Powertec Workbench LeverGym Review (Home Gym Comparison)

Having a home garage gym is priceless; you don’t have to wait around to use equipment, and you get to design the perfect gym for YOU. One of the best investments you can make is purchasing multi-functioning equipment such as the Powertec WorkBench LeverGym.

This Powertec home gym allows you to work every muscle of your body, giving you the most bang for your buck.  

In this Powertec LeverGym review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about buying this outstanding product, and you’ll see why we rate it so highly. It’s one of the best pieces of home gym equipment for good reason. 

I’m a massive fan of Powertec, and this LeverGym is no exception; the machine is pretty impressive but does have a few drawbacks, which I’ll cover in a moment. 

This Powertec model is designed for those of you looking to build muscle over your entire body without having to leave your home. The machine is plate loaded, so it's suitable for beginners and experienced gym-goers, as the weight is easily adjusted.  

Whether you want to build strength in your upper body or your legs, Powertec has your back. 

What We Like 

  • You can lift up to 500 lbs 
  • 40+ exercises can be performed  
  • Feels extremely sturdy and well built
  • Movements are smooth and quiet 
  •  It has a compact design 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Doesn’t come with Olympic weight plates
  • Not many lower body exercise options available
  • It can be expensive if you want the add ons

Unique Features Of The Powertec WorkBench

Powertec is well known for making impressive home gym equipment; the LeverGym is up there with the best. It has the typical Powertec robust design and is super versatile, with 40+ exercise options available. The machine is compact and will fit into most home gyms.  

Some of its best features are the following:  

Modular Access 

The Powertec LeverGym’s utility bench is entirely detachable so that you can perform squats, dips, shrugs, and even use the low row function (by using the lower cable). I love the idea that the bench can be removed from the LeverGym; it will provide you with a great adjustable bench that can be used with dumbbells (separately from the device).  

This is an excellent touch by Powertec and provides any user (that’s you) with more options than most other standard home gym equipment.   

Fully Adjustable Bench 

powertec workbench adjustable bench

Not only is the bench fully detachable from the gym (as mentioned above), but it is fully adjustable too. Of course, any good bench needs to cover all ranges of motion from complete decline to a 90-degree upright position; luckily, the WorkBench LeverGym does this brilliantly.  

The bench can also be adjusted to move forward and backward along the horizontal plane, so no matter how long or short your limbs are, the bench is easily adjusted to fit your body.  

Not many benches offer this much adjustability, and it’s great to see Powertec have nailed this.   

Expandable Accessories 

Even though you can perform over 40+ exercises on the system alone, after a while, you might wish to freshen things up a little by introducing one of the Powertec LeverGym accessories, such as the WorkBench Leg Curl Attachment.  

These come at an additional cost, but I strongly recommend the upgrades if you have the budget.  

A personal favorite of mine is the Powertec LeverGym Pec/Fly attachment. Its smooth movement helps you isolate the pectoral muscles, helping you develop a well-rounded chest. It also fits seamlessly onto the bottom of the Powertec WorkBench. 

LeverGym Advantage 

Powertec claims that the lever arms create "the smoothest motion in any weight training machine," and they aren't lying. The machine's movement feels fluid with no jolting or shaking; it’s the closest you’ll get to lifting free weights.  

The Powertec lever arms have a built-in safety stop; this allows you to train to failure without needing a spotter. This is the ideal situation for a home or garage gym as you don’t have to worry about being crushed by the weight you’re lifting.  

Working your muscles to failure (or close to) is vital for maximizing muscle growth in your home garage gym. 

Iso-Lateral Pressing Function 

This home gym system has a brilliant function that allows you to use the bench press bilaterally (together) and isolaterally (singly).  

But why does this matter for you? - Switching the pressing function to an iso-lateral movement allows you to train the pectoral muscles individually. This will help iron out any imbalances in the muscles as each side of your chest has to work independently to each other.  

You’ll undoubtedly notice a difference when you switch to this mode; all you need to do is remove the support pin, and you’re good to go.  

Squat Bar Attachment 

Most home gym multi-gyms neglect the leg muscles; however, the LeverGym has a squat bar with built-in neck support for when you want to squat 500lbs. As we all know, squats are one of the best ways to build strength in the lower body.  

Being able to squat on the LeverGym is thanks to the cleverly designed WorkBench that can be removed easily, as mentioned earlier in this Powertec WorkBench LeverGym review.  

powertec workbench squat bar

Onboard Plate Storage 

Storing your Olympic plates between use can be problematic, nothing worse than tripping over a 10kg plate that’s been left on the floor. 

powertec workbench plate storage

Luckily, Powertec has addressed this problem, and the LeverGym comes with onboard plate storage.

