Get RXD Review – Is It A Good Quality Home Gym Brand?

If there’s one thing that home gyms are fantastic for, it’s building muscle and increasing your overall fitness. 

The key to any home gym is finding excellent equipment; this is where Get RX'D comes in and sets a high standard for all home gym brands.  

This detailed guide is one of the most comprehensive Get RXD reviews out there and will show you everything you need to know about buying this brand's products and services.  

Get RX’D is an industry-leading supplier of gym equipment that has branched into the home garage gym industry.

They have over 2000 state-of-the-art gym equipment products that are innovative, excellent quality, and affordable.  

When it comes to investing in a home gym, it’s essential to use a company that has stood the test of time. Get RX'D spent 30 years manufacturing fitness equipment, they have come into their own and is difficult to beat on price and quality.  

They also have a vast selection of products, so you’ll be spoiled for choice and will no doubt find the perfect solution for your home gym.  

With Get RX’D being based in the USA, you can rest assured that the quality of their gym equipment is high; you only need to look at their Get RX’D reviews online to see that this is true.  

Nothing’s worse than spending your hard-earned money on poor quality equipment; luckily, with Get RX’D, this isn’t an issue. You’ll love everything they offer you and are an excellent brand choice for your home gym.  

GETRXBrand Review 

1. All in One Home Gyms 

When it comes to providing you with all in one home gym packages, Get RX’D doesn’t do it half-heartedly.

Their all in one packages are some of the best and most complete home gym packages around. There are multiple choices to choose from, ranging from as low as around $120 upwards to $4000.

So as you can see, it will all come down to your budget for your home gym and what type of equipment your home garage gym requires.  

To start with, their cheapest package is a "Build Your Own Garage Gym." This may seem like the most affordable package to begin with, but that price is for the Get RX’D squat rack alone.

To actually use this package effectively, you’d need to add a Get RX’D barbell, Get RX’D bumper plates, and potentially some other accessories, which I'll cover later.

All of this will bump the price up significantly but could still fall within your budget if you're savvy. 

I have two favorite Get RX'D home gym packages, the first is the PK3000 Garage Gym Package, and the other is the basic Fundamentals Garage Home Gym Package. 

I like both of these for different reasons, but I've found that they make excellent options for any home gym. 

The Get RX’D PK3000 Garage Gym Package is the cream of the crop and comes with everything your home gym will ever need to ensure you build your fitness up to its peak. 

get rxd pk3000 all in one package

It’s also worth noting that the PK3000 comes with a price tag of around $3800, which might not be within everyone’s budget. But, if you find that you can stretch your budget for the PK3000, the likelihood is that you’ll never need to buy anything else for your home gym ever again.  

It comes with a Get RX’D power cage, Get RX’D bench press, 230lb Get RX’D bumper plate set, Get RX’D resistance bands, Get RX’D plyo box, an air bike, rowing machine, and much more. Far too much for me to cover in this review, but you can check it out on the Get RX’D website; it’s seriously impressive.

get rxd fundamentals home gym package

As impressive as the PK3000 is, it might not be within your budget.

If you’re really scraping the purse strings but need a home gym, Get RX’D has you covered with their Fundamentals Garage Home Gym Package. 

The Get RX’D Fundamentals Garage Home Gym Package comes with the basics of what you’ll need to start any home gym.

With the Fundamentals Package, you get an Olympic Barbell with 160lb of Get RX’D bumper plates, a Get RX’D medicine ball and Get RX’D rings for bodyweight training. While these two are my favorites, there are several other packages that fill the gaps between the two that you may wish to have a look at.

2. Commercial & Custom Gym Fit Outs 

If your home gym isn’t enough and you find yourself opening a commercial-sized gym (unlikely, but weirder things have happened, right?), then you’ll want to check out Get RX’D commercial fit-outsThey offer anything from a 24’ HIIT studio rig to a $65,000 Studio Series Gym Package, which looks nothing less than excellent 

With the Studio Series Gym Packages, the number of configurations your equipment can have is endless. You start with a single workout bay and expand out from there with all kinds of gym equipment. The equipment ranges from Get RX’D Guillotine Squat Rack to complete sets of kettlebells, bumper plates, punch bags, slam balls, battle ropes, and more. 

This package can easily cater to an entire gym, so the question is, what do you need? Get RX’D will make it. You can even fill out their custom request form online for a personalized quotation for your commercial or home gym.  

However, if you’re not opening a commercial gym and you’re looking for a custom gym fit-out for your more extensive home gym, then you're in the right place. Get RX'D can easily create a home gym package for your gym, depending on what you’re after.  

Seriously, Get RX’D states, “We’ll customize a package for your space, needs, and budget!". You've heard it straight from the horse's mouth, so fill out their custom request form and start planning your home gym build.  

