Velocity Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Reviewed

Sometimes you just need a simple exercise bike. One that gets the job done without taking up a lot of floor space, such as the Velocity upright exercise bike. People choose to use an exercise bike because the workouts are useful – they get their heart rates up without putting a lot of stress on the knees and back.

However, in order to achieve your fitness goals, you need an exercise bike that actually makes you want to work out. The seat is comfortable. It tracks your speed and distance. Once you find a bike that meets all of those goals, you’ll enjoy (as much as possible) every workout. Is this exercise bike the one for you?

Product Specifications

Min-Max Seat Height


Min-Max Handlebar Height


Product Weight

41 lbs

Product Dimensions

33. 5”L x 21. 5”W x 50”H

Max Capacity

250 lbs




8 Levels



Read on to find out, as I’ve gone over many of its features to reach a determination.


Although the Velocity Exercise Upright Exercise Bike is small enough to easily store in a closet or corner (and thanks to the included wheels, this is entirely possible) it’s mighty. The bike comes in two different color combinations – dark gray with accents in both black and a lighter gray, and white with black and gray accents.

No matter which one you choose, whether you decide to match your existing exercise equipment or not, the bike is made of sturdy powder-coated metal with a thick vinyl-covered seat. It makes quite a statement in your home gym or workout corner.

LCD Monitor

The handlebars feature a built-in screen that displays several different types of numerical information, one at a time. Things like speed, distance, calories burned, and even your heart rate can be monitored and tracked in this way.

The handlebars have a section that checks your heart rate through your hands. All that you need to do is hold that particular area and the information will pop up.


The bike includes eight different wheel tension options, allowing you to customize your workout. You can set the tension in the beginning so that you can warm up efficiently, and then make it a bit harder and tougher as you get into the meat of your workout.

Finally, moving the tension back to an easier mode makes for a good cooldown, ensuring that you receive the best, most complete workout possible. The built-in flywheel is designed to handle all of the eight modes with ease.


Not only can the tension be customized, but so can the overall height of the seat. The bike uses a simple peg system to hold the seat in place. Pull out on the knob, move the seat to the right height, and then push the knob, and its attached peg, back in to keep everything secure.

This system is fairly fool-proof and it makes it easy for people of all heights to comfortably use the bike, especially since the handlebars adjust, too. Plus, the pedal straps adjust as well, turning a simple exercise bike session into a customized ride.

What Do Users Say

Velocity Upright Exercise Bike

Coming in at a mere 41 pounds, the Velocity Exercise Upright Exercise Bike is a very lightweight and compact option for people who want to work out.

Even though it doesn’t weigh much and can be easily stored in a closet or corner, it can support up to 250 pounds of weight and works for riders of multiple heights, thanks to its easy adjustment mechanisms.

The bike needs a bit of assembly when it arrives, although the instructions are clear and all of the required hardware is included.

Once all of the pieces are assembled, the bike is very solid and sturdy, despite its small size and shape, making it one of the better options out there.

No one has reported any issues with assembly or with the finished product, once everything is together.

The overall opinion of most users has been positive since the bike is well-made and easy to assemble once it arrives. The LCD screen on the console works properly, and the numbers are large and easy to read.

The heart rate, speed, calories burned, and distance trackers are accurate and make it very easy for users to determine just how much of a workout they received.

Although many users didn’t have high hopes for this affordable and simple exercise bike, they quickly found out that they underestimated it. With the adjustable tension options, as well as the seat, handlebar, and pedal adjustments, the bike works for users of various sizes and heights, so that just about anyone can safely get into shape without taxing their knees and back.

With that said, the seat has no back, so it doesn’t offer any additional support, requiring the core muscles to be engaged when riding. While this won’t be an issue for everyone, it is worth mentioning. People with back issues or weak core muscles might find this to be a challenging workout, as they don’t have that additional support.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact, lightweight, and includes wheels making it easy to move
  • Seat, handlebars, and pedal fasteners all adjust for users of differing heights
  • Includes a digital readout that tracks heart rate, speed, and more
  • Small enough to store in a closet or corner
  • Comes in two different colorways to match other exercise equipment


  • Comes with a simple seat that lacks a backrest
  • Some assembly required although it comes with clear instructions and all of the parts
  • Only has eight different tension settings, which may not be enough for some users

Conclusion – Is Velocity Upright Exercise Bike Worth It?

Velocity Exercise Gray Magnetic Upright...
11 Reviews
Velocity Exercise Gray Magnetic Upright...
  • ADJUSTABLE – Easily adjust the seat, handle...
  • FEATURES – EIGHT levels of tension control;...
  • TRACK YOUR WORKOUT – LCD computer console...
  • SPECS – Maximum weight capacity of 250lb;...

Our Rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

In general, the Velocity upright exercise bike is a solid option for those who want to work out at home. The bike adjusts to fit people of different heights, making it great for the whole family to use.

With two different color options (white or gray, both with gray and black accents), the bike makes a striking statement in every room. If you’ve been on the lookout for a reliable exercise bike, one that tracks things like miles per workout and heart rate, then this machine will do quite nicely.

If you have problems with knees and/or would you rather prefer a bike with backrest, then check out our list of affordable recumbent bikes.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021