Where To Sell Used Exercise Equipment (For The Max Price)

Exercise equipment comes in all shapes and sizes these days, and you can pick it up in many different places.

As demand has grown, a new market for selling used exercise equipment has developed, allowing individuals to sell the items they no longer need.

There's a lot of money to be made doing this, but you need to know the best places to sell.

In this guide, we'll help explain how to sell used exercise equipment so you can maximize your profits.

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Marketplaces are an age-old concept that have been around as long as the free market.

From ancient Greece to medieval Europe, there were markets in every town and village where people could buy and sell all manner of goods. 

In the 21st Century, marketplaces remain popular; they’ve just mainly moved online.

Online marketplaces give buyers access to more products than ever before. They let buyers and sellers connect from across the world and exchange goods. 

With so many people learning to set up their own garage gym, there's a huge demand for used gym equipment, and you'll find listings on most major selling platforms.

There are pros and cons to different platforms or local listing sites, and choosing the right one can help you make the most money. However, if you are looking to sell quickly then it's worth exploring as many selling avenues as possible. 

Here’s our breakdown of the best places to sell used exercise equipment: 


Craigslist Logo

Craigslist[1] is a well-known listing platform that operates primarily in the US. It's been in operation for over 25 years, and in that time, it's managed to stay current with a healthy supply of new buyers and sellers every day.

Craigslist operates like a giant online garage sale, and you'll find a wide variety of used gym equipment and potential buyers to take it off your hands

This includes all types of cardio machines, exercise bikes, weight plates, dumbbells, barbells and all-in-one home gyms.

Selling on Craigslist is quick and easy. You don’t have to register, and you can post listinganonymously if you like, but that can give the impression that it’s a scam. 

Once you're ready, you just have to put the product description and some details on there and wait for a private buyer.

To encourage buyers, you should include pictures of your equipment and as much detail as possible. Remember, the buyers don't know you, so it's natural they will be nervous on such an open platform.  

Craigslist can connect people across the country, but it's best suited for local transactions.

There's no payment processing through the platform, and once buyers and sellers are connected, it's up to them to work through the specifics. 

This means you can handle the sales personally, and you won't have to pay any large shipping or transaction fees.

The downside is that there are no guarantees with Craigslist, and you can be scammed by fraudulent buyers.  

If you have bulky used equipment that isn’t suitable for individual shipping, then Craigslist is a great way to find sincerely interested buyers. 

There are no fees, and it's a brand-name platform that everyone knows, so there's a good chance you'll get a buyer. A great choice if you're selling used fitness equipment.  

home gym with equipment in basement

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Logo

Everyone knows Facebook, and the Facebook Marketplace [2] is the latest addition to their offering.

This allows anyone with an account to post a listing or buy through the platform, connecting buyers and sellers through their immensely popular app.

The Facebook Marketplace operates wherever Facebook does and is accessible in practically every country globally.

To post a listing on Facebook Marketplace, you just have to access that section of the app and create your posting. Add pictures and relevant details, then wait for a potential buyer to get in touch.

If somebody is interested, they can contact you through the Facebook messenger app, and you can work out the specifics.

Facebook offers no payment processing or guarantees, so all transactions have to be agreed upon and carried out away from the platform.  

The big advantage of Facebook Marketplace is how simple it is. Almost everyone has Facebook, and it lets you connect with people in your area who are interested in used fitness equipment.

There are some fraudulent buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace, so you need to be vigilant, but they're usually easy to spot. 

Also, the price tends to be lower on Facebook Marketplace because it's often goods people want to get rid of quickly.

This means as a seller, you may have to list your used equipment for less than other selling avenues and be prepared to settle for less.  

If you want to explore options for selling used gym equipment to local buyers, then Facebook Marketplace is the quick and straightforward way to do it. 

There are no fees, and you remain in control of the transaction throughout. It's a great platform for selling equipment quickly, but it's definitely better for equipping home gyms as it's most often used for small weights such as dumbells and cardio machines. 

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Gumtree Logo

Gumtree[3] is a popular online platform that's used mainly in Australia, but it has a presence in the UK too. 

It started as a platform to let people share unwanted items with their local community and reduce the overall waste of throwing things away. This has developed into a hugely popular site for buying and selling goods.  

To sell on Gumtree, you need to create an account and verify your identity. This helps to reduce the number of scammers and fraudsters in the ecosystem and makes it easier to connect with legitimate buyers. 

Once verified, you can create your listing where you'll be asked to choose what type of advert it is, upload a picture, and provide all the details. You can then make your advert go live and wait for a few interested buyers.  

