ProForm 440R Rower (Reviewed, Rated & Compared)

Working out on a rowing machine is one of the most beneficial exercises to increase overall body fitness. Your heart, lungs, and body fat percentage will thank you for it.  

If you have a home gym, then you’ll need a rowing machine that’s both cost and space-efficient; this is where the ProForm 440R rower comes in. It’s an excellent rowing machine that’s not only cheaper than the competition, but it folds away too.  

This article is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about buying the ProForm 440R rowing machine. 

While testing the ProForm 440R folding rowing machine, I found that the rower would be perfect for somebody at the beginning of their fitness journey. It’s also highly compact when folded, making it great for smaller home gyms where space is a commodity.

The 440R rower is relatively quiet compared to other brands and allows you to perform a smooth rowing action with ease. 

Pivoting Pedal With Adjustable Foot Strap 

The pivoting pedals are a brilliant feature of the ProForm 440R rowing machine.

It allows you to position your feet more naturally rather than being fixed to a set plane of motion.  

The adjustable foot strap has been designed to allow for a quick and easy set-up and won’t be difficult to release your feet after an exhausting workout.  

ProForm 440R Rower adjustable foot straps

Transport Wheels  

When it comes to moving the ProForm 440R foldable rowing machine around, it has two well-designed transport wheels that allow you to quickly move the rowing machine into position without too much hassle.  

You can move the rowing machine silently without you having to lift all 62lbs of the rower. This is great for elderly users of the ProForm 440R rowing machine.  

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel 

As with the other ProForm rowing machines, this rowing machine is no different and implements an Inertia Enhanced Flywheel that allows the rowing machine to generate resistance smoothly and quietly 

ProForm 440R Rower folded

The 440R folding rowing machine is extremely quiet and won’t cause any disturbances for your neighbors or family, especially compared to water rowers.

Space Saver Design 

One of the best features of the ProForm 440R is that it’s straightforward to fold away and move to wherever you’re storing it.

All it takes is one step, and you’ll be able to fold up the rowing machine into half the space it takes up when open.  

This makes the ProForm 440R folding rowing machine one of the best rowers for a space-conscious user.  

Oversized Aluminum Seat Rail 

Most rowing machines often neglect taller users, which is a shame as taller people are generally better at rowing (its all about leverage).  

However, ProForm has clearly thought about taller users and has accommodated them by making the aluminum seat rail oversized. So if you're over 6ft, you'll have no trouble using the ProForm 440R rower. 

Adjustable Ergonomic Molded Seat  

ProForm is well known for creating comfortable rowing machines, and this model is no different. The ProForm 440R folding rowing machine has a comfortable padded seat that won’t leave your glutes numb after rowing long distances. This is a huge bonus, as many other rowing machines out there are far too uncomfortable for my liking. 

Large LCD Screen 

The ProForm 440R rowing machine provides you with a large LCD screen that clearly shows all of the relevant information you’ll need while rowing. As the rowing machine is the budget model, it does lack smart compatibility for smartwatches and heart rate monitors, but that is to be expected. The screen does its job perfectly and will please most of you, even if it is a little on the basic side. 

ProForm 440R Rower Review 

ProForm 440R Rower
222 Reviews
ProForm 440R Rower
  • Integrated dual action strength training
  • Oversized pivoting pedals with adjustable...
  • Space saver design

Machine Specifications 

Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 


Folded Dimensions (LxWxH) 

30”x 20.5”x 48.8  

Machine Weight 

62 lbs 

Maximum Weight Capacity 

250 lbs 

Resistance Levels 



5-year frame, 90 days parts/labor 

During the ProForm 440R rowing machine review, I looked at several factors, which I’ve detailed below.  

Assembly & Maintenance 

The ProForm 440R folding rowing machine assembly is straightforward and shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes to assemble. However, some users have found it challenging to build, so set aside some extra time in case you hit some snags.  

The ProForm 440R rower manual states that you’ll require two people to build this machine and that you’ll only need the included tools. But, if you have a set of wrenches, they could be helpful. Avoid using power tools as this may damage the 440R rowing machine.  

When it comes to maintenance, the ProForm 440R folding rowing machine is easy to take care of. All you’ll need is a damp cloth to keep the machine clean. If you require any other maintenance, then you should refer to the user manual for further guidance.  

Design & Features 

When you first look at the ProForm 440R rowing machine, you’ll notice that it has a basic design, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The rower is there for one purpose, and that is to give you a great workout, and it delivers.  

