Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower Reviewed

Using a rowing machine is a great way to boost your heart health, immune system, and basic fitness. It’s also therapeutic because of the repeated movements. One rowing machine worth checking out is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower.  

Getting a Sunny rowing machine is ideal for a home gym because they’re a reputable brand with many positive reviews. We’ll be reviewing the SF RW5515 in this article.  

If you’d like to check out more of the best magnetic rowing machines, you can read our dedicated article reviewing 8 of them. 

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then the Sunny magnetic rowing machine will suit you perfectly. It allows you to work out your cardiovascular system while giving you flexibility when deciding how intense that workout will be. That flexibility comes from changing the magnetic resistance level. It means you can customize your workout to suit your fitness needs. 

It’s best for those who have a decent amount of experience with exercise, as that will help you interpret the statistics on the Sunny Health rower LCD and ensure you can use the full potential of the machine.  

The Good 

  • Slide rail length ensures your height won’t be an issue 
  • Easy to move with the convenient transportation wheels 
  • Its foot pedals are non-slip 
  • It’s quiet so that you can use it in an apartment 
  • It has a small footprint  

The Bad 

  • In some cases, the handle return can break  
  • A spring inside can snap after months of frequent use 
  • Wear and tear can make it noisy 

Unique Features Of The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Rowing Machine  

Among the many types of rowing machines, the Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic rowing machine is durable and provides intense workouts even for professional athletes who row competitively. It’s also great value for money, so if you want to maintain general fitness and know about rowing, it's worth investing in this model by Sunny.  

8 Level Adjustable Magnetic Resistance  

The Sunny fitness rower allows you to adjust the magnetic resistance so that you can tailor the workout to your strength levels. Magnets surround the flywheel on the Sunny rower, and a knob on the side allows you to increase the tension by selecting a resistance level from 1-8.  

Non-slip Handlebars & Foot Pedals  

The Sunny Health rowing machine also features non-slip handlebars and foot pedals.

The foot pedals are textured so that you can perform intense workouts without worrying about your feet slipping. 

They’re also equipped with foot straps so that your feet remain in place while rowing.  

sunny rowing machine non slip handle bar

Extra Long Slide Rails 

The slide rails on the Sunny Fitness rowing machine are 48” long and 44” long if you measure the inseam. That’s equivalent to 4’. This size means that you can use the Sunny rower no matter what height you are.  

sunny rowing machine long slide rails

Wide Padded Seat

The Sunny Health and Fitness rower seat ensures that pressure doesn't build up on the tail bone. By easing the tension here, it stops your circulation from being cut off. It also ensures you're more comfortable when using the rowing machine. 

Digital Monitor  

Unlike older rowing machines, the Sunny rowing machine provides a digital display so that you can see information about your workout in real-time.

The data shown is basic but includes the time spent rowing, the number of strokes performed, and how many calories you burned.

But it lacks a distance indicator, which limits its usefulness. 

sunny rowing machine digital monitor

Built-in Transportation Wheels  

One of the most convenient aspects of the Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine is the transportation wheels. These are tucked inside the machine and roll out when you tilt the rower. Once you’ve tilted it, you can wheel it to your preferred location and tilt it back to tuck the wheels back in.  

Floor Stabilizers  

When you’re rowing, it’s essential to rely on the stability of the machine. After all, your workouts could get quite intense. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF RW5515 features floor stabilizers so you can focus on your workout and so that you can exercise even when the floor is uneven.  

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower Reviewed

Product Specifications 

Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H)

78 x 19.1 x 23.2 inches 

Folded Dimension (L x W x H) 

37.4 x 19.1 x 53.5 inches 

Machine Weight 

60.9 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity 

250 lbs 

Resistance Levels



Yes - 3 years on the structure and 180 days on all other parts 

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The range of unique features the Sunny Rowing Machine possesses makes it handy for those who know what they want from it. That means people who are accustomed to exercising at home and having a routine that works for them.  

If that’s you, then the floor stabilizers, extra long slide rails, wide padded seat, and digital monitor will all upgrade the comfort and convenience of your workout. The adjustable magnetic resistance ensures that you can continue rowing even as you build your strength.  

