Proform Elliptical Reviews: 6 Best Models Compared

Looking for an elliptical for your home gym? You've come to the right place.

Today we are taking a look at six of the best home ellipticals manufactured and sold by ProForm, one of the most well-known brands in the home fitness industry.

About the ProForm Fitness Brand

ProForm has a long history of providing high-quality gym equipment for your home. Established in the 1980s, ProForm quickly established itself as the go-to supplier of treadmills, exercise bikes, indoor rowers, and other equipment for home gyms.

Today, ProForm is owned by ICON Health and Fitness Inc., a brand that also manages Gold's Gym, NordicTrack, and Weider.

One of the great things about ProForm is that they manufacture their entire elliptical range in Logan, Utah.

Unique Features of ProForm Elliptical Trainers

Build Quality
  • Moving Handlebars
    Moving handlebars on an elliptical enable you to work out your upper body while using the elliptical. By activating the muscles in your arms, your training session can help to build strength and tone your upper body.
  • Durable Steel Frames 
    It goes without saying, but if you anticipate using your new elliptical for many years to come, investing in a well-built machine is a no brainer. ProForm use high-quality steel construction and a commercial steel frame, making their products incredibly durable.t
  • Customizable Performance Features
    No matter your current fitness ability, you can adjust your ProForm elliptical to suit your needs. ProForm ellipticals come with varying resistance levels, adjustable pedals, and even a host of pre-programmed workouts to help completely customize your routine.
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance 
    Silent Magnetic resistance sounds fancy, but it simply means that there are no moving parts when cranking up the resistance. Not only does this make working out incredibly quiet, but it also involves little to no ongoing maintenance, saving you costs in the long run. However, one of the most significant benefits is that it makes switching up the resistance very fast, limiting the amount of downtime.
  • Out of the Box Installation
    ProForm ellipticals come with everything you need in the box, and set up using their easy to follow guides is simple. If you buy from Amazon, you can even pay a little extra to have them assemble it for you.
Tech Features
  • Extensive Workout Menu 
    ProForm products come with an extensive menu of workouts suitable for beginners to frequent gym-goers. These workouts are incredibly well designed to help you smash your fitness goals.
  • Integrated Touch Screen
    If you opt for one of the more expensive ProForm models, you'll benefit from a fully integrated HD touch-screen. This touch-screen can help you track your workout and doubles up as your personal trainer if you decide to opt for the iFit coaching program.
  • iFit Coach 
    iFit is akin to having a personal trainer in your living room. Offering an overwhelming library of workouts, real-life Google Maps routes, and many other features, it's a great alternative to expensive 1-on-1 sessions. iFit is subscription-based, but the good news is you don't need to subscribe to use any of ProForm's ellipticals.
  • Android Browser Equipped 
    For those who like to catch up on their favorite shows while working out, all ProForm ellipticals come with a built-in Android browser, so you never have to be offline.
Extra Features
  • Wide Variety of Products
    As well as ellipticals, ProForm manufactures a ton of other home-gym equipment. Some of their range includes treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowers.
  • Financing Options
    With all these features, you might think that getting your hands on a ProForm elliptical might be unaffordable. The great news is ProForm, through TD Bank, offers several financing options to make their machinery more accessible.

Typical offers include:

  • 18 month interest-free period (with no money down), or
  • 0.00% APR for equal payments split over 12 or 36 months
  • Competitive Warranty & Returns Options 
    To top it all off, ProForm offers an industry-leading warranty on all of their products. Depending on which machine you buy, the warranty may differ, so we always recommend checking the individual product page to confirm the length of the warranty offered.

6 Best ProForm Ellipticals Reviewed

1. ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520 E

ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520 E...
  • Discover Trainer-Led Workouts at Home; A...
  • 5” Backlit Display; Track distance,...
  • 20-Degree Power Adjustable Incline; Introduce...
  • 18 Levels of trainer-controlled Digital Quick...

Best ProForm Elliptical Machine

Dimensions (LxWxH)

68.5” x 25.7” x 68.25”

Stride Length

19 inches

Weight of Unit

200 lbs

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

Flywheel Weight

15 lbs

Display Size

5 inch backlit LCD

Training Programs


Leading the pack and our top pick when it comes to ProForm ellipticals is the Endurance 520E. The great thing about this model is that it's incredibly affordable and is the best option for under $600.

The Endurance 520E boasts a 20-degree incline and a comfortable 19" stride. It is fully compatible with ProForm's iFit program from the box, making working out from the comfort of your own home incredibly convenient.

The machine comes with a 5 inch backlit LCD, which helps track your calories burned, distance, and speed. It also doubles up as a convenient display that connects to your smartphone or tablet to stream your own media as you work out.

What really sets this machine apart from some of its similarly-priced competitors is that it offers 18 resistance levels, which, combined with the Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR), makes for a comfortable and silent workout.

