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Looking for a heavy-duty functional trainer to work your entire body without needing to buy additional equipment? If so, you need an all-in-one multi-trainer.

However, it can take some work to figure out which is the best option for your home gym.

Luckily, I've tested one of the best all-in-one functional trainers on the market, the Force USA X15 Pro.

By the end of this Force USA X15 Pro review, you’ll know everything you need to know about the X15 and why it is or isn’t the right functional trainer for your garage or home gym.

Force USA X15 Pro Home Gym

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


*American Customers - EXTRA 5% OFF - USE 'GGP5' at Checkout

Our Experience Using This Home Gym

At first glance, the Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer looks fantastic. It's extremely well built, like many of the Force USA offerings, and will look the part in most home gym spaces.

The Force USA X15 pro functional trainer has a compact design, which is smaller than the X20.

This is mainly because of the half rack system the X15 Pro uses, while the X20 uses a full power rack.

As the Force USA X15 Pro multi trainer has a smaller footprint of 70” W x 57” D x 91” H, it’ll save you a ton of space compared to if you bought standalone workout stations.

When I first used the functional trainer, I found the smooth-moving pulley system to be a pleasure to use.

There were no jerky movements, and I could feel a consistent tension on my muscles. Adjusting the pulley system’s position was quick and seamless; as a whole, it was excellent.

When it came to using the half-power rack system, I found it to be as sturdy as it looked.

As a result, you get all the benefits of the full power rack without needing as much floor space.

I was worried that the shallower internal depth would hinder my ability to perform incline bench press (which was an issue with some of the G-Series multi trainers), but this wasn’t a problem, and I could comfortably use my adjustable bench inside the Force USA X15 Pro.

While the X15 uses Westside hole spacing, it only uses it so far up the uprights.

This isn’t a massive problem, but it would have been nice to have the 1” hole spacing to go all the way up the upper rack instead of switching to regular hole spacing.

Overall, I found the X15 to be a well-designed functional trainer with a power rack, giving you everything you need to work your full body.

My only gripe is the price. It's not cheap (around $4000), and that's without the optional upgrade package, which is an additional $700.

Although considered an "upgrade," it's definitely worth purchasing.

Even though the price might seem expensive initially, if you wanted to purchase each workstation separately, it would cost thousands of dollars more and will take up 5x as much space.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, be sure to check out the Force USA G-Series all-in-one systems.

Size & Dimensions In The Home

Force USA X15 Pro Home Gym Dimensions

When it comes to size and dimensions, the Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer is as compact as you can get.

It’s perfect if you need more space in your home gym as it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

I set my X15 Pro home gym equipment up in the corner of my garage, and it fits perfectly.

It doesn’t stick out as much as the Force USA X20, which uses a full power rack system.

Even though it has a smaller footprint, you can still perform over 400+ exercises on this all-in-one machine.

It’s a complete gym in one machine; it’s unlikely you’ll need any other equipment once you’ve got the Force USA X15.

However, I must add that the Force USA X15 Pro functional trainer with a half rack does share the same height as the X20, which is 91”... the machine is tall, so please ensure you’ve got the ceiling space.

I always recommend leaving a 1-2 foot above the 91” as headspace for your pull-ups.

I was impressed with the internal height of the X15 Pro, which is 86”, making it ideal for anybody under 7ft.

So unless you’re extremely tall or play for the NBA, you’ll find you can use the Force USA X15 Pro functional trainer and half rack comfortably.

Here are the dimensions of the Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer:



External Width


External Height


External Depth


Internal Width


Internal Depth


Internal Height


It’s important to note that you don’t need any additional space at the rear of the Force USA X15 pro-multi-trainer as the weight plates storage is on the sides and doesn’t stick out beyond the frame.

Tips from a Trainer!

I recommend ensuring you've got around 8'4" of ceiling height and around 9'2" of width to accommodate space for a barbell on the half rack. Please measure before ordering! 

