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These days, it’s uncommon to find people who aren’t living a sedentary lifestyle. From sitting in traffic or at a desk to lounging watching Netflix, it can be difficult to find the motivation (or time!) to get a workout in.  

Having an elliptical machine in your home is a complete game-changer: it's easy on the joints, simple to use, and will help you reach all of your fitness goals.

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 is one of the best ellipticals around. Read up on our Horizon Fitness EX 59 elliptical reviews to figure out if it’s ideal for you!  

Are you on the hunt for an affordable elliptical trainer that’s easy on your joints and easy to use? The Horizon EX-59 is great not only for those with joint pain or arthritis, but for anyone looking to get in shape.

Including both stationary and moving handlebars, it's a low-impact method of incorporating the entire body into your workout.

While the stride length isn't ideal for users over 6'2", it does have a durable frame and excellent build quality made to hold up to intense workouts. Not only that, but it comes with all the tech and resistance features your average user could want.

The Good 

  • Very easy assembly 
  • Durable frame/build quality 
  • Affordable 
  • Nice array of tech features  
  • Solid amount of resistance options and preset workouts 
  • One-touch keys 

The Bad  

  • No touch screen  
  • Slightly less smooth than more expensive models 
  • Not ideal for very tall users 

Unique Features Of The Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Machine

No matter what your fitness or health goals are, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical will help while keeping the impact on your joints to a minimum. Oh, and did we mention it's easy on the wallet, too?  

Bluetooth Connectivity

In present-day, Bluetooth connectivity is essential for a good cardio machine. You can connect your iPad or smartphone to stream music or your favorite series/videos through the integrated speakers! Not only that, but you can use workout-tracking apps seamlessly this way.

Built-in Device Holder

Holding your device the entire time is simply not feasible nor ideal for correct form.

The built-in device holder will keep your screen at the perfect height for following along with instructor-led classes, watching videos, and more. Your device will also be safe this way, so you don’t have to worry about it falling and getting damaged.

horizon ex59 elliptical machine

Rapid-Charge USB Port

How annoying is it when your phone dies in the middle of the song that’s keeping you going?

There’s no need to worry about that, with the rapid-charge USB port that keeps your device fully powered for the entirety of your workout! 

Quickly Change Resistance with One-Touch Keys

Have you used an elliptical machine where you have to keep clicking and clicking to try and change the resistance?

Not only is that not ideal for quick changes required for HIIT and intervals, but it’s simply inefficient. With the One-Touch keys, you will now be able to switch resistance levels in the blink of an eye!

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14.3-Lb Flywheel & Advanced Pulley System

The weight of the flywheel, along with the advanced pulley system, does make the ride a pretty smooth one.

However, it is slightly less so than significantly heavier flywheels on more expensive models. Moreover, it is pretty quiet to use, offering more versatility as to when and how you exercise!

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Tighter Q Factor

This elliptical machine also sports a tighter Q-factor, essentially meaning that the pedals are closer together. This offers less stress on the hips, knees, back, and the entire body as you have a more natural stance. If you’re using an elliptical with a less-tight Q-factor, you may not immediately be uncomfortable, but over time it could cause joint pain. 

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LCD Console

Consisting of 3 small windows, we appreciated that the device holder didn't interfere with the LCD at all. But, to be frank, the console really isn't anything special. It's easy to read and gets the job done but is incredibly basic.

However, if you do need something more interactive, you always have a place to put your smart device right above the console screens. 

horizon fitness ex59 elliptical reviews

Heart Rate Monitoring

With handgrips built in to read your heart rate, you don't really have to go out of your way to monitor it. However, it's not always 100% accurate and tends to be a bit slow at times.

If you're really serious about spot-on heart rate readings every time, you may want to incorporate a separate HR monitor into your arsenal. 

10 Workout Programs

It’s always nice to have an array of preset workout programs to choose from. This way, you can just select a goal and go, without having to worry about adjusting the settings along the way. Ten workout programs come included, which is a solid quantity for most users.

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Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Reviewed 

Elliptical Specifications 

Assembled Dimensions

74” x 25” x 64.5”

Machine Weight

145 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Stride Length

18 inches

Resistance Levels



Frame: Lifetime, Parts: years, Labor: 1 year

First off, the Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical assembly process was one of the most simple and straightforward. This may be due to the fact that it doesn't fold and seems to require fewer components. As a result, you can expect to spend less than an hour getting it done if you have someone else to help you (highly recommended).  

Once it’s all ready to go, you’ll notice the unmistakable build quality that’s part of why this model is such a steal. Honestly, if we didn’t know any better, we’d say this could easily be found at your average commercial gym.

If you do have it on hard flooring or a mat, you can expect it to be very stable, which is ideal for intense workouts. For this reason, try to keep it off of carpet if you can.  

Begin moving your arms and legs, and you'll notice how smooth and comfortable each revolution is. Again, going back to that tight Q-factor, we found that our feet were placed just the right distance apart.

Moreover, the pedals offer more than enough room to adjust your stance. Just keep in mind that the stride length is 18 inches, which may be a bit too short for you if you're over 6'2" in height. 

The flywheel is relatively heavy at 14.3 pounds, which offers a smooth ride but isn’t the smoothest out there when compared to the most expensive ellipticals. Not to worry, though; it is more than comfortable and consistent enough to where that likely won't even cross your mind. 

Just click on one of the 10 included workout programs or pick one of the 10 resistance levels, and start burning those calories! The 4.5” LCD console tracks in front of you are very easy to read and track time, distance, and speed, as well. Again, this is pretty basic, but if you’re just looking to overall improve your fitness or tone up, it’s enough.  

horizon fitness ex 59 elliptical trainer review

For entertainment, you’ll appreciate the Bluetooth-enabled speakers and USB charging port built into the machine. Stream your favorite series or tunes without even needing headphones!

