Do Exercise Bikes Tone Your Bum? (How To Build That Booty)

Toning the butt is probably one of the most challenging things for most people. You spend hours and hours doing exercises that target your butt muscles, and yet none of it is working.

You even bought an exercise bike, hoping that it would do the job. But you’re seeing no results. It can be very frustrating and can make you unmotivated. But does an exercise bike tone your bum?

In this article, we will discuss if an exercise bike is effective in toning your butt, how to use it, and the benefits of regularly working out with this equipment.  

Spin classes have been around for a while now. In fact, it has become a trend that many people have started buying their own exercise bikes to achieve a toned body. While this machine is undoubtedly effective in helping you lose weight and tone your body, many people ask whether it can also have the same effect on your bum. Does it?  

To help you understand the effectiveness of spin bikes in toning your butt, below are the list of muscles that this equipment can target whenever you use it: 

  • Hip flexors: These are the muscles on your hip.  
  • Quadriceps muscle: This is the muscle found on your upper front thigh. 
  • Hamstrings muscle: This is the muscle on your upper rear thigh.  
  • Calf muscles: These muscles are located below the knee. 
  • Plantar flexors: These are the muscles of your foot.  
  • Gluteus Maximus: This is the muscle of your bum.  

The pedaling motion activates all of these muscles, and as you can see, the butt muscle or Gluteus Maximus is also activated when you ride the machine. But is it enough to tone your butt effectively? 

Exercise bikes are a great way to help tone your butt. If you’re dreaming of that round and firm bum, biking should also be part of your routine. When we say training, it means that you should have a workout plan and not just solely use spin bikes.

Yes, spin bikes help in toning your muscles, but they can’t just simply target your butt. You need to add other exercises in order to achieve your dream bum.  

Since this machine can target multiple muscles in one go, you can expect to lose weight faster in many areas of your body. So, if you want to tone your arms, waist, and bum altogether, bike workouts are good for you.

At the same time, consistency and time are essential. You can't just work out for 5 minutes a day and expect it to tone your bum. You need to show up, exercise, and work hard. Use the exercise bike for more than 10 minutes, but it’s recommended to use it more to have an impact on your body.

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Do Exercise Bikes Tone Your Bum? (How To Build That Booty)

How To Effectively Use An Exercise Bike To Tone Your Bum

As mentioned, you can’t solely target your bum when using an exercise bike. This machine helps you work on many areas of your body, so using it helps in toning your whole body. However, if you just want to tone your bum, you need to incorporate other exercises like lunges and squats to achieve your dream butt.  

But if you’re okay with toning your whole body in addition to your butt (who doesn’t, right?), so let's get this party started. Here are some ways to effectively use a spin bike to tone your bum and other parts of your body:  

1. Remember to always place your feet correctly

If you just started working out, one crucial thing you need to note is that form can make or break the success of your workouts. If you don't, you won’t be able to properly target the muscles you need to tone. 

With exercise bikes, the proper form starts with your feet. However, the correct form isn’t like how you ride an outdoor bike. With this type of bike, you need to be able to touch the ground, which can mess up your form. Spin bikes are different. You don’t need balance for this so that you can place your feet properly. 

To do this, make sure that your foot sole is aligned with the floor and that it is placed evenly on the pedal. It’s best to put the strap on to achieve the best foot form possible. 

2. Correct your upper body position

One common mistake that most people make is sitting upright when using exercise bikes. With this position, you can only target your quad and calf muscles. The correct body position should target all the muscles mentioned above.

You can do this by leaning slightly forward. This allows you to exercise more muscles,  especially those in your bum. By leaning forward, you put pressure and energy on your butt muscles, eventually toning them. However, be careful not to lean too much, or it will cause neck pain.

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3. Adjust your seat properly

Your seat height can significantly impact the effectiveness of your bike workout. If it’s too high or too low, it won’t be able to work the correct muscles and may even lead to injuries.

No one wants that to happen. But how can you be sure that your seat height is correct for you? Simple. Just stand beside the machine and ensure that the seat is the same level as your hip.

how to tone your bum with an exercise bike

4. Don’t forget the resistance

Another crucial factor that can help tone your bum effectively is the bike's resistance level. The resistance level helps in making your pedal difficult, which causes your muscles to work more. Without the resistance, you won’t be able to achieve a toned bum.

Check whether or not you can change the level on your exercise bike. If it has a fixed resistance, it’s best to get a new one that allows you to change them as you go. Since resistance helps make your muscles work more, does it mean you have to push it to the highest level right away to achieve a toned bum?

Not really, as you will just strain your muscles. Instead, increase the resistance gradually as you become stronger, allowing your muscles to work on their natural course.

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5. Put in the time

Want a toned bum quick and easy? Be consistent and work out on a regular basis. Don’t just exercise in one day and hope for a better butt. Show up and do the work. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll understand the importance of consistency in working out after a while.

This doesn’t only apply to effectively using spin bikes to tone your bum. It can apply to any fitness goals you want to achieve. Just be there and put in the time. 

women working out on spin bike

Benefits Of Spin Bikes For Toning Your Lower Body 

If you’re wondering how exercise bikes can tone your lower body, just observe any cyclists or competitive riders. Their bodies are a testament to the benefit of this gym equipment. Exercise bikes can help you get in shape and tone your legs and bum quickly if done correctly. But it’s more than just how your lower body will look.  

One of the significant benefits of using an exercise bike is strengthening your lower body. Do you know that the biggest muscles in your body are located in the lower part?

These are your bum, lower back, and legs. By riding a spin bike, 90% of your lower-body muscles are engaged, which helps in burning calories and fat. The higher the resistance, the more you will burn since it forces your bum and legs to work harder as you pedal. 

Since you exert more power to push, your lower body becomes stronger, leading to a toned body. As a result, you can do more things faster and easier. Running won’t be as bad. Riding a bike uphill is easy. Anything that requires lower body strength will not be an easy task.

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Sore Bum When Riding? (Common Reasons & How To Fix)

If you constantly find yourself hurting your bum after a bike exercise, you’re not alone. Many people are experiencing this, especially those who have just started cycling. But don’t worry. As this is something common, it can be easily fixed in no time, allowing you to have good bike workouts every day.  

So what causes a sore bum? The most common reasons are wrong form and incorrect saddle. Since we've already discussed how to achieve the correct form when doing bike exercises, we will now talk about choosing the right saddle. Unfortunately, saddles that come with spin bikes are often uncomfortable. This can be frustrating.  

Intuitively, you might pick a wider saddle as it looks comfier. But don’t be fooled. Wider saddles can irritate your bum because of the sides. It’s best to pick a narrow saddle as it gives you the proper support.

However, it will take some time to get used to that. If you want, you can buy extra padded seat covers if you still find yourself having a sore bum after a workout.  

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Frequently Asked Bike Toning Questions 

What other exercises give you a bigger bum? 

If you want a firm and bigger butt, you can incorporate glute bridges, squats, donkey kicks, and lunges into your workout.

Are exercise bikes better for your bum than running? 

Yes, if used correctly. Since exercise bikes target your bum muscles better than running, it’s a better workout.

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What can a man do to stop bike pain in his penis and testicles? 

You can purchase a padded seat cover to protect your penis and testicles from getting sore.  


An exercise bike is an excellent machine when it comes to toning your butt. In addition to toning your bum, it can also tone other muscles in your body, specifically your lower body.

However, in order to achieve a firmer bum, you need to add additional exercises into your mix as they can help you achieve your fitness goal quicker than you imagined.

Last Updated on January 28, 2023

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