Powertec Multi Press Review: Home Bench Gym Comparison

Building muscle and increasing your overall fitness is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body in the best of health. Having a home gym allows you to train at a time that suits you without commuting to and from a commercial gym. Besides, there’s no better feeling than working out in your garage; it just hits different.  

As part of a home garage gym, you need some top-quality equipment; this is where the Powertech WorkBench Multi-Press comes in. It’s one of the best chest press machines I’ve had the pleasure of using, and I’ll be telling you what you need to know about purchasing this top-of-the-range piece of equipment throughout this Powertec Multi Press review.  

What We Like 

  • Multiple angles on the bench (upright, incline, decline) 
  • Looks great in your home gym 
  • Suitable for both tall and small users 
  • It can lift up to 500 lbs 
  • The lever arms can move iso-laterally and bi-laterally 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Some users have reported missing nuts and bolts during assembly 
  • Slightly expensive 
  • Olympic weight plates not included 

Unique Features Of The Powertec WorkBench Multi Press 

The Powertec Multi-Press is an outstanding piece of gym equipment that would compliment any home gym. It’s multi-functional, allowing you to work multiple muscles and won’t take up huge amounts of room.  

It's suitable for those who want to increase upper body strength as it's primarily an upper-body machine unless you buy the add-on leg extension accessory.

Build Quality  

All of Powertec’s equipment is extremely well made; the Multi-Press is no exception to this statement. This Powertec model has a heavy-duty frame that will remain sturdy during use and will fill you with confidence to push yourself to your limits.  

Its lever arms use industrial-grade bearings that will not only allow you to shift the weight smoothly and quietly, but they’re built to last and will seldom need replacing (if ever).  

When it comes to comfort, Powertec hasn’t cut any corners.

They’ve provided comfortable commercial grips that are not only durable but are angled perfectly to allow you to achieve full range of motion on all movements. As for the bench pads, they’re one of the most comfortable I’ve used.  

powertec multi press review

I’m a massive fan of the weight capacity of the Multi-Press; its enormous 500lb capacity will be more than enough weight for most people.

Awesome Adjustability 

The WorkBench Multi-Press is a fully adjustable piece of home gym equipment that takes adjustability to the next level; saying it’s versatile is an understatement.  

Like the other machines in the WorkBench series, you can perform numerous exercises by simply adjusting the Multi-Press accordingly. Over 12 official exercises are available on the WorkBench Multi-Press, but I’m sure you’ll figure out a few more that can be performed. 

The lever arms can be adjusted to press at almost any angle, and they can be switched between iso-lateral or bi-lateral movements. Having the choice between the two is a great touch from Powertec.  

One prominent feature that I love about this home gym model is the expandable nature of the machine. You can buy several accessories that attach to the WorkBench allowing you to expand your exercise options. You can even purchase a docking station for all attachments, keeping your home garage gym neat and tidy. A few of these accessories allow you to work in variations of chest dips to hit the inner and outer pecs.

Comfortable To Use 

powertec workbench multi press home gym

As I mentioned above, the Powertec Multi-Press is one of the most comfortable press machines I’ve come across when it comes to comfort 

The bench is of sturdy construction that helps you feel secure and comfortable when lifting a considerablamount of weight. It’s also fully adjustable, not only going from Flat, Incline, and to Decline (FID), but it can also move forward and backwards, making it suitable for all body sizes or arm lengths.  

You can pin the bench to almost any angle, allowing you to work the upper body in many ways at every angle. Overall, I've found the Multi-Press FID workbench to be one of my favorite features. 

Trusted Brand With Excellent Warranties 

Powertec is a very well known and trusted brand that is renowned for its quality. Over the years, Powertec’s reputation has increased, and they’ve asserted themselves as one of the best brands of commercial-grade home gym equipment.  

They provide some excellent warranties for the Multi-press, such as a Lifetime guarantee on the frame (excluding surface finish), five-year warranty for all moving framework (lever arms), a two-year warranty on component parts such as the locking pins, bearings, pulleys, and cables. There’s even a one year warranty on the pads and grips. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to actually use the warranties, but it’s always nice to know that you’re covered.  

