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The Force USA G15 is one of the best home gym machines I’ve tested. It’s tough, versatile, and great for serious lifters - so it’s easy to see why it’s got so many positive reviews.

The one downside of the G15 is the price; even compared to other Force USA home gyms, it's expensive.

If you're going to spend this kind of money, you need to make sure it's right for you.

In this guide, I'll give you the full breakdown of the G15. I'll show you where it's strong, its limitations, and who this machine is best for.

Force USA G15 Home Gym

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


*American Customers - EXTRA 5% OFF - USE 'GGP5' at Checkout

The G15 all-in-one trainer is one of the most popular premium models on the market.

I've been using this functional trainer for over a year now, and I've put a lot of hours into getting under the hood of the best qualities.

Here's my full, honest, and first-hand full Force USA G15 review:

Our Experience Using This Home Gym

The Force USA G15 all-in-one trainer is a great replacement for a commercial gym membership.

It has a power rack, Smith machine, and cable pulley system like you would expect from an all-in-one trainer, but it also features a pull-up station, leg press station, core trainer, seated low row options, and a lot of different attachments.

It has everything you need for a full body workout. I was able to perform big compound lifts and individual isolation exercises easily.

In fact, the best feature of the Force USA G15 functional trainer is that it’s really easy to use. It comes with everything you need, and once assembled, it's straightforward, with minimal configuration.

You'll be able to jump between sets and keep your workouts really efficient.

The Force USA G15 weighs a lot, but it is really stable. I tried it out with heavy weight plates and a max-weight stack, and there was no wobbling or shifting.

Of course, for this price tag, you'd expect it to be heavy-duty, and it didn't disappoint. 

One thing I found slightly awkward was the bar on the Smith machine. There's a small amount of inertia you can feel on the Smith bar, which stops it from gliding as smoothly as it could.

It didn't impact my workouts particularly, but when you're lifting heavy, you might need to lubricate the Smith bar slightly.

The other small limitation is that you have to do shoulder presses and overhead press movements seated.

The Force G15 is specifically designed to fit in a minimum ceiling height space, which is useful, but the dimensions of the machine slightly limit these movements.

All in all, the Force USA G15 all-in-one trainer is great to use. It's the ultimate plug-and-play device, with no complicated configuration needed to move between sets and exercises.

There are no awkward movements or workarounds needed with this functional trainer, and it honestly feels like a true replacement for a gym membership.

Size & Dimensions In The Home

Force USA G15 Home Gym Dimensions

The Force USA G15 all-in-one trainer is specifically designed for smaller home gyms.

It has a smaller footprint than the popular Force USA G20 and a much smaller height than other premium all-in-one trainers.

In fact, it’s one of the best all-in-one trainers for a compact home or garage gym.

It can be used for upper and lower body strength training, so it saves you space by removing the need for a separate squat rack, power rack, or other weights.

It also has integrated storage on both sides for your plates and four storage shelves for accessories if you purchase the optional upgrade kit.

The low height can make it difficult to do standing press movements, so you'll probably need to sit down with them too.

It also comes with a pull-up station, so you'll need to have enough height above it to use it fully.

Ideally, you need to have 1 foot of space on either side of the all-in-one trainer and a minimum ceiling height of 7 feet 8 inches.

You also need about 5 feet in front of the functional trainer for different movements.

Design & Build Quality

There are no two ways about it. This is a very high-quality all-in-one trainer.

The thick 11-gauge steel can take some heavy use, and even the smaller components feel sturdy.

It has a really stable base, and despite the fact it doesn't bolt down,  it would take some real effort to get it to move.

I was slightly worried that this more compact functional trainer would feel cramped, but it doesn’t. The quality is excellent, but for this price point, I expect it. 

However, what really impressed me about the G15 compared to other Force USA's is some of the small design changes they've made to improve the experience. 

These small details and enhancements take this all-in-one trainer to the next level.

