How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh? (For Different Brands)

Ellipticals could be a great option for those looking to get an excellent full-body cardio workout without harming their joints. These cardio machines are most often seen in commercial gyms but can be used in home gyms as well.

To get an elliptical into your home, you need to move it – how much does an elliptical weigh?

Compact Elliptical Machines 

How much do ellipticals weigh? Smaller and lighter than the standard, compact elliptical machines are often cheaper and come with fewer fancy features than their counterparts. Simple construction and a smaller flywheel put these machines at the 20–100-pound mark, with more inexpensive materials and under-desk design, among other factors, playing into the lighter weight.

Standard Elliptical Machines 

The standard elliptical will most likely be what pops into your head when picturing oneThese machines typically consist of two pedals attached to a flywheel or fanStandard elliptical machines typically come in two types – lighter and heavier models.

Lighter models are simple, cheaper, and typically consist of manual adjustments aided by a small display. Heavier models are often the pricier, more advanced ones seen in commercial gyms. These machines can weigh 60-80 pounds and 120-250 pounds, respectively.

Elliptical Cross trainers 

Elliptical cross trainers are slightly different in that you can use handles for upper and lower body movement in multiple positions. Often these machines come with extra features for drills as well, which also affect their total weight out of the box. As a result, you can expect elliptical cross trainers to weigh between 100 and 250 pounds.

Elliptical Gliders 

Elliptical gliders do not rely on a flywheel but instead move in a swinging motion with moving handles. These elliptical gliders' lack of flywheel does alleviate some of their overall weight. However, their construction, the materials used, and other factors mean that they often weigh between 80 and 250 pounds.

How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh?

What Factors Affect Elliptical Machine Weight? 

Elliptical Machine Size 

The larger an object is, the heavier it is likely to be; the same goes for ellipticals. So while there are compact ones available, these models are often large and feature many heavy or dense components.

Materials Used 

The cheaper a model is, the more plastic parts will have been used in its construction. More expensive models make use of higher quality metals across more parts, making the entire elliptical a hefty machine. While the increase in quality and durability is welcome, this can make moving one a pain. 

Additional Features  

Modern ellipticals are often not just simple structures with small displays. Many come with additional features like large high-tech LCD screens, oversized foot pedals, weights and resistance equipment, and more. These add-ons are great but do increase the overall weight of the machine.

Flywheel weight 

In the world of ellipticals, the heavier the flywheel, the more durable the model. Flywheels not only have a major impact on the performance of the machine but also its overall weight. Keep the flywheel’s weight in mind while browsing to ensure a valuable deal.

Various Fitness Machines Including Elliptical Bikes

Popular Elliptical Brands & Their Weight

ProForm Ellipticals 

How much does ProForm elliptical weigh? This highly respected brand has a handful of elliptical models available for home and commercial use. These range between 180 and 225 pounds in total. Notably, their flywheels range between 25 and 30 pounds – a good sign and worth bearing in mind during purchase. 

Nordictrack Ellipticals 

Nordictrack is another highly popular and respected fitness brand – but how much does a Nordictrack elliptical weigh? Nordictrack currently has six different models that weigh between 210 and 290 pounds, while their flywheels range between 18 and 32 pounds.

These ellipticals are on the heavier side and may be difficult to move alone due to their quality construction and parts. 

Precor Ellipticals 

Precor, another reputable brand, currently has eight different ellipticals to choose from on their website. How much does a Precor elliptical weigh? Each elliptical’s weight ranges from 278 to 340 pounds – a hefty range due to their larger consoles, CrossRamps, and moving handlebars, among other factors. 

Sole Ellipticals 

Sole ellipticals are a popular and common series that can be found in commercial and home gyms across the country. These models have a weight range of 175-250 pounds, making them potentially dangerous to move alone. Their various features and 15–35-pound flywheels play a role in this wide range. 

sole elliptical machine

Frequently Asked Elliptical Weight Questions

Can one person move an elliptical? 

That depends on a variety of factors, including how much the elliptical weighs, if it has wheels, and your strength. We would not recommend moving it alone, especially when lifting, as this could result in injury or damage to the machine. 

How do you move a heavy elliptical by yourself? 

If you must move an elliptical alone, we recommend disassembling the machine according to manual instructions and wrapping the pieces in bubble wrap, painter's cloths, and blankets. Once done, place the parts in boxes and take them where they need to go.

Do ellipticals have wheels? 

Some elliptical models do come with two wheels on the front or back, but not all of them do. To ensure that you get the right style for you, check the product description carefully for notes regarding wheels.


Overall, ellipticals are excellent low-impact cardio machines that come in a range of styles and weights. How much does an elliptical machine weigh? That depends on the model but could be anywhere from 40-250 pounds. Read the product manual carefully and always have at least one other person on hand to help when trying to move the elliptical.

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

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