Where To Buy Used Gym Equipment? (Best Places For Cheap)

Gym equipment has never been more popular, and over the last few years, we've seen a massive spike in the creation of home gyms.

This has driven demand through the roof, and the price of gym equipment has risen with it. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of places where you can buy used gym equipment and get much better value. 

In this guide, we'll help explain how and where to buy used gym equipment so you can get your gym kitted out without spending a fortune.

It used to be a lot more challenging to buy good quality used gym equipment, but you now have a whole range of options. 

Online buying platforms allow buyers and sellers to meet in a virtual marketplace. Buyers can explore what's on offer and talk to the seller about the products.

Some of these online platforms will take a cut of the money, but that's generally from the seller's side and won't impact your price as a buyer.  

These online platforms make it easier than ever to buy and sell used gym equipment, and we’ve highlighted some of the best platforms below.

Remember that you can get the best value by searching across all platforms, so it’s worth setting up a few accounts on different sites.


Craigslist is one of the biggest and most well-known online marketplaces. It's available across the US, where it has been operating for over 25 years. 

In that time, it’s grown so much that you won’t find a more diverse group of sellers anywhere else. 

They’re one of the preferred choices for sellers because they have no fees and for buyers because of the quick and easy nature of purchasing.  

Craigslist has a wide array of different used gym equipment to choose from, big or small. 

Each area has its individual website so you can keep your searching focused, but there are a few sellers who operate nationally.

On Craigslist, you'll find all the gym equipment you need, from large treadmills to individual used gym mats, and if you search hard enough, you can equip a whole commercial gym.  

Craigslist is one of the simplest ways to buy and sell, and you don't even have to register. This makes it very quick but means you have less information about the seller [1]. 

It's harder to know the credentials and reliability of the seller, so there's more risk of lower quality equipment.  

Craigslist has begun to decline in recent years as competitors like Facebook Marketplace have sprung up, but it's still a massive marketplace.

Craigslist is usually best for smaller items, but you will find a wide range of used gym equipment at competitive prices.  

two used treadmills and a used elliptical

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new place to buy and sell products. It integrates directly with the social media platform, and it’s accessible worldwide as the marketplace is available for anyone with a Facebook profile. 

There's no need to register separately; you can just click a button and browse listings. 

Facebook Marketplace was designed to give everyone a simple way to list and buy items. 

You can set the geographical limits yourself, but it's best to find gym equipment in your local area because the pick-up/drop-off can be challenging.

You’re more likely to find home gym equipment, used exercise bikes and treadmills, and some smaller accessories on Facebook Marketplace than commercial gym equipment, but you might find a few larger pieces.

Once you've decided on your items, you'll be connected with the seller, so you can message back and forth to agree on the price, delivery terms, and any other details.  

The advantage of Facebook Marketplace for used gym equipment is that it's quick and easy [2]. 

You'll generally get reasonable prices because people want to get rid of things quickly, and you can connect with local people to make collection easier.

The disadvantage is that there's usually less choice, and you are unlikely to find large used commercial gym equipment.

However, there are many different sellers on the platform, and some will potentially have what you need.  

Facebook Marketplace doesn't process payment or provide any guarantees. They literally just connect buyers and sellers. They're a great place to look first and browse what's available in your area.


Gumtree is one of the most popular platforms to buy and sell used goods. They operate primarily out of Australia but have a presence in various countries worldwide. 

The Gumtree platform started by giving people a way to free-cycle their goods locally and, in doing so, prevent so much stuff from getting thrown away. This has developed into a diverse place to find all kinds of goods at great prices [3].  

Gumtree has a lot of fitness equipment to choose from, but it tends to be more home gym equipment than used commercial gym equipment. 

As it's based on what people in your area have available, it can be a bit hit and miss. 

That being said, people tend to want to get rid of pieces quickly, so you can often find some great bargains and get your hands on them quickly.  

With Gumtree, you have to register if you're a buyer or seller, but there are no fees for buyers. 

Seller reviews and reputation are displayed clearly so you can find credible people selling quality used fitness equipment. 

It's also super simple to connect with sellers, but Gumtree doesn't provide any guarantees or warranties, so make sure you do your due diligence. 

You are generally limited by geography, though, and if you live in a rural areayou’re going to have much less choice.

Still, you can find some great value through Gumtree, and it's worth exploring what's available.  


eBay operates internationally and is probably the most popular marketplace in the world. 

They have a massive range of products available in the US, UK, Australia, China, Germany, and other parts of Europe with shipping options, so you have a wider choice of products than any other marketplace.  

There are a wide range of sellers on eBay, ranging from individuals to big companies. Sellers have to pay a fee to post, which means the likelihood of fraudsters is much lower, and eBay has policies to protect buyers.

Seller information is published and clear so you can buy with confidence, and the competition on the platform helps ensure you’re getting the best price.

All payment is done through the system, which helps give you protection but makes negotiating price a bit more complicated.

However, some sellers will auction items so you can pick up excellent quality gym equipment at a bargain price.  

