think everyone will enjoy. The flavor isn't as distinctive as the Gummy Worm or Cotton Candy blends, but it's definitely more refreshing.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Strawberry Lemonade)

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4. Jolly Rancher Green Apple

LIT has collaborated with Jolly Rancher to create a pre-workout that tastes just like apple candies. Just imagine sweet apple dialed up to 11, and that's what you get here.

I often find apple-flavored supplements too sweet or tart. This one is sweet, but it's not quite sickly sweet, and while I wouldn't drink it every day, it's perfect a few times a week.

If you enjoy apple candy, you’ll love the Lit Jolly Rancher Green Apple pre-workout.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Jolly Rancher Green Apple)

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5. Orange Mango

I love orange flavors, and this pre-workout mixture of orange and mango was right up my street. The mango flavor is stronger than the orange, but they blend well to create a refreshing drink.

As with other LIT pre-workouts, this is on the sweet side, and it does have a bit of an artificial aftertaste. It definitely isn't like drinking a fruit smoothie, but still smooth and easy to drink.

This is one of the more subtle LIT flavors and noticeably less bold than the Jolly Rancher Green Apple. It's best for anyone who likes light, juicy flavors.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Orange Mango)

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6. Icy Fireworks

Have you ever had a rocket popsicle? The LIT Icy Fireworks flavor is similar to a melted-down version. It combines blueberry and raspberry notes to give you a sweet and almost fizzy flavor.

The light and sweet flavors make this one of their most popular flavors, and I found it lighter and more refreshing than the Gummy Worm pre-workout.

I took a few points off because it had a very artificial taste and got a bit sickly towards the end. However, if you like rocket popsicles or light, sweet treats, you’ll love this flavor.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Icy Fireworks)

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7. Cotton Candy

If you like sweet things, you won’t get any better than the LIT Cotton Candy. It’s light, sweet, and tastes like melted-down candy floss in a drink.

The sweetness on this one should come with a warning because it’s almost addictive (though I do have a sweet tooth).

There's a slightly artificial aftertaste, but you can't really notice it. Plus, it blends well and gives a smooth consistency.

If you want a supplement that’s sweet from start to finish, I recommend this one. It’ll keep you coming back for more, though it might be a bit sweet for first thing in the morning.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout (Cotton Candy)

My Flavor Rating


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How I Decided On My Top Tasting Picks

It’s always tough to rank by taste because everyone has different preferences. It’s even more difficult with Lit because all their flavors are on the sweet side, and it’s harder to differentiate between them.

To accurately evaluate them, I looked at two different factors:

1. Consumer feedback

Looking at customer reviews, discussion on forums, and speaking to industry colleagues helped me identify the most popular LIT pre-workout flavors.

It also helped me to see some subtle differences between the sweet flavors.

2. The taste

Once I narrowed it down to a shortlist, I got hands-on and started tasting the pre-workouts myself. For the ranking, I looked at:

  • Flavor profile
  • How easy it is to drink and any aftertaste
  • How it blends
  • Any unique factors

Researching and comparing all the pre-workout flavors based on these characteristics helped me to confidently identify and rank the best LIT pre-workouts.

A scoop of Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout

Common Questions About Beyond Raw LIT

Can you take LIT pre-workout every day?

Yes, you can take LIT daily as long as you take it in moderation. Try to stay below 400-500mg of caffeine a day to avoid any side effects.[1]

Can you take 2 scoops of LIT pre-workout?

Each scoop of LIT pre-workout contains about 200mg of caffeine, so you can have two scoops and remain below the recommended 400mg maximum daily caffeine intake. However, beginners will not need this much pre, and it’s only for experienced athletes.

Are there any side effects from taking LIT pre-workouts?

The stimulants in LIT pre-workout can cause side effects if you take too much. These side effects may be jitters, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and an increased heart rate.[2] However, LIT pre-workout has less caffeine than other brands, so the side effects are less likely.

The Best LIT Pre-Workout Flavors Are…

The Blue Raspberry LIT pre-workout is the standout flavor. It has bold and sweet flavor and is very easy to drink.

All these LIT flavors make it easy to enjoy your pre-workout supplement, and I hope you've found a flavor you're excited to try.


Miloš Lepotic

Miloš Lepotic

Meet Miloš, a certified sports nutritionist and self-taught supplement expert whose pharmacological background and nearly a decade of gym experience make him the perfect guide for optimizing your health and athletic performance through supplement reviews and practical advice rooted in factual, science-backed information.