Posting a listing on Gumtree is free, but you can choose from 3 different options to boost your reach.

The cost for these varies depending on the type of product you have, but this can help you reach more potential buyers. If you're selling a large, expensive item, then this may be worthwhile 

Gumtree is another platform that connects buyers and sellers, but there's no buying functionality. 

Instead, you'll need to work with the private buyer to agree on the right price and how they will pay for the used gym equipment. 

Gumtree is great for selling locally and useful for shifting bulky gym equipment.  

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eBay Logo

eBay[4] is a large online platform for buying and selling all manner of goods. It operates internationally in all major countries and is especially popular in the US, UK, China, Germany, and across Europe.

There's a wide range of new and used fitness equipment to choose from, including strength training equipment, cardio machines, and all manner of other equipment and accessories. You'll also likely be able to find a buyer for whatever you're selling. 

To sell on eBay, you'll need to register on the platform and verify your account. Once verified, you'll have to connect a payment method (PayPal is recommended) and then create your listing.

Take good quality pictures and provide an accurate description to give buyers all the information they need. 

eBay has the unique option where you can auction items and try to drive the price up through a bidding war, but most used fitness equipment has a price set by the seller. 

Once listed, you can pay eBay to boost your item and make it more noticeable to buyers or choose to leave it and see who's interested.  

eBay offers a great platform to connect with buyers fast. They make it simple from a selling perspective because everything can be arranged and completed within the platform itself, and you don't have to meet up with the buyers.

The downside is that they charge a fee and take 10-15% of the sale cost, depending on the product you're selling.  

If you want to reach a large, international buyer base, then eBay just can't be beaten. You're likely to make a sale, but you may earn slightly less once they've taken their cut.

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Bonanza Logo

Bonanza[5] is a relatively new online selling platform that operates in the USA, India, Russia, South America, and parts of Europe.

They've grown quickly and have over 50,000 sellers providing millions of different items for buyers. The selection is impressive, and the site is easy to navigate so your buyers can find goods quickly.  

To sell on Bonanza, you need to register for an account and verify who you are. You can then list an item with a picture and product description and wait for a buyer to find it on the platform.

Bonanza charges a fee to list items, but it's relatively low cost compared to other brands. 

Alternatively, you can pay a monthly membership, and there are 3 different payment plans which allow you to list as many items as you like.  

Bonanza makes it easy to sell goods and provides excellent support to set you up. There are a wide range of international buyers, and Bonanza provides shipping options so you can get your used gym equipment to the buyer as cheaply as possible.

All payment is done through the platform, so there's less to do from a seller perspective with minimal risk of fraud. 

If you have a high volume of used gym equipment you want to sell, then Bonanza can help you do this quickly and cheaply.  


WeBuyGymEquipment Logo

If you want to sell used fitness equipment, it can be beneficial to go to a specialist, fitness industry seller. 

WeBuyGymEquipment[6] operates across the UK, Europe, and the US, providing a single platform for everything gym-related. 

This allows commercial gym owners to complete your space with some discount equipment that is of good quality.  

If you want to sell your gym equipment, then you'll be selling it directly to WeBuyGymEquipment, not to an individual buyer

This makes the process a bit more straightforward, but there is rigorous testing involved before they’ll make a purchase.

You might also make a little less from the sale because they need to protect their profit margin when they’re selling it on to others in the fitness industry.  

If you have a lot of used commercial gym equipment, then this is a good platform for you. They can buy in bulk, and you don't need to worry about identifying separate buyers for each piece.

Make sure it's all in good condition, and fill out the contact form to kick the process off.

It usually takes 2-8 weeks to confirm the sale, so it can take a while.  


PawnGuru Logo

Pawnguru[7] is a digital pawn shop that allows you to buy and sell goods easily.

They operate in the US and connect various pawn shops across the country to bring buyers and sellers together more effectively. 

By connecting the pawn shops together into effectively one giant pawn shop they give you a useful place to buy and sell used exercise equipment quickly.

The selection of used gym equipment available through this pawn shop is extensive, but there's much more home fitness equipment than commercial and a limited market to sell used commercial products.  

To sell on PawnGuru, you have to set up an account and create a listing. The process is reasonably straightforward, but there are fairly heavy fees.

You'll pay 15-20% to the platform for listing, which can really eat into your profit. There's also poor resale prices so you'll get a higher price for your goods in other places.

However, they do have a large buyer base than your standard pawn shop, and you're more likely to find a potential buyer.  

Payment is usually handled through the platform, so there's no risk involved, and they can provide support to help you ship goods cheaply.  

