Home Gym Mirror: Ideas, Hanging and Where To Find Cheap

Gym mirrors aren't for the vain. Instead, mirrors play a pivotal role in the gym, including home gyms to help keep you safe, on track, and in shape. Why are the right home gym mirrors so important? 

That is what we will look at in this article. We will also discuss how to find the right mirror for your gym needs, which options are best and how to tell the good from the bad. We will also rate, review and compare the best mirrors to get you started.  

There are a lot of reasons one will need a mirror or two in their home gym. Some will want the mirrors to assist in properly lighting the space and others for a more aesthetic purpose. Below are the five most common reasons to use mirrors in your gym. 

To Help Adjust Your Posture 

While working out, proper form and posture are essential. To get the most out of every lift, you need to be performing the move correctly. Without the proper posture or form, you may include other muscle groups and not get the benefits that particular lift provides. 

With a mirror to help guide your form and movements, though, you will learn to use the right form by watching yourself. Over time you won’t need to rely on the mirror as much, but it will help those just starting out or when you begin a new routine. 

To See Where You Need Improvement

Flexing in front of a gym mirror may appear to be a simple case of showing off, but there are reasons behind that flex. One of the most important is to ensure your muscle growth is even and consistent. 

Muscle imbalance happens all the time, and using a mirror to spot when one side of the muscle group is developing slower will help you make the right adjustments to your routines to correct the muscle imbalance. 

To Reduce The Risk Of Injury 

Like proper posture will help your form and lifting overall, a mirror can also help you stay safe. Using the mirror to test the movements with lighter weights can help you lift properly when you are moving on to an actual lift or stepping up the weight. 

Because a home gym typically has no spotter, the mirror will help you maintain your confidence, and when you go to lift larger amounts or turn to a new set, you will have the movements shown back to you, so you don't cause an injury. 

To Make The Room Appear Larger 

Mirrors also reflect light, and that light can add depth to the room. While it is an optical illusion and you won't actually have more floor space, the addition of mirrors around your gym space will make it appear larger and more open. 

To Motivate You When Exercising 

Of course, there is the need and desire to watch your growth over time. Using a mirror will help in all the ways listed above, but none may be more important than seeing your own results. All the effort, time, and punishment you put yourself through during a workout doesn't have an overnight effect. 

However, when you start to see the changes and growth, you are more likely to stay motivated, continue working out, and continue that growth over time. A home gym mirror may be the most motivational piece of equipment you can own. 

Different Types Of Home Gym Mirrors Explained 

Mirrors, like other home gym equipment, have evolved over time. There are various needs, types, and uses for mirrors, and each one has a distinct advantage or disadvantage that you should make note of when choosing the right style for you. 

Glass Mirrors 

Glass mirrors are more traditional and are made in almost every size, shape, and style imaginable. Because the primary medium is glass, though, they are expensive, heavy, and difficult to mount. 

However, the added effort to use glass mirrors gives you added strength and durability, all while giving you a near-perfect reflection. Over time, unlike other materials, the glass will not become distorted or warped. 

Acrylic Mirrors 

Acrylic is the new standard as it is also a near-perfect reflection and a much cheaper alternative. However, there are cautions when choosing acrylic. Unlike glass, acrylic can warp and bend over time and needs to be mounted to a flat and sturdy surface. 

Acrylic also absorbs moisture, so use outside is not advised, and in a garage or basement where humidity may be higher, extra care should be taken. The lightweight nature, highly reflective surface, and impact resistance make acrylic popular in gyms, though, where they may be more abused than in other areas of the home. 

Mylar Mirrors 

Mylar is another reflective material that is now used for mirroring. Like acrylic, Mylar can be bent, warped, and positioned to give different effects like convex and concave applications. Mylar is also inexpensive and strong, often referred to as the glassless mirror. A Mylar mirror is durable, easy to install, and generally affordable, depending on size and application. 

Smart/Interactive Mirrors 

Smart mirrors are a newer technology that use mirrored optical glass that is also a touch display. These are used in department stores, gyms, and home applications to use as a mirror and a workout partner. 

New apps are being developed to use these mirrors in an interactive way that allows you to work out in front of the mirror to see yourself while also watching a personal trainer, nature scenes, or other interactive options. 