The hooks on the Smith machine are bigger and easier to use, and the clips on the pulley machine make switching attachments between adjustment points easy.

The cable holes are also big enough to fit J-hooks, so there are more storage options.

They've replaced the rubber stopper on the bottom of the Smith machine station with a series of metal springs.

This means it catches the bar with much less impact, so there’s less noise or potential damage to the machine.

They’ve also put extra thick rubber on the safety spotter arms (which comes as standard).

Again, this isn't necessarily needed, but it absorbs the shock if you drop the bar on a lift, so there's much less noise and no risk of damage to the equipment.

The G15 all-in-one trainer will likely get a bit scuffed up over time, but you should expect the Force USA G15 to last for a long time.

Workout Stations & Versatility

Force USA G15 Dip Handles

The Force USA G15 is one of the most versatile on the market, with stations for upper and lower body work.

The dual weight stacks on the pulleys can be used individually or together for various exercises, and there are dual exercise charts on the G15 all-in-one trainer so you can follow along.

The Smith machine is great for upper body work, too, though you'll need to buy a bench for the bench press separately.

There's also a dip station, low row attachment, lat pulldown station, leg press attachment, and core trainer station.

There are a lot of different handles and attachments that come as standard, and the optional upgrade kit gives you even more!

The safety bars are one of the best features of the Force USA G15. These come as standard and let you do the bench press, shoulder press, and other lifts safely without needing a spotter. 

The safety bars mean you can train safely without a spotter.

I also really appreciated the multi-grip pull-up bar. There are narrow, wide, regular, and 45-degree grips for pull-ups as standard.

Plus, there's a ring in the middle of the pull-up bar station, which lets you do assisted pull-ups with resistance bandsThis makes pull-ups accessible to everyone.

The ring can also be used for a heavy bag if you're doing a boxing routine.

However, what I liked the most were the jammer arms which come as an optional extra with the G15. 

The jammer arms let you do explosive, athletic exercises with much greater stability. They help to improve your form and are great for people of all abilities.

You've also got the option of different resistance ratios on the cables (more on that in a minute), which can make some isolation movements more accessible if you want to and makes it easier to address muscle imbalances.

The mix of weight stacks, pulleys, and Olympic weight plate options makes the Force USA G15 an extremely versatile machine and gives you complete control over your workouts.

If you have some experience, you can get great results from this functional trainer.

Weight Range

The Force USA G15 functional trainer has different weight ranges for the different equipment.

The cable pulley has two weight stacks, and each weight stack has 285 lbs. This gives you a combined weight of 570 lbs across both weight stacks.

However, a unique feature of the Force USA G15 is the adjustable cable pulley ratio.

Most of Force USA’s other models have a 1-1 cable pulley ratio (so you’re pulling exactly what you set the weight to), but the Force USA G15 has either a 2-1 or a 4-1 pulley ratio.

This means you’re either pulling 50% or 25% of what you set on the weight stack. I'm not sure how useful this pulley ratio feature is for everyone. 

It's useful for drop sets if you want to quickly lower the resistance for a finisher, and it can also be helpful for isolation exercises - but it feels slightly unnecessary.

It seems just as easy to switch the weight stack itself, so I don't think it adds much.

The Smith machine and Smith bar station take Olympic plates and can handle up to 770 lbs. This is a lot, even for experienced lifters, so you should be able to lift heavy.

There are also holes for band pegs which can be used to add extra bands for more resistance, and the G15 is the only model with band pegs on the top and bottom of the machine.

The Force USA G15 functional trainer smith machine also comes with a counterbalance mechanism.

This makes the bar weigh 0, so you're only lifting the loaded Olympic plates. You can turn this counterbalance system off if you want to add extra weight.

The Force USA G15 power rack can handle up to 990 pounds. This is huge for a home gym and even a lot for a commercial model, so you shouldn't even get close to reaching the max.