The 440R rower looks brilliant while set up and doesn’t look bad while packed away either, making it great for your home gym. One of my favorite features is that the machine has a 2 in 1 function; not only is it a rowing machine, but it’s also a resistance machine capable of performing bicep curls, tricep extension, and more.  

As mentioned above, the ProForm 440R has a comfortable seat that makes a massive difference to your rowing experience, and pivoting foot pedals add even more comfort to your rowing machine. However, one place I found the ProForm 440R lacking was the rowing handle. It was too thin for my liking and could do with being thicker for a better grip.  

Using The Console  

proform 440r rower display console

At first glance, using the display console is super easy and straightforward. It displays all of the necessary information you’ll need during your rows, such as distance, time, speed, and calories. 

While I love the simplicity of the screen, I do feel that it could be improved upon. At the moment, there isn’t any Bluetooth connectivity that would allow you to connect to your smartwatch or heart rate monitor so that you can track your workout more accurately.  

This isn’t always a bad thing, but if you love your technology and need more accurate feedback of your workout, you might want to consider the ProForm 750R or the 550R, which offer a more advanced display with smart device compatibility.  

Health Benefits/Exercises  

Rowing machines are an excellent way of working out and increasing your overall fitness, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your home gym.  

Almost every muscle in your body is worked out when using a rowing machine; everything from your upper back down to your legs is recruited and required to work during your row.  

One of the best reasons to use a rowing machine over another form of cardio is that it’s low impact and allows you to burn calories without putting too much stress on your joints (such as your knees). 

ProForm 440R Rower exercise

You can easily control your pace, and it is an excellent exercise for active recovery. With the ProForm 440R, you also get the benefit of performing resistance exercises which are the best way to build your body’s muscles.  

While rowing is an excellent form of exercise, it’s worth noting that you should always use good form while exercising. This will help prevent injury and ensure that you get the most out of your efforts. 

Price & Warranty  

The 440R sits on the lower side of the market and will cost you only $300 or so. This is an absolute bargain if you ask me, the 440R is a great bottom range rowing machine, so if you're on a budget, you should seriously look at investing in the ProForm 440R. 

This rower is best suited for a beginner who’s not wanting to spend a fortune on their first rowing machine. I say it’s for a beginner because the resistance levels on the rowing machine are somewhat underwhelming and are best suited to people starting their fitness journey. If you require a rowing machine with more resistance levels, I suggest you look at ProForms 550R or 750R rowing machines.  

When you look at the ProForm warranty, some parts are significant, while others could be better. The ProForm 440R comes with a standard five-year frame warranty and a 90-day parts and labor warranty. For me, 90 days is not enough, and this feels relatively short. However, it does line up with other ProForm rowing machines.  

Pros & Cons of the ProForm 440R

The ProForm 440R folding rower is suitable for people looking for a rowing machine that can be packed away in between uses. It's extremely basic in its function and has no "frills," but the price reflects this, making it an excellent choice of rower for your home gym if you're on a budget.  

However, it’s worth noting that the ProForm 440R folding rowing machine doesn’t provide much resistance and isn’t suitable for advanced rowers.  

The Good 

  • Both a rowing machine and resistance trainer
  • Comfortable ergonomic seat 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Folds into a compact space 
  • Clear display monitor 

The Bad 

  • Resistance is a bit light for some users
  • No fitness programs 
  • Assembly can be difficult for some users

Comparing The 440R With Other ProForm Rowers 

Proform 440R Vs 550R 

ProForm 550R
42 Reviews
ProForm 550R
  • Large LCD window, soft touch ergonomic...
  • Smr silent magnetic resistance, oversized...
  • Pivoting pedals with adjustable straps
  • Transport wheels, SpaceSaver design

When you compare the 550R to the 440R, there is quite a big difference, which is strange as there’s only a $100 difference in the price. The 440R has a basic screen and no smart connectivity, whereas the 550R is fully compatible with Bluetooth devices and includes a built-in smart device holder which can be used for the iFit app that comes free with the 550R. 

One thing the 440R does have is the 2 in 1 functionality that the 750R doesn’t. If you’re on a tight budget, then the 440R is a great rower for you; however, if you can stretch to the 550R, then you’ll undoubtedly get more from it.  