Design & Build Quality

The Force USA X15 functional trainer with power rack uses space extremely efficiently. It’s one of the most compact all-in-one multi-trainer home gym systems you can buy. 

Its implementation of a half rack eliminates much of the “bulkiness” that the X20 has without sacrificing quality.

Even with such a small footprint, the Force USA X15 Pro remains extremely stable no matter what part of the machine you’re using.

Its stability has a lot to do with the 3”x3” 11 gauge steel frame that this functional training equipment is constructed of.

I was impressed by the X15's versatility, as it comes with a wide range of attachments you'd see in most commercial gyms.

In addition, if you buy the upgrade kit, you'll gain additional strength training stations that increase its versatility further.

When I tested the power rack, I was impressed that a half rack could seem as robust as this one.

Even when I failed my squat lifting of 350lbs, the powerful safety spotter arms on the squat rack had me covered.

One of the only issues I have with the design is the lack of a Smith machine. The X15 has a similar design to many of the G-Series machines but lacks this feature.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice to have the option on the Force USA Pro X15 multi-trainer.

Overall, the compact nature of the Force USA X15 Pro leaves you with plenty of spare room in your home gym while packing in brilliant 6-in-1 workout stations (9-in-1 with the upgrade kit).

I think for the price, another brand would struggle to match what Force USA has designed here regarding its robustness and versatile design (which I’ll cover in more detail in the next section).

The excellent design is backed by Force USA’s lifetime structural warranty, which is a nice touch and gives you peace of mind.

Workout Stations & Versatility

Force USA X15 Pro Upgrades & Attachments

The Force USA X15 Pro multi trainer with a half rack is extremely versatile, offering you 6 workout stations (with an option to add 3 additional using the upgrade kit).

With these stations, you can train your entire body by performing over 400+ exercises.

The main workout stations and attachments are as follows:

A Half Rack (Power Rack)

The Force USA X15 uses a half-rack power rack which is suitable for almost all barbell exercises.

There are easily over 50+ exercises you can perform on this workstation, but I’d argue there are more.

Some of the exercises you can perform are the bench press, military press, deadlift, squats, bent-over rows, power cleans, rack pulls, and more.

Functional Trainer

If you love functional training, the X15 Pro multi-trainer comes with heavy-duty roller pulleys and dual-weight stacks so you can perform over 75+ cable exercises.

Each side moves independently and uses a 2:1 cable pulley ratio.

Some exercise examples include bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, lateral raise, wood chops, front raise, cable cross-overs, reverse flys, upright row, and more, allowing you to work all major muscle groups.

Chin-Up Station

Force USA X15 Pro Home Gym Chin Up Station

The Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer comes with two chin–up bars, a straight bar, and a multi-grip chin-up bar.

Both feature excellent knurling and allow you to perform a wide variety of body-weight exercises.

Some examples include wide grip pull-ups, reverse grip pull-ups, close grip, neutral grip chin-ups, hanging leg raises, and more.

Landmine (Core Trainer)

The landmine allows you to train your lower and upper body using a variety of movements such as squats, thrusters, single arm presses, trunk rotations, and many others.

There are over 30+ landmine exercises you can do on the Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer. This number increases when you purchase the upgrade kit, as it comes with a multi-grip landmine handle.

Suspension Trainer

One of the most overlooked features of the Force USA X15 Pro functional trainer is the suspension trainer bracket.

The bracket allows you to add attachments like the TRX suspension trainer (sold separately) to the X15 multi-trainer.

By adding a suspension trainer to the X15 power rack multi-trainer, you can perform hundreds of body weight exercises while adding another workout station.

Some popular exercises include inverted rows, suspended press-ups, dips, tricep extensions, pikes, plank, inverted shrugs, and more.

I attached resistance bands to mine to assist me with my pull-ups once my arms were fatigued.

Low Row Station

The low-row plate that attaches to the bottom of the uprights allows you to use the weight stacks to work your back muscles. You can perform over 10 exercises on the low-row station.

The low-row plate has slip-resistant plating and a powder-coated finish for added grip.

