GYMPROLUXE Reviews – Is It Good For Strength Training?

Resistance bands offer a more straightforward way to train without the need for expensive equipment, and the GYMPROLUXE is one of the most popular resistance band systems around.

Before you invest, you need to make sure it's going to support your training routine, or you could be wasting your money 

Well, don't worry because, in these GYMPROLUXE reviews, we'll give you the full breakdown so you can see how good it is for strength training and whether it's right for you.







Value For Money


Overall Score


Product Specifications

Band Length

52 Inches

Band Resistance Levels

Starter: 26-78 lbs 

Intermediate: 35-105 lbs

Advanced: 51-153 lbs

Expert: 66-198 lbs

Elite: 132-264 lbs

Product Weight

12 lbs


Yes, lifetime

The GYMPROLUXE resistance band and bar offer a more cost-effective solution that allows you to perform all the main movements and train your entire body.

The equipment is also known as Gym Pro Luxe, Gym ProLuxe or even just Pro Luxe

Whichever name you decide to call it will not matter in the end as you will end up with the same equipment. It consists of a resistance band, bar, handles, and various other accessories (some purchased separately).

These fit together so you can use the equipment to do a bench press, row, curls, or other strength training exercises. This removes the need for weights or all-in-one home gym machines and allows anyone to get an excellent lower and upper body workout.  

We’ve broken down our review into categories so you can see clearly see how it compares to the competition: 

Brand Reputation

GYMPROLUXE is a relatively new brand, but they've forged a strong reputation quickly.

They specialize in creating home gym solutions, and they're one of the market leaders for resistance bands. 

Their goods all seem high quality, user friendly, and genuinely effective, and they're getting good reviews across the board.

They have grown on social media as well, with a strong following on TikTok.[1]

Quality of Production

The concept of the GYMPROLUXE resistance band and bar is similar to that of other brands, but the construction quality is far superior.

The rubber resistance bands are designed to take a lot more weight, and the Expert Strength model can handle up to 264 pounds (120kg).

This is a lot more than most of the competition, and you won’t get anywhere near that resistance from other brands.

Man holding GYMPROLUXE resistance band set at gym

The bar is also good quality, with a steel rod underneath the protective coating. This is comfortable to hold, but you can feel that it's solid and durable. 

The way the resistance bands connect into the bar is pretty seamless, and it feels like a very well-made piece of equipment.

As a user, the high-quality nature of the product provides a lot more confidence than similar products from well-known brands like Bodylastics or GoFit. 

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Design & Look 

If you look around the marketplace at resistance bands, you’ll find quite a wide variety of products.

Some can look thin and flimsy and are definitely targeted towards beginners, whereas some are clearly designed for serious lifters. GYMPROLUXE comes in the latter category, and their tough resistance bands really look the part 

Resistance bands come in all different colors. This can be useful for differentiating between different resistance levels, but we find it a bit amateur, and the dark colors of the GYMPROLUXE are much more aesthetic.

The band and bar combo looks a lot more serious than your regular resistance bands, and it's perfect for experienced lifters.  

GYMPROLUXE has 3 different resistance bands within their belt to give a higher level of resistance. These thread through underneath the belt, so the design remains simple, and it's easy to use.

We find a lot of other resistance bands designed for home use to be a lot less stylish and really appreciate the look and feel of the GYMPROLUXE.

Ease Of Use 

When you first get your GYMPROLUXE band and bar, you'll need to screw the two ends of the bar together and attach the handles.

It's really simple and takes about 2 minutes, but you need to remember to take the protective cover off either side of the bar to slide the handles in. 

Once you're set-up, there's not really anything else to do, so it's definitely one of the simplest pieces of gym equipment out there.

Fitness Level 

You always need to consider if the gym equipment is suitable for you because you need to be pushing yourself to stimulate muscle growth.

Resistance bands can often be considered a piece of equipment for beginners, or just the upper body, but that’s not the case with the GYMPROLUXE system.

They have an impressive resistance level with up to 264 pounds on their toughest bands. To put that in perspective, your average resistance bands are only going to go just over 100 lbs, and even brands like Serious Steel Fitness only reach 150 lbs.

GYMPROLUXE is offering a cut above, and they've made themselves one of the best resistance training options for advanced lifters or those wanting a challenging workout routine.

What is most impressive about the GYMPROLUXE set isn't just the high resistance; it's the variety. They have their Starter Strength set, which goes as low as 26lbs, and an intermediate set which goes up to 105lbs.

