Do you want to know how to go super Saiyan?

Many millennials and Dragon Ball Z fans have grown up tuning into the show and admire how strong our favorite muscular manga characters can be (just search for the franchise on YouTube!)

While it is not entirely realistic to aim to achieve an exact copy of Goku's body, we have some tips below on how to train like Goku.

Dragon Ball Z Workout Explained (Goku’s Training Routine)

One of the best things about Dragon Ball Z is watching these characters work hard every day to get stronger, often by training together.

Of course, some things can't entirely be done in real life, but we do see Goku often performing training sets that you can adjust for your workouts.

We have split the workout routine we often see the Dragon Ball characters doing into three types: gravity training, weight training, MMA and different types of yoga.

Remember that the cast of Dragon Ball consists of aliens - their workout routines are insane and not the most realistic for humans to copy exactly for a perfect physique.

We recommend adjusting the number of sets and reps to your fitness level and desired goal.

Remember to gradually work your way up, practice proper form while doing each rep, and thoroughly stretch after each session for good results.

Dragon Ball Z Logo with Goku Training

Gravity Training Exercises





Handstand Push Ups



20-30 secs

Two Finger Pull Ups



20-30 Secs

Box Jumps



20-30 Secs

Jump Squats



20-30 Secs

Hanging Sit Ups



20-30 Secs

Split Leg Split Ups



20-30 Secs




20-30 Secs

Shadow Boxing



20-30 Secs

Weight Training Exercises





warm-up: Treadmill 

30 minutes

20-30 Secs




20-30 Secs

Back Squats 



20-30 Secs

Overhead Barbell Press



20-30 Secs

100 Meter Sprints



5 minutes




Boxing Drills With Weighted Gloves/Ankles Weights

1 Hour

Kickboxing Exercise

1 Hour


30 minutes


20 minutes

What Is A Saiyan & Super Saiyan?

Dragon Ball has become such a part of the global cultural zeitgeist that it is most likely that you’ve heard the phrase ‘going super Saiyan’ at least once in passing. But what is a Saiyan?

A Saiyan is an extraterrestrial being from either Universe Seven or Universe Six.

Universe Seven types, like Goku, are naturally aggressive warriors that seek to be the strongest alive, whereas Universe Six types are protectors.

Super Saiyan refers to an advanced transformation by very strong members of the Saiyan race.

Throughout the manga and anime, we have seen some other races or individuals pull off their version of super Saiyans, sometimes with various forms.

Super Saiyans are a demonstration of skill and can aid a Saiyan in difficult battles.

Dragon Ball Z with Goku as Super Saiyan

Goku’s Body Stats

As Goku is a fictional character, it can be hard to know and track his stats.

However, we can guesstimate based on panels and shots of his upper body and overall muscular physique.

This iconic character has plenty of panels that we can compare with real-life athletes to get a sense of how his strength training and workouts have served him over time.






160 lbs (typically) over 264 lbs when turned into Super Saiyan




15 inches, over 17 when turned into Super Saiyan


32 inches, over 34 when turned into Super Saiyan


44 inches, over 34 when turned into Super Saiyan

Goku From Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Workout Principles

When creating a workout plan inspired by Dragon Ball, it is vital to remember the key elements that make it stand out.

We can break the workouts down to Goku strength training, boxing, kickboxing, and weight training.

Goku working out also tends to involve ‘gravity training,’ but we can translate that into calisthenics exercises.

At the heart of Dragon Ball, workout routines can increase your endurance and improve your fighting ability. With this full body calisthenics workout you will become the best version of yourself you can be.

The Popularity Of Dragon Ball Z (Rank & Ratings)

The Dragon Ball franchise started as a manga series created by Akira Toriyama back in 1984.[1]

Originally inspired by the novel Journey To The West, the series combines elements from famous martial arts films and shonen tropes to create a compelling adventure story.

Dragon Ball Z is the second season of the Dragon Ball anime that premiered and ran from 1989 to 1996.

At the time it aired in the US, the show retained a 20.5 percent average viewer rating and even outranked popular shows like Friends in some cities. [2]

Dragon Ball Z regularly features in top animated shows of all time lists, including on IGN and Wizard magazine [3].

Dragon Ball is one of the highest-grossing media franchises worldwide, ranking 12th with an estimated $30 billion since its release.

Goku’s Diet: How Would Goku Eat In Real Life?

When training like a Saiyan, you need to eat like a Saiyan. But how would our favorite heroes eat in real life?

If you hope to develop your body and muscles to emulate the cast, you need to fuel your body properly for five years or more.

Calorie Intake

To maintain such a defined physique, you need to consistently eat well and rest well.

For Goku, it can be hard to estimate his caloric intake, but it's suggested that he would eat between 1622 and 2622 calories to lose, maintain, or gain weight for his body type.

It is worth bearing in mind that Goku has quite a low weight for his height and upper body muscle mass.

This means that other characters, such as Vegeta, might need to eat more to maintain or gain muscle.