Jammer Arms (Included With Upgrade Kit)

By purchasing the optional jammer arms, you can perform exercises like bent-over rows, incline bench presses, deadlifts, shrugs, squats, lunges, snatches, and more.

The fixed movement pattern allows you to do these movements with improved safety, allowing you to push yourself beyond failure without needing a spotter.

They’re also useful for beginners looking to learn a movement and develop confidence.

Matador Dip Handles (Included With Upgrade Kit)

The Matador dipping handles are V-shaped, allowing you to adjust your grip position from 172 to 23".

You can perform chest dips, tricep dips, inverted rows, reverse shrugs, and many other exercises by adjusting the position.

Lat Pulldown (Included With Upgrade Kit)

The lat pulldown upgrade kit comes with a seat attachment, multi-grip lat pulldown bar, and a knee holder.

While you can perform lat pulldown on the standard Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer, the additional seat and knee holder make performing the exercise more comfortable.

Attachments (Included As Standard)

The Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer with power rack comes with a selection of attachments and handles.

Some of the attachments include 2x J hooks, 2x safety spotter arms, lat pulldown bar, aluminum straight bar, close grip triangle, ankle cuff, 2x plastic D handles, tricep rope, V bar, short bar, and 2x extension chains.

There are also the weight holders, but I’ll talk about them in a moment.

Weight Range

Force USA is known for its robust strength trainer systems that can withstand a large amount of weight. The Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer with a half rack is no exception.

Here are the weight ratings of the X15:

  • Power rack: 992lbs
  • Pull-up bar: 772 lbs
  • Shelving: 992lbs
  • Functional trainer: Tested to 2000lbs

The functional trainer cable pulley system uses a 2:1 ratio and uses aircraft quality cabling that’s been tested beyond the weight you’ll be able to lift on the X15.

The two weight stacks weigh 289 lbs each and can move independently of each other.

There are also 8 storage pegs for your weight plates and two barbell storage slots.

Assembling This Product

When the Force USA X15 multi trainer with half rack arrives with the curbside delivery, it comes in three wooden crates on a pallet.

The shipping weight is around 1500 lbs, and the optional upgrade kit weighs around 110 lbs, so altogether it's pretty heavy.

To move these boxes into your home gym space, you’ll need some assistance.

I had two friends help me move the boxes from my drive into my garage, and I highly recommend you do the same, or at the very least have one person help you.

When it came to assembling the Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer, I found it had the same minor issues other Force USA products have.

The 15-page instruction manual is good but does lack some instruction on more complex parts of the assembly.[1]

If you’re new to assembling gym equipment, it might take you a little longer to make sense of the diagrams.

Luckily, I’ve built many home gym setups, and I’m familiar with the Force USA manuals, so it only took me 4-5 hours to assemble the functional trainer.

To assemble the Force USA X15 functional trainer with half rack, you only need basic tools such as an adjustable wrench and Allen wrench set.

I recommend you avoid using power tools as they can sometimes damage the fixings; it’s the last thing you want to happen.

Always assemble your X15 in the position you intend to use it. It’s extremely heavy once it’s built, mainly due to the weight stacks and heavy-duty frame.

You should also ensure that you’ve got a minimum ceiling height of 8ft 4 inches to allow clearance space above your X15 functional trainer.

Failing to do so will result in you being unable to use the pull-up bars effectively.

If you’re worried about the assembly of the product, you can use the third-party professional installers that Force USA recommends.[2]

It will cost you around $700, but it will save you time and stress.

Price Guide

The price of the Force USA X15 functional trainer with a power rack isn’t cheap.

It’ll cost you around $4000 and can reach as much as $6000 if you add on the upgrade package ($700) and other add-ons like the adjustable bench or Olympic barbells.

However, you can offset some of the cost using our discount code GGP5, which saves you 5% off your purchase.

I used the money I saved to purchase the upgrade package, and I highly recommend it. You get more attachments, more storage, and additional exercise possibilities.