By Shape 

The shape of the mirror can also have an impact on your purchasing decision. Rounded mirrors, either convex or concave (think two sides of a spoon), can make the reflected image larger for better inspection or distorted to see different angles. 

Examples of these types of mirrors are found in make-up mirrors where the face is enlarged to show greater detail or a parking garage mirror that allows you to see around a corner. 

Creative Mirror Ideas For Your Home Gym 

Here in this section, we will showcase some of the most impressive, functional, practical, and incredible home gym mirror ideas. 

With this setup, the gym is minimal, but that doesn't mean the mirror has to be. The full wall mirror is bordered with a frame to set it off from the wall but still catches and reflects light to make the space seem bigger. The reflective mirror and white border really open up the space.

home gym with three framed mirrors

Vertical frameless mirrors are put together here to add depth to the mirrored wall. It offers a full-body view from anywhere in the gym and adds light where there would normally be shadows. No matter where you are working in this home gym, you will be able to see form, posture, and performance. 

vertical frameless mirrors in home gym

When space is limited, you can add a full length mirror (or two as seen here) to a wall to add some clarity, light reflection, and size to the room.

These framed mirrors are installed with j-hooks to stabilize but offer removal later if needed. 

two full length mirrors in home gym

Here the homeowner used mirrored paneling to create an entire wall of mirrors. 

The accent lights may not be your favorite and can be removed (or not installed in the first place).

We liked that the square panels offered a bit of a break for full length mirrors. It adds flair and style to a home gym.

You can also arrange them into any shape you want. They can be arranged in a square or simply put throughout the gym.

square mirrored panels on home gym wall

If you can’t afford the mirrored paneling and don’t want to hire a professional, you can accomplish the same aesthetic with cheaper low-end mirrors stacked and mounted on top of one another.

You can even lay them longways for an alternative appearance. 

vertical mirrored wall in home gym

Two (or more) frameless mirrors hung as a single mirror is an old trick to save money on larger mirrors while still getting the same look and feel.

Here in this space, you can see how much room and light it brings to the space, even with just the overhead light on. 

home gym mirror ideas

If space is an issue, you can create a half-garage gym, as they are known. This one utilizes one small mirror directly in front of the squat rack. If this is where you do most of your lifting, then one mirror will work well.

You are basically reserving part of your garage for the gym space, the rest for your cars and storage needs. Here a single frameless mirror hung at the rack line will be plenty to see what you are doing. 

half garage gym with mirrors

Alternative uses for mirrors are uncommon and can add a pleasant surprise to your gym.

For instance, as you see here, the large full-length mirror has plywood outlining it. This makes the mirror really pop on the dark black walls.

By adding this light color, it makes the gym seem a lot bigger and brighter than before. Adding a dash of color to the space can transform the room.

In small home gym spaces, many items can have multiple uses.

home gym with mirror

Once again, we see the frameless mirrors controlling the space. Here, though, instead of lining up uniformly and all the way across, the distinctive carve-out space is used elegantly to hold the mirrors in different spaces. Full-length mirrors of different sizes and lengths are sure to create a full wall illusion. 

home gym mirrors

Not in a garage gym and not in a room at all, really, but here is one example of the mirror—a smart mirror workout system with interactive coaching and performance monitoring inside the mirror itself. 

smart home gym mirror

This gym space makes great use of mirrors. Each is a frameless glass mirror cut to size and mounted on plywood.

The plywood acts as the mount, base, support, and frame while giving a striking appearance to the otherwise dark space.

home gym with mirrors mounted on plywood

Floor to ceiling mirrors are expertly mounted here and (we assume) have been cut to size. The permanent mount solution gives the acrylic mirrors more strength than they already have and can have a towel rack/balance bar mounted to them for dance as well as a visual aid when working out. 

floor to ceiling home gym mirrors

A simple, elegant, and affordable solution, this small gym uses one 6x8 foot mirror on one wall to add depth, light, and all other mirror features to the workout space. These were permanently mounted with mirror mastic, but j-hooks and some assistance from a friend can accomplish the same effect. 

man working out with dumbbells in front of home gym mirror

Where To Find Large & Affordable Home Gym Mirrors

Once you have made your decision on the type, shape, and size mirror you want, you need to know where to shop. Mirrors can be found in almost any department store, such as Walmart or Target. 