Customers love this machine as it's both easy to assemble and move around, thanks to the built-in front-mounted transport wheels. The frame comes backed by an incredible 10-year warranty, while the parts are covered for 2 years.

One customer review mentions the elliptical was

"easy to set up and is easy to move around, which should make it easy to store."

2. ProForm Hybrid

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Recumbent Bike and...
1,393 Reviews
ProForm Hybrid Trainer Recumbent Bike and...
  • Start Your Complimentary 30-Day iFIT...
  • LCD Window Display; Track distance, cadence,...
  • 2 Machines in 1; The Hybrid Trainer offers...
  • 16 Digital Resistance Levels; With iFIT, your...

Best Hybrid Trainer From ProForm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

70.5” x 24.5” x 60.5”

Stride Length

15 inches

Weight of Unit

142 lbs

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Flywheel Weight

13 lbs

Display Size

Large LCD Display

Training Programs


If you're looking for more bang for your buck or simply to cut down on space, the ProForm Hybrid is an ideal solution.

The Hybrid is a two-in-one machine, offering the same benefits as your typical elliptical and a recumbent exercise bike. Both ellipticals and recumbent bikes provide a low impact workout, putting less stress on your joints. They are also ideal exercises for beginners or those just getting back into fitness. The low impact nature also makes it great for older users.

The Hybrid comes with an impressive 16 levels of resistance. It also comes with a free 30-day iFit membership that can guide you through varied workouts, all completely customizable to suit your current level of fitness.

Although small, the LCD display helps display your current speed, distance, and calorie burn to help you keep an eye on your vitals while working out. The hybrid also comes with a built-in media shelf, so you can catch up on your shows using your phone or tablet.

"I have had this for three weeks and already have racked up over 200 miles (according to the console how accurate I do not know) and I feel great. Did I mention I was 66 years old?"

3. ProForm Cardio HIIT PFEL09915

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer
846 Reviews
ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer
  • Go to ifit/activate to redeem your one month...
  • iPod compatible audio, 7 inches back lit...
  • Integrated tablet holder, EKG grip pulse...
  • Multi function handlebars, cool air workout...

Best ProForm Elliptical For Hiit

Dimensions (LxWxH)

66.7” x 29.5” x 52”

Stride Length


Weight of Unit


Weight Capacity

350 lbs

Flywheel Weight

28 lbs

Display Size

7 Inches Display

Training Programs


If you're looking to increase your cardiovascular fitness, the ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer is one elliptical you won't want to miss.

Although not strictly marketed as a hybrid machine, the Cardio HIIT Trainer doubles up as a stepper as well as an elliptical. The device boasts a 5-inch stepping path, combined with a 10-inch vertical to create a rather unique machine that allows you to mix up your routine whenever things start to get boring.

This particular machine boasts an impressive 24 levels of resistance, which you can conveniently cycle through from the comfort of your console. The silent magnetic resistance (SMR) function makes all this effortless, minimizing downtime and ensuring your exercise isn't interrupted.

The Cardio HIIT Trainer comes with a 7-inch display that helps you track and manage your workout.

Customers really loved this because of the low-impact routines it allowed them to perform. Some reviews even have said it has helped them with rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

One customer review states,

"It is a great workout and perfect support after my back and knee injuries. I would definitely recommend."

4. ProForm Endurance 920 E

ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical
130 Reviews
ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical
  • Front drive design, soft grips upper body...
  • 25 lb, Effective Inertia Enhanced flywheel,...
  • IFit ready, 7 inch Full color touchscreen...
  • IPod compatible audio, front-mounted...

Best ProForm Elliptical Under $1000

Dimensions (LxWxH)

66” x 17” x 31”

Stride Length

19 inches

Weight of Unit

225 lbs

Weight Capacity

325 lbs

Flywheel Weight

25 lbs

Display Size

7-inch Full-Color Touch Screen Display

Training Programs


At a mid-range price point, the Endurance 920E is an excellent elliptical which strikes the perfect balance between price and functionality. It's our top pick for under $1,000.

One huge selling point which most other models lack is that the 920E boasts a full-color HD touch-screen. This makes navigating your way around the different programs and cycling through resistance levels effortlessly simple. And when it comes to programs, the Endurance offers an outstanding 32 varied workout routines, which means you can do something new every day for a month before starting all over again.

The handles come with a built-in EKG heart monitor, which helps the console display your heart rate in real-time. This is perfect for ensuring you are within the fat-burning zone while training.

While working out, the built-in CoolAire fan helps keep you cool, perfect for those high-intensity sessions. The convenient bottle holder ensures water is only an arm's length away, incredibly important while exercising.

One surprising thing about the Endurance is actually its size. Some customers have mentioned that the assembly of the endurance can be a little tricky, so it's something to keep in mind if you're not a huge DIY fan.