While spending $4000-6000 on one piece of equipment might sound like a lot, you're actually getting six strength training machines in one.

If you upgrade the six strength training machines become nine strength training machines…it's a bargain! It'll last for years and save you time and money spent going to a commercial gym.

And you get all nine workout stations on one space-saving footprint.

If you wanted to purchase each workout station separately, it would take up 4x as much space in your home gym and would cost a hell of a lot more (even costing you a few thousand dollars extra).

If you have enough floor space and a large budget, you might want to check out the X20; it’s similar to the X15 but comes with a full power rack rather than utilizing the half-rack system.

Shipping & Warranty

The cost of shipping will vary depending on your location.

If you’re living in the US, shipping costs around $350-400, so be sure to consider this when deciding on your budget. Shipping is available in 48 states and is a curbside delivery service only.

As it’s a curbside delivery, I recommend you have somebody available to help you move your Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer into your home gym space.

Please don’t attempt to move it by yourself; it’s heavy…trust me on this one.

If you live in the UK, you’ll be happy to know that you can have your Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer delivered to your door for free. Free shipping for UK buyers - it’s a no-brainer, right?

If you live in Canada, you can purchase your X15 multi-trainer with power rack from the website.[3]

The shipping cost will vary depending on your location, but you can expect to pay between $99 and $599 for shipping in Canada.

Lastly, if you live in Australia, your Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer shipping will vary depending on what part of Australia you’re in. On average, it’ll cost between $130-480.

I recommend buying your Force USA X15 Pro from for the best prices and fastest shipping.

When it comes to the warranty, like all other Force USA products, the X15 functional trainer with half rack comes with a lifetime structural warranty, 2 years on cables, pulleys, and moving parts, and you get 90 days of wear and tear for all upholstery.

Force USA offers one of the best warranties in the business. 

Pros And Cons Of The Force USA X15 Pro Multi-Trainer


  • 6 in 1 machine (9-in-1 if you purchase the optional upgrade kit)
  • Extremely robust design
  • Small footprint
    (70 in W x 57 in D x 91 in H)
  • Half rack design saves space
  • Excellent build quality
  • Over 400+ workout options
  • Large amount of additional attachments
  • Suitable for taller users
  • Comes with 2 x 289lb weight stacks
  • Two barbell storage holders included
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Smooth cable pulley system
  • Brilliant multi-grip chin-up bar
  • Doesn’t shake when using the equipment
  • You can have multiple users at once
  • Optional upgrade kit for a reasonable price (highly recommended)
  • Westside spacing
  • Lifetime frame warranty included


  • Doesn’t include an adjustable bench
  • It uses a 2:1 ratio
  • Westside spacing stops midway
  • No weighted plates included
  • No Smith machine

Who Should Buy The X15?

The Force USA X15 functional trainer with half rack isn’t suitable for everyone. However, it’s an excellent multi-trainer for the following people:

  • Gym-goers who perform bodybuilding or powerlifting style training with limited space
    The X15 makes the most of its small footprint; it manages to pack a commercial gym into one machine, which is impressive. In addition, its heavy-duty frame is ideal for powerlifting; there's no need for a full power rack with this model. And the dual-weight stacks allow bodybuilders to overload their muscles from multiple angles using constant tension.
  • Lifters who don’t need a Smith machine
    If you’re primarily using a free weight barbell for your training, such as performing CrossFit or powerlifting workouts, the X15 is an excellent choice for you. You don’t need to bother with a Smith machine.
  • Personal trainer/physical therapists with limited studio space
    The Force USA X15 gives you all the tools you need to train your clients in a small space and without needing a commercial gym. You get hundreds of workout options without requiring a lot of equipment that'll clog up your studio.
  • Strength coaches or athletic trainers
    The robust 3”x3” 11 gauge steel frame can handle the weight your strength athletes will be lifting. It’s ideal for you if your studio doesn’t have room for multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Small commercial gyms
    Small-town gyms are the perfect location for the X15. It’s commercial grade and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Hotels, police stations, or fire departments
    The gyms in these small spaces are often looking for a piece of equipment that won’t take up a lot of space. And this is where the X15 excels. It’s one of the best compact strength trainer systems around, and you won’t go wrong with this professional-grade unit in your own space.
  • Taller lifters
    This complete home gym system is tall. At 91” high, you would need to be over 7ft in height to have issues using this machine. The Westside spacing also allows you to adjust the J hooks and safety spotter arms to the perfect height for your body.