There’s literally something for everyone, whatever level you’re currently on, and you can work your way through their bands to keep pushing yourself.  

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Flexibility In The Bands

man doing 3 Gym Pro Luxe exercises

One of the key advantages of using a resistance band is their flexibility. 

They aren't designed for one specific exercise and can give you a full workout if you know how to use them properly. 

In the past, we've found resistance bands quite limited, and the size and resistance meant we could only really use them for smaller muscle groups.  

The GYMPROLUXE resistance band and bar system is something completely different, and it's one of the best for compound exercises. 

The design and quality make this perfect for training larger muscle groups, and we find it particularly useful for building a strong chest and all-round upper body.  

Despite being bigger and tougher than a lot of the competition, the GYMPROLUXE is still lightweight and portable. You can pick it up and move it between locations easily, and you don’t need much storage space.

This makes them well suited for those who want to work out at home and only have a small space or those on the move with limited access to gyms.


The GYMPROLUXE band and bar set already comes with handles and a bar, so it's more complete than most.

You can purchase extra tubes to change up the resistance in your belt, pedals for rowing, and foot straps for additional workouts. These are useful but not essential because you can make it work without them 

The one add-on we did find useful was the pull-up attachment. This is around $100, but allows you to do pull-ups and other exercises which can really increase your functional strength.

Again, this isn't essential, but it is a good way to use the GYMPROLUXE resistance bands for a full-body workout.

Price & Warranty 

GYMPROLUXE are definitely not the cheapest brand out there, but they aren't the most expensive either. Depending on your resistance level, you should expect to spend $100-$180 on your band and bar.

When you compare that to other brands like Decathlon ($40-70), or Bodylastics ($80-120), it is more expensive, but it offers greater value for money.

There’s higher resistance, more durability, and it’s easier to use, so it’s worth spending a little bit extra.  

GYMPROLUXE also back up their band and bar with a lifetime warranty, so you can contact them at any point if there's any manufacturing or material defect, and they'll replace it free of charge.

This helps protect your investment and makes it easier to justify spending a little more.

Shipping and Customer Service

GYMPROLUXE ships worldwide and actually offers free shipping on most orders.

They deliver in 2-15 days, but in our experience, it's a lot quicker, and everything we've ordered has arrived in 3-6 days. 

Their customer service is responsive, and you should get a reply within a day if you have an issue.[2]







Value For Money


Overall Score


Pros & Cons Of The GYMPROLUXE System 

What We Like 

  • High Resistance  
  • Easy To Use 
  • Effective Strength Training 
  • Great For Use When Travelling 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Great For Upper Body

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Expensive 
  • Extra For Add-ons 

Comparisons With Alternative Bands And Bars 

The GYMPROLUXE is a high-performing resistance band system, but how does it compare to the competition?

We've chosen two popular products to see how it measures up:

GYMPROLUXE Vs Innstar Portable Resistance Bands 

INNSTAR Resistance Bands Bar Exercise Bands...

The Innstar portable resistance band system looks and feels quite similar to the GYMPROLUXE, and it's around the same price point.

It has 4 different resistance levels for users at different stages on their fitness journey and a wide range of attachments so you can perform multiple different exercises across your whole body.  

When you compare the Innstar and GYMPROLUXE systems, there are a lot of similarities. They are both easy and comfortable to use, they both work well at home, and they're both easy to transport.

The one thing that separates them is the quality. The GYMPROLUXE resistance band system is better made, and we found it a lot more durable.

Many people have reported issues with the Innstar portable resistance band system after just a few months, and it’s definitely not as long-lasting.  

Both resistance band systems are good, but if you're looking for a longer-term investment in your home gym, the GYMPROLUXE is best.  

GYMPROLUXE Vs Bodylastics Resistance Band Set 

On Sale Today
Bodylastics Resistance Band Set-Resistance...
  • ✅ Get An Extra-Durable Exercise Band Set:...
  • ✅ Durable Clips For Safe Attachment: Our...
  • ✅ Wirecutter Pick For Many Years Running:...
  • ✅ Workout With Easy Grip Ergonomic Handles:...

There’s a lot to like about Bodylastics, and their resistance band set is excellent for beginners. It's affordable and has a range of bands, so you can switch up the resistance as needed.

It also comes with handles and ankle straps so you can work your upper and lower body. Bodylastics is a cheap way to remove the need for strength training equipment at home and will allow you to work out easily when you're traveling.  