I lift heavy, and I was impressed by the weight range on this functional trainer.

It's far more than most other functional trainers on the market, and it's a great alternative to free weights for experienced lifters.

Assembling This Product

The Force USA G15 is not an easy machine to assemble.

There are a lot of adjustable hooks and different weight stacks which need to be built separately, and even with experience, I found it very challenging.

If you get the optional extras (sold separately), there are even more parts to deal with.

Force USA does work with third parties who can build your product for you, but there is an additional cost.

The instructions are good [1], but if you don't have experience building a large home gym, squat rack, power rack, half racks, or other gym equipment, then it's worth paying extra for them to assemble it for you.

If you want to do it yourself and save the additional cost, you should allow at least two days to finish the building.

It's also worth asking a friend for help because there's a lot of weight to handle when lifting heavy-duty parts.

Price Guide

The Force USA G15 functional trainer is expensive. There's no disguising it or hiding it. This is one of the most expensive home gym machines and is not for anyone on a tight budget.

In fact, depending on where you buy from, the Force USA G15 home gym can cost up to $7000.

When you compare this to other home gym machines, it's a lot more, especially because you can pick up a beginner's model (like the Body Solid BSG10X) for under $2000.

However, the Force USA G15 functional trainer is not a beginner's model. It's well-made, durable, easy to use, and very versatile.

When you compare the G15 functional trainer to other home gym models, it might seem like a lot, but when you compare it to an expensive gym membership over a few years, then it isn't so bad.

It's designed to last and could actually save you money in the long run.

Force USA makes premium home gyms, and you should expect to pay more for this brand. The real question is, is the Force USA G15 functional trainer good value for money?

The answer is yes, but it’s only worth it if you’re a serious lifter.

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping costs will vary depending on where you're ordering from. The shipping weight does mean that the delivery costs are reasonably expensive, though.

Within the USA, you can order directly from Shipping within the USA costs about $400 and takes about 5-7 days.

There are additional charges if you want to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Nantucket, and other remote locations because of the high shipping weight, so you need to contact support separately.[2]

If you're within the UK, you can order from the site and the shipping is included (provided you spend over £250).

If you live in Canada, you can purchase your G20 on Your shipping costs will vary depending on where in Canada you are. You should expect to pay between $99-599.

And, If you're in Australia, you can purchase the Force USA G20 from Shipping your functional trainer will cost between $130-480, depending on your territory.

The Force USA G15 functional trainer is covered by a great warranty.

You get a lifetime frame warranty, two years on moving parts, and a 90-day wear and tear warranty (covers accessories and attachments).

This lifetime structural warranty backs up the quality of the machine and gives you a bit of extra protection.

Pros And Cons Of The Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer


  • Compact design - great for small home gyms
  • Premium quality - durable and long-lasting
  • Versatile - with a Smith machine, power rack, and 8 different workout stations
  • Great for heavy lifters - with a high weight capacity
  • All included - you don’t need to purchase any extras to get the most from this functional trainer
  • Great multi-grip pull-up bar with ring for assisted pull-ups
  • Protected by a lifetime structural warranty


  • Expensive - it's good value for money, but it's only for those with a big budget
  • Too compact for standing shoulder press or overhead press
  • One of the more challenging all-in-one trainers to assemble

Who Is The Force USA G15 Best For?

There is a lot to like about the Force USA G15 and it's clearly designed for serious lifters.

The tough materials, high-quality design, and versatility make it great for proper full-body training and removes the need for other equipment or a commercial gym membership.

The Force USA G15 is fantastic for:

  • Serious lifters.
    Lifters with some experience who want something other than a commercial gym membership. 
  • Small home gym owners.
    The compact dimensions of this functional trainer make it better than other Force USA models. Plus, it has built-in storage to save extra room.
  • People who want a true all-in-one solution.
    It has loads of functionality and removes the need for most other equipment.
  • Those who want a simple, ‘plug and play’ full body workout.
    Once assembled, it is really simple and easy to use and comes with everything you need for a stress-free workout.
  • Those who train regularly.
    It’s made for regular, tough use.
  • People who train on their own.
    The spotter bars and smith machine make it safe to lift heavy without a spotter.
  • Small gyms in offices or hotels.
    Places where you have people with different levels of experience.

