Gym Equipment For Arm Fat Loss (5 Essential Machines)

None of us want to get jiggly arms, but as we get older, it can seem unavoidable. The problem is that we don’t always know what to do about it. There’s so much fitness equipment out there that it's challenging to know what the best gym equipment for arm fat loss is.

Well, don't worry, because, in this guide, we'll show you exactly what you need to build strong, toned arms.  

Spot fat reduction isn’t really a thing, and you should only expect to get slimmer arms if you’re reducing weight and body fat across your entire body. Spot fat reduction has been debunked by the fitness community. However, targeting your arms will help you build muscle, which will help to improve how your arms look by toning them and encouraging arm fat loss.  

Not all gym equipment will have the same impact, so here and the best machines to use regularly:   

1. Elliptical Machines 

Elliptical machines, sometimes called cross-trainers, are primarily used for cardio but can have a real impact on the muscles in your arms. They are one of the most effective pieces of equipment for reducing overall body fat and burning a lot of calories quickly. They're also low impact, so they are perfect for those with injuries or mobility issues.  

Using an elliptical machine involves pushing forward and backward with your feet and arms. You do this by mirroring a running movement on the foot pedals and pushing forward with your arms. They engage pretty much every muscle in your body and will shape your upper and lower body simultaneously.

However, it's the handlebars that will benefit your arms the most. Pushing with your arms engages your biceps and triceps to encourage muscle growth and tones your upper arms. This, combined with the fat loss from the elliptical workout, can really help you reduce arm fat quickly.  

To maximize the benefit to your arms, you should focus on pushing the handlebars forward and taking the emphasis off your legs. You should be able to track your heart rate and calories burnt on the screen, so really push yourself to get results.

Using an elliptical 2-4 times a week for 30 minutes at a time should help you tone your arms and reduce your body fat in a few months.

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2. Cable Lat Pull-Down Machine 

Lat pull downs can be performed using a cable machine, and you'll find one in practically any commercial gym. Lat pull down machines let you target your upper body in one movement, reducing your body fat and helping you build lean muscle.

They’re a great way to target your upper arms and help to reduce the jiggle from any unwanted body fat.

Lat pull down machines are easy to use. You just sit facing the machine, reach up to grab the bar, and pull it down to below your chin. Then, pause for a second and raise it back up. This will engage your lats, lower back muscles, shoulders, and arms in one compound movement.  

By engaging many muscles at once, you can burn a lot of calories and reduce your body fat more quickly. In addition, your biceps will be targeted throughout the movement and will help you grow and shape them.

This combination of body fat loss and muscle building will help to reduce your arm fat. Lat pull down cable machines are reasonably affordable and one of the best ways to reduce fat in your arms while simultaneously building a strong upper body.  

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3. Dumbbell/Barbell Set  

Dumbbells and barbells are among the most useful pieces of equipment in any gym because they are so versatile.

You can use them for upper and lower body movements, cardio, and general strength building, so they’re a brilliant way to build lean muscle and reduce your body fat. They’re particularly effective at reducing arm fat because you can perform exercises that isolate your biceps and triceps.  

Bicep curls are the best way to tone up flabby arms. You’ll just need to grab the barbell or dumbbell and curl it up towards your shoulder and back down again. Tricep extensions will also help to reduce arm fat and stop the jiggle which can occur in your underarm.

You’ll need to lift the barbell above your head and lower it until it reaches your upper back. You should feel a good pump with both of these exercises and see results in just a few weeks.  

Dumbbells and barbells are so useful because you can continually mix it up. There are lots of different arm exercises to try, so you can continually mix it up and challenge your body.

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4. Rowing Machines 

The rowing movement is one of the best ways to build a strong back. It engages your upper and lower back muscles but also targets your biceps and triceps to give you stronger, more toned arms.

Rowing machines also introduce a cardio element to get your heart racing. This helps burn more calories and helps to reduce your body fat levels across your body.  

Rowing machines are found in every commercial gym, and you can pick them up fairly cheaply at home. To use them, you'll need to sit on the seat and reach forward to grab the bar.

Then, push with your legs and pull with your arms until the bar is just in front of your lower chest, and slowly lower it back to starting position to complete the row movement. After 20 or 30 minutes of intense rowing, you should have worked up a good sweat, and you’ll definitely feel it in your arms. 

Rowing machines won’t increase the muscle mass in your arms like weightlifting will, but the combination of strength and cardio training will work wonders on your body. Performing 30-minute rowing sessions 3-5 times a week will help to reduce your arm fat and give you a better-looking, muscular physique.  

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5. Pull-Up/Dip Stand 

Pull ups are the ultimate way to train your body. They engage your entire upper body in one movement and can help you build a strong back and core. They also put a lot of emphasis on your biceps and will help you to grow strong arms.