Considering Buying The FORCE USA X15 Pro?

  • US Customers - BUY HERE - Use 'GGP5' at checkout for EXTRA 5% OFF
  • Australian Customers BUY HERE - Check the LaTest price

Unique Features Of The X15 Pro Multi-Trainer

6-In-1 Strength Training System (9 If You Upgrade)

The Force USA X15 multi-trainer is a 6-in-1 functional trainer that you can work your entire body on without needing a huge amount of floor space.

While the X15 comes with six training stations, you add three more by purchasing the upgrade pack, making the X15 into a 9-in-1 multi-trainer.

The X15 comes with the following stations as standard:

  • Half rack
  • Functional trainer
  • Landmine attachment
  • Straight chin-up bar (Multi-grip bar is available too)
  • Low-row foot plate
  • Suspension trainer loop (suspension trainer not included)
Force USA X15 Pro Assembled Home Gym

If you purchase the upgrade kit, you add the following:

  • Jammer arms
  • Lat pulldown kit (includes lat pulldown seat, knee pad, and multi-grip bar)
  • Matador dip handles
  • Many attachments (Multi-grip landmine handle, metal D handles, 4x storage shelves, and a TV mount)

The X15 is basically a commercial gym that you can install in your garage.

Half Rack Foundation

The X15 uses a half rack system which makes up your squat rack portion of the multi-trainer.

Half racks are generally “half” the size of a full power rack, so the X15 isn’t as bulky, leaving you more space for other gym equipment (not that you’ll need it).

The X15 multi-trainer saves you around 30” compared to the X20, which is a considerable amount of space, especially if your home gym is on the small side.

I also found that the X15 has placed the 11 gauge steel uprights closer to the weight stacks than the X20.

By doing so, you can adjust the weight on the barbell a lot quicker, often only taking just a few seconds.

While you might not think saving a few seconds is much, it adds up and gives you more rest between heavy sets of squats… your legs will thank you for it.

The only downside to using half racks is that you lose some security. Some lifters prefer having uprights at the front and back of them to make them feel safer during heavy sets.

If this sounds like you, then the X15 might not be for you, and you should look at the X20.

I must admit, though, I’ve never had an issue using half racks, and the X15 multi-trainer is one of the safest pieces of equipment I’ve used.

I should also mention that the X15 squat rack doesn’t come with flip-down safety bars like the X20 does. But with the X15’s incredibly robust safety spotter arms, I’d argue they aren’t needed.

The X15 multi-trainer is suitable for both professional and residential settings and has an incredible weight capacity, which I’ll touch on in the next section.

11-Gauge Stainless Steel Uprights

The X15 multi-trainer has a robust design that allows you to lift heavy in your home gym. It has an 11 gauge stainless steel construction, giving it a weight capacity of 992 lbs.

992 lbs should be more than enough for most gym goers and is a fairly high rating for a piece of home gym equipment.

While some home gym equipment uses 11 gauge steel for the uprights only, the X15 multi-trainer uses it for the uprights, cross members, and feet, so every part of the equipment is up for the task.

Dual Integrated 289 Lbs. Weight Stacks

Force USA X15 Pro Weight Stacks

The dual-weight stacks on the X15 functional trainer are fantastic.

Each weight stack provides you with 289 lbs of smooth and consistent resistance; it's one of the best cable pulley systems I've tested.

Like the X20 and some of the G-Series machines, it uses a 2:1 pulley ratio.

So, for example, if you load 100 lbs onto the X15, the resistance that you'll feel will be 50 lbs (it basically halves the weight for you).