Beginners probably won't need a functional trainer with all these features, and it's perhaps more weight than they can handle.

Instead, beginners are better with something cheaper, like a Bowflex or BodySolid model, which will still be challenging and give them room to grow.

If you have a tight budget, then the Force USA G15 isn't for you. It's good value for money, but it's expensive, and you need to make sure you can afford it before you buy.

Considering Buying The FORCE USA G15?

  • US Customers - BUY HERE - Use 'GGP5' at checkout for EXTRA 5% OFF
  • Australian Customers BUY HERE - Check the LaTest price

Unique Features Of The G15 Model

At first glance, the Force USA G15 functional trainer looks quite similar to other Force USA's, but some unique features set it apart:

8-In-1 Strength Training System

Technically, the Force USA functional trainer has an 8 in 1 training system, but it’s actually more like a full gym. The various stations include:

  • Power rack (technically a half power rack)
  • Smith machine
  • Pulley stations
  • Low row station
  • Dip station
  • Lat pulldown station
  • Leg press plate
  • Suspension trainer
Force USA G15 Assembled Home Gym with Add Ons

The combination of these upper and lower body exercise stations lets you do over 400 different exercises.

This is much more than most all-in-one trainers and lets you mix up your home gym routine and train each part of your body differently each day.

You can also mix it up by using weight plates on the Smith machine and half rack, weight stacks on the bars, and body weight exercises with a pull-up bar that supports multiple grip widths - so you can choose the best way to work out for you.

Cost Saving & Space Efficient Design

This is one of the key features of the Force USA G15 home gym.

The G15 functional trainer is not only incredibly versatile but it's also made to be much smaller than other Force USA home gym models, particularly the Force USA G20.

This makes it perfect for a small garage or home gym, despite the fact it has a full power rack.

Before I tried the G15 functional trainer, I was slightly worried that the small dimensions might make it less effective.

That's not the case, and you can do most workouts without any issues, though cable crossovers and shoulder press movements can be slightly limited.

This functional trainer with efficient design also includes plate and barbell storage on the sides and four storage shelves in the middle if you buy the optional upgrade pack.

Despite having a wide range of accessories and bars, you have the space needed to store them, so you'll be able to keep your home gym tidy.

Interchangeable Cable System

Force USA G15 Home Gym Interchangeable Cable System

The cable system is very different from other Force USA functional trainer models.

It uses a 2-1 or 4-1 pulley ratio with the cables, depending on whether you attach the handles to one or both of the clips.

This means you're essentially either lifting 50% or 25% of the amount on the weight stacks, depending on which you clip into.

This pulley ratio feature can take some getting used to, but it’s great for isolation exercises on your smallest muscle groups.

It’s also useful for drop sets where you want to go until failure.

There's some split opinion about what the ideal pulley ratio is, and some people do prefer the 1 to 1 pulley ratio, which the Force G12 and Force G20 use.

However, I think it's useful for those who aren't lifting as heavy and gives you the option to drop the weight quickly without breaking up a set.

Counterbalanced Smith Machine

This G15 functional trainer has a counterbalanced Smith machine that offsets the bar's weight.

This means that you're only lifting the loaded weight and not the weight of the smith machine bar itself (around 35 pounds).

This Smith machine counterbalance mechanism is useful if you want to keep strict control over your lifts. You can turn this mechanism off if you want to add the extra 35 pounds on top, though.

18 Functional Attachments Included

Force USA G15 Attachments

Some functional trainer models only come with a few attachments, so you spend a lot more than you bargained for so you can actually use the machine properly.

