Ancheer Elliptical Reviews (Is This Brand Any Good?)

Ancheer elliptical reviews cover the pros and cons of choosing an elliptical machine from Ancheer. Are Ancheer ellipticals a good choice for you?  

We recommend the Ancheer elliptical range to homeowners who are looking for the cheapest elliptical brand and want to save money while building their home gym.  

This review covers the differences between all three Ancheer elliptical products.  

Ancheer ellipticals were made for the home gym owner who wants an affordable machine with a small footprint. Ancheer ellipticals are made with cheap built parts and offer poor tracking via the LCD monitor, but they also come with cushioned footplates and let you get a great cardio workout in.

If price is your primary concern, this is the elliptical brand for you. The brand’s machines take up a small footprint in the home and come with transportation wheels so you can easily move the machine as well. Three color options give you the possibility of your machine matching your home aesthetic.  

The Good 

  • Affordable and cheap 
  • Small footprint 
  • Color options 
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly  
  • Transportation wheels 
  • Magnetic flywheel resistance 

The Bad 

  • Poor tracking 
  • Wheels slightly farther apart  
  • Frustrating app connectivity  
  • Cheap build materials  

Why Choose Ancheer Elliptical Trainers? 

The Ancheer Elliptical Trainers are best for someone who wants to save money. These machines are the cheapest on the market without sacrificing essential quality and operational needs. They are also one of the most lightweight and portable elliptical machines with built-in wheels and a small footprint.  

Smooth & Quiet Workouts

Ancheer ellipticals offer smooth and quiet workouts with a built-in magnetic resistance system. You can adjust the resistance while working out for a customizable experience. The smooth magnetic flywheel operates at a low fan sound level.  

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Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

The adjustable magnetic resistance is state-of-the-art in the elliptical industry and provides a quiet, smooth workout experience.

There are 8 different resistance levels that can make your workout as chill or as challenging as you would like.

This feature is helpful for building muscle and getting into the fat-burning zone. The more you turn up the resistance, the harder it will be to move the elliptical arms and footplates.

ancheer elliptical machine

Pulse Rate Grips

The pulse rate grips on the elliptical bars monitor your heart rate while working out. You can view the heart rate results by looking at the PULSE mode on the LCD display.

Knowing your heart rate can help you create challenging workouts and make sure you are in the “heart rate zone” that you want to be in. 

Variable Tension Control

The variable tension control is part of the magnetic resistance flywheel that creates the resistance on the Ancheer elliptical. By choosing different levels of variable tension control, you are able to control the level of resistance while working out. 

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Comfortable Non-Slip Footplate

The footplates are important pieces of any elliptical machine. The Ancheer footplates are comfortable with cushioned rubber padding as well as a non-slip grip, so you won't accidentally move your foot off of the machine. The cushioned rubber footplate will also provide your body with extra cushioning later on.

Digital & Large Window LCD Display

The digital LCD display showcases several workout metrics, including time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate.

As you work out, you can view your metrics in real-time and make adjustments accordingly while working out. 

While this may not be the best display on the market, it served its purpose.

ancheer elliptical reviews

Elbow Mounting Device

The elbow mounting device is used to add another display to the machine. For example, if you want to add your iPhone or iPad to the elliptical, the elbow mounting device can help you mount it to be visible during your workout. 

3 Ancheer Ellipticals Reviewed 



Assembled Dimensions

40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inches

Machine Weight

79 lbs 

Maximum Weight Capacity

350 lbs 

Stride Length

13 inches 

Resistance Levels 

8 levels 


Not Listed 

The Ancheer SJ890 is a good entry-level elliptical machine. It is the cheaper version of the Ancheer SJ2990 APP. The console is a basic LCD screen, but it includes the important data you need to challenge yourself while working out: distance, time, speed, pulse, and calories burned.

This elliptical machine comes with 8 magnetic resistance levels rather than the 10 magnetic resistance levels found in the SJ2990 APP model. Magnetic resistance through the tension system is smooth and slick. You won’t need to worry about extra noise while working out.  

The machine is made from plastic and steel parts. It is fairly durable, though not as stable as more expensive elliptical brands (think ProForm and Sole Fitness). The elliptical has a 13" stride length, which is relatively short and will have a different workout feel compared to other higher-end ellipticals.

This does make the model a perfect space saver in homes with limited room for a new workout machine. This elliptical is easy to assemble and can be put together on your own without additional assistance. 

Two people will make the job easier. It’s not the most stylish machine because its cheap price doesn’t include fancy logo designs or stainless steel materials. If you want a smooth, affordable elliptical machine, then this is an excellent option for you.   

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2. ANCHEER ‎SJ2990 APP  


Assembled Dimensions

38 x 24 x 70 inches 

Machine Weight

78 lbs 

Maximum Weight Capacity

390 lbs 

Stride Length

15 inches 

Resistance Levels 

10 levels 


12 months 

The Ancheer SJ2990 APP is a great entry-level elliptical at a fantastic price point with a couple of extra features that models in this lower price point typically do not have: extra cushioned extra-large footplates, 10 resistance levels, smooth and quiet magnetic resistance, and a clean, fresh aesthetic.  

Like other Ancheer models, the LCD console is quite limited but does provide the basics: distance, time, speed, pulse, and calories burned. It does come in three different color options: black, gray, and silver.

The ability to choose your color preference can provide a better aesthetic in your home by color coordinating with your decor. This elliptical has a 15” stride length, which is short overall but quite large for ellipticals in this budget price zone.  

Assembly for the Ancheer SJ2990 APP is a breeze and can easily be completed by one person. The machine is not particularly stylish, but it does have a small footprint and won't take up much space in your home. The design is portable as well and can easily be moved from room to room using the built-in transportation wheels.  