Here are the specifics we learned from our Sunny Rowing Machine review, divided into sections.  

Assembling The Rower  

It’s easy to assemble the Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine. It takes only 30 minutes, which is a lot less time than what some gym equipment requires. The most challenging aspect is removing it from the box as it’s packed tightly. But once you do this, you can assemble it without help from others, and it will look nice once you’ve done so. The instruction manual is simple to follow too. 

Workouts & Performance 

Different types of rowing machines provide different performance levels, and the Sunny Rowing Machine is no exception. The adjustable magnetic resistance helps you finetune the rowing to your needs, and the slide rails give plenty of room for leg extension, even if you're over 6' tall.

The display turning on or off automatically is a nice touch too. However, the foot straps on the pedals are of poor quality. But if you're on a budget and want to reach intermediate levels of fitness, it’s ideal.  

Health Benefits/Exercises 

Rowing has significant health benefits, and during our Sunny rowing machine review, we looked at the exercises you can do and how they benefit your health.

It only takes a few minutes of rowing to end up in a sweat, even on one of the lower resistance settings.

Rowing will give all your muscle groups some work, and you’ll also get an excellent cardiovascular workout too. 

sunny fitness magnetic rowing machine

Using The Console  

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF RW5515 magnetic rowing machine display is limited, only showing a few indicators, as we mentioned above. It turns off by itself, which saves you a job. It also has a large-sized display that’s easy to read while you’re doing your workout. The scan mode will switch the display to a different indicator every 6 seconds. 

Footprint & Storage 

Our Sunny Health & Fitness SF RW5515 review reveals that the footprint is small, making it convenient to place in a small home. Because it's a collapsible rowing machine, you can also store it without difficulties. It has a smaller footprint than many treadmills or elliptical machines. When moving it, the transportation wheels make it quick and easy.  

Price & Warranty 

Depending on where you buy it, you’ll typically find the Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing Machine costs between $250-500. It’s a budget option with mid-range capabilities, which makes it a good bargain overall. If you’re keen on keeping fit and have decent knowledge, but you’re not advanced, the Sunny Rowing Machine will suit you.  

The warranty comes from Sunny Health Fitness, lasts for 3 years on the frame, and 180 days on the components. However, the warranty is specific to the U.S. only and won’t be valid across the border in Canada, which is quite restrictive.  


The Sunny rowing machine is an excellent choice for people with intermediate fitness levels, and it’s suitable if you have a small apartment or need to stick to a budget. However, the trade-off is that some components are basic, and there aren’t advanced options for when you reach that level. But we recommend it if you want to improve your overall fitness at home.  

Comparing SF-RW5515 With Other Sunny Rowing Machines

Sunny Health & Fitness RW5515 Vs RW5622 

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  • Magnetic tension system with 8 levels of...
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  • Fully padded seat and non-slip grip...
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable...

The Sunny Health & Fitness RW5622 is a superior model to the Sunny SF RW 5515, with a higher weight capacity of 275lbs and heavy-duty foot pedals. These pedals enable additional exercises, like upright rows and bicep curls.  

Like the RW 5515, an LCD screen provides time, the number of rows, and a calorie count. But unlike the RW 5515, it also shows distance. The RW5622 also has 8 levels of magnetic resistance and can be folded away to save space.  

Sunny Health & Fitness RW5515 Vs RW5801 

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  • ERGONOMIC FOOT PEDALS: Engage your quads as...
  • OVERSIZED SEATING: Large padded seating...
  • MAGNETIC TENSION: 16 Levels of tension ensure...
  • FOLDABLE ROWER: Convenient folding rower...

When comparing the SF RW5515 vs. SF RW5801, you‘ll notice some extra benefits compared to the RW5515. The RW5801 has holders for a phone and bottle, which is convenient. It has a slightly higher weight limit at 285lbs.  

However, its main edge over the SF RW5515 is that there are 16 magnetic resistance levels, which gives you the chance to adjust your workouts more finely. The footprint of the SF RW5801 is similar, despite the added features, so it remains a good choice if you have limited space.  

