Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

I must admit that I’ve lost interest in recumbent exercise bikes in recent days and focused more on classic indoor exercise bikes and other fitness equipment. But when a buddy of mine got his hands on Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike, I could not resist writing a review about it.

Exerpeutic brand does not need any particular introduction. But in case you are not familiar with the brand, they make all kinds of fitness machines and their main focus is on indoor exercise bikes.

Without further due, let’s dive right in the features.

Features of Exerpeutic 1000 Magnetic Exercise Bike

Product Specifications

Min-Max Seat Height

5.3” - 6.6”

Min-Max Handlebar Height


Product Weight

63 lbs

Product Dimensions

54” L x 22” W x 34” H

Max Capacity

300 lbs


Belt Drive


8 levels



As the name states it is a belt-driven magnetic bike with a balanced flywheel. This combination makes the bike very quiet, which can’t be really said about air bikes. It offers 8-levels of magnetic tension to adjust the ride according to one’s needs.

The bike comes with an LCD screen with all the needed stats: time, speed, calories burned, distance, scan and heart rate. The large, comfortable and cushioned seat and backrest provide great stability and comfort during the exercises.

The weight capacity of Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike is 300 lbs. The bike has built-in leg stabilizers to prevent any movement or accidental fall-off. It also has small wheels at the bottom for easy transportation.

Feature Summary:
  • Belt-driven magnetic mechanism
  • Balanced flywheel
  • 8 resistance levels
  • LCD monitor
  • Large cushioned seat and backrest
  • Leg stabilizers
  • 300 lbs weight support
  • Dimensions: 22″ wide x 54″ long x 34″ high
  • Weight: 63 lbs
Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike


Thanks to the included manual, the assembly is pretty straightforward. While it is double by one person, if you have a buddy or a family member ready to help you out, you’ll be done in no time.

It comes with several parts that you need to screw together. I’d recommend having a T-handle 6 mm Allen wrench ready – that will save you plenty of time and at least one headache.

My Experience

Once assembled, I’ve quickly realized the bike is pretty sturdy and made of high(er) quality materials. The cushioned seat is a bit oversized, so large people will not have any problems, but smaller ones can feel, you know, smaller. However, the main issue here is the seat adjustment.

Simply put, it is a pain in the ass. You have to unscrew and again screw back 3 knobs and this can be really annoying if you are sharing the bike with someone with different seat height preferences. Also the knobs are located right under the seat, so you have to get down from the bike to adjust it.

Thanks to the recumbent design, the bike is also great for people with knee problems. Also great addition, especially for older people, is the back rest support, which is comfortable as well. 

The pedals are pretty standard; however, one thing several users complained about is the mechanism that attaches the pedal. I can imagine this can worn down in case of intense use, although only a couple of users out of hundreds complained about this, so it is rather a rule than exception.

It is also very quiet, so you can watch TV while working out. The adjustable tension has 8 different levels and it’s quite easy to adjust.

The display is also pretty standard and while good looking, it is pretty small with small numbers. People with weak eyes might have problems reading it. The handlebars are comfortable on grip and they are integrated with hand pulse, so you can monitor your heart rate.


As with every exercise bike, Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike also has pros and cons alike.


  • Very sturdy frame
  • Large, comfortable seat
  • Quiet run
  • Good back rest support
  • Great for people with knee injury
  • Designed even for taller people (up to 6’3”)
  • Great price


  • The seat adjustment is terribly designed
  • The mechanism that attaches pedals to the bike is of average quality
  • The LCD monitor could be bigger, with bigger font

Is It Worth Your Money?

5,818 Reviews
  • Your purchase includes Exerpeutic 900 XL...
  • Exercise Bike dimensions: 54” L x 22” W x...
  • Large oversized seat cushion and back rest...
  • Easy-to-read LCD display indicates distance,...

Our Rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

Simply put, yes. If you are not 6’4” + and if you do not mind painful seat adjustment and smaller numbers on the LCD monitor, then Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent bike is definitely worth the money. It is quite possibly one of the best recumbent bikes on the market. Go check the features and pros and cons again and decide for yourself.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021