The limitation of Bodylastics is the resistance level. Their bands don't really go over 100lbs, and while that's fine for beginners, it isn't going to be enough for advanced lifters.

The bands aren't as tough either, and they’ll break more easily than the GYMPROLUXE bands.  

If you're a beginner looking for an affordable resistance band system, then Bodylastics is a good solution, but if you're looking to train hard and want a longer-term investment, you'll be better off with GYMPROLUXE.

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Various Workouts & Programs With GYMPROLUXE

The best part about resistance band systems is that you can perform a variety of workouts.

The GYMPROLUXE band and bar are great for building a broad chest, and here are some of the most common exercises: 

Chest Flies 

Chest flies are great for training your pectorals and will give you a killer chest pump.

Start with the GYMPROLUXE bar behind your back and a band in each hand.

Extend your arms, so you're pulling the resistance bands away from you and across your body.

Pause at full extension, and then lower back to start position. Aim for 8-12 reps in each set.  

GYMPROLUXE chest flies

Bench Press 

The bench press is the ultimate upper body builder and will help you strengthen your pectorals, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

To perform it with the GYMPROLUXE, start by lying on a bench or the floor with the bar underneath your back.

Grip the handles and raise them straight upwards so that the bands are stretched out away from you. Pause at full extension and then lower back to starting position. Aim for 8-10 reps in each set. 

GYMPROLUXE bench press

Seated Rows 

Seated rows are used to target your back muscles and will help you grow your lats. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs fully extended. Put the GYMPROLUXE bar underneath your feet and grip the handles.

Pull them up towards your body like you’re rowing, and then slowly lower them back to starting position.

You can get a special foot extension to help you with seated rows, but this isn’t necessary. Just make sure you keep your legs straight and don’t curl your back through the movement. Aim for 10-15 reps in a set.

GYMPROLUXE seated rows

Bicep Curls 

Biceps curls will help give you strong, broad arms and forearms.

Start with the bar on the floor and your feet on it to hold it in place. 

Grip one or both handles and pull upwards, curling in towards your shoulders.

Pause at the top, and then slowly lower back down. Aim for 8-12 reps in a set.  

Make sure you hold tension in your bicep throughout the whole movement.

GYMPROLUXE bicep curls


Deadlifts are one of the ultimate compound exercises which train your legs, back, core, and shoulders in one movement.

Start with the bar on the floor and stand on top of it to hold it in place. 

Bend your knees slightly and reach down to grip the handles, keeping your back straight. Straighten your body in one smooth motion and pull the handles upwards until they’re at waist height.

Pause for a moment, and then lower back down to starting position. Aim for 6-10 reps in a set.  

GYMPROLUXE deadlifts

If you're an experienced lifter, you'll already know how to introduce these into your training routine, but it's worth starting slow if you're a beginner.

Focus on the compound exercises, like bench press and deadlifts, and work on getting your form right. 

As you get more comfortable, you can introduce some of the other exercises into your routine.

Once you've got some of the fundamentals down, you should aim for 3 to 5, 30-minute resistance band training sessions a week to maximize the benefit to your body.

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Common GYMPROLUXE Questions 

Is the GYMPROLUXE ever discounted?

Yes, GYMPROLUXE offers discounts a few times a year, generally in early May/June, and in January. There are also coupon codes available online, which offer 5-50% off.

Does Gym Pro Luxe ship worldwide?

Yes, Gym Pro Luxe does ship worldwide, though the costs for shipping will vary for each region. It may also take longer for goods to reach certain countries.[3]

Where can I get GYMPROLUXE coupon code? 

We have you covered. Click the link below!

Is GYMPROLUXE available on amazon?

Yes, the majority of GYMPROLUXE products are available on Amazon in the UK but not in the US. We recommend buying through the website as they offer better customer service and returns policy.

Do they offer any refunds if you do not like it? 

If you're not fully satisfied with your GYMPROLUXE product, then you can return it for a refund or replacement within the first 30 days. You will have to pay to ship it back yourself, though.

Email –
Call - (USA) 092 999 5211
(UK) 0203 429 7970

Conclusion - Is It Worth It?

The GYMPROLUXE resistance band set is a little more expensive than some other home gym equipment, but it’s definitely worth the money. 

It’s tough, durable, and well suited for beginner or advanced lifters. If you want a great resistance band workout at home or on the move, this is one to check out.



Last Updated on August 3, 2023