PawnGuru is an expensive option, and you'll get a poor resale price, but if you want to sell used home gym equipment quickly, then they're worth checking out.  

used exercise equipment from home gym

Traditional Ways To Sell Used Gym Equipment (Near You)

Selling online has a lot of advantages as it lets you access a much wider buyer pool and often get a more accurate resale value. 

However, traditional methods can be useful, and some people prefer them. Here are some of the best ways to sell used gym equipment in your local area: 

Print & Online Classified Ads

Advertising in print magazines can seem like a really outdated way to sell things, but it’s the tried and tested method that works.

Magazines or your local newspaper will typically let you list items for free, and it's usually quite straightforward.

Of course, you'll need to check the process in your local area, but it should be detailed in the local newspaper/magazine itself, or online.  

The benefit of this method is that there are good levels of engagement in a focused area, and you can normally run the advert for a long time relatively cheaply.

The disadvantage is that you may only find a few potential buyers for your fitness gear, and very few selling used exercise equipment. This can impact your resale value.  

You can also find local buyers in your area, so there are limited shipping costs. This is a good way to sell good quality individual pieces and bulky used gym equipment that's too big to ship.  

Used Exercise Equipment Retailer

A used exercise equipment retailer buys used exercise machines and equipment and sells it at discounted rates. 

They offer an alternative to main brand equipment and are particularly useful for those looking to buy and sell used commercial gym equipment. 

If you live in an area with a used exercise equipment retailer, it can be a great way to shift your exercise machines at a reasonable price. 

You will usually sell directly to the retailer rather than individual buyers, and they'll usually buy in bulk.

If you're closing down your gym or have several units to sell, this can be a great value option.  

You can look online for your local fitness stores and see if they buy equipment. Many retailers will sell new and used products, so it's worth checking any nearby.  

Pawn shop

Pawn shops have been around for hundreds of years, allowing people to sell their goods quickly.

They often take goods on temporary loan, and give people an option to buy it back for a set period of time.

Every town will have a pawn shop, and most pawn shops will take used fitness equipment, depending on the condition, and you can normally complete the transaction quickly. 

The downside is that a pawn shop will usually give you a poor resale value, sometimes well below a reasonable price, so you'll get less for your equipment than you might through online listings or other routes. 

Pawn shops can be useful if you're looking to buy and don't want to go through online listings, but they're less good for selling used exercise equipment. 

However, if you want to sell fast, then a pawn shop is an excellent way to go.  

Local Garage Sale

Many communities have large garage sale or car boot sales where you can bring along all your goods to sell.

Fitness equipment is in high demand, so a neighborhood garage sale can be a good way to sell it quickly and without fees. You'll be able to set your own price and negotiate with the local buyers directly. 

Plus, there are no transaction or shipping costs because garage sale customers should take the used fitness equipment directly off your hands there and then. 

The downside of a neighborhood garage sale is that you can't sell big and bulky items because they're too hard to transport. 

A garage sale is a great way to sell used home gym equipment, particularly cheap exercise bikes and free weights, but not as useful for used commercial fitness equipment.  

5 Tips For Quick & High Priced Sale Of Used Exercise Equipment

When you're selling used fitness equipment, you want to get the highest price for your goods. Choosing the right route to sell is important, but there are also some tricks to make sure you're getting a reasonable price:  

1. List Your Equipment On Several Platforms 

We've given a breakdown of different platforms to sell your goods on, but you don't have to settle for one.

Setting up accounts and listing your used exercise equipment in multiple places helps spread your reach and attract more buyers. 

This can help you get the best price for your goods and prevents you from settling for a single offer.  

Just be careful about the terms and conditions of the platform you’re using because some have restrictions about this and want you to go through with the sale once you’ve got an offer.  

2. Clean Up Your Equipment 

Some people are nervous about buying used exercise equipment because it's seen some wear and tear. 

Make sure you have fully tested the equipment, including the electrics, and cleaned it up, so it's in full working order. This will help you sell your products quickly, avoid having to list at a poor resale value, and get the best price.  

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3. Showcase The Products 

Product specifications are important, but buyers need to be able to see the goods.

Letting the buyer know that the used exercise equipment is in good condition will help give them confidence and make them more likely to buy.

Try to take some high-resolution pictures and videos which demonstrate every angle of the product so your buyers can see the quality.  

4. Customize Your Product Descriptions 

To close the deal, you need to customize your product listing to suit your audience.

Different types of buyers use different platforms, which impacts how you should present the used gym equipment. 

If you're using Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, you may want to simplify your language and stay away from anything too technical.

On larger platforms, you are more likely to find fitness enthusiasts, so you can get into the specs of the used exercise equipment a bit more.