But, these are generally cheap, smaller mirrors that use inferior materials and won’t last very long in a gym setting. To find a larger, affordable, and more useful mirror, you may need to look elsewhere. 


Shopping on Amazon will give you the largest pool of potential mirrors that you can find in one place. You will also find various styles, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs. If you want a particular mirror in bulk, shipping and other charges can be limited or even eliminated with an Amazon Prime account or through special deals from the site. 

Home Depot & Lowe's

Hardware and home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are also going to have a large selection of mirrors. Usually, these will be a standard selection of kitchen and bath mirrors, but if you are looking for oversized glass mirrors or need your mirror cut to s specific size, these stores may be your best option. 


Ikea is another store that has a lot of home essentials, including mirrors. They sell a large variety like Walmart and Target, but also have higher-end mirrors that work well in a home gym. While Ikea may not be close to your area, there is usually one within driving distance. They also offer shipping with low fees to your door. 


If a brand new mirror is too expensive or hard to find, you may have luck with a second-hand option. There are several ways to find a great mirror or two from garage and yard sales as well as estate sales. 

 You will also have some luck on second-hand websites like eBay and Craigs List. Searching the local listings for mirrors in general as well as the specific type you are after will usually land you several results to browse through. 

7 Cheap Garage Gym Mirrors Reviewed 

In this section, we will look closely at seven different mirror products for your consideration. Of course, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but this is a great place to start with your own ideas. 

1. H&A 65"x24" Full Length Mirror 

H&A 65"x22" Full Length Mirror Bedroom Floor...
  • Overall Size: 65"x22". Mirror Size:...
  • This dressing mirror is durable with 5mm pure...
  • Exquisite Solid classic PS frame cheval...
  • Absolutely safety guaranteed floor mirror...

H&A is well known for their innovative and durable mirrors. This large, 65-inch full-length mirror is no exception. Made of only the best quality materials, this shatter-resistant glass is not a lightweight knock-off. Weighing 220 pounds, it comes with a built-in stand or wall mount capabilities. 

If you aren't sure if you want to mount something to your garage wall, this is an ideal solution. It gives you plenty of viewing space without having to be mounted. However, once you decide, you can mount the mirror, the stand hides away on the backside. 

The rugged, thick glass and sturdy build make it ideal for garage and workout space installation. 

2. Murrey Home Gym Mirrors 12" Square Wall Mounted Mirror 

Murrey Home Gym Mirrors 12" Square Wall...
  • Mirror Trays: For wedding party, gym mirror...
  • Multi Purpose: Mirror tiles are wedding table...
  • Size: 12" square mirror tray set of 12...
  • Smooth Edge: No more worries about sharp...

Who says you have to be conventional? With mirror tiles, you can build your own wall, make a statement, and place the mirrors exactly where you need them. Murrey Home Gym Mirrors come in four different sized tiles. 

The 12x12 are the most common, but you can mix and match with the 5x12, 8x12, or 10x12 inch options as well. Create your own design, spread the mirrors out to capture more light, and improve the overall quality of the space. 

Add some mirror mastic and your imagination, and you are all set to go. 

3. Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror 

Echelon Reflect 50in Touch Smart Connect...
  • Enjoy a FREE 30-day trial of the Echelon...
  • DESIGN: View your reflection on screen as...
  • FEATURES: Built-in camera connects you with...
  • CONTENT: With a membership you can experience...

Echelon is one of the several smart mirror creators, and their Reflect Smart Connect Fitness mirrors may be everything you need (except for the weights, of course). This mirror has interactive coaching, body analysis diagnostic measurements (heart rate, reps counted, etc.) and comes in two sizes. 

The 50 inch is the most common as it offers the most visual space and is in high demand. However, the 40 inch is just as good and saves you a few hundred bucks. With a touch screen and wireless connectivity, you only need to plug it in, hang it up and turn it on, and you are ready to work out with your very own personal fitness coach at any time. 

4. N\C Plexiglass Acrylic Soft Mirror Non-Glass shatterproof Mirror

On Sale Today
NC Plexiglass Acrylic Soft Mirror Non-Glass...
  • (EXPLOSION PROOF MATERIAL):acrylic Plexiglass...
  • (SIZE):3 pieces in total, each...
  • (EASY TO INSTALL):free foam tape,Sticks...

