MAXPRO Fitness Review (Is The SmartConnect Gym Worth It?)

When it comes to the best home gym equipment, you want it to be compact, effective, and pack a punch. That’s precisely what the MAXPRO Portable Smart Connect Home Gym does.  

Forget the bulky machinery you’d typically associate with home workouts; having plenty of space is no longer a concern when the MAXPRO portable gym is involved. It’s one of the most compact workout units I’ve come across, and believe me when I say your muscles won’t know what’s hit them.  

In this detailed MAXPRO Fitness review, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about investing in this slick-looking piece of home gym equipment.   

As I mentioned before, the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym is highly compact, but don’t let its small size fool you. It delivers a considerable amount of resistance that will be more than enough for the average person looking to work out from home. This is a great option for people considering if a home gym is worth it.

It’s designed for anyone looking to achieve a full-body workout from home without needing to invest in huge pieces of equipment. I can imagine this would be ideal for you if you live in an apartment where space is a commodity. 

Along with the MAXPRO app, you'll have everything you need to get an effective all-in-one home workout. So whether you're looking to train your strength, cardio, or functional training, this home equipment has got everything you'll need.  

What We Like 

  • It’s incredibly compact 
  • Super versatile 
  • Up to 300lbs of resistance 
  • The MAXPRO app is excellent 
  • Nice selection of attachments 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • High price 
  • Not wide enough for some users 
  • Lack of eccentric resistance 

Unique Features OThe Maxpro All-In-One Machine 

The MAXPRO Fitness is a great product to invest in if you’re looking for a compact unit that can be used in even the smallest of spaces while delivering a full-body workout.  

Its free MAXPRO app is excellent as it gives you a vast collection of workouts that you can perform on your portable gym and start your training no matter where you are. In the office or at home, MAXPRO Fitness has you covered. 

Bluetooth Connectivity For Smart Workouts  

The portable gym comes with a free MAXPRO app that can be used on most devices.  

The app is pretty similar to the NordicTrack app. It provides workouts from several Personal Trainers covering different training modalities such as Cardio, Strength training, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, and Flexibility. 

While some users have reported the app as a bit "clunky," it has plenty of promise and will only get better as time passes. Personally, I've found that the app delivers great MAXPRO fitness workouts suitable for beginner to advanced users. 

maxpro bluetooth connectivity app

Track Progress & Count Reps 

The MAXPRO fitness comes with built-in sensors that work in conjunction with the MAXPRO app to track your workouts and monitor your progress in real-time.  

The app analyzes the data provided, and the MAXPRO coaches can help you achieve your current fitness goal in real-time.   

This is perfect if you enjoy seeing the progress you’ve made and will prove invaluable to you as you begin to improve and set new goals. 

Compact & Portable 

Saying the MAXPRO is compact is probably an understatement; it literally fits inside a rucksack and barely takes up any room even when it’s set up ready for a workout. 

It weighs only 9lbs and folds up into a small storage container that has to be seen to be believed. All you’d need is some shelf space, and nobody would even know it was there.  

As the MAXPRO is so compact and light, it’s the perfect piece of workout equipment to take with you on your travels or even to work so you can get a sweat on during your lunch hour.  

woman using the maxpro fitness portable home gym

Resistance From 5-300 Lbs 

The MAXPRO Fitness provides a wide range of resistance that will allow you to use the machine whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced user.  

Each side of the MAXPRO provides a maximum resistance of 150lbs (300lbs combined); this can be adjusted by using the dials on either side. The dials are super easy to change, which is ideal for quickly making adjustments mid-workout; you won't miss a second of the trainer lead workouts.  

Workout Variations 

When it comes to workout variations, the MAXPRO has one of the best selections you could ask for.  

If you love strength training, then they’ve got you covered. Cardio? Yep, there are plenty of classes for that modality. HIIT, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, and many more. We really liked the yoga-focused workouts for building flexibility and strength.

Each class is taken by a highly qualified Personal Trainer who has specifically designed the classes for the MAXPRO portable gym. You’ll be able to work every muscle in your body, so nothing is left lagging. 

All-In-One Machine Works Different Muscle Groups 

As I mentioned in the previous point, this home fitness machine gives you the ability to work each muscle in the body. So whether you want to work your lower body or your upper body, the MAXPRO portable gym has you covered. 

It comes with a selection of useful attachments that'll help you work out each muscle group in various ways. One of my favorites is the three-piece quick connect bar that works great when performing squats on the MAXPRO.  

man using a maxpro fitness home gym

Maxpro Fitness Review (Is This Portable Home Gym Worth It?) 

Product Specifications


32.5 x 5 inches (L x H) – when open 

Product Weight 

9 lbs 

Battery Life 

2 months (approx) based on 3-4x usage a week

Charge Time 

2.5 hours 

Weight Resistance Range 

5-300 lbs (150 lbs per side) 


When looking at the MAXPRO, it’s easy to see why it’s so appealing to the tens of thousands of people who use it every day. It looks incredible, takes up no room at all, and it gives your body the stimulus it needs to become fitter and stronger.  

Assembly & Maintenance 

After looking at the assembly of the MAXPRO Fitness, there isn’t much to say. But that isn’t a bad thing; the MAXPRO is just so simple to set up that you literally take it out of the bag, unfold it, attach the handles, and off you go. 

The handles are easy to adjust using the clip-on and clip-off Carabiner clips. This makes changing the handles mid-workout a pleasure, and you can minimize the rest time between exercises. 

As for the maintenance of the MAXPRO, the warranty states the cables should be replaced each year (depending on usage). These can be purchased directly from the MAXPRO website. 