However, that's not the case with the Force USA G15 functional trainer.

It comes with over 18 different handles and attachments as standard, including low row handles, a straight bar, curl bar, depth hangers, lat pulldown bar, leg press attachment,  safety spotter arms, knee holder, ankle cuff, and 6 hex collars.

There's also a pull-up and chin-up bar with wide and close grip options on the top of the functional trainer.

Most all-in-one trainers give you less in the standard package, so even though the G15 functional trainer costs a lot - it gives you everything you need without having to spend any more.

There are even detailed exercise charts to help you use them all thoroughly.

Jammer Arms

The Force USA G15 all-in-one trainer is the only Force USA model in the G series with the option of jammer arms.

These don't come as standard, but if you purchase the upgrade package, they're part of the upgrade kit.

The jammer arms can be used for press, row, squat, or pull exercises. They're great for performing explosive lifting movements and often used by athletes to get a full range of movement.

If you want access to jammer arms, you must have a G15 with the upgrade kit.

Comparing With Other Force USA Home Gyms

Force USA G15 Vs G20

The Force USA G20 is regarded as one of the best functional trainers in the world, and it's very similar to the G15 functional trainers.

They both have a smith machine, pulley system, half rack, leg press plate, and all kinds of attachments so you can work your full body. However, there are two key differences.

Firstly, the G20 uses a 1 to 1 pulley ratio. This means you lift exactly the weight you set, which many people find more convenient.

However, if you regularly do drop-down sets or have multiple people of different levels using the machine, you may prefer the G15 2-1 or 4-1 pulley ratio.

Secondly, the G20 is a bigger home gym system than the G15 all-in-one trainer, with a much bigger internal width.

This makes it easier to do the shoulder press or overhead press exercises, but it also means it won't fit in a low-ceiling home gym.

The G15 and G20 are top-of-the-line models that will work as an alternative to a commercial gym for experienced lifters or personal trainers.

The Force USA G20 has slightly more functionality but it’s larger, so if you have limited space you’ll be better with the Force USA G15.

Force USA G15 Vs G12

The Force USA G12 is really similar to the G15 and G20, especially if you purchase the standard model.

The G12 is slightly less expensive and marginally smaller, but it still has the smith machine, power rack, and cable pulleys.

The G15 is basically an upgrade of the G12, but they look and feel very similar. The only real difference is the optional upgrade package options.

Both the G12 and G15 offer an optional upgrade package, including additional attachments and TV mount options.

However, the G15 upgrade kit gives you access to a vertical leg press, storage shelves, and jammer arms (the jammer arms aren't available on any other Force USA models).

These additional features cost more, but they make a big difference, so if you can afford the upgrade package, you're better with the G15.

Force USA G15 Vs G9

The Force USA G9 is more affordable than the G15 all-in-one machine. It doesn't have all the functionality, but it's still good for lifters with some experience.

The main difference is that the G9 is plate loaded and doesn't have a weight stack. This can make workouts slower and relies entirely on the plates you have available.

The G9 doesn't have any storage shelves either (though it has plenty of weight plate holders and barbell storage), and it has limited upgrade options.

The Force USA G9 is still good for full body workouts but is not as suitable for powerlifters or bodybuilders.

The lack of weight stacks does limit it slightly, but if you have a smaller budget, then the G9 is a good choice.

Force USA G15 Vs G3

The Force USA G3 is one of the more basic models and doesn’t have as much functionality as the G15.

They both let you do a wide variety of exercises, including bench press, squat, and vertical leg press. They both have a Smith machine for supported weight training too.

The key difference is that the G3 doesn't have any weight stacks and relies entirely on plates.

This makes it less convenient for some exercises and relies on you having more weight available for bigger lifts. However, without a weight stack, the assembly is much easier.

The Force USA G3 is cheaper than the G15 at around $2000 and offers good value for money.