Protein Intake

Protein is another vital aspect of maintaining a superhero physique and saving the world. We would estimate that Goku needs to eat around 143-186 grams of protein per day.

This can be covered with food, but you may need to invest in supplements if you want a protein boost.

Types Of Foods

Throughout the manga story, it is clear that Goku’s character loves to eat. We’ve seen him chow down on a variety of foods to help nourish his body and maintain his muscular physique.

Alongside ramen, fans have seen Goku eat plenty of fried rice, chicken, apples, dumplings, and various types of meat.

While his diet is primarily Asian foods, it is possible to take inspiration while ensuring you get plenty of fruit and vegetables in for nutrition.

what to go for

  • Lean Proteins
  • Brown Rice
  • Fruits and Vegetables

what to avoid

  • Sugary Sweets and Drinks
  • Processed and Fast Foods

What Supplements Would Goku Take In Real Life?

As you saw above, Goku has to maintain a tough diet plan to maintain such challenging battle training.

The Saiyans clearly have biological aid that humans do not, but even they may sometimes need more than the countless bowls of ramen we see them eat.

As we are on earth, we will focus on what is available here for Trunks, Vegeta, and the rest of the gang's workouts.

Different supplements will work better for each person, but we would suggest these options:

Protein Shakes

A quintessential element of many human workout routines, protein shakes can help you get the most from your workouts.

These shakes are available in a wide variety of flavors, brands, and budgets, making protein shakes a viable option for any of the guys.

We would suggest that Goku start with whey, casein, or soy protein shake in a flavor he likes to help get the ball rolling each day.


Creatine is a naturally produced molecule in the human body that helps provide energy for muscles and other tissues.

Taking it in supplement form can help increase the creatine content in your muscles, which may affect muscle cells and exercise performance and aid in muscle gain.

If Goku wants to pack on the muscle mass before his next fight, creatine could help him smash his superhero goals.[4]

Weight Gainers

As we mentioned earlier, Goku is a little underweight for his height and muscle mass, weighing in at an estimated 160 pounds.

While that is pretty much raw muscle, it may be that he wants to pack on the mass and improve his physique further.

Weight gainer supplements could be an excellent aid alongside weight training and strength training to help Goku finally save the world for good.[5]

Dragon Ball Z Workout Playlist (Motivational Music)

One of the best parts of going to the gym is the cool beats that help you with breaking your goals.

Music can do a great job of inspiring you to put your all into that one set and achieve the impossible.

If you are already taking inspiration from Dragon Ball for your workout plan, why not go all the way and use a Dragon Ball workout playlist next time?

Super Saiyan Gym Playlist

There are plenty of talented artists doing covers of the most iconic openings, endings, and instrumental songs from the soundtrack.

Check out this playlist [6] or have fun making your own to help you access your inner super Saiyan.

You can joke around imagining you are training to beat Trunks and Vegeta or save the world as a bonus while smashing your goals.

Check Out These Dragon Ball Z Products!

Now that you know how to show your love for the series through your workout routine, diet, and music, why not rep the show with some merch in your next gym session?

Dragon Ball Z Workout Supplements

A few years back, fitness brand Olimp created Dragon Ball-themed whey protein powder and branched amino acids supplements to help gym rat DBZ fans through their strength training.

These are available on Amazon, but we highly recommend doing your research to ensure any supplements you search for and purchase online are legitimate and safe to consume.

Dragon Ball Z Workout Apparel

Anything can be gym wear if you want it to be. In the US, we recommend checking out Crunchyroll for official Dragon Ball merch straight from Japan, including shirts, hoodies, beanies, and socks.

This way, you can show your love and get inspired without having to cosplay.

It is possible to find Dragon Ball merch elsewhere, but always do your research, so you know it is legitimate without a doubt.

That being said, it is really common for people who are afraid to cosplay a character at first warm up to the idea after training for a while.

If you want to cosplay but think you need to do more training first, this is your sign to give it your all and get out there.

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Dragon Ball Z Workout Routine FAQs

How many push-ups does Goku do a day?

It is estimated that Goku can do ten thousand push-ups per day. Of course, this is impossible to achieve for humans - forget such high numbers. For your own sake, stick to a lower set and rep number and build yourself up.

How long is Goku’s training?

Goku has been on an almost lifelong mission to improve himself and get huge no matter what. As he is around 49, but his body stopped aging at its physical peak, we can estimate it has been around 45 years or so.

Who trained Goku first?

Master Roshi was Goku’s first trainer. Once Goku started to improve, it was Master Roshi who suggested that he enter the World Martial Arts Tournament as a good way to train and show off his skills.


It can be really fun to create workout routines around your favorite fictional character or superhero.

While we love the passion, we do want to emphasize that the Dragon Ball Saiyans are aliens - be realistic and make room for self-care when planning your workout routine.

If you are unsure how to get started, we recommend contacting a local qualified professional trainer about your goals.

Be patient, do some meditation, and keep up your calisthenics and strength training, and you will look back on plenty of accomplished goals soon enough.



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