When it comes to mirror tiles, there are a lot of options. Don't be afraid to find gold when you think outside the box. N\C is a brand that creates acrylic mirrors that are shatter resistant, break-proof, and easy to install. Designed for children's rooms where thrown toys can break most mirrors, they also make an excellent option for your home gym. 

Because they are well designed, they can withstand cold and heat cycles, and even toy-throwing tantrums (dumbbells don't count). With four size and count options available, you are sure to find the sizes that fit your specific needs. 

5. ONXO Full Length Mirror 

Elevens 65"x22" Full Length Mirror Large...
  • FULL-LENGTH VISION: 65” X22” is enough...
  • THREE METHODS for INSTALLATION: This mirror...
  • WIDELY USED: A good decoration for home and...

Like the H&A model, this ONXO full length mirror can be mounted directly on the wall or use the included stand for a free-form mirror. It comes with a robust and sturdy aluminum alloy frame and a shatter-resistant surface. 

Unlike the H&A model, this one only weighs 35 pounds. It also comes in several sizes, making it ideal for the space you have. From 52x32 up to 71x32, this mirror will give you everything you need without breaking the bank. 

Mount it, lean it, use the stand, or buy several and mix it up. The choice is yours, and you won't regret this purchase. 

6. Edenseelake 2 Packs 14x48 Inch Wall Mirrors 

Edenseelake 2 Packs 14x48 Inch Wall Mirrors...
  • Wall Hanging: This decorative wall mirror is...
  • Size: the wall mirror set includes 2 packs...
  • Elagant Mirror: the bedroom vanity mirror...
  • Simple To Use: this bedroom long mirror is...

If you wish to mimic the mirror wall look, this twin pack of full length mirrors will get you started. Available in two sizes (14x48 and 18x24), you can mount them directly to the wall side by side, laid vertical or horizontal for the mirrors wall and framed look you desire. 

The mirrors themselves are sturdy, durable, and resilient, with a frame that surrounds the entire glass edge. They also come with drywall and stud mounting hardware, so you get everything you need with one purchase. 

7. LAIYA Wall-Mounted Full Length LED Mirror 

LAIYA Full Length Mirror Lighted Vanity Body...
  • SMART TOUCH BUTTON MIRROR:Short press the...
  • NEED TO BE NOTICED: In order to avoid...

Imagine getting up at 5 am to start your workout. It is dark and chilly, and the rest of the house is still asleep. Turning on lights may cause a ruckus, but you need to get in and see to shut the doors. Enter the LAIYA wall-mounted LED mirror. 

With a smart sensor that can detect your body in the dark, it will turn on a soft glow LED (adjustable to three brightness levels), giving you the light needed to get set up and started. 

The full-length 65x22 inch mirror can be mounted directly to the wall, and the soft-glow LED will illuminate the edges. Even if you don't need the early morning secrecy, the additional lighting in your gym space, along with the full-sized mirror, is only a plus. 

How To Install Wall Mirrors For A Home Gym 

When it comes to installing your mirror, you have a couple of options. One is a semi-permanent method that allows you to remove the mirror later if needed, and the other is a permanent method using adhesives to secure the mirror to the wall. 

For both options, you will need the following materials: 

For the Permanent Install method, you will also need mirror mastic. This is a special type of glue designed to mount glass and metal to drywall. 

First, you want to measure the mirror on all sides. It is best to take measurements an inch or two from the edges and the middle of each side. This will help you notice if there is a wide spot or if the mirror is truly square. Measure a few times to ensure you have the right numbers. 

Using your marker or pencil, you want to mark the measurements on the wall. Use the tape measure and pencil along with the level to draw the mirror outline if you wish. This will help you know where to place the j-hooks. 

Using the drill and bit, drill pilot holes for the screw anchors. Use the j-hooks to line with your markings and drill where the j-hook screws will go. Remember that the mirror will set inside the “J” portion of the hook, so align them properly. 

Install the anchors into the pilot holes for all 4 sides of the mirror. Place the j-hooks in place with their screws on only three sides. Usually, this will be top, bottom, and either the left or right. You want one open side with enough room to maneuver the mirror into place. 

