HouseFit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike Reviewed

Working out at home is convenient and cost-friendly. You can work out at your own pace, whenever you would like. One issue with working out at home is finding the best quality equipment to ensure a safe and effective workout.

Searching for great in-home exercise equipment can be daunting. From price to quality, it is often hard to make a decision. This is where I come to help. After scouring tons of reviews, I found the HouseFit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike.

Please note that it’s not a commercially-graded bike and is designed specifically for in-home fitness.

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Product Specifications

Min - Max Seat Height

35.1" - 43.8"

Min - Max Handlebar Height

38.4" - 44.3"

Product Weight

94 lbs

Max Capacity

330 lbs


Belt Drive




40 lbs

The HouseFit cycling Bike has an overall solid build. It features a humanized frame. When. You work out on the bike; it is designed to make you feel as if you are riding a road bike. The well-designed frame of this stationary bike helps to posture your form while exercising.

What makes this indoor cycling bike stand apart from others is its lightweight yet sturdy frame. Many verified customers agree that the bike is not heavy but does an excellent job of supporting body weight while in use. The bike’s empty weight is 39.7 pounds.

The lightweight frame makes it easy to move to different locations within your home without a problem. The flywheel on the bike is steel is made of steel and weighs 28 pounds. This helps with smoother movement and also contributes to the overall stability of the bike.

Rock-solid is a term that one customer used to describe the build of the bike. It can support up to 265 pounds. Honestly, this weight limit is quite below the average maximum weight of most non-commercial indoor cycling bikes.

Key Features of the HouseFit Cycling Bike

One of the top-selling points of indoor cycling bikes is their features. The goal is to make the bike feel as natural as possible. From the customer reviews, it seems as if HouseFit did not miss the mark with effective features.

Knob Adjustments

HouseFit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Riding surfaces affect the performance of indoor cycling bikes. Usually, floors that are not slippery but smooth are the best riding conditions.

But HouseFit cycling bike is designed to fit a variety of surfaces. Four horizontal adjustment knobs are situated under both the rear and front stabilizer of the bike.

The adjustment knobs provide you with safe riding experience.

So, even if you have slick wood floors or uneven carpet, your workout experience should not be affected. You can adjust the knobs tighter for surfaces that are slicker and loosen them for more stable surfaces.

When using an indoor bike, you are putting a lot of weight and force on the bike. This feature is helpful to limit rocking and shaking while riding. It is also important because it makes the bike safer.


The monitor keeps you updated on your ride. It displays speed, calories, and distance. The monitor size is 50 x 60mm. To give you a comparison, the entire console size is 155 x 74 x 23mm.

Adjustable Handlebars

You can adjust the handlebars for height and proximity to fit your needs. They are able to be adjusted upward, downward, forward and backward similar to a traditional road bike.

Magnetic Resistance

The HouseFit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike features a magnetic resistance and belt drive system. The belt drive system is designed to whisper-quiet while in use. The magnetic resistance creates a smooth and nearly silent ride.

The quietness of the bike makes it suitable for people that have families, roommates, or simply don’t want a loud workout machine in their home. It is also little to no maintenance of this indoor bike.

Seat Adjustment

Fully adjustable seat. There is 4-way adjustability on the seat. The adjustability is great for users with different heights. You can change the seat according to your height and comfort level. The seat is wide and accommodates users that like to have more space and lower support while riding. You will be able to adjust the seat up, down, length and distance for a more comfortable ride.


The pedals are made of an anti-off Aluminum alloy material. They are designed with adjustable straps. The straps allow you to adjust the pedals to your size foot. A common issue with indoor bikes is not being able to support people with larger feet, causing uncomfortable exercising.

The HouseFit indoor cycling bike tried to remedy this issue by adding in the adjustable foot straps. This may be a plus for some, but it could also be annoying and may be irritating to others.

Safety & Convenience

When I work out at home, I always like to feel comfortable but even more importantly I want my equipment to be safe. When reviewing this indoor bike, I was sure to look for safety features. There is an emergency stop brake on the bike. This is an effective and safe way to immediately stop the bike.

There is a multi-groove drive and the resistance belt is smooth and has an enhanced service life. If you would like a less strenuous workout you can adjust the resistance to low, or high for more intense workout sessions.

You are able to live the bike safely. It has a full covered belt protection cover. The bike features analog terrain fine-tuning.

In addition to safety, all the parts on this machine have a 1-year warranty. The warranty covers free replacement. Customers have reported that the manufacturers are good at responding to warranty requests.

Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, right?


  • You get good quality for an affordable price
  • The bike has a sleek black and silver design
  • Lightweight, you can transport this bike safely with ease
  • Able to accommodate larger weights, meaning you could possibly add weighted garments on while you work out
  • You can cater the bike precisely to your body type
  • The well-designed magnetic resistance belt gives you a smooth ride that can also be adjusted to intensify your workout
  • Easy to assemble


  • A few customers noted that the box and some parts of the bike were damaged after receiving it in the mail
  • 265 lbs weight support is quite low

Conclusion – Is HouseFit Cycling Bike Worth It?

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Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

As I looked through the reviews of the HouseFit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike it received high ratings for durability, ease of use, and maneuverability. Customers enjoyed the silent and smooth movements and overall adjustability of the bike.

The bike performs well on a variety of services and it is safe to use. This bike was highly recommended by its customers. Overall, a great choice to add to your list of quality indoor cycling bikes.

If you are interested in something similar, yet with 330 lbs weight support, check out pooboo D525. Alternatively, you can check our complete guide on affordable spin bikes.

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Last Updated on August 19, 2021