While I’m not always a massive fan of a 2:1 ratio, it works incredibly well on the X15, and it provides more than enough resistance even when I maxed out the weight stack.

At no point did I encounter any sticking points or jerkiness, which is a rare find with functional trainers and proves the X15 is a well-made product.

Each weight stack ranges from 20 lbs to the full 289 lbs, so anyone from beginner to more advanced lifters can use the functional trainer. 

However, if you're a super strong-strength athlete looking to compete in strongman events, you might find the weight a little underwhelming.

Still, if you need to add resistance to the weight stack, you can use my sneaky trick - adding a resistance band to the weight pin. It's not perfect, but it's a quick and easy solution.

If you’re looking at buying this piece of equipment for your home gym, I highly recommend you purchase the upgrade.

With the upgrade, you get several functional attachments, such as the multi-grip lat pulldown bar, which works incredibly well with the dual-weight stacks.

The low-row station also benefits from the smooth-moving dual-weight stacks; I loved working my lats using this piece of equipment.

When it came to adjusting the weight, it was simple, and I could perform quick transitions, which is perfect for drop sets and supersets.

Space Saving Storage System

Force USA X15 Pro Home Gym Barbell Storage

The X15 functional trainer comes with several fantastic attachments to not only help you store your equipment but to keep your workout space tidy and safe.

There are 8 plate holders on the X15 (4 on each side of the functional trainer).

This is enough to store more than a full set of weighted plates.

The plate holders can hold both Olympic and standard plates, so there’s no need to worry about buying new plates if you already own a set.

On top of the plate storage, there are two barbell holders that can hold your Olympic barbells when you aren't using them.

These are located on the rear of the X15 and don't take up much space at all. Of course, nobody would know they're there unless you told them.

If you purchase the upgrade kit, you get more storage in the form of storage shelves. The storage shelves can be used to keep your attachments on while they’re not in use.

The shelves aren’t designed as additional plate storage.

Comparing The X15 Pro With Other Force USA Home Gyms

Force USA X15 Pro Vs X20

On the surface, the X15 Pro multi-trainer is a trimmed-down version of the X20. Both are commercial gym quality and come with pretty much the same accessories and attachments.

The main difference is that the X15 functional trainer is a half-rack system, while the X20 functional trainer uses a full power rack.

The only other difference is the price, the X20 is around $1000 more expensive, but I guess that’s the price you pay for a bigger, more robust functional trainer.

If you're looking for a functional trainer for your home gym but are struggling for space, the X15 is your best option.

However, if you can afford to take up more floor space, you should consider the X20 home gym system.

The X15 and X20 have the same upgrade kit available, including a lat pulldown seat, jammer arms, lat pulldown bar (with different grip widths), knee holder, cable attachments, and even a TV mount.

Overall, both are excellent functional trainers, and you should pick one depending on your floor space.

Force USA X-Series Vs G-Series

When comparing the X15 to G-Series machines like the G15, one of the first noticeable differences is the lack of a Smith machine on the X15.

The X15 is designed for lifters wanting to use more free weights (like the barbell).

Lifters who perform powerlifting or CrossFit-style workouts will benefit from the X15 more.

The G-Series machines, on the other hand, offer you a bit of everything and are best suited for general fitness and bodybuilding.

Both the X15 and the G-Series come with a selection of cable attachments, a pull-up bar, cable pulleys, and more.

Lastly, the X15’s price can be more expensive compared to some of the G-Series offerings.

The G-Series start at $2000 and go up to $7000. Have a look at the G-Series if the X15 doesn’t fit into your home gym budget.

Comparing Similar Home Gyms

Force USA X15 Pro Vs Rogue FT-1 Functional Trainer

At first glance, the Rogue FT-1 functional trainer is a robust piece of equipment with the same build quality as the X15.

However, it doesn’t come with a squat stand/rack like the X15 does, which is a huge loss if you ask me.