If you're a powerlifter on a budget, then the G3 is a good asset that will support a range of training styles.

However, if you're an experienced lifter or bodybuilder looking for a home alternative to a full gym, you're better with the G15.

Force USA G15 Vs G6

The Force USA G6 is another very similar model to the G15.

It uses weight stacks, a Smith machine, and a power rack to support a range of movements, and it also gives the option to use resistance bands in the holes for band pegs to add more weight to lifts.

The G6 is the narrowest Force USA model, but also the tallest. It's great for tall users, but if you have a super wide grip, you might not get the full range of motion from the pulleys or Smith machine.

The G15 has more workout stations, more weight and barbell storage, and the extra width to make it easier to train your whole body.

The G6 is about $1000 cheaper, but it won't fit in a low-ceiling gym, so unless you're really tall, the G15 is a better option.

Comparing With Similar Home Gyms From Other Big Brands

Force USA G15 Vs Inspire Fitness M2

The Inspire Fitness M2 is a popular home gym system many beginner and intermediate lifters use. There are lots of other reviews showing how good it is, and it's clearly a popular model.

The Inspire Fitness M2 only has 160 lbs in the weight stacks, whereas the G15 can support over 300 lbs.

It also has a very different design from the Force USA G15 and only uses weight stacks, not plates.

There's also no Smith machine or power rack, so you have less versatility. There is a leg press station but no option for vertical leg press.

There's also no dip station or bar for pull-ups or chin-up exercises.

The Inspire Fitness M2 has many different workout stations and attachments, like a lat pulldown bar, which lets you hit your upper and lower body.

However, compared to the G15, it's a lot more limited.

The M2 is a good home gym machine, but it's no replacement for a full power rack, weights set up, or gym membership.

If you're an experienced lifter or bodybuilder, there's no competition here - the Force USA G15 is a better model that will give you better results.

Force USA G15 Vs Body-Solid Exm3000lps

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS is designed for serious lifters. It has two weight stacks of 420 lbs and multiple different workout stations, including a leg press station for lower body work.

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS has a lot of versatility and can be used by multiple people at once, but there's no smith machine or power rack (not even a half rack).

It relies entirely on weight stacks, and there's no option for plate loading.

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS is also really big. It takes up a lot of space and won't work in a small home gym. It also lacks other features, like a TV mount and plate or barbell storage.

The Body Solid model is slightly cheaper, but if you are a serious bodybuilder or lifter, then the Force USA G15 all-in-one trainer is the better option.

The smith machine and power rack are better for lower and upper body strength development, and it's the better choice for anyone with limited space.

My G15 Workout Programs & Routine

The G15 works best for quick, intense workouts, but it can be used to support any kind of lower and upper body training.

Using the power rack/ half rack, Smith machine, and other workout stations, you can hit your whole body.

It's easy to adjust the J-hooks to the right level for different exercises, and it should only take a few minutes to configure them. You can also use bands to create a suspension trainer setup.

If you buy the optional upgrade, you'll also have a core trainer, jammer arms, a bar row handle, and other equipment.

The exercise charts on the machine will help guide you through different movements, but here's a 7-day workout program I've been using:

Monday - Legs & Shoulders




Vertical leg press



Seated smith machine shoulder press



Smith machine squats (or use the power rack/half rack)



Smith machine lunges


8 (on each leg)

Cable or smith machine deadlifts



Cable machine lunges



Tuesday - Back & Biceps & Abs




Lat pulldown (using the included lat pulldown bar)



Close grip chin up (using the multi-grip chin-up bar if you have space)



Plank climbers (using the suspension trainer station)



Close grip barbell curls



Seated lat row/ low row (using the foot stop or a low anchor point)



Preacher curls



T bar row (using the included short straight bar, or the T bar row handle landmine attachment which is part of the optional extra pack)



Ab rollout (using the suspension trainer)