In addition, with a built-in water bottle holder, you will be able to stay hydrated without having to pause your workout. However, if we really wanted to nit-pick, we felt it could've been placed a bit higher.  

Priced under $800, the Horizon EX-59 Elliptical Trainer is incredibly affordable and in the category of a “budget” model. Combine that with its supreme build quality, clear attention to detail in the design of the pedals/flywheel, and modern tech capabilities, and you have yourself a winner. 

With a lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of.

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Comparing Horizon EX-59 With Similar Elliptical Brands

Horizon Fitness EX 59 Vs SCHWINN Fitness 411  

SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical...
  • Low-impact cardio workouts at a fraction of...
  • Explore the world and discover more than 50...
  • Space saving design with 18” stride length
  • Streamlined console displays time, speed,...

The SCHWINN Fitness 411 is a bit more affordable and comes with a more advanced display than the EX-59. However, it is significantly shorter and isn't built as sturdy as the latter. For this reason, we felt it was less easy to use, and we didn't feel very confident going all out in our workouts.  

They both offer very similar features in terms of preset workouts, but the SCHWINN only has a 10-year warranty on the frame, while the Horizon Fitness EX 59 has lifetime coverage.  

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Horizon Fitness EX 59 Vs Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical  

Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Eliptical...
  • COMPUTERIZED RESISTANCE: Easily cycle between...
  • PROGRAMS FOR FITNESS: Enjoy 24 presets that...
  • TABLET MOUNT: Be in control of your workout...
  • MANUAL MODE: No electricity? No problem. This...

The Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Elliptical Trainer is very similar to the EX 59 in terms of build quality and even has a slightly longer stride length, at 20". However, it is a bit shorter and doesn't have quite as tight of a Q-factor, which may feel a bit uncomfortable for shorter users.

We did like Sunny Health & Fitness' performance monitor in terms of size, and the 24 different program modes. However, the build quality is much less durable than the EX 59 and is simply not built to withstand regular, intense workouts.  

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Horizon Fitness EX 59 Vs XTERRA Fitness FS3.5  

On Sale Today
XTERRA Fitness FS3.5 Elliptical Machine...
  • Ergonomic 17" stride length provides a...
  • Aluminum wheel tracks allow the pedals to...
  • Blue & yellow backlit LCD window (5"x2.5") is...
  • Motivating programs include 24 pre-set, 2...

The XTERRA Fitness FS3.5 Elliptical is also a bit more affordable than the Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical. However, it's kind of the same issue with the other two comparison ellipticals, in that it's significantly shorter/smaller and doesn't have the robust build quality the EX 59 is known for.  

We love that it comes with a generous 24 preset workout programs, but it doesn't have built-in speakers, the stride length is shorter, and it doesn't have Bluetooth capability. 

Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical Assembly Instructions

  1. 1
    First, open up the hardware bag 1, attaching the stabilizer tube to the mainframe.  
  2. 2
    Next, align and attach the guide rail with the mainframe. 
  3. 3
    Pull the console cable through the console mast with the twist tie inside the console mast.  
  4. 4
    Carefully slide the mast onto the mainframe, attaching the console mast to the mainframe.  
  5. 5
    Slide the wavy washer over the crank, then the pedal arm. Keep the pedal arm wheel on the guide rail, attaching it to the crank.  
  6. 6
    Repeat the last step on the other side.  
  7. 7
    Slide a flat washer and wavy washer, then a second flat washer onto the console mast. Slide the lower handlebar onto the console mast and attach it.  
  8. 8
    Repeat the previous two steps on the other side.  
  9. 9
    Slide the lower link arm onto the pedal arm bracket and attach. Then, align the other end of the lower link arm on the bottom of the lower handlebar.  
  10. 10
    Place Teflon washers on both sides of the lower link arm, sliding the lower link arm into the bottom end of the lower handlebar. Next, secure the joint with 1 flat washer, 1 spring washer, a bolt, and finally, secure it with a nut.  
  11. 11
    Repeat these steps on the opposite side.  
  12. 12
    Slide the top cap over the mast, making sure it snaps into place.  
  13. 13
    Slide the water bottle holder over the mast and attach. 
  14. 14
    Attach console cables to console, tucking them into the console mast before attaching it.  
  15. 15
    Attach console, and slide upper handlebars onto lower handlebars, aligning the notch with the tab to ensure the handlebars are entirely joined together.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does the Horizon EX-59 fold?  

No, it does not fold. However, it is relatively lightweight for an elliptical machine and not too difficult to move around.  

For more compact models, check out our guide on the best compact ellipticals for small spaces!

What are some common troubleshooting tips for the Horizon EX-59?  

Do you have a blank screen on your Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical Trainer? If so, try updating the software here. You’ll extract the downloaded files and copy them onto a USB stick.

Turn the elliptical off and insert the USB stick into the USB port on the console. Then, turn the elliptical on. At this point, it’ll either automatically start updating or will prompt you.

How do I reset my Horizon EX 59 elliptical?  

First, make sure that you’re not standing on the machine and that it’s stopped. Next, hold the STOP key for 3 seconds, and it will restart! 

Can the pedals of EX59 go forward and backward?  

They sure can! In fact, you’ll find that there’s even a preset workout called "reverse train," where you'll pedal both forward and backward throughout this workout.  

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Now that you know all about the Horizon Fitness EX 59 Elliptical machine, have you decided if it’s the perfect tool to accomplish your exercise goals with? 

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, sturdy elliptical that’s comfortable and feature-filled, then we can’t recommend it enough. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon! 

Last Updated on July 14, 2022