I’m a massive fan of what Get RX'D is offering here, it's not often you find a company that can not only provide a wide variety of top-grade equipment, but they'll customize it to your needs. This is something special, and the whole process from the start to the end product is handled by Get RX'D themselves - no third party go-betweens.  

get rxd Commercial & Custom Gym Fit Outs

3. Other Gym Equipment Products

So far, in this Get RX’D equipment review, we’ve covered the All In One Home Gyms and the Commercial & Custom Gym Fit-Outs. But, what else does Get RX’D offer? – Quick answer, it’s a lot.  

With over 2000 products, it would be impossible for me to discuss them with you, so I’ve hand-picked some of my favorites that I know you'll love. Plus, they're precisely what you’ll need for your home garage gym.  

Firstly, Get RX'D has an excellent selection of Olympic barbells varying in price, starting as cheap as $110, which is an absolute bargain if you ask me. However, my favorite barbell is the Stealth Bar (Men).

get rxd olympic stealth barbell

It has a great looking black zinc finishoversized bushings, and can withstand 216,000 PSI. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which goes to show how much faith Get RX’D has in the quality of their products.  

To go with every Olympic barbell, you’ll need a great set of bumper plates; luckily, Get RX’D has you covered. They’ve got several different types of bumper plates that range from budget to premium.  

No home gym would be complete without a bench of some sort; this is why Get RX’D has created some of the nicest looking Get RX’D bench presses I’ve used, and each one has its own merits. With them starting as low as $140, you’ll be able to invest in one without breaking the bank.  

Lastly, they’ve got several jumbo power racks, including the 4 Post Builder Power Rack with a heavy-duty frame ideal for anyone who enjoys heavy lifting. Plus, a build your own Jumbo Rack that includes resistance cables, kettlebells, Get RX’D dumbbells, and a squat rack with a built-in pull-up frame.  

Comparisons With Similar Home Gym Brands 

Get RXD Vs Rogue Fitness   

When comparing Get RX'D and Rogue, one of the stand-out differences I noticed was the price. Rogue was much more expensive than Get RX’D and, in some cases, almost double the price. An example of this is the 20KG Rogue barbell which costs $350, whereas the Get RX’D version will set you back only $180, which is a huge difference.  

I also noticed that the spec of the Get RX’D equipment is more often than not better than Rogue’s offerings. One thing I did like about the Rogue equipment is that it looks fantastic, especially when you customize the coloring to match the style of your home gym. Overall, if your looking for home gym equipment with outstanding quality and a reasonable price that won’t break the bank, then Get RX’D is the brand for you. 

Get RXD Vs PRx Performance 

After looking at Get RX'D and PRx Performance, both brands of home gym equipment are excellent and will make an outstanding addition to any home garage gym. Neither brand lacks quality, and each provides everything your home gym will need, whether you’re a beginner or advanced gym-goer.  

However, just like with Rogue Fitness, the PRx Performance equipment is more expensive than Get RX’D. But, one thing I love about PRx Performance is that it can fold away to a depth of 4 inches, which is brilliant for any home gym that’s lacking space. Get RX’D does have rigs that take up minimal space, but none that operate as PRx does 

Overall, Get RX’D is a brilliant home gym brand that provides true value for money. So if you’re on a budget for your home gym, then you will no doubt be better off going with them.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where is Get RXD located?  

Get RX’D has over 30 years in the business which is the longest around. They’re a US-based fitness brand. The products are designed, manufactured, and sold in the USA (Houston, TX).

The fact that they've kept all of their supply chains in house helps ensure the quality of their equipment doesn't drop. It also means a lower price for you as there aren’t as many markups on the price.  

When was Get RXD founded? 

As I mentioned above, Get RX'D started as a small family-run business in 1985. They're still owned by the same family, just on a much larger scale than when they first opened their doors.  

Even though they’ve grown as a business, the quality of their products has never suffered, making them an excellent home gym brand.  

Does Get RXD have product discounts and promotions? 

Get RX’D has plenty of product discounts and promotions throughout the year. One of their most significant sales each year is... you guessed it, Black Friday. However, they also offer discounts depending on order volume. So if you want to order multiple Get RX’D bumper plates, they’ll give you a discounted rate. They also offer veteran’s discounts, which is an excellent touch from Get RX’D. 


If you've been thinking of upgrading your home gym, then Get RX'D offers some of the best fitness equipment around. Not only are they of exceptional quality, but their prices aren’t overly expensive either.  

With a wide selection of equipment available (over 2000 products), you’ll be able to fully kit out your home gym with ease, especially if you purchase one of their home gym packages, which provides you with everything you’d need to get started. Overall, Get RX’D is a brilliant choice; I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am. 

Last Updated on January 2, 2023