Upper Body Exercises/Workouts 

The MAXPRO Fitness provides some excellent upper body workouts. Simply set up the machine, load up the coaching app and select an upper body workout.  

There's a vast range of exercises possible with the MAXPRO. A personal favorite of mine is using the 3 piece bar to perform bent-over rows, bicep, and hammer curls; you really feel the burn during that combination. Or, if you’ve purchased the wall mount, you can perform seated rows and even lat pulldown 

Then, if you decide you want to work your deltoids (shoulders), you can perform numerous pressing variations such as shoulder press, Arnold press, single-arm press, and more.  

man using a maxpro fitness home gym for rows

Ab Exercises/Workouts  

When it comes to ab exercises and workouts, there are plenty of core workouts available on the MAXPRO fitness workout app.  

However, I’ve found that many of the core exercises require the use of the door or wall mount. This can be purchased separately for an additional cost.  

Exercises such as crunches, low to high wood chop, high to low wood chop, Russian twists, and more can be performed using the MAXPRO Fitness. 

Plus, the trainer lead core workouts will undoubtedly have you groaning the day after every time you laugh or cough.  

Lower Body Exercise/Workouts  

A considerable amount of lower body exercises and workouts can be performed using the MAXPRO Fitness. 

If you look at the workouts, you'll see exercises such as Glute HIIT, Legs, Legs HIIT, and more. Each activity is trainer lead and will give you everything you need to give your legs the workout they need.  

I’m impressed with the MAXPRO’s squatting and deadlift function, allowing you to perform both of these muscle-building exercises with up to 300lbs of resistance. Now imagine doing those exercises during a fitness class... now that will be a killer.  

But, if you want to grow your glutes, the MAXPRO comes with ankle straps so that you can perform kickbacks, donkey kicks, and adductor or abductor work—everything you need to work your lower body in its entirety.  

Overall, the MAXPRO is impressive and will make an excellent addition to your home gym; it takes up no room at all.  

Comparisons With MaxPro Fitness Alternatives 

Maxpro Fitness Vs BodyBoss Portable Home Gym 

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The MAXPRO Fitness and the BodyBoss 2.0 are some of the most compact workout systems I've come across. However, while the BodyBoss works similarly to the MAXPRO, it does have some limitations.  

The BodyBoss uses resistance bands to provide the necessary resistance needed for each workout; this leaves it only providing around 30lbs of resistance (as standard). This is only 10% of what the MAXPRO can provide.  

The MAXPRO is also "smart tech," so it fully integrates and syncs with your smart devices allowing you to log and track workouts automatically. This is something BodyBoss doesn’t do.  

However, the BodyBoss is a cheaper piece of equipment at around $100-350. At the same time, the MAXPRO will set you back around $900. 

If you’re on a budget, then the BodyBoss 2.0 is enough to get you started, but if you can push for the MAXPRO, you’d be better off. 

Maxpro Fitness Vs Fusion Motion Portable Gym 

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When comparing the MAXPRO to the Fusion Motion, the first thing that stands out is the price difference. The Fusion Motion is around 10% of the cost of the MAXPRO Fitness, so if you’re on a very tight budget, then the Fusion could be a good option.  

However, one thing that Fusion Motion lacks is a workout app that provides trainer lead exercise programs. Instead, you get an exercise manual with 200+ exercises in. While this is an excellent guide, it doesn’t have the same appeal as the MAXPRO workout app does.  

I’ve also noticed that even though both the MAXPRO and Fusion Motion are compact, the Fusion Motion doesn’t look as impressive. Its got a bland design and is clunkier than the MAXPRO.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are the batteries of the Maxpro Fitness replaceable? 

The batteries inside the MAXPRO fitness are fully rechargeable and have a charge life of roughly 2-3 months, depending on machine usage.  

However, if you ever need to change the batteries, you should contact MAXPRO and discuss the matter with them. 

Does the MAXPRO have any resistance on the negative eccentric movement? 

The MAXPRO fitness offers resistance on the concentric part of the muscles' movements. While this would typically worry some of you, its worth noting that you’ll be able to work out more often by focusing on the concentric movement.  

This is due to the eccentric part of a movement causing the most DOMs. You won’t have this problem with the MAXPRO.  

Can you do lat pulldowns with this equipment? 

Unfortunately, if you want to perform a lat pulldown style movement using this equipment, you'll need to purchase the wall mount accessory (mentioned below). This will allow you to fix your MAXPRO fitness to the wall or door. However, we found that there were a few lat pulldown alternatives you can perform.

Does it come with an adjustable wall mount? 

The base MAXPRO portable gym doesn’t come with the MAXPRO adjustable wall mount. This is an optional accessory that can be purchased for an additional cost (around $300). You can also buy a MAXPRO foldable bench (around $200).  

How long are the cables of this machine? 

The MAXPRO cables are around 10 feet in length. As the cables are this length, it shouldn’t pose a problem for people over 6 feet in height. This is excellent news, as taller people generally have a hard time using cable-based home gym equipment. 


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Overall, the MAXPRO Fitness provides an excellent all-around full-body workout that will challenge anyone from beginner to advanced.  

While the equipment isn’t cheap, it does solve the problem that many of you have- trying to work out with lack of space. Its compact design solves this problem and provides everything you need to work out anytime, anywhere you want.  

If you have the budget, I’d recommend buying the wall-mount accessory as it will open you up to a broader range of exercises, and you'll get more out of the free fitness workouts app.  

The MAXPRO is impressive; I’m sure you’ll think so too.