You can now store your spare weighted plates on either side of your LeverGym machine.  

If you decide to upgrade to the WorkBench weight rack (around $230), then you’ll have more than enough place to keep your Olympic weights, helping you keep your garage gym tidy. 

Excellent Warranties 

The gym comes with an excellent warranty that will cover your machine if anything happens to break (which is unlikely).  

A lifetime warranty is provided on the LeverGym’s structural frame (excluding the paintwork), and there is a 5-year warranty on all moving components.  

Other parts such as the bearings, locking pins, cables, pulleys, and slide rods come with a 2-year warranty. At the same time, Powertec provides a 1-year warranty on the pads and grips.  

Either way, the machine is extremely well built, and I doubt you’ll need to use the warranties.  

Powertec WorkBench LeverGym Reviewed 

Product Specifications

Dimension(L x W x H)

81.4” x 57.5” x 81.7” inches 


295 lbs 

Max Load Capacity 

500 lbs (for press arms), 300 lbs (for cable lat) 

Workout Stations 

active (over 40+ all together) 


Yes, Lifetime for frame, 5 years for moving parts, 2 years for bearings, 1 year for pads and grips 

Assembly & Maintenance 

Overall this Powertec WorkBench LeverGym review has been positive. The machine itself is exceptionally well designed and easy to build using the LeverGym instruction manual. You’ll require simple tools, but I always recommend using power tools to speed up the building process.  

As with any machine, this Powertec model requires essential maintenance, a quick spray of oil will keep the machine's joints moving smoothly. However, if you're unsure, page 4 of the instruction manual has further guidance.  

Upper Body Exercises 

The Powertec LeverGym offers a considerable variety of upper body exercises for a home gym multi-system, far too many to cover in this review. Still, I’ll mention some of the most significant ones.  

The bench press function is excellent, and you can feel your chest muscles firing up with each rep. The angle of the handles are great, and I like the fact you can perform a hammer grip on this exercise (this is great for those of you with shoulder issues).  

powertec workbench lat pulldown

If you’re looking to work your lats (your back), then the seated row and lat pulldown will be invaluable to you. The handles are comfortable to hold and are perfectly shaped to allow for maximum range of motion for each movement.  

You’ll also be able to perform shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep press, tricep extension, and many more.  

Ab Exercises 

Behind every strong body is a strong core; with this in mind, this device has several great ab exercises that you can perform using their pulley system.  

The high cable abdominal crunch is a popular exercise you’ll see most people performing in any commercial gym, and now you’ll be able to do it from home using the LeverGym.  

A surprise addition is the ability to perform both low to high and high to low woodchops; these variations hit the obliques and will help give you that Superman (or Wonderwoman) look.  

Lower Body Exercises

As I’ve mentioned previously, most home gym multi-gyms neglect legs. This is not the case with the Powertec, which offers multiple leg exercise options.  

The most stand-out exercise is the squat, which is the king of all exercises. The LeverGym will let you squat up to 500lbs, which will be plenty for most of you looking to build up your leg muscle.  

To accompany the squat, you can also perform cable hamstring raise, straight leg deadlift, and even glute kickbacks to help develop your glutes (your butt).  

Oh, and not forgetting calf raises, which we all know everyone neglects.  

Updates From Previous Models 

While the previous versions of LeverGym models were popular, they did need some tweaking. Models such as the Powertec WorkBench LeverGym WB-LS15 and the Powertec WB-LS16 LeverGym have been improved in several ways.  

One of my favorite new additions is the resistance band support pegs on either side of the LeverGym machine. Resistance bands are a great way to increase the tension placed on your muscles during a workout, and studies show that resistance bands are effective at building muscle strength. 

Best of all, resistance bands are an inexpensive way of adding resistance to your machine without buying more Olympic plates. You can learn more about the benefits of resistance bands in our guide 

Another improvement that the LeverGym now has is that the weight horns (where you place the weight) are now angled, so there’s no need for weight collars. The new angled horns also help the machine run smoother as the weights can’t move around too much.  

 A minor but much-appreciated upgrade has been made to the padding on the bench; it’s more comfortable and a lot more robust than previous models.  

Comparing LeverGym With Other Powertec Models 

Powertec LeverGym Vs Multi System 

POWERTEC Workbench Multi-System, Yellow
  • The Ultimate multi-station full body workout...
  • The MS includes a multiuse lever station, a...
  • The workbench multisystem is a pure leverage...
  • Weight capacity: press arms - 500 lbs. Lat...

The Powertec LeverGym is the younger brother of the Powertec Multi-System in every way, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  

The Multi-System will set you back around $2100, while the LeverGym will come in around $600 less. Factor in the need to buy Olympic plates to accompany both machines, the price can quickly rise. So if you’re on a budget, then the LeverGym will be more appealing.  

