5 Best TRX Alternatives (Try These Knock Offs)

Suspension trainers feature straps, rings, and handles that provide resistance and strength training using your body weight. TRX suspension trainers offer specialized suspension training.

You can buy TRX suspension trainers, but they’re generally aimed at commercial gyms and the military, making them very expensive. TRX alternative trainers that provide similar workouts are available, and we’ll cover those in this guide.  

If you can’t find a TRX trainer, or they’re out of your budget, then it’s wise to look at some TRX substitute options. We’ve found five that we believe are a good fit, and we’ve covered them in detail below. 

1. Recoil S2 Pro 

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Our first TRX suspension trainer alternative is the Recoil S2 Pro. Its main advantage is that it has the broadest primary adjustment range available on the market. That means you can adjust the straps all the way from your head to your toes, which means you get the opportunity to perform more exercises than you otherwise would.

Making these adjustments is even easier, thanks to the push-button strap adjustment. All the cords remain free of tangles because excess strap length is kept within the device.

There are also two specific reasons why this is the best alternative to TRX suspension trainer models. 

Firstly, there is no see-sawing action with the straps, so no friction exists to wear out the loops on the straps. Secondly, for exercises like rows where you face the anchor point, the length of the TRX straps can slip, which adds up over a large number of reps.

However, it costs over $349, whereas the TRX Home suspension trainer is usually around $200. But based on what we’ve seen from our review, the extra money is well worth the investment as you’ll be getting a better suspension trainer. 

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2. Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer 

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Another one of our chosen TRX suspension alternatives is the Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer. It comes in a striking red and black color scheme, which makes it stand out, plus it has some unique features. It comes with a patented split anchor design, allowing you to change the width of the straps very quickly.

That means you can build more complex workouts and push yourself further. Not only that, but you can also use the 3-level workout poster that comes with the suspension trainer, which is great if you’re not experienced with suspension training. 12 online workouts are available too, which means you’ll have plenty of guidance should you need it. Inline buckles also make adjusting the length between 16” to 94” very easy.  

Because of the patented split anchor design, you can get narrow, neutral, and wide resistance angles, plus 3x more exercises than comparable suspension trainers. That makes it a suitable addition to our list of TRX alternative suspension trainers. It's also convenient to use outdoors, so if you prefer to exercise in nature once in a while, it’s an excellent choice for that.  

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3. GoFit Gravity Straps 

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If you’re looking for a very cheap TRX alternative, then the GoFit Gravity Straps are ideal. You’ll pay around $40-50 for them, and you’ll receive all the essential components you need for a solid suspension workout.

You can change the resistance levels by altering the angle, starting point, or foundation, so you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to exercising. For those who aren’t familiar with suspension trainers, these ones only take a few seconds to install and don’t need any hardware.  

What’s also impressive about such a cheap TRX alternative is that you’ll also receive a mesh travel bag, ankle cradles, and even a training manual to help you decide what exercises you’re going to do.

Unfortunately, the GoFit Gravity Straps have no specific advantages over the TRX suspension trainers we’ve seen. Still, the fact they’re so much cheaper without having major disadvantages makes them the perfect choice if you’re on a budget. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to anchor it to a door that opens away from you rather than one that opens inwards. This could present an issue if you’re traveling with the GoFit Gravity Straps. 

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4. Bodytorc Suspension Trainer

Bodytorc Suspension Trainer, Bodyweight...
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This suspension trainer from Bodytorc costs only $70, so it’s another great deal if you’re on a budget. But like TRX suspension trainers, it’s designed for advanced users. That means you’ll want to have some experience with suspension trainers before you buy this model.  

It comes with detachable handles to add different attachments and increase the variety of your workouts. For example, you can purchase Olympic rings, bars, and ropes to attach. Of course, this will increase the cost, but it’s the ideal solution if your workouts are complex and intense.

The straps have also been designed with strength and durability in mind, featuring anodized cam buckles and high-grade webbing. Not only that, the straps have superior ergonomics as you can keep them totally vertical when attached to a power cage or chin-up bar.

That means they won’t rub against your arms and are an excellent choice for doing dips. You’ll also get hanging ab straps, which is another bonus. It’s just as good as a TRX suspension trainer and costs around $70. It even has a lifetime warranty, better than the 10 years offered by TRX on their Home2 system.  

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5. KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness 

KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Kit...
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If you don’t like the other budget options we’ve covered, the KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness kit at around $50 gives you another choice. It’s simpler than many of the other suspension trainers we’ve covered, and it’s versatile, meaning you can use it anywhere and perform a wide variety of exercises using it. These include yoga, CrossFit, resistance and strength training, and muscle conditioning. 

The straps that come with the KEAFOLS kit are also an effective TRX alternative because they lack defects and are easy on the skin, making them more comfortable to use.

As you'd expect, the fitness bands are adjustable, too, meaning you can customize them to suit your needs while you're working out. Like most of the other suspension trainers, you'll receive the standard items - resistance bands, a door anchor, handle straps, foot cradles, a mesh bag, and a user manual.  

The buckles are tough and hold the straps in place, but adjusting them to equal length is more challenging. This takes time that could otherwise be spent on working out. The KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness kit also has the same problem as the GoFit Gravity Straps, in that you need a door that opens outwards.  

Features To Look For When Choosing A TRX Alternative

Materials Used

The handles on TRX suspension trainers are made from padded foam, allowing you to grip them comfortably even during intense workouts. Carabiner clips tested to a weight tolerance of 1300lbs are also fitted as standard, meaning you can give them a ton of pressure without any concerns. The straps are typically made from mesh nylon, a common material used in gym equipment, and this ensures they’ll remain stable and won’t fray. 