If you are using the adhesive method, place a small amount of glue on the back of the mirror, about 4 inches from the edge all the way around. Use more adhesive in the middle of the mounting location on the wall itself, following the instructions on the adhesive packaging. 

Slide the mirror into the j-hooks until it rests on all three sides. For the adhesive method, you want to lightly press and hold the center of the mirror against the wall and move the pressure outward to the edges. This will spread the mastic and allow it to begin curing. 

Install the 4th row of j-hooks to the remaining side of the mirror to complete the install. Then, if you wish to remove the mirror later, you only need one or two j-hooks on this side. This will allow you to quickly remove them and pull the mirror out. 

What To Look For When Buying Home Gym Mirrors 

Before you head out and buy the first mirror you see, there are a few factors to consider. Including all of the information given above, we have several consideration factors to think about. 

Mirror Size 

The size of the mirror is going to have the largest impact on price. It will also directly correlate with weight and installation difficulty. Larger mirrors can weigh over 50 pounds and will require at least two people to install properly. Smaller mirrors are easier to handle and cost less, but you may need to buy multiples to get the same coverage as a single, larger mirror. 

Mirror Material 

As we noted at the top of the article, there are several types of mirrors to consider. Along with their shape and design, the material used for the reflective surfaces and overall construction are important. Durability, moisture resistance, and strength will all matter to your final decision. 


You may think that once a mirror is installed on a wall, it doesn't matter how fragile it is. However, in a home gym setting, a mirror needs to be sturdy and resilient. Vibrations from the workout equipment can crack thin mirrors. 

Plus, there is always the chance of something coming into contact with the mirror that isn’t an issue in other rooms of the home. Thicker, sturdier materials are always a better option for home gym mirrors. 

Fixed Vs Portable 

Fixed mirrors, or those attached permanently to the wall, are generally the best option for home gyms. However, you may not have the space or budget for this type of mirror installation at present. Portable mirrors can help bridge that gap in the meantime and offer a more affordable, though less durable, option. 

Frame Vs Frameless 

Most home gyms (and commercial gyms) will use frameless mirrors. This means there is nothing surrounding the mirror's edge, and installation doesn't require framing or hanging with the frame space in mind.

However, for home gyms, a framed mirror may be your best option, especially if you are only using a single mirror. The frame can add durability and assist in the installation where a frameless mirror won't. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you install a home gym mirror by yourself? 

Depending on the size and weight of the mirror, you can usually install a gym mirror yourself. However, proper positioning and the weight of the mirror may require two people. You should use a second person to help hold the mirror in place when mounting to ensure it is hung or placed properly. 

How much do home gym mirrors cost? 

The final cost will also depend on the size, shape, and type of mirror you select. Acrylic mirrors will be cheaper than glass mirrors in most cases, but can also get quite expensive when buying multiples. You can find mirrors for as low as $50, and prices can reach a few hundred dollars per mirror.  

How much does it cost for a professional to install gym mirrors? 

Installation costs will also have a wide range. This will depend on who you hire to do the job, their hourly labor fees, and any extras that they charge (or don’t charge) such as materials, clean up, disposal and travel. On average, a single mirror install will take about an hour, and many contractors will have a 2-hour minimum, charging between $25 and $60 per hour. 

Can you use regular mirrors for your home gym? 

You can use any mirror for a home gym, but the size and durability need to be accounted for. A small bathroom mirror, for example, will give you a reflective image, but you need to be close and won’t be able to see full body reflections. 

Are there different grades of mirrors? 

Mirrors for home use aren't typically graded, but quality and durability come with thickness. Home use mirrors will generally come in 1/8 to ¼ inch thicknesses, including 3/16 and other sizes. Thicker mirrors are more durable but also more expensive. For home gym use, thicker is generally better to help prevent breaking. 


Home gym mirrors can be a tricky purchase. There are many options to consider, styles and sizes to think about, and types to research. Our favorite is still the H&A 65"x24" Full Length Mirror.

When it all comes together, though, you have a home gym equipment piece that brings everything together. From helping with lighting and enlarging the space to showing you proper form and technique as you grow, a mirror is important to your gym space. 

Whether you use a single, full-length mirror, or line entire walls with reflective surfaces, your home gym mirror setup needs to be practical, perform to expectations and enable you to see everything as it is. Hopefully, this article has shown you what to expect when shopping for your next gym mirror.