Rinkmo Spin Bike Reviewed

Summer is finally here. This means beaches, pools, and barbeques. You are wanting to enjoy your time out in the sun and you want to look good doing it. Cardio and exercising in general are important steps towards mental and physical health.

Who wants to pay an insane amount of money per month for a gym membership, though? There is simply no reason when you have the ability to get the daily, doctor recommended workout from the comfort of your own home.

In-home stationary bikes are exactly the right tools to use when looking to achieve your goals. Bikes like Rinkmo spin bike. Whether it is losing weight, maintaining your figure, or trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

With so many stationary bikes on the market, it’s difficult to decipher which one is the right one for you to bring in your home. For this article, we will explore the Rinkmo Spin Bike and why it is a bike you may want to look at when searching for an exercise bike.

Not only will we go through the details of this bike, but we will provide the positives and negatives, as expressed by customers who have used this bike.

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Product Specifications

Min-Max Seat Height

28" - 38"

Min-Max Handlebar Height


Product Weight

82.55 lbs

Product Dimensions


Max Capacity

330 lbs


Belt Drive




36 lbs

As mentioned before, the Rinkmo Spin Bike is a stationary bike. This means it is perfect for at-home use. Imagine being able to get out of bed, make your way to your living room, and workout? This completely eliminates the need to commute to a public gym.

A public gym that not only costs money, but is not guaranteed to have specific machinery available, and may not be entirely sanitary. With the world we live in now, cleanliness, and personal safety is important. What is safer than being at home?

This stationary bike features a belt-drive, a 35lb chromed solid flywheel, an LCD monitor, an adjustable seat, and handlebars. On top of these features, the Rinkmo Spin Bike is a quiet machine to ensure you aren’t bothering anyone in your home when you are trying to get your sweat on.

You may wish to workout early in the morning or late at night, which some family members are asleep, which would mean you most likely don’t want to wake them up.

Rinkmo Spin Bike

Another neat feature of the Rinkmo Spin Bike is that it has a tablet dock that is large enough to place your tablet on. This means you can enjoy watching your favorite show while you work out.

This is a great feature just in case you place your stationary bike somewhere there’s no TV available. You don’t need to work out in silence when it comes to this option.

The Rinkmo sets their maximum weight at 330lbs, which means it’s a great bike to use when you are looking to stay in shape.

After so many months of self-isolating, we may have let ourselves go. It’s only natural, considering we may have been catching up on Netflix. Now, right before it’s beach season, whip yourself into shape with this stationary bike.

Pros & Cons

Let’s summarize everything we know about the bike into pros and cons.


Why should you buy this exercise bike? This is what we will explore in this next section, where we compile positive reviews left by individuals online.

  • While a reviewer stated that the bike is heavy, they also stated that it was easy to assemble and absolutely worth the money. As a previous, avid gym-goer, they expressed that this bike was much better than any bike they’ve used at the gym. It’s a great option for the family that is used on a daily basis.
  • The flywheel is very smooth while peddling, one reviewer says. Which is important considering no one wants to be annoyed by a grating sound while spinning.
  • All of the tools needed to put this bike together are included in the delivery, which is great because there’s nothing more frustrating than having to go find the specific tools needed to put something together.


While we stated the positives, it’s also important to state the negatives. No product is going to be 100% satisfactory to every single person, so it’s important to compile some cons that reviewers have expressed.

  • One reviewer expressed that batteries did not come with the monitor.
  • Another reviewer stated with their bike, the LCD monitor was defective and calorie count was not displayed.

Should You Go For Rinkmo Spin Bike?

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As you read, there are not many negatives when it comes to the Rinkmo Spin Bike. It is a reliable and enjoyed bike by those who have purchased it. If you are looking to purchase a bike to have in your home for your daily cardio workout, then the Rinkmo is certainly a good choice to consider. Keep yourself healthy and safe when you decide to workout in your home.

If you would prefer something of a commercial quality with above-standard materials, then I’d suggest checking out pooboo C505. If you would rather get your hands on a recumbent bike, then you can also check our guide.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021