Powertec Multi Press Review 



77.8 x 55.6 x 41.3 inches 


188 lbs 


77.8 x 55.6 inches (L x W) 

Number of Exercises 



Assembly & Maintenance

The Powertec WorkBench Multi-Press comes with a fairly decent instruction manual. However, some users have complained, saying that the instructions aren’t as clear as they could be. This isn’t a deal-breaker by any means but may pose a challenge if you’re not used to assembling machinery. Personally, I found the exploded diagrams a big help. 

It’s also worth noting that the Multi-Press doesn’t come with the wrenches that you require for the assembly, so you’ll need to source these yourself. You may wish to use power tools to save some time. 

When it comes to maintenance, the included manual gives some excellent advice, such as inspect the machine daily, and even provides you with a customer care number for any problems you might find (unlikely).  

powertec workbench multipress

Size & Dimensions 

As with most multi-gym equipment, the Powertec Multi-Press is designed to be as compact as possible while delivering a top-quality press machine. In addition, the fact that it will save you space in your home gym is invaluable.  

The ability to perform over 12 different exercises on the machine will save you having you find additional space for other machinery or free weights, which we all know can take up far too much space.  

I’m pretty fond of the lever arms dimensions; they’re perfectly designed to work in conjunction with the FID benchpress, allowing for both taller and smaller users to get a great workout for their upper body. Not many other brands offer this and can leave many of you feeling uncomfortable when lifting.  

Overall, I’ve found that for the size of the equipment, the Multi-Press will fit nicely in most garage gyms and will allow you plenty of space for other equipment.  

Workouts & Exercises 

Powertec’s WorkBench range is well known for its wide range of workout and exercise options. When it comes to working your upper body, you’d be hard-pressed to find another machine that offers the ability to perform over 12 exercises while taking up so little space. 

You’ll be able to bench press on pretty much any angle going from flat bench, incline, and even decline, so you can hit all areas of the pectoral muscles, leaving no part lagging. Whether it’s close grip, wide grip, hammer grip, the lever arm commercial grips will have you covered.  

By adjusting the bench to an incline position and by pulling the seat forward, you’ll be able to perform seated rows and many other alternative back exercises.  

All of the above movements can be performed iso-laterally or bi-laterally, which only adds to the exercises you can do using this well-crafted machine.  

powertec workbench home gym

However, the Multi-Press doesn’t allow you to work any lower body muscles. This can be overcome by purchasing a Powertec attachment such as the WorkBench leg press or leg curl attachments. These will be at an extra cost but will be a great addition to an excellent product.  

Additional upper body attachments are also available such as the WorkBench Lat Tower or the Dip Machine Attachment.  

Whether you choose to have the standard Powertec Multi-Press or to buy the attachments, you’ll get one hell of a workout either way.

Not convinced? Check out our reviews of other top chest press machines.

Comparing With Other Powertec Home Gyms 

Multi Press Vs Lever Gym 

The Multi-Press and the Powertec LeverGym are exceptionally well-made, robust machines that are an asset to any home gym.  

When it comes to price, the Multi-Press is almost half the price of the LeverGym (which costs around $1500). This is quite a jump in price but is understandable when you see that the LeverGym offers over 40+ exercises compared to the 12+ Powertec Multi-Press exercises.  

Both machines are plate-loaded and can lift up to 500lbs. The lever arms are smooth and make very little noise, which is something I'm sure your neighbors will thank you for. 

The Multi-Press is the ideal solution for someone who wants to use a commercial-grade machine to work their upper body muscles. On the other hand, if you want to work your entire body, take a look at the LeverGym.  

POWERTEC Workbench LeverGym, Yellow
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  • Detachable F. I. D. bench
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Multi Press Vs Multi System 

As with the LeverGym, the Powertec Multi-System offers many more exercise options compared to the Multi-Press. 

When you look at the size of the machines, the Multi-Press will take up far less floor space than the Multi-System, which is a bit of a beast in comparison. So if you’re conscious about space, the Multi-Press is an excellent option for you.  

If you’re on a budget, the Multi-Press figures out over three times cheaper but will lack the lower body exercise options that the Powertec Multi-System has to offer. Both machines require Olympic plates, so the price of those needs to be factored into your decision.  

Overall, if you want compact multifunctioning garage gym equipment, the Multi-Press is a fantastic option. However, if you’ve got some space and the budget, the Powertec Multi-System is the best.  