The warranty on this product is 12 months. If you want to purchase a cheap, affordable elliptical, then we think this is the best model for you.

The Ancheer SJ2990 APP is slightly more expensive than the Ancheer SJ890 model, but it is still an entry-level machine, and the extra two resistance levels are well worth it. You can still save money but get a better workout with those extra two resistance levels.

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3. ANCHEER Under Desk Elliptical  


Assembled Dimensions

18 x 14 x 10 inches 

Machine Weight 

20 lbs 

Maximum Weight Capacity


Stride Length


Resistance Levels 

3 training modes & 5 speeds



The Ancheer Under Desk model is a unique elliptical machine that is designed to be used while sitting at a desk and working at your job. The pedals are made with cushioned rubber and are extra wide to accommodate all foot sizes.  

The built-in display monitor is easy-to-use, although difficult to see. It tracks your speed, time, calories burned, and distance. The pedal movement is smooth as this machine uses magnetic resistance.

The built-in exercise options include 3 different training modes and five different speed levels. A mini remote makes it easy to adjust the movement without bending down and clicking on the machine. Another benefit is that all flat shoe types can be worn with this elliptical, and you won't need to bring exercise shoes to work.  

The assembly for this machine is almost non-existent. It’s also easy to move and comes with a portable handle. The product itself weighs a mere 20 lbs. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is impressive for a fitness machine product.

The quiet cycling motion won't disrupt your work, and the dual belt drive allows you to pedal forward or backward to add variety to your chill workout.  

We would recommend if you work a desk job, whether in the office or at home, this under desk bike is the perfect elliptical machine for you. You can easily get in extra steps and keep your activity levels up throughout the day while getting your work done. 

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Comparing Ancheer With Similar Elliptical Brands 

Ancheer Vs Exerpeutic Heavy Duty 

EXERPEUTIC 2000XL Bluetooth Smart Cloud...
  • Your purchase includes One Exerpeutic Heavy...
  • Elliptical dimensions – 23" W x 54" L x 63"...
  • 8 Level magnetic tension resistance...
  • An easy to read 3.4" large window LCD display...

The Ancheer elliptical brand does not come with a Bluetooth option, while the Exerpeutic Heavy Duty elliptical brand does. Ancheer, however, is the overall better machine for working out.

Ancheer has 10 magnetic tension resistance options while the Exerpeutic is stuck at 8. The LCD monitor is also larger and cleaner on the Ancheer models. Ancheer can hold up to 350 lbs. while Exerpeutic tops out at 300 lbs.

The Ancheer models are slightly more expensive than the Exerpeutic models, but the extra $20—$50 is worth it.

Ancheer Vs EFITMENT Machine Trainer 

EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer...
424 Reviews
EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer...
  • COMPACT - A small footprint design makes this...
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT - Provides a no impact,...
  • QUIET AND MOBILE - A belt driven flywheel...

The Ancheer elliptical models are more expensive than both the Exerpeutic brand models and the EFITMENT brand models. The Ancheer elliptical models are built with higher-quality materials and include better-cushioned footplates in comparison to the EFITMENT brand.

The EFITMENT brand is one of the cheapest models on the market today. However, the Ancheer is only $50—$60 more, and we think it is well worth the extra cash. The EFITMENT brand is similar to the Body Champ 3-in-1.

We do like the pulse rate monitoring, but this machine only comes with 8 magnetic resistance levels compared to Ancheer’s 10 levels. This model is quiet but is flimsier than the Ancheer.

If you are over 6'0", then this model won't feel sturdy to you. This EFITMENT elliptical machine is best for those who care only about price and want the cheapest option possible on the market.  

Ancheer Vs Body Champ 3-in-1 

On Sale Today
Body Champ 3-in-1 Home Gym, Upright Exercise...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: With a patented...
  • PLUS TWO: In addition to its patented 3-in-1...
  • HASSLE-FREE TRANSITIONS: The innovative...

The Body Champ 3-in-1 is similar to the EFITMENT brand in both quality and price. Again, we would recommend Ancheer over both of these models.

However, the Body Champ 3-in-1 really shines for people with limited mobility. It comes with a recumbent bike seat so that you can choose to work out in an elliptical style of movement or a recumbent bike style of movement.

It can also function as an upright stationary bike. If you have limited mobility and want a machine that can accommodate your needs, this is a great choice. This is also a great option for homeowners who value flexibility and want to be able to change their workout day to day. With this machine, you get three machines in one!  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long do Ancheer elliptical machines last? 

Ancheer elliptical machines are affordable and will not last as long as more expensive machines. That said, we expect Ancheer ellipticals to last approximately 6 to 8 years.  

How do you adjust the resistance of an Ancheer elliptical machine? 

You can adjust the resistance of an Ancheer elliptical machine by using the tension knob. Tension knobs allow users to create great resistance for a harder workout or dial down the resistance for an easier workout.

Do Ancheer ellipticals have built-in workout programs? 

No, Ancheer elliptical machines are designed to be as cheap as possible so that every homeowner can own an elliptical. They do not have built-in workout programs. However, the LCD monitors track multiple workout elements so you can create your own workout program and track your progress! 

Where can I download the Ancheer elliptical instruction manual? 

Ancheer includes an instruction manual in the elliptical machine box when purchased. If you want to download the manual online, you will need to contact Ancheer directly. They do not post their elliptical instruction manuals online.  


Ancheer ellipticals are the best at-home elliptical machines for exercisers who want an affordable space-saving elliptical that is portable and comes in three different color options. If you want to save money and space, Ancheer is the best brand on the market today. 

Last Updated on July 15, 2022