Sunny Health & Fitness RW5515 Vs RW5856 

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  • CHALLENGING RESISTANCE: Challenge yourself...
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: Track your workout...
  • STURDY DESIGN: Slide forward and back on the...
  • COMFORT: Feel secure when you press your feet...

The Sunny Health & Fitness RW5856 is more advanced compared to the SF RW5515, as well as the other Sunny rowers we’ve looked at in this comparison section. 

It has a higher weight capacity of 285lbs, like the RW5801, but you can also set your own workout goals using the digital monitor, which is helpful. It also provides 16 levels of magnetic resistance, giving you more control over your workout.  

However, its slide rails are only 44.5” long, which is slightly shorter than the 48” you’ll get with the RW5515. Besides that, the features are similar, including the transportation wheels, wide padded seat, and foot pedals. 

Comparisons With Other Rowing Machine Brands 

Sunny Health & Fitness RW5515 Vs Fitness Reality 1000 

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  • 【ULTRA QUIET DESIGN】- Our Nylon Belt...

The Fitness Reality 1000 is the first in our selection of rowers from alternative brands. If our Sunny rower review didn’t appeal to you, then this is worth a try. You can track data from your workouts using a free app, which is not a feature the Sunny rowers have.  

You can also adjust the magnetic resistance across 14 levels, more than the Sunny SF RW5515. 

However, The Fitness Reality 1000 has a slightly larger footprint, so it’s a better choice if you have a larger room, and the shorter 39” slide rail makes it a little better for shorter users.  

Sunny Health & Fitness RW5515 Vs Stamina 1110 

Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine Compact Rower...
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Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine Compact Rower...
  • SMOOTH MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: Turn the dial on...
  • EASY STORAGE: Use the built-in wheels to roll...
  • SMART WORKOUT APP INCLUDED: This row machine...

If you’re looking for simplicity, then the Stamina 1110 is the best option for you. It has a smaller footprint than the RW5515 while allowing you to benefit from similar but better features.  

For example, the workout monitor provides the same information as the RW5515 but adds distance. The foot pedals will pivot, and you’ll still get to choose from 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

You’ll also benefit from holders for your phone and water bottle. However, the seat is smaller and not padded, so if you have a delicate body, then it’s not ideal. 

Sunny Health & Fitness RW5515 Vs Marcy NS-40503RW 

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The Marcy NS-40503RW rower has a similar footprint to the RW5515 but a more advanced monitor which shows you workout information and can be tilted up or down for easy viewing. Data shown includes time taken, row count, distance, calories burned, and the RPM. It also has a very high weight capacity of 300lbs.  

Like the RW5515, you can fold it to save space and adjust it through 8 magnetic resistance levels. It also has similar foam handlebars and foot pedals. However, like the Stamina 1110, its seat is basic.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How do I reset my Sunny Health & Fitness Rower? 

If you’d like to reset the Sunny rowing machine, then you’ll need to hold the reset button on the digital display until it zeroes out. Once this happens, the counters will reset. 

What is the maximum height of a person who can use this equipment? 

Because of the extra long slide rails on the rowing machine, there should be no issues relating to height, meaning anyone can use it. No adjustments will be needed, although you may have to bend your knees a little more when rowing.  

Is this rowing machine quiet? 

Yes, the Sunny rowing machine is very quiet, including when you’re doing an intense workout on it. You can watch TV while you use it and you’ll have no difficulties hearing it.  

What should I do to maintain the RW5515 rower? 

In most cases, you won’t need to do anything to maintain the Sunny rowing machine so long as you use it according to the instructions and store it safely when it’s not in use. 

How many calories will I burn on this rower per hour? 

The calories you burn on the Sunny rowing machine each hour will depend on the intensity of your workouts and how consistent you are with working out. The stroke you use and your body weight will also factor in.  


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Based on our Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine review, the SF-RW5515 rowing machine is an excellent choice if you’re familiar with working out, are on a budget, and have limited space. 

Last Updated on March 9, 2022