The LeverGym has a smaller footprint and will take up less space when it comes to size, so if you’re looking for something more compact, then the Powertec LeverGym will be the machine for you.  

However, the Multi-System has a great feature that the LeverGym doesn’t; it supports up to three people training simultaneously on the machine. This is a HUGE bonus if you ask me, especially if you enjoy training with family or friends.  

Powertec LeverGym Vs Multi Press 

POWERTEC Workbench Multi-Press, Black
  • The WB-MP has all the flat, incline and...
  • The fully adjustable F. I. D. workbench...
  • The isolateral arms can be used independently...
  • New for 2019: added press arms settings,...

When it comes to comparing the Powertec Levergym to the Multi-Press, the LeverGym comes out on top.

The Powertec Multi-Press is purely a pressing station that will allow you to work just your upper body. While the LeverGym will support full-body workouts, which are far superior to just working your upper body.  

While the Multi-Press will save you around $400 compared to the LeverGym, I can’t help but think it’s worth paying the extra money and getting the LeverGym (which is a home gym in one machine).  

However, if you’re looking for solely a pressing machine, then you won’t go wrong with the Multi-Press; like all Powertec equipment, it’s excellently designed and very well built.  

Comparisons With Similar Home Gym Brands 

Powertec Workbench vs Body-Solid GLGS100P4 Leverage Gym  

Body-Solid GLGS100P4 Corner Leverage Gym...
  • DESIGN: Fits comfortably into most home and...
  • INCLUDES: Lat pulldown bar, revolving cable...
  • VERSATILE: Perform shrugs, squats, deadlifts,...

The Body-Solid GLGS100P4 is a close competitor of the Powetec LeverGym for a good reason. Body-Solid has created an excellent all-around multi-gym that not only has a space-saving design but will provide you with a full-body workout ranging from squats to bicep and hammer curls, much like the LeverGym. 

Both products have great features such as resistance band pegs and a removable bench. Still, I’ve found that the LeverGym’s iso-lateral lever arms are far superior to the bilateral movement of the GLGS1004.  

When it comes to price, the GLGS1004 will cost roughly $2000, while the LeverGym averages around $1500. These prices are just for the base machine; Olympic plates need to be bought on top of these, so the LeverGym is more attractive and will save you money. 

While both the LeverGym and GLGS1004 are some of the best home gym machines I’ve seen, I can’t help but feel the LeverGym would be the best option. Not only does it save you money, but it offers a better workout using their iso-lateral lever arms. Powertec is one of the best brands in the home garage gym business, and the LeverGym will be a perfect addition to any home garage gym space.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does the Powertec WorkBench bar weigh? 

When unloaded, it will provide around 30lbs of resistance. This will be enough maybe for a beginner, but you'll quickly find you'll need to add additional weight to the bar.  

I highly recommend purchasing additional weights when you are buying the LeverGym system. 

Where is Powertec manufactured? 

While Powertec is based in Southern California, they produce all of their machinery in a dedicated factory in China. Now don’t let this put you off buying the machine, Powertec has been making products for over 10 years now from their manufacturing plant in China, and the quality is getting better each year.  

What colors does the LeverGym come in? 

Powertec produces the LeverGym in two colors, black or yellow. The color you have probably seen is the yellow variation, the most popular color out of the two.  

Personally, I love the black color; it's more discreet and would look much better in my garage. 

Is it easy to assemble this home gym? 

Assembly is straightforward. The only downside is that it will take a few hours to build, depending on how experienced you are at putting machinery together.  

According to the Powertec LeverGym manual, you’ll only require a few basic tools such as an M6 Allen Wrench, a wrench set, and an 8” Adjustable Wrench. However, if you want to speed things up, you may wish to use some power tools.  

Do you need weights for the LeverGym? 

Yes, the gym requires Olympic weighted plates to be bought separately. These can be added to your purchase of the LeverGym machine, or you’ll be able to provide your own weights.  

While using Olympic weights does come at an additional cost, it’s far superior to using a weighted stack. By using Olympic plates, you can load up to 500lbs onto the LeverGym, which is more than enough to work your muscles.  


POWERTEC Workbench LeverGym, Yellow
  • This ultimate home gym allows for a full body...
  • Detachable F. I. D. bench
  • The isolateral arms can be used independently...
  • This ultimate home gym may be expanded with...

In summary, the Powertec LeverGym is a great machine that will be an excellent addition to your home gym. Its extensive range of exercises will enable you to work every muscle in your body just using this system alone. 

If you’ve been looking for a compact, robust, and versatile multi-gym, then the LeverGym is an excellent option for you; it’s worth its weight in gold.  

Paul J