If you're looking to boost your workouts, then you should definitely use some kind of pre-workout.

I AM GOD is one of the strongest pre-workouts you can choose (and with a name like I AM GOD, it's no surprise), but what else is in there, and how does it compare to other products?

In this I AM GOD pre-workout review, we'll explore all the details and help you decide if it's the right one for you.

I AM GOD is made by the Insane Labz company. They have a range of hardcore proprietary blends with similar eccentric names - most notably Possessed and Psychotic.

The one thing all three have in common is that they have large amounts of caffeine - designed to give you insane focus and energy.

Insane Labz set the bar pretty high with Psychotic, so I was excited to try this one.

Unfortunately, the exact recipe isn't published (it's regarded as a proprietary blend), so it's difficult to know the exact quantities of the ingredients.

However, what I do know is that it's made with a massive 400mg of caffeine which is more than pretty much any other stim pre's.

There are also some vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine anhydrous (a different source of caffeine), all of which help to give your muscles energy, improve your training, and lead to greater gains.

However, I AM GOD pre-workouts are lacking on the pump and endurance side.

There are less Citrulline and Beta-Alanine amino acids than most other supplements - including the Insane Labz Psychotic.

This means there's less blood flow to your muscles, and you aren't going to feel as jacked afterward as it's not one of the strongest pre-workouts.

Like most pres, it was a powder mixed with water, though you can take it straight if you want to.

I AM GOD Pre-Workout

I AM GOD Pre-Workout







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My Experience Taking Insane Labz I AM GOD Pre-Workout

To help inform this I AM GOD review, I took a scoop mixed with water about 30 mins before my workouts for a few days in a row. Here's what I noticed about my experience:

1. Flavor

I AM GOD comes in 5 different flavors:

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet (Orange)
  • Apple
  • Drink Ye All Of It (Grape)
  • Fruit Punch
  • Rocket Pop (this one seems to be sold out a lot)

The names are pretty confusing, and I'm not sure why Insane Labz have chosen it to be this way, but I went with the classic orange.

It's quite artificial and is more like having an orange sweet than an orange. 

That being said, it's pretty good, and considering it's one of the strongest supplements out there, it didn't taste rough at all.

I took it with water and it blended really easily. There weren’t any clumps or waste at the bottom, and I was able to take it all pretty quickly in one go.

While the blending and flavors were good, the selection doesn't really stand out. Transparent Labs Bulk pre has 8 different flavors, and Gorilla Mode has 9, so there are fewer options with I AM GOD.

2. Performance Increase

This is one of those pre-workouts you feel straight away. The stimulant hits hard, and it helped me shake off the tiredness before my morning workouts.

When I was lifting, I didn't notice that I was taking on more weight, but I definitely had more energy.

It helped me get through a few extra sets, and it will work well for those looking to build lean muscle mass.

Insane Labz I am God Pre Workout Flavors

3. Pump

The pump from this pre was really disappointing. This is probably down to the fact that there are fewer amino acids in the proprietary blend, so your muscles aren't getting as much blood flow.

If you're a bodybuilder or just really love the pump, then I AM GOD isn't ideal, and you're better off with something like the Alani Nu pre, which has more Citrulline and Beta-Alanine.

4. Focus

I got a new level of mental focus from this pre-workout, one which I've only felt as strongly in the Insane Labz Psychotic pre.

I could feel it improve my cognitive function almost instantly and boost my energy levels.

Not only did this improve my exercise performance, but it also helped to keep me on track with my workout.

I honestly didn’t even notice the people around me in the weight room because I was so in the zone.

5. Energy

Even one scoop of this supplement will increase energy to a godly level, and it gave me a huge boost.

I AM GOD has double the caffeine of the Transparent Labs, and while it doesn't have all the nitric oxide or other key ingredients, it will improve alertness and counteract fatigue.

What I did notice was that it was a reasonably short burn, and there was a bit of a crash at the end.

However, if you're running on empty or always having workouts without much sleep, then you're going to really see the benefit.

6. Side Effects

I was pretty careful trying this for the I AM GOD pre-workout review because I already knew it had powerful pre-workout ingredients. However, even I felt a bit queasy in my stomach after a scoop.

Most of the side effects of pre come from the stimulant, and given I AM GOD has so much, it's no surprise it impacted me.

If you're having it in moderation, it's fine, but you may be better with a half a scoop or quarter scoop, especially if you're sensitive to caffeine.

You may also find that your body builds up a tolerance over time, so you don't realize the benefits as fully.

7. Post-Workout

After I'd finished my training I felt really alert and awake for about another 2 hours, but after that, I crashed.

This isn't too uncommon with supplements so I wasn't worried, but this is one of the strongest supplements out there, and I'd recommend not even having a half scoop in the evening.

8. Cost & Availability

I AM GOD is about $1.44 a scoop, which puts it in the middle of the pack for pre-workouts. Transparent Labs Bulk Pre is about $1.77 a scoop, whereas C4 workout extreme is around $0.87.

Given the clinical dose of caffeine in I AM GOD, it's a pretty good price, but it's surprising that it's more expensive than Insane Labz Psychotic- which I'd say is better.

Insane Labz products are usually easiest to pick up online, though a few specialist retailers may have them.

I went direct to the Insane Labz website, which usually has plenty of stock and fast delivery, though you can also find I AM GOD on Amazon.