Dips are also a great exercise for your arms and force your triceps to work really hard. Combining these exercises will give you much stronger arms and can completely transform how they look.  

The issue with pull ups and dips is that they’re difficult to perform, and you can risk injury. Pull up and dip stands have been developed to help you control the movement and make sure you're maximizing the benefits without hurting yourself.

You'll see them in commercial gyms, but you can also pick them up for a garage gym if you're working out at home.

By performing a mix of pull ups and dips, you can dramatically change your body composition. This won't just reduce your arm fat; it will reduce your overall body fat and give you a leaner physique. Try to perform 3-5 sets of pull up and dips each week, and you should see good results in less than 3 months.  

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Benefits Of Exercise Equipment To Lose Arm Fat 

As we said, you can’t reduce body fat in one area without reducing it across your body, but you can tone up your body by increasing muscle mass.

All of the fitness equipment listed above gives you the best of both worlds because it will burn calories, reduce your body fat, and grow the muscles in your arms. This means you will look better, feel stronger, and reduce any wobbly bits in your arms.  

We’ve included a range of different strength and cardio equipment in the list to suit different people’s workouts. Women will naturally have less muscle, so they can usually lift lighter to tone their arms.

Men may need to lift heavier, so larger fitness equipment like lat pulldown machines can work well. For us, dumbbells are the best investment because you can lift light or heavy, and you can incorporate them into a range of movements to burn more calories and reduce your overall body fat.

Whatever your current physique or fitness level, if you start using one or more of these pieces of equipment 2 to 5 times a week, you should see a reduction in your arm fat and notice the benefits across your body. 

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Gym Equipment For Arm Fat Loss (5 Essential Machines)

How To Choose Gym Equipment For Arm Fat Loss 

All of the above equipment will help you lose fat in your arms, but the choice you make will depend on a few key factors: 

  • Your Goals 
    If your goal is just to reduce arm fat loss, you're best going for equipment that will increase your calorie burn and help you to tone your arms, so something like an elliptical works well. However, If you want to reduce your arm fat and grow muscular arms, then you will be better off with weights, so dumbbells or barbells are best. Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve and find the equipment to make that happen.  
  • Your Fitness Level 
    You should also consider your current fitness level. Ellipticals and rowing machines can be used by pretty much anyone, but pull ups and dips are challenging to perform. There's no point investing in equipment you can't use, so if you're a beginner, we'd recommend a cardio machine or some light dumbbells to get you started.
  • Your Space  
    Space is at a premium in a home gym, and you aren't always going to have room for bulky equipment. You need to consider what will actually fit, and if you have a tight gym, you might decide barbells or dumbbells are best. These will let you train your arms but can also be used for a range of exercises, so you won't need multiple pieces of gym equipment.   
  • Your Budget  
    Finally, you need to consider your budget. Some equipment can be very expensive, and it's not always worth breaking the bank over. For example, cable lat pull down machines are useful, but they're also quite expensive. If you want to work out your arms in a home gym without spending a fortune, we recommend investing in a small set of dumbbells or a cheap pull up bar.  

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Gym Equipment For Arm Fat Loss FAQs 

Why won’t my arms get thinner?  

There are many reasons why your arms might not get thinner. If you're lifting weights but not eating right then, you're probably building muscle but not losing the layer of fat on top, which can leave your arms looking bigger. If you are exercising and eating right, it could be down to an external factor, like stress, which can stop you from changing your body composition.

Can I lose arm fat by lifting weights? 

Lifting weight will burn calories, which in turn will cause some fat loss in your arms. The real benefit of weightlifting is that it will help to tone your arms and can improve how they look in a short period of time. 

How can I slim my arms fast?  

If you want to slim your arms down quickly, you should go on a strict diet, increase your protein intake, start lifting weights and eat more fiber. You should notice some results quickly, but consistently eating right and training will help you to get slim arms in the long run.

Can treadmills reduce arm fat?  

Treadmills won’t target arm fat directly, but the movement will help to tone your arms slightly. However, walking or running on a treadmill regularly will burn calories and reduce your overall body fat percentage. This will have an impact on your arms, but it may take longer to see results. 

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How can you lose arm fat without equipment? 

Performing push ups, planks, running, jumping jacks, and yoga regularly can help you tone your arms and lose arm fat. Having a healthy diet will also reduce your arm fat, so try to keep your body in a calorie deficit 


There are many ways to tone your arms, and we've introduced some of the best gym equipment for arm fat loss here. If you're still unsure, we would recommend investing in some dumbbells because they can be used by people of all levels and are really beneficial for your arms.

However, it all comes down to personal preference, and hopefully, you've found something here that you’re eager to use in your next workout.  

Last Updated on December 18, 2022

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