Wednesday - Chest & Triceps




Bench press (adjust the J-hooks down on the power rack just above the bench)



Tricep cable pull down



Incline bench presses



Standing cable crossovers



Dips using the power rack (use the extension chains to add more weight if needed)



Inverted low row (using the power rack)



Close grip chest press (set the J-Hooks lower for this)



Standing overhead triceps extension



Thursday - Rest

Friday - Legs & Shoulders & Abs




Glute bridge and curl using the suspension trainer



Barbell or smith machine shrugs



Barbell or smith machine squats (set the spotter arms to the low adjustment points)



Seated shoulder press (move the J hooks so you don’t hit them)



Upright row using cables



Smith machine crunch



Saturday - Chest & Triceps & Back




Incline cable fly



Upright row/ seated low row using the lat pulldown bar






Bench press (use the spotter arms at the low adjustment points if you don’t have a spotter)



Wide grip lat pulldown



Incline bench press (again, use the spotter arms to the right adjustment points)



Tricep drips (you can use the spotter arms on the rack)



Lat pulldown bar finisher


8 (or until failure)

Sunday - Rest

Commonly Asked Force USA G15 Questions

What is the minimum ceiling height I need?

You need a minimum ceiling height of 7ft 8 inches to fit this trainer in. That’s lower than your average power rack or half rack, so it should fit in most garage or basement gyms.

What size weights fit the G15?

The G15 smith machine bar and weight holders on the power rack only fit Olympic plates, not standard plates.

What is the cable rating of G15?

Force USA's G15 uses heavy-duty cables with a tensile strength of 2000 lbs. They provide a smooth motion, and the quality is the same as you would find in commercial gyms.

What is the cable pulley ratio of the G15?

The G15 has a pulley ratio of 2 to 1 or 4 to 1. If you clip the cable attachments into the bottom, the pulley ratio is 2 to 1, so it's 50% of how much resistance you set on the weight stack. If you clip the attachments into both clips, you'll have a pulley ratio of 4 to 1. There's a big difference in weight, and you'll notice it in the pulley movements.

Who shouldn't buy the Force USA G15?

This piece of equipment isn't for very tall users because you won't have the space needed to use the trainer properly. It's also not for anyone on a tight budget, as it's an expensive model. The weight capacity of the piece of equipment is good for people of all levels, but it's probably overkill for beginners.

What features are missing in Force USA G15?

The G15 functional trainer doesn't have a bolt-down option. I've found the overall stability good without it, but if you have an uneven gym floor, then you might be worried about the weight of the trainer. It doesn’t come with a bench either, which is important for some exercises, but these are sold separately by Force USA.

Does Force USA offer any discount codes for the G15?

Yes, you can use our code ‘GGP5’ for 5% off your G15 home gym.

Does the G15 come assembled?

No, your G15 Pro won't come assembled, and this can be a challenging piece of equipment to put together. It may be worth paying a professional to do this if you don't have experience putting together racks/half racks/ squat racks. This will incur an additional cost but should ensure the overall quality of the piece of equipment.

Planning On Buying the FORCE USA G15?

  • US Customers - BUY HERE - Use 'GGP5' at checkout for EXTRA 5% OFF
  • Australian Customers BUY HERE - Check the LaTest price

To Wrap Things Up...

Is the Force USA G15 worth it? Absolutely.

It's expensive, but the high quality and long lasting materials and the combination of a Smith machine, power rack, and other workout stations make it a great investment.

If you've got a big enough budget and want an all-in-one trainer that is good enough to replace your commercial gym membership, but is small enough to fit in your home gym, then this is the one for you.

The Force USA G15, G20, and G12 are all amazing all-in-one solutions for serious home workouts, but the G15 is best for those with a low-ceiling home gym.

Force USA G15

Force USA G15 Home Gym

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


*American Customers - EXTRA 5% OFF - USE 'GGP5' at Checkout



Last Updated on April 16, 2024

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