One customer praises the fact that

"It doesn't have a large footprint so doesn't take up too much room."

5. ProForm Smart Strider 495 CSE

ProForm 495 Cse Smart Strider 495 Cse...
46 Reviews
ProForm 495 Cse Smart Strider 495 Cse...
  • 18 inch stride length, soft grips upper-body...
  • 18 resistance levels, vertical SpaceSaver...
  • iFit ready, round watts LED display, 18...
  • Oversized leveling feet, water bottle holder,...

Top Of The Range

Dimensions (LxWxH)

80" x 32" x 65"

Stride Length

18 inches

Weight of Unit


Weight Capacity

275 lbs

Flywheel Weight

13 lbs

Display Size

Round Watts LED

Training Programs


The ProForm Smart Strider is definitely an eye-catching machine. Offering an 18" stride length and 18 pre-programmed workout routines, it's safe to say this machine does it all.

The significant advantage of this product is that as soon as it lands on your doorstep, it's more or less good to go, thanks to its out-of-the-box assembly. In fact, it's one of the biggest compliments this machine gets.

The Smart Strider also features two individual sets of handles, one moveable and one stationary. The moveable handles help you to work out your upper body at the same time. In contrast, the stationary handles are great for keeping the focus on your lower half.

The smart strider also features comfortable pedals, a tablet holder, and rear-mounted transport wheels for total convenience.

One downside of this model, because of the stride length, is that it is long. This means it's not the best choice if you're short on space. However, one of the good things is that it can be folded between workouts for convenient storage.

6. ProForm 295 CSE

ProForm 295 CSE Elliptical
75 Reviews
ProForm 295 CSE Elliptical
  • Features. On-board weight loss and intensity...
  • Integrated tablet and smartphone holder. iPod...
  • LCD Display. Measures 54" L x 26" W x 63" H....
  • Weighs 100 lb.; 250 lb. weight capacity. Made...

Best Budget ProForm Elliptical

Dimensions (LxWxH)

56” x 26” x 63”

Stride Length

14 inches

Weight of Unit

Approx 101 lbs

Weight Capacity

250 lbs

Flywheel Weight

13 lbs

Display Size

LCD Display

Training Programs


While the 295 CSE takes our award for the best budget elliptical, don't be fooled. Despite being an entry-level machine, this elliptical is perfect for all fitness levels, not just beginners.

While this model doesn't boast some of the advanced features other models have, it really does cover the basics. The on-board LCD display shows all your vitals as you work out, but one downside is that it is battery powered. The 12 resistance levels mean you can customize your workout routine to suit your needs, cranking it up or down to suit your workout style.

The front-mounted transport wheels also make this model incredibly convenient to store. With its slimline silhouette, this is an ideal choice for those who suffer from a lack of space in the home.

Although it is one of the brands cheaper models, it's still fully compatible with iFit, offering thousands of on-demand workouts from the comfort of your own home. The built-in media stand means you can follow along with iFit routines using your own device.

Design-wise, the ProForm 295 is a no-frills option, but it still makes it an excellent choice for a home gym.

Pros & Cons of ProForm Ellipticals

What We Like

  • All models are iFit enabled
  • Generous 10-year warranty on the frame
  • Features Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR)
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Whole suite of built-in workout programs
  • Large number of resistance levels

What We Didn't Like

  • iFit requires a subscription to use
  • Shorter parts and labor warranty
  • Wireless pulse monitoring is only available on higher models.
  • ProForm customer service could be improved.

ProForm Elliptical Series Explained

  • Endurance Series
    Endurance models are built for those looking to increase their stamina. A unique quirk about endurance ellipticals is that their resistance systems are front-loaded, helping them take up less room.
  • Pro Series
    Pro models are, as the name suggests, designed for the pros. As you would expect with professional models, they tend to come with all the bells and whistles. Most models have fully functioning displays and enable you to use iFit direct from the console. Pro Series machines are considered more powerful than the Endurance Series. Although both come with a front-loaded resistance system, the Pro series is remarkably heavier. This supports a smoother workout and greater stability. Naturally, the Pro Series is the most expensive range in ProForm's collection.
  • CSE Series
    The CSE series consists of rear-loaded resistance machines. They are often designed for homes where space is an issue and often come with space-saving features such as foldaway designs. The CSE series could be considered ProForm's budget option and represent some of the most affordable machines in their catalog.
  • Hybrid Series
    As the name suggested, the hybrid series from ProForm often combines 2 machines into one, usually a recumbent bike and elliptical.

