KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower Reviewed

Power towers are designed for multiple workouts. They support your body weight, allowing you to do plenty of calisthenics, from chin-ups to upper arm exercises. Things like sit-ups and knee raises are also supported.

Basically, these devices handle many of the weight-bearing exercises that you would do in a gym, only in the comfort of your own home.

Finding the ideal power tower for your home requires you to weigh (no pun intended) a number of different factors, from the overall weight that it supports to the many different adjustments, and thus exercises, that you can do on one.

The KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower is a good example of one of these: a multi-purpose pieces of exercise equipment.

Review of the KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower

Product Specifications

Height (min-max)

61" - 84.6"






51 lbs

Max User Weight

330 lbs



Adjustment Levels


The number one thing to examine when choosing a power tower is the overall height and weight that the equipment can handle. If it doesn’t extend to the right height or support your weight, then it simply won’t do the job.

In the case of the KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower, it extends from 61 inches to 84.6 inches tall. This means that people who are over six feet tall can comfortably use it to do chin-ups and other exercises. It has a maximum supported weight of 330 pounds, once again, allowing for plenty of leeway.

The second characteristic is the material that the equipment is made from. This particular power tower consists of heavy-duty steel that’s two inches thick all around, which will support a good amount of weight before it begins to bend or twist. With this metal in place, the power tower will allow you to do everything that you need to in order to receive a good calisthenic workout.

In addition to the material, the base, which is also made of steel, has four non-slip rubber pads attached to it. These keep it in place, preventing accidents, while at the same time, protect your wood or tile floor from scratches and other damage.


Plus, the power tower has eight different height adjustments. The top bar – also known as the chin-up bar – can be moved up and down.

The measurement listed above, 61 to 84.6 inches, applies here. In addition, the middle section, which stands at a base-height of 48 inches, can also move up and down, using a round knob with a peg attachment.

Simply pull out the pegs on both sides, move the bar to the holes at the height that you prefer, and slip the pegs back into place by putting a small amount of pressure on the knob.

This middle section is used for numerous exercises that work out the arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

The arms attached to this section are removable, allowing for plenty of additional exercises as well.

In addition to the many additional features, this power tower has elbow pads and back pads, both covered in a washable vinyl material. They are located on the sides and the back of the middle bar section and are designed to protect your waist (at the back) and your elbows (at the sides), while you go through your calisthenic movements.

What Do Users Say

Overall, opinions of the KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower are positive. The piece of equipment arrives in sections that must be assembled using the include fasteners and instructions. Some users have mentioned that the pieces of the tower aren’t properly covered or protected in the box, so they arrive looking a little scuffed.

However, this is cosmetic and not indicative of the experience as a whole. Additional users mentioned that their model didn’t come with the necessary assembly instructions, but they managed to easily get ahold of them, solving that problem.

KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower Dimensions

Although the power tower is slightly too large to fit into a corner or closet, it’s the right size and shape for a standard home gym, such as one in a basement or garage.

The size isn’t overwhelmingly large, but it is tall and wide enough for the average person, so it will leave some room for additional workout equipment.

Many of the users described the tower as being very sturdy and easy to use.

The different height preferences are easy to adjust, and, as previously mentioned, parts of the arms come off, allowing users to customize their workout and get in as many different weight-bearing ones as possible.

The steel exterior is painted a dark gray color, helping it blend in with many other pieces of equipment in a home gym. The pads are dark in color as well, preventing them from showing any type of wear and tear.

The vinyl on the pads is sturdy, and even though their stuffing isn’t overly cushiony, it does its job of protecting your back and elbows from running into the sides of the machine mid-workout. Although they aren’t fancy, they do the job, which is all that you can ask for.

Pros and Cons

It’s time to summarize all the information from above into pros and cons.


  • Top adjusts to eight different heights to accommodate users of multiple heights
  • Middle bars adjust easily as well to handle various workouts
  • Holds up to 330 pounds of weight
  • Made of two-inch-thick steel sections throughout
  • Just the right size (length, width, and height) for home gym users


  • Does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Some users mentioned that the pieces arrived scuffed, even though this is a cosmetic issue
  • Assembly is required and the power tower comes with everything necessary to put it together


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Our rating: 4.3 stars 4.3 / 5

The KARMAS PRODUCT Power Tower has many positive reviews for a very good reason – it’s an affordable and versatile home workout product. Whether you want to incorporate chin-ups or core exercises into your workout, without having to go to the gym or attempt to use a device that fits into a doorway, this one will do the job well.

It’s made of very thick steel, can support a good amount of weight, and since the bars adjust up and down as needed, it’s quite versatile. Although the power tower doesn’t fold or fit into a small space, it does the job nicely and is the right size for a home gym.

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Last Updated on August 19, 2021