Powertec Power Rack Reviewed

There are people who like to work out in a gym surrounded by others, and then there are those who prefer to be alone when they exercise. This is the reason why home gym equipment like the Powertec Power Rack was invented.

With this power rack, you can lift weights in your own home. The real question is – how does this power rack compare to others on the market? I’ll go over that in this comprehensive review. Unlike other reviews, I’ll examine this piece of workout equipment from all angles and even include some workouts that you can do with it. By the end, you’ll know exactly what I think.

For those who aren’t sure if they even need a power rack, we’ll start off of this Powertec Power Rack review with some background information. A power rack is also known as a squat rack, a squat cage, or even a power cage. It’s a piece of fitness equipment used by body-builders, or anyone who wants to lift weights as part of an exercise routine.

Review of the Powertec Fitness Power Rack WB-PR16-B

Product Specifications

Assembled Dimensions

50.8 x 50.6 x 84 (LxWxH)



Product Weight

208 lbs

Max Load Capacity

Rack: 1000 lbs Dip/Chin Up Bars: 400 lbs

Key Feature

Gravity lock safety


Frame lifetime / Parts 2 years / Wear parts 1 year

Let’s continue our Powertec Power Rack review with a discussion of the equipment’s manufacturer. It’s made by Powertec, a company that refers to itself as a strength equipment innovator. They make workout devices for body-building, especially those who prefer to work out in a home gym.

On top of that, they sell their equipment to schools and standard gyms. Besides the Powertec Power Rack, they also make a wide variety of body-building equipment, including leverage machines, weight benches, and attachment for their power racks. The Powertec Company is based in Southern California and has been in business for over 20 years.

Feature Summary
Powertec Power Rack

Moving on with this Powertec Power Rack review, we’ll go over some of the specifications of this home fitness device. 

It weighs 208 pounds and measures 50.8 inches wide, 50.6 inches in depth, and 84 inches high.

It’s designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds overall, with the chin-up bar and dip bars supporting 400 pounds of weight.

This Powertec Power Rack review also needs to emphasize its features. These include gravity lock safety catches, spotter bars, barbell hooks, and weight plate horns, all of which come with the power rack itself.

There are a number of additional home gym options and attachments, such as a chin-up bar, dip handles, and a lat attachment. The power rack is made of steel that has been powder coated.

You have your choice of two different colors – black and yellow. This makes it much more likely that this piece of fitness equipment matches everything else in your home gym.

Pros and Cons

No Powertec Power Rack review would be complete without a discussion of the pros and cons. They include:


  • Comes with bottles of touch-up paint in order to keep the finish looking great
  • Included safety spotter bars can be moved around as needed
  • Has an overall maximum load capacity of 1,000 pounds
  • Dip and chin up bars can support 400 pounds


  • Known for wobbling a little during certain weight lifting exercises
  • Needs to be bolted to the floor for additional support
  • Comes in pieces and must be assembled

Exercise Examples For Home Workouts

Moving on with this Powertec Power Rack review, let’s discuss some of the exercises that can be done both in and on the device.

Depending on the attachments that you’ve purchased, you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and even hanging knee and leg raises. Other options include lat pulldowns, cable crunches, cable pull throughs, and cable rows, as long as you’ve opted for the lat attachments.

With a standard power rack (one without attachments) you can do the following exercises: bench presses, overhead presses, close grip bench presses, inverted rows, barbell shrugs, upright rows, and barbell curls. Also, rack lockouts, rack pulls, barbell bent over rows, and squats can all be done with a power rack. Just think of the possibilities!

Why I Love the Powertec Power Rack

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like going to the gym that much. Sometimes it takes a lot to motivate me to work out. It’s much easier if I can work on my body-building and cardio exercises in my home gym. I have fewer excuses that way!

No, “oh the weather is too bad outside, I can’t go for a run” or “my car needs gas so I can’t go to the gym right now.” None of those work when I exercise in my own house. That’s one point that I want to emphasize in this Powertec Power Rack review – if you’re like me, you’ll work out more if you don’t have to go anywhere.

Why don’t I like the gym? Well, on top of the many excuses I can find not to go, I don’t like sharing my weights with anyone else (I’m a bit of an egoist). I also don’t enjoy being watched while I lift weights. With this Powertec Power Rack in my own home, I don’t have to share those weights.

I don’t even need a spotter! I can do as many reps as necessary and then go and do other things in the gym. There’s no need to wait for a weight bench and hope that the necessary weights are available. The convenience makes this worthwhile, which is why I have this power rack set up in my basement.

My Recommendation - Should You Buy It?

Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack, Black
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Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack, Black
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  • Innovative Gravity lock safety catches are...
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  • Max load capacity - rack: 1,000 lbs. Dip/chin...

Finally, I’ll conclude this Powertec Power Rack review with some final recommendations.  Based on the overall design, the useful catches, and especially the optional attachments, this power rack is a great addition to any home gym.

It comes with many useful additions, including safety spotter bars, weight plate horns, and barbell hooks, all of which make exercising easier. On top of that, it looks great in a home gym, as the black or yellow coloring matches just about any set of workout equipment. 

(And if you scratch the glossy finish with your weights, you can use the included touch up paint to make it look as good as new again.)

Really, if lifting weights is a crucial part of your work out, you need this power rack.

If you would prefer something of a full-commercial quality, then check out Fitness Reality X-Class power rack.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021