ProForm vs. Other Elliptical Brands

  • ProForm vs. Sole
    When it comes to tech, ProForm wins hands down. In fact, its on-board console is far superior to anything we have seen from Sole. All ProForm ellipticals are compatible with iFit, offering thousands of custom workouts from the comfort of your own home.
  • ProForm vs. Horizon
    When it comes to pre-programmed workouts, ProForm takes the crown again here. While a subscription is required to use iFit, most ellipticals from ProForm come with a certain amount of highly effective built-in routines. Horizon does offer something similar. However, we found they were far less engaging than those provided by ProForm.
  • ProForm vs. NordicTrack
    The same company both manufactures proForm and NordicTrack; therefore, they offer very similar features. If you're a runner, you may be more familiar with NordicTrack, as it is highly regarded in the running community.
  • ProForm vs. Schwinn
    Schwinn is definitely the cheaper option between the two, but because of this, Schwinn ellipticals come with far fewer features.

How to Assemble & Use ProForm Ellipticals

If your new elliptical is going into your home, we would always recommend placing high-quality, durable gym mats underneath the elliptical to prevent any damage to the flooring underneath.

The mats will also catch any sweat and be much easier to clean and replace going forward.

Where To Plug In ProForm Elliptical

Installing your elliptical as close as possible to a power outlet avoids having trailing cables all over your room. These cables can be dangerous trip hazards, not to mention unsightly.

Putting your elliptical in a well-ventilated room is a wise move as it will help keep the room pleasant after an intense workout.

How to activate & use ProForm elliptical (with and without iFit)

When you use your ProForm elliptical for the first time, you will be asked to sign up for its personalized training program, iFit. The good news is that it is entirely optional. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to activate your machine without the iFit subscription.

ProForm's personalized training program, iFit, is excellent for keeping you motivated and tracking your workouts. If you're not keen to sign up for a monthly subscription, you can still make full use of your brand new elliptical without iFit.

ProForm ellipticals are like any other machine you will have used in a gym previously, so the operation is relatively standard. Use instructions will vary depending on which model you buy, so we always recommend referring to the manufacturer's instructions to get the most out of your machine.

How To Clean And Maintain A ProForm Elliptical Trainer?

While the last thing you want to do after a heavy workout is to spend time cleaning your machine, it's imperative to do so. As well as the apparent hygiene benefits, a build-up of dust, dirt, and grime can actually damage your elliptical in the long run.

  • After a Workout
    Use a lint-free towel or microfiber cloth to give your machine a once over, removing any sweat, dust, or dirt. Pay close attention to the areas you use the most, such as the handles, console, and seat, if you have one.
  • Once a Month
    We always recommend our customers to deep-clean their machines at least once a month. This should be a longer, more thorough clean, and you can even make use of gym equipment cleaners to get rid of any stubborn nasties.
  • Every 6 Months
    Every 6 months, remove the plastic cover on your machine and use a low-powered vacuum to eliminate any dust build-up from inside the machine. Make sure your elliptical is powered off before doing so, and avoid knocking any internal parts to prevent damage.
  • Once a Year
    Once a year, it's likely your elliptical will need lubricating to keep things running smoothly. Always check the manufacturer's guidance before doing so, and to check the proper instructions.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does a ProForm elliptical weigh?

Weight obviously varies by the model. In general, ProForm ellipticals weigh upwards of 180 pounds.

How do I replace the belt on a ProForm elliptical?

Although it may seem intimidating, replacing the drive belt on your elliptical is relatively straightforward. Before you begin, remember to unplug your machine from the power source.

Note: If your machine is still under warranty, it's always worth giving ProForm a call first. Their generous warranty is likely to cover any issues with the drive belt, saving you the hassle of having to replace it.

What is a good workout routine for using a ProForm elliptical?

There is a ton of different exercises and workout routines you can do with your ProForm elliptical. Check out this YouTube video for an example of a high intensity (HIIT) workout.

How do I contact ProForm repair service or customer service for help?

Head over to the ProForm website and select the most appropriate query. Depending on your question, the website will suggest the best way to get in touch with a customer support representative.

If you want to speak to a member of their sales team, you can call 1- 888-825-2588 or e-mail

Alternatively, if your query relates to an existing purchase, you can chat to someone directly via their convenient live chat function.

Why is the 1120e model not on our list?

While the 1120e is a fantastic model, we had to cut the list off somewhere! No matter which Proform model you decide to invest in, we are confident you will be more than happy.

Where is the best place to buy ProForm ellipticals online?

Amazon has one of the largest ranges of ProForm ellipticals of any online retailer (aside from ProForm themselves). Not only do they offer fast and free shipping, but they also have an excellent customer service team on hand to deal with any issues that may arise.


So there you have it, our complete review of ProForm ellipticals. Hopefully, you have found something that meets your needs, but if you're still unsure, we encourage you to look again at our top pick, the Endurance 520E.

Not only is it a great little machine, but it's also incredibly affordable. A perfect choice, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Paul J

Last Updated on August 19, 2021