I AM GOD Pre-Workout

I AM GOD Pre-Workout







Overall Rating



  • Massive energy boost
  • Blends well
  • Tastes good
  • Affordable


  • No pump
  • Can have side effects

Insane Labz I AM GOD Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

I AM GOD Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

Vitamin C: 200mg

This helps to improve the flow of oxygen in your bloodstream, which can improve muscular endurance.

Sodium: 50mg

This helps your muscles contract more effectively so you can feel the reps and maximize the benefits.

Potassium: 50mg

This helps to prevent the build-up of lactic acid and lets you work out for longer.

I Am God Blend: 9.3g, Which Consists Of:

  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Beta-Alanine
  • L-Taurine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Citrate
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • Dimethylethanolamine
  • AMPiberry
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract

Who Should Take Insane Labz I AM GOD Pre-Workout?

I AM GOD is for those who want a massive caffeine boost. It has a lot of qualities that make it good for lifters, but it also misses some key ingredients that serious bodybuilders would want.

It's best for intermediate muscle builders who need a bit of extra fuel to give them greater gains.

Who Should Avoid Insane Labz I AM GOD Pre-Workout?

I AM GOD isn't great for experienced bodybuilders, but it's also not really suitable for beginners.

Beginners will probably find the stimulant too strong, and it’s likely to give them an adverse reaction. Something like the MyProtein pre is much gentler for those starting out.

Bodybuilders want to get a good pump from every workout. Without L-Citrulline and higher quantities of amino acid, you won't get a big pump from I AM GOD.

Serious lifters will probably prefer something like the Transparent Labs Bulk supplement.

Also, because this is one of the proprietary blends, you won't see the full breakdown of ingredients.

If you're sensitive to specific ingredients or taking other supplements in a stack, you could risk taking too much of something - so it's best to avoid I AM GOD.

Benefits Of Taking I Am God

Insane Energy And Endurance

The caffeine citrate and L taurine in this supplement will massively increase your energy levels.

The 400mg of caffeine will make you feel alert, and this should help to improve your muscle endurance.

Deity-Like Strength

I AM GOD is one of the strongest pres and will help you train for longer without fatigue setting in.

This, combined with the beta-alanine, amino acid, and creatine content, can help you realize insane gains.

Divine Physique Results

Caffeine is one of the proven fat burners which can force your body to burn more calories.

This, combined with the creatine monohydrate and other ingredients, can help you build the Greek god body you want.

How Does I AM GOD Pre-Workout Stack Up Against Competitors?

Insane Labz I AM GOD Vs Psychotic

I AM GOD is often thought of as Insane Labz strongest pre-workout, but Psychotic actually has a similar amount of caffeine.

Psychotic is made using very similar ingredients but has higher quantities of amino acid, which gives you a bigger pump.

I AM GOD won't give you a muscle pump, but it has more caffeine. It can wake you up more quickly and help you train for longer.

Overall, Psychotic seems like a better pre because it's a better all-around supplement. However, I AM GOD is probably the favorite pre-workout for those who want an instant power boost.

I AM GOD Vs Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs is one of the most highly rated supplements on the market, and it is better than most of the competition.

It has a lot less caffeine, only 180mg, but higher quantities of amino acids and other ingredients, which have been linked to improved performance and fat loss - helping you to get more than just mental focus.

The real advantage of Transparent Labs is in the name; they are more transparent. You can see exactly what's in each scoop and use the supplement more effectively.

It is more expensive, but it's a better option than I AM GOD for most serious lifters.

I AM GOD Vs 4-Gauge

4-Gauge is a natural and vegan-friendly option that has a really positive overall rating.

It only has 150mg of caffeine but contains 200mg of L-theanine, which has been shown to work with caffeine to enhance cognitive performance and mental focus while reducing the crash later.

It also contains Rhodiola Rosea powder which research shows can reduce stress, improve mood, and maximize performance.[1]

The downside is that it can taste quite sour, and it's expensive - costing around $2.50 a scoop.

Given you're advised to take 2 scoops at a time, it can quickly become a lot more expensive than I AM GOD.

If you want a cheap, high stim pre, then I AM GOD will do - but 4-Gauge is generally better for your development.

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Common I AM GOD Pre-Workout Questions

Are Insane Lab supplements completely safe?

One of the issues with Insane Labz pre-workouts is that they don't publish the exact blend of ingredients, so it's impossible to know they'll react together.

For some ingredients, that isn't an issue, but for caffeine, creatine monohydrate, and beta-alanine, it can make the mixture dangerous.

Canada has even expressed concern over Insane Labz supplements and claimed they are a health risk.[2]

It's clear to see there are reservations over I AM GOD, but if you stick to the recommended dosage, and don't have any pre-existing medical conditions, then you should be able to use it safely.

How can I tell if my Insane Labz product is real?

The best way to make sure your product is real is to buy it through their website. You can also use their store locator to find a reputable retailer who stocks their products.[3]

Where can I buy Insane Labz I Am God pre-workout?

The best place to buy is online through the Insane Labz website or from one of their approved stores.

Final Verdict

I AM GOD is one of the strongest supplements on the market, and it can help you focus and work out for longer.

However, given the unknowns surrounding the other ingredients, it may not be the best product for you.

I AM GOD is great if you want a big caffeine hit, but if you want a big muscle pump and long-term energy boost, then you're better off with something like the Transparent Labs Bulk, which is an excellent pre-workout for long-term development.

we recommend this instead!

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre Workout







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