Try to make it as clear as possible to the audience what you're selling so you can streamline the process.  

5. Price Fairly

Pricing your used exercise equipment properly is the key to getting buyers. 

To do this well, you need to understand the current demand for the products, the supply, the original cost of the equipment, and the fitness equipment depreciation.

Popular items, like free weights, will retain their value for a long time if you maintain them. Some other equipment, like exercise bikes, can have a poor resale value because there are always new models being released.

It's challenging to get the pricing exactly right, but you can get a feel for the price range by looking at similar listings online. Remember, you are trying to price this fairly, not just squeeze out a profit.   

exercise equipment sitting empty in a gym

Selling Price Guide - Depreciation, Supply & Demand Explained

The moment you buy a piece of gym equipment, it will start to lose value.

This depreciation occurs because exercise equipment is only designed to last for a certain period of time, so as it's used, the piece's lifespan decreases and the value with it.

Well-made, durable equipment will depreciate more slowly because it still has a lot of use left in it, and that's why it's often high-quality brands you see being resold.  

Most used exercise equipment should sell for 50-70% of the retail value. The older the depreciated fitness equipment is, the more it will depreciate, and the less you should expect to get from any resale.

However, supply and demand are important factors to consider. The resale market booms at certain times of the year when there's less new fitness equipment and more buyers.  

Between November and December is the peak time to sell used gym equipment because demand is highest, and buyers are looking for fitness equipment ahead of the New Year.

Most fitness retailers don't have sales at this time of year, so used fitness equipment becomes even better value.

The supply of used gym equipment is typically lower at this time of year, so when you list products, you can demand a higher price too.  

The best way to work out how you should price your used gym equipment is to look at the competition.

Check out the big marketplaces, like eBay, and see what similar equipment is selling for. 

Look at the condition of these products and determine if yours is worth more or less, and whether you’re willing to undercut the competition for a quicker sale

Also bear in mind that garage sale customers will generally pay less for most used gym equipment, so don't expect to be able to charge as much. 

Generally, aim for 60-80% of the retail value but stay vigilant because if the market conditions are right, you can sometimes charge more than you paid for the equipment. 

Understanding The Buyer's Perspective – Who Buys Used Gym Equipment?

To price your used gym equipment, you have to understand the potential buyers.

Generally, the people who want used gym equipment are ordinary, working people who just want essential fitness equipment without the huge price tag that generally comes with it. 

However, some buyers are looking to open their own commercial gym and want to get good quality equipment at a discount rate. This is particularly common with those at garage sales. 

They will usually drive a harder bargain with price but may be interested in package deals for lots of equipment.  

By understanding the buyers' expectations, you can negotiate more effectively. Most people looking to buy just want to get a good quality, reliable piece of gym equipment as quickly as possible, and they won't need the know every individual specification.

If you are dealing with this type of buyer, it's about emphasizing the value and how much cheaper your used equipment is compared to new equipment. 

Also, look at ways you can make the process as simple as possible for the buyer.

Can you help them with shipping or drop the product off?

Even if this costs them a little more, it will make them more likely to choose you. 

If you're dealing with a commercial gym owner or a used gym equipment retailer, they want a balance of price and quality.

It's important to emphasize the quality of the used products and the individual features of each piece, so they know exactly what they're getting for their money.

Be prepared to negotiate and have lines in your head, so you know how much you’re willing to move from the original listing price

If you have a lot of used equipment to sell, you may be able to pitch them a package deal and give them a better price.  

Remember, this is about finding a compromise, so you and the buyer get a good deal. If you both feel like you’ve won, then it’s been a successful sale.

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used yellow gym machines

Common Questions On Selling Gym Equipment

Can you trade in exercise equipment for upgrades?

Many mainstream fitness equipment brands will allow you to trade in your old equipment for money off your next products. This is the simple option but will be worse value than selling.

How do I dispose of used exercise equipment?

If you choose not to resell your used exercise equipment, you’ll have to get it removed by a specialist. You can ask a junk removal company in your area to take it from you, but they normally charge a small fee for their services.

What you should you do if any selling situation doesn’t feel right?

If you don’t feel comfortable or something feels off, then you can void the sale. Don't give up your products until you're comfortable that you have been paid, and don’t be afraid to wait for another buyer.

Conclusion - How To Get Top Dollar

Selling used gym equipment is a great way to make some money and recoup some of the cost you paid for the item.

Selling in the right place can help to maximize your profits and ensure you get the right price. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you some useful advice about how, when, and where to list your used gym equipment so you can get the best price.  


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