Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike Reviewed

Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike

You want to work out, but you can’t leave the house. What are you going to do? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a gym in their apartment complex and with everything going on right now, you can’t physically go to an outside gym.

That is why you need an option that you can do at home that will allow you maintain your physical health without exposing yourself to anything dangerous.

You will want to keep reading because we are presenting you with a full review for the Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike.

In this review we will give you all of the details that will allow you to make an educated decision on whether or not you choose to purchase the Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike.

After going through all of the facts, the positives, and the negatives, you will be able to see why people are recommending this as an option for a stationary bike.

Product Specifications

Min-Max Seat Height

26" - 34"

Min-Max Handlebar Height


Product Weight

41 lbs

Product Dimensions

32"L x 18"W x 48"H

Max Capacity

300 lbs


Belt Drive


8 Levels Magnetic



Before we get into the customer reviews, let’s talk about what goes into this stationary bike. First, you may notice, from pictures online; the shape of the bike. It is small, compact, with an egg-shaped body. This means, it can be put almost anywhere and everywhere in the house.

Whether you live in an apartment building or a house, you can have the Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike just a few steps away from your bed, which is the perfect place to have a stationary bike.

Feature Summary:
  • Enjoy the eight preset manual resistance levels with the Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike, as well as an easy to read computer screen. This digital screen displays the speed, distance, time, and calories that are burned. All of the information is there so that you are learning while you are working out.
  • The sturdy frame allows for anyone to be able to use the Marcy stationary bike; it also comes with a high density foam seat, along with foam covered handlebars.
  • There are also counter balanced pedals and a durable powder coating finish.
  • Adjust the tension of this ride so that you can spend an easy half hour working out or intensely exercise for as long as you want to. The choice is yours when you decide to purchase the Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike.
  • This stationary bike weighs about three hundred pounds, so you will probably need help bringing it into the house.
  • The machine requires two AAA batteries that are not included, which I will include in the negatives when we get to that portion of the review.
  • The Marcy is made from PVC, rubber, and premium 14-gauge steel tubing.

Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, right? Let’s summarize user’s ratings into our pros and cons.

Now comes the portion of the review where we compile opinions and testimonials from customers who have used the Marcy. It’s one thing to have some stats in a review for you to read, but you want to know what real people who have used it feel about the bike.

So, continue reading as we put together why people recommend that you purchase this stationary bike.


  • Customers have enjoyed this cost-effective option that is great for accomplishing the daily cardio necessary to keep you healthy. Because it is lightweight, it is not hard to put together and does not necessarily need any outside party to assemble it.
  • The machine is a relatively quiet one, which is great when you are working out. You don’t want any noise drowning out your thoughts and focus while you are pedaling. You can binge watch Netflix or any other streaming service that you enjoy from the comfort of your own living room or bedroom. Think about going to a public gym where you would have to watch what everyone else is. This is the beauty of a stationary bike in your home.
  • The biggest draw to this bike seems to be the low price. No one can argue with the fact that they were able to achieve such a great workout for such an inexpensive bike. Why spend thousands of dollars for a bike that you saw on some Superbowl ad when you can spend virtually nothing for an investment that will allow you to drop weight like you never thought before. Even professional cyclists have stated that they highly enjoy the March HE-708 as an indoor workout.

No review would be complete with some negative reviews. After all, nothing is without its downsides. Keep reading below for the cons to this inexpensive bike, compiled from multiple customer reviews.


  • Even though this bike is easy to set up, you will need a wrench tool in order to do so. And you should keep one happy to continue adjusting, especially if you carry a little bit of extra weight on you.
  • You shouldn’t put this bike on carpet as it can sway – it’s better on hardwood floors.
  • The LCD screen that is described as “state of the art” is described by customers as cheap and difficult to read if the room is dim or even over lit. The batteries that are required are not included.
  • From one customer review, the tension setting was counted as “worthless” with five of the settlings are loose.
  • The seat seems to be uncomfortable and the belt seems to catch on a protruding piece of metal.

Is Marcy ME-708 Upright Exercise Bike Worth It?

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance...
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Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance...
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT – The seat can be adjusted...

Our Rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5

When you are looking for a work out that won’t break the bank, you have the Marcy Me-708 Upright Exercise Bike. There are positives and negatives to every purchase, but when you are looking for a means to get in great cardo while inside, you can’t go wrong with a stationary bike.

During these hard times, it is always great to save where you can. That is why you want an inexpensive bike so that you can improve your body, your health, and your wellbeing.

If you are looking for a more advanced upright bike, check out Exerwork 2000i.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021