The Rogue FT-1 is a functional trainer only, and while it does come with storage space (costs extra) for other pieces of equipment, such as kettlebells, it doesn’t stand a chance when compared to the X15, in my opinion.

And, the FT-1 will set you back around $6500, which is a large sum to pay, considering you can get a 6-in-1 home gym for around $2000 less with the X15.

If you don’t want to use a barbell and have a large budget, the FT-1 is great, but I’d always opt for the X15.

Force USA X-Series Vs Inspire Fitness M3 Multi Gym

The Inspire Fitness M3 multi-gym is an excellent piece of home gym equipment; it’s made for a totally different type of gym-goer when you compare it to the X15.

The X15 is designed for someone looking to lift heavy weights using a barbell and using the cables to add some "assistance" exercises to their workout.

In comparison, the M3 is designed for gym-goers who don't want to use a barbell.

I’d say the M3 is best for the older generation as it’s relatively safe, and there is no risk of you getting stuck under a barbell.

If you’re looking for a way to work your entire body using one machine without barbells, the M3 is ideal.

The M3 is also around $1000 cheaper than the X15.

Still, it's difficult to compare the price as you get a hell of a lot more with the X15, especially if you purchase the upgrade kit with the jammer arms.

X15 Pro Workout Programs &Weekly Training Routine

Here are some workouts to follow when you first try your X15 functional trainer:




  • Barbell squats
  • Incline bench press
  • Seated low row
  • Cable lateral raises
  • Bicep curls (aluminum straight bar)
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Landmine wood chops


Rest Day


  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Floor press (barbell)
  • Wide grip pull-ups
  • Wide grip dips
  • Single-arm cable curls
  • Hanging leg raises


Rest Day


  • Barbell front squat
  • Incline bench press (jammer arms)
  • Barbell row
  • Single-arm landmine press
  • Lat pulldowns (lat pulldown bar)
  • Push-ups
  • Russian twists


Rest Day


Rest Day

Tips from a Trainer!

Perform 3-4 sets of each exercise for 8-12 reps depending on your ability. And have a 60-90 second rest between sets.  

Common Questions About The Force USA X15 Pro

Does the X15 pro come assembled?

No, the Force USA X15 Pro multi-trainer is delivered in three wooden crates to your curbside. It’s up to you to assemble the product. This is the case with all Force USA all-in-one trainers.

Who shouldn’t buy the Force USA X15?

The X15 isn’t for you if you’re on a tight budget or don’t have enough floor space in your home gym. The Force USA X15 is expensive ($4000-6000) and is extremely tall (91”); you need a minimum ceiling height of 8’ 4”, in my opinion. Another reason you shouldn't buy the X15 is if you want a Smith machine included.

Is anything missing in the Force USA X15?

When I look at the Force USA X15, the main thing that’s missing is the Smith machine. The Smith machine is available on many other Force USA products, such as the G-Series models, and it’s excellent. As the X15 is missing the Smith machine, it also doesn’t include the vertical leg press attachment, which is a shame.

Does Force USA offer any discount codes for the X15?

Yes, Force USA does offer discount codes. You can save 5% off your purchase by using our discount code GGP5. You can use the money you’ve saved to pay for the shipping costs or put it towards the optional upgrade kit, as I did.

Where are Force USA products made?

As you can probably tell from the name, Force USA makes its products in the USA. They’re based 20 miles outside of Salt Lake City in Draper, Utah. As they make their products in the US, you can rest assured that they’re extremely well made.

Planning On Buying the FORCE USA X15 Pro?

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If you’ve been looking to upgrade your home gym but don’t have much space, what you need is an all-in-one trainer.

The Force USA X15 is an excellent option as its highly compact design manages to squeeze six workout stations into one machine (with the option to add three more).

Be sure to read through this X15 review and see why I think the Force USA X15 is one of the best multi-trainers around that’ll take your workouts to the next level.


Force USA X15 Pro

Force USA X15 Pro Home Gym

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


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Last Updated on September 23, 2023

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