POWERTEC Workbench Multi-System, Yellow
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POWERTEC Workbench Multi-System, Yellow
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Comparisons With Similar Chest Press Brands 

Fitking ISO Chest Machine 

Both the Multi-Press and the Fitking ISO Chest Machine are great home gym upper body machines; however, there are some differences.  

The Fitking ISO has a weight capacity of only 360lbs, which is 140lbs lighter than what the Multi-Press can lift (500lbs). This might put off some users who wish to lift heavy.  

One thing that I like about the Fitking ISO is that it has a slightly smaller profile compared to the Multi-Press, which is great if you’re pushed for space in your garage gym. It’s also easier to assemble than the Multi-Press.  

But, the Fitking ISO lets itself down when it comes to functionality. Unlike the Multi-Press, the Fitking can only work for flat bench and incline bench. It’s pretty basic in comparison to the Powertec Multi-Press.  

While both machines make a great addition to a home gym, for me, the Multi-Press offers a hell of a lot more.  

Fitking ISO Chest Machine - Plate Loaded
  • Flat or Incline Press
  • Plate Loaded
  • Holds 360 lbs

Body Champ BCB5860 

The Body Champ BCB5860 is a relatively cheap bench press with a built-in preacher and leg curl. However, how does it compare to the Multi-Press? 

When we look at the price, the Body Champ costs roughly $300, whereas the Multi-Press is $800. So while the Body Champ will save you around $500, you may want to see if you can stretch your budget and purchase the Powertec Multi-Press as it has much more to offer than the Body Champ.  

Both machines are plate-loaded; the Olympic plates will need to be purchased separately from the machines. But the Body Champ will also require an Olympic barbell; you can read more about barbells in our types of barbell guide. This will incur an additional cost which should be factored in when purchasing either machine.  

Overall, the Body Champ is a great machine if you’re on a budget. However, I feel that you would be doing your home gym a disservice if you didn’t consider stretching your budget and invest in the Powertec Multi-Press.  

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does Powertec Workbench Multi press have Olympic plate holders? 

Yes, it comes with two Olympic plate holders (one on either side of the bench). The holders are angled slightly to prevent the Olympic plates from wobbling around while the machine is being used.  

Each one will roughly hold 4-5 Olympic plates (depending on the thickness of each plate). If you feel you need more room, you can purchase the Powertec WorkBench Weight Rack. 

Can you do squats on this machine? 

Unfortunately, you can’t perform squats in the Powertec WorkBench Multi-Press machine. The machine is designed to purely focus on the upper body allowing you to bench press, shoulder press, row, and more.  

If you feel that you really need to be able to squat in a multi-gym machine, then you should check out the Powertec WorkBench LeverGym. It comes with a detachable bench and allows you to squat up to 500lbs.  

Can this machine angle in during pressing? 

When it comes to pressing at an angle, the Powertec Multi-Press takes it to the next level. The bench is fully adjustable from decline to 90 degrees, so there won’t be a single part of the chest and shoulders that you can’t work using the machine.  

The bench can also be adjusted forward and backwards, so it's suitable for all heights.  

Do the lifting mechanisms go straight up and down? 

The Powertec fitness Multi-Press WorkBench lifting mechanisms move perfectly smooth with a slight arc of movement. 

The press arms can move straight up and down, but as they are fully adjustable, they can be made to move at a slight angle depending on the settings you use.   


POWERTEC Workbench Multi-Press, Black
  • The WB-MP has all the flat, incline and...
  • The fully adjustable F. I. D. workbench...
  • The isolateral arms can be used independently...
  • New for 2019: added press arms settings,...

If you’re looking for a top range bench press multi-system, then the Powertec WorkBench Multi-Press is great. I’ve found that the machine will make a great addition to any home gym, allowing you to perform all of the best upper body movements that you’ll need to develop your upper body muscles. 

It looks great, has brilliant functionality, and doesn’t take up a ton of space, which is a massive bonus for any home gym equipment. While it might seem a little expensive, it’s worth it in the long run; you won’t need to buy much else for your home or garage gym. 

Invest in the Powertec Multi-Press now, and you’ll have everything you need to get bigger and stronger without needing to leave your home.  

Paul J