Proform 440R Vs 750R 

ProForm 750R Folding Smart Rower with 30-Day...
  • Start Your Complimentary 30-Day iFIT...
  • Adjustable Tablet Holder; stream interactive...
  • 24 Digital Resistance Levels; With iFIT, your...
  • Folding SpaceSaver Design; When not in use,...

The ProForm 440R vs 750R is like comparing apples to oranges. While they're still both great rowing machines, the 750R is aimed at a mid-table market. The 750R comes with 24 resistance levels, while the 440R only has 8.

This vast difference makes the 750R a better choice for more advanced users. Unlike the 440R, the 750R comes with a built-in smart device holder and Bluetooth connectivity for heart rate monitors. But, with a $300 price difference, it could be stretching your budget to buy the 750R, so the 440R would need to be considered.  

Comparisons With Other Rowing Machine Brands 

Proform 440R Vs Fitness Reality 1000  

On Sale Today
Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine with...
  • 【TRUE FULL BODY WORKOUT】- Our unique...
  • 【ULTRA QUIET DESIGN】- Our Nylon Belt...

When looking at the ProForm 440R vs Fitness Reality 1000, I found that the 1000 was a clunkier looking machine and didn't fold up as the 440R does. However, I did find that they’re both around the same price point of $300 (approx). 

One thing I noticed that sets them apart is that the Reality 1000 has Bluetooth connectivity and can be used with your smart devices or trackers. If you need a rowing machine that can fold, the 440R is the best choice, but if you want to connect your devices to it, then the Fitness Reality 1000 is a good option.  

Proform 440R Vs Circuit Fitness Deluxe  

On Sale Today
Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic...
780 Reviews
Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic...
  • COMFORTABLE WORKOUT GEAR - Reinforced with a...
  • DIGITAL SCREEN DISPLAY - Completed with an...

When comparing these two machines, I first noticed that there’s a $300 difference in the price. The Circuit Fitness Deluxe has a great looking screen that can be paired up to a heart rate monitor chest strap (sold separately).

This is a great feature that the 440R doesn’t have. However, I feel that for the price, the Circuit Fitness Deluxe doesn’t provide enough features. If you want a great rower for half the price, then you should get the 440R.  

Proform 440R Vs Marcy Rowing Machine 

On Sale Today
Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance...
  • EIGHT PRESET LEVELS – The Marcy Rowing...
  • GREAT CARDIO WORKOUT – Burn fat and tone...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This rowing machine has...
  • MULTI-ANGLE MONITOR – Thismachine comes...

The Marcy rowing machine is a basic-looking rower, just like the ProForm 440R. However, it does cost around $60 less. One thing that the 440R can do that the Marcy can’t is the 2 in 1 resistance trainer option.

With the 440R, you can work your muscles in multiple ways with the resistance trainer functionality; this is something the Marcy lacks. Both machines fold away similarly and look great when folded away. Although I must admit, the 440R is a better-looking machine overall.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you fold up the rail of the Proform 440r when not in use? 

Yes, the ProForm 440R seat rail can fold up with one simple movement. It’s straightforward to fold up, and you’ll be able to store your rowing machine away without much hassle at all. 

How much floor space is required for this machine? 

In its open position, the ProForm 440R requires the following measurements 76.6x20.5”x38.8” (LxWxH). However, when it is packed away and folded upright, you’ll only need 30”x20.5”x48.8” (LxWxH) which is less than half the space. When I say the ProForm 440R is compact, I mean it.  

Can you increase and decrease the tension of this machine? 

You can increase the resistance of the ProForm 440R foldable rowing machine by using the red dial below the display screen. However, the ProForm 440R rower is best suited to beginners as it only has eight resistance levels and could be underwhelming for advanced users. 

Is there a height limit for this machine? 

This machine has a height limit, but the ProForm 440R has been carefully designed to accommodate taller users with its extended seat rail. It can easily fit anyone up to 6ft on the machine and will still be comfortable for most users up to 6ft2”.  

Where are Proform rowing machines manufactured? 

ProForm is headquartered in Utah and is manufactured by ICON Health and Fitness, which is also based in Logan, Utah. 


In summary, the ProForm 440R is an excellent rowing machine for those of you looking for a budget rowing machine under $500 that can easily be stored in your home gym.  

Even though the ProForm 440R folding rowing machine is rather basic, it will be a great addition to your home gym, especially if you’re starting on your fitness journey. If you’re more advanced, be sure to check out the ProForm 750R or 550R.  

Last Updated on April 19, 2022