You'll find everything fitness-related on eBay, from used commercial gym equipment to home accessories [4]. You don't have to rely on local sellers either because more oversized items can be shipped from halfway around the world.  

eBay is largescale and reliable. You do need to be on the lookout for some scams, but it's generally very safe.

If you want larger used gym machines, then eBay is a great place to look, but just be careful of shipping fees because a lot of the goods come from China. 


Bonanza is an online marketplace that operates internationally across the US, India, Russia, and South America.

It has over 50,000 sellers with a huge variety of different products available to buyers, including a wide range of used fitness equipment. 

It’s been around since 2008, but it’s started to really take off in recent years because it charges less commission than other marketplaces, which makes it popular among sellers.

The website is simple to navigate and has individual sellers and wholesale companies using the platform.

It doesn’t have all the same protection as eBay but still offers support for buyers by displaying reviews and managing payment through the platform.

You have to register to use Bonanza, but the process is simple. The goods are then split into categories with a very wide range of fitness equipment to choose from [5].  

As a marketplace, Bonanza caters to all tastes and has a lot of different items. It's generally individual sellers, so you'll find smaller pieces of fitness equipment rather than large used commercial gym pieces. 

It's a very safe space, though, and the Bonanza team is extremely proactive in weeding out fraudsters and scammers. 

Once you've selected what you want, you can message the seller directly to determine the exact costs and shipping requirements.  

There's less room for negotiation in the platform because of how it's set up, but Bonanza can facilitate shipping internationally as needed. 

It's a safe and reliable place to look for all kinds of used gym equipment and should have most of what you need.

used treadmills and exercise bikes

Other Ways To Buy Used Gym Equipment  

Online marketplaces are a great way to explore a diverse range of products, but it can be useful to look at fitness-focused sellers.

Some retailers offer a range of used equipment which is cheaper than new models and can offer great value.

These have the advantage of being verified by specialist suppliers, and they will often have physical stores, too, for those who don't like buying online. 

Here are some of the best options: 

Global Fitness is a premium US company offering a wide variety of fitness equipment. They are world leaders in remanufactured and used fitness equipment, meaning they deal exclusively in second-hand equipment [6]. 

They have 20 years of experience, so they're a great place to find reliable, good-quality products 

Their range includes cardio, strength, accessories, and packages so you can completely fit out your commercial gym.

They offer top-end products at 20-50% off with additional discount codes and seasonal deals. They aren’t as cheap as some direct sellers on marketplaces, but there’s still value to be had.  

To sell fitness equipment, you have to register with Global Fitness and give full descriptions of products. 

They only really trade in commercial fitness equipment, so they won't accept some home-use products, but they will help arrange shipping to their US site. 

In addition, they perform rigorous checks before they commit to buying to help ensure their customers only get the best quality.  

Often with resellers, you can be limited in the choice of products. This isn't the case with Global Fitness, and their long history in this area means they are well enough established to have a wide range of used fitness equipment. 

If you're looking for a lot of commercial-grade used gym equipment, then this is your one-stop-shop.  

Used Gym Equipment

Used Gym Equipment are the fitness specialists who offer everything you need to get your gym set up.

They deal exclusively in renovated and used equipment, with a wide range of racks, strength equipment, weights, and machines. 

They provide a full service to help you design your gym and give you everything you need to bring it to life.  

Used Gym Equipment has high-quality products, and there's very little chance of defects [7]. 

The discounts range from 15-60% off market value, and they have complete packages to kit out your space. They offer international shipping and finance options if you can't afford it all upfront.  

There’s no option to sell old equipment directly to Used Gym Equipment as they source it all themselves from old commercial facilities.

They deal primarily in wholesale products rather than remanufactured, which means they take equipment directly from the floor and ensure it's in good enough condition for new users.

Unfortunately, they don't carry out much repair work themselves, so they don’t offer any guarantees or cover for replacement parts.  

Used Gym Equipment makes the experience of buying and selling used gym machines as easy as possible.

They even have a large warehouse in LA where you can view and try different equipment before you buy, something we advise everyone to do if they're spending a lot. 

Used Gym Equipment is more expensive than online marketplaces, but they offer consistent quality and a guarantee that your equipment will last—a great option for anyone looking to kit out large commercial gyms for the best price.  

Used Fitness Sales

Used Fitness Sales operate out of the US and stock new and used fitness equipment. They have equipment from all the big brands with packages and rental options to make it more affordable [8]. 

Their used range covers everything from treadmills to flooring, with rental packages, so you don't have to spend as much upfront. 

This, along with their installation service, makes them a great one-stop-shop to fill out a commercial gym with used equipment.  

Their used range is split into their remanufactured and refurbished. The refurbished line is equipment that’s just been cleaned up and tested, but the remanufactured line includes equipment they’ve done repair work on. 

The quality across both lines is good, and the extensive testing helps weed out any unsuitable equipment. They also provide a warranty on the remanufactured machines to help protect your investment.  

You have the option of selling directly to Used Fitness Sales through their website. You will have to describe and send the goods, and if it doesn't stand up to their product testing, it will be returned