Body Support

Because of the carabiner clips and comfortable handle grips, TRX suspension trainers provide plenty of support for the body while in use. This includes heavier exercises that place a greater demand on the straps, buckles, and clips.

Examples are pushes and squats. Locking loops also ensure there won’t be any slippage while you’re in the middle of an exercise. That means your body will be fully supported throughout your use of a TRX suspension trainer. 

Ease Of Installation  

Setting up TRX suspension trainers is simple and easy for anyone to do, even beginners. It simply requires choosing where you’re going to anchor it and using one of the anchors provided. These are typically either a door anchor or suspension anchor.

Once these are in place, you can use the buckles to adjust the straps and then lock them in place. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a minute if you’ve got an ideal location in mind.


One of the main benefits of a TRX suspension trainer is the number of exercises you can perform.

Because you’re using your body weight either alongside a door anchor, or suspension anchor, there are many options. 

woman using a suspension trainer

The most common include squats, pushes, lunges, rotations, hinges, and pulls. These ensure that you can work out most of your body. Your only limit is when you’re strong enough that you’ll only maintain your muscles, not strengthen them more. 

Handle Quality  

It’s essential for suspension trainers like TRX models to have comfortable and durable handles, as these take a lot of the strain while you’re working out. That’s why they have a padded grip and are made of foam. If they weren’t, your skin could become raw or calloused. The handles on the TRX models we’ve looked at have all been sufficient for the most common exercises you’d use them for. 

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What Exactly Is A TRX Style Trainer? (Overview & Benefits)

TRX, or Total Body Resistance Exercise, is a highly beneficial workout method that relies on your body weight. However, it’s also the name of a fitness equipment brand that provides suspension trainers and other equipment.

Their products are suited to combat athletes, soldiers, cyclists, runners, and more. They have various solutions for these groups of people and are known for providing high-quality products. 

People buy from TRX because they’re a reputable brand known as specialists in specific fields, like military training and elite athletics. That makes it easy for people to see the purposes their products have. 

Delivers A Fast, Effective Total Body Workout 

woman using a trx trainer

Because you’re relying on your body weight, all you need are the straps on the suspension trainer you’re using, and then you’re good to go. You can then exercise various muscle groups and build an entire workout around a TRX suspension trainer.

From that workout, you’ll gain flexibility, increase muscle strength, and achieve a balanced weight. Then when you’re ready, you can incorporate heavier weights to build muscle or do more cardio to increase endurance. 

Helps Build A Rock-Solid Core 

One of the main muscle groups targeted by many fitness enthusiasts is the core. It's crucial for stability and posture and looks good if you can achieve a six-pack. A workout with a TRX suspension trainer will target your abs and obliques, so it’s ideal for toning your core and carving out those abs. Over time, you’ll find you can hold positions for longer too, which will improve your core even more. 

Benefits People Of All Fitness Levels  

One of the common obstacles to developing a good workout routine if you’re a beginner is not being able to lift heavy weights. That typically means having to spend time doing bodyweight workouts first. 

But because that’s not needed with suspension training, anyone can use it, from pro athletes to seniors. One of the most effective bodyweight workouts is with a suspension trainer, as you only need to go as far as you can. 

Can Be Set-Up Anywhere

A TRX suspension trainer is convenient to use because it takes up almost no space at all and only requires a door to use. That means you can travel with it to a hotel, use it as part of a gym membership, or even set it up in your living room or back garden. Because it’s quick to pack away too, you won’t have to worry about getting ready for guests or avoiding the rain either. 

man using trx suspension trainers

Muscles Worked Via Suspension Trainers 

Upper Back (Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Traps) 

The upper back usually requires heavy weights or complex equipment to work out because of how the muscles are activated. You can perform pull-ups, but the best option is a suspension trainer if you’re not strong enough. It enables you to do rows, modified pull-ups, and get-ups. These hit all the muscles in your upper back.


The shoulders are a crucial muscle that helps with most lifts you’ll perform with your arms. Generally, the shoulders don’t need to be targeted separately as compound exercises will work them. So long as you roll your shoulders back and keep good posture, a suspension trainer will tone them as you add resistance with your body weight. 


One of the most minor muscles in the body is the bicep, and they're also one of the most accessible muscles to work out. If you focus on them separately, you'll get minimal gains in terms of your overall fitness. But with the use of a suspension trainer, the contraction and expansion achieved throughout your movements will work your biceps. 


There is no more important muscle group for your posture, balance, and stability than your core. But it's difficult to reach it as the muscles are pretty deep in your body. Using a TRX suspension trainer allows you to position yourself at different angles and move in multiple directions. That enables you to work your core muscles with it. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where should you mount suspension trainers?  

Depending on the anchors you have available, you can mount a suspension trainer in various places. You can use an overhead beam if you have access to one or use a door anchor to suspend the straps from a door in your home. If available, you can also install a special mount on your wall.  

Are TRX trainers better than dumbbells?  

If you want to build muscle fast, dumbbells are the way to go if you’ve got some basic fitness. The resistance you’ll get from heavy ones is greater than what a suspension trainer will provide. But if your focus is endurance or lighter workouts, a TRX trainer is ideal. 

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Can you build muscle with suspension trainers?  

If you’re starting from a very low baseline and haven’t done much exercise before, then you’ll make some gains from using your body weight for resistance training with a suspension trainer. However, more substantial gains will only be made by lifting weights.

Are suspension trainers suitable for attaching to trees?  

If you’re interested in using a suspension trainer outdoors, you should be able to attach it to a tree. However, you’ll need to ensure you find a thick and steady tree branch that won’t snap when you put weight on it.  


TRX alternative suspension trainers are plentiful, but there are some excellent choices among them, and we’ve covered them today. That means you should be able to make an informed decision about which suspension trainer is right for you.  


Last Updated on March 22, 2023