Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack Reviewed

It might be that you are in training and want to make sure you are able to keep up with your training around the clock and need exercise equipment that matches your vigorous intensity.

It might be that you are a Type-A business person who practically lives at work and needs to find a way to maintain a proper fitness regimen and work off some steam without leaving your workplace. Or it might be that you are a fitness fanatic, and it might be you’re simply looking to stay in shape.

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a quality weight rack.

Whatever your own reason may be, however, the question remains – what type should you get? There are more options out there than ever, and while extra consumer choice is a good thing, with so many weight racks on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

One popular option is the Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack. What’s behind this model’s popularity, and is it right for your needs?

Product Specifications








164 lbs

Max User Weight

1000 lbs


60 days

Adjustment Levels


For as common as they are, we tend to overlook weight racks. They’re a support mechanism for a weight machine, and like many figures in supporting roles, often don’t get the attention or credit they deserve.

Even so, without a quality weight rack, you may find your workout plagued by inconvenience, as you won’t have a place to place your weights while you work to get in shape. What’s worse, a faulty weight rack can cause weights to slip and fall, which is a huge hazard.

That’s why the two best features any weight rack can boast is stability and durability, and the Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack has both in spades. It is designed to be used by Olympians and world-class weight lifters.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. After all, if it can hold the hundreds or even thousands of pounds’ worth of weights these weightlifters lift, chances are it can stand up to whatever weights you hang on it.

Feature Summary

Included with the C1 Pro Power Rack are:

  • A fat, easy-to-grip, pull-up bar
  • Neutral grip skinny handles
  • Two J-hooks
  • Two reinforced arms for spotting weights
  • Six Olympic-quality bumper plate storage posts
  • Two Olympic-quality vertical bar sleeves

The whole unit measures 83 1/2” x 49 1/2” with a footprint of 49″ x 49 1/2″. 

It weighs 164 lbs, meaning that while this unit can carry and support a great deal of weight for your body-building needs, it is not heavy itself.

Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack

That should come as welcome news to anyone concerned about the installation process becoming a workout on its own. On the contrary, this is a reasonably easy weight rack to assemble.

In addition, this weight rack features a fine black powder coating that helps give you a better grip that protects against chipping and scuffing, thereby making the unit that much more durable.

For safety purposes, this model comes with four pre-drilled flanges that you can use to secure the unit to the floor so as to ensure that it does not tip over. Safety can be a huge concern with weight racks, so it’s good that this model takes that obligation seriously and offers a way for you to secure it in place.

In addition, the model allows you to arrange it in 28 distinct positions. This opens up a wide range of exercise possibilities, from different types of presses to squat exercises and much more.

As for weight capacity, this model is reported to be able to hold “over 1,000 lbs.” How much over that number is left unclear, but even 1,000 lbs is a good amount for a home weight rack.

What Do Users Say?

By far one of the most important things to consider when considering any weight rack is how well it is able to hold weights. You don’t want the rack bending and you certainly don’t want the parts holding the weights in place to slip.

This is one area where the user experience for Lifeline C1 pro power rack shines. The rack holds the weights firmly in place, so you shouldn’t have to worry about things coming loose.

Layout is also essential. You need to make sure that the model you are considering is compatible with any weight machine you plan on pairing it with. In addition, you need to make sure that it can fit in your workout area.

The last thing you want is to buy a weight rack and then find that it is too big for your workout room. This is thankfully another area where the user experience for this model has typically been positive. The frame is compact enough to fit into most home workout sessions and around many weight machines without being obstructive.

In addition, this model makes it reasonably easy to change configurations.

That said, some users have reported issues with the plate holders, spotter arms, and J-cups. The latter have been found to be too small for some, while the other two have been found to be too close together or otherwise attached in an uncomfortable manner. What you find “comfortable” will differ from another user’s experience, of course, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Pros and Cons


  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and compact build
  • Good variety for different exercises with its 28 positions


  • Potentially small J-cups
  • Awkward placement of spotter arms and plate holders

Is Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack Worth It?

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Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

All in all, this is a weight rack that does a good job of fitting a lot of exercise potential into one unit. The 28 positions this model allows for can enable you to do all manner of squats and lifts, really enabling you to get into a good workout groove. The build is solid, and the weight capacity – even if it could be a bit more specific – is still impressive.

The Lifeline C1 Pro Power Rack is easily an above-average home weight rack and one that can help you add some variety to your workout routine.

If you would prefer something of a full-commercial quality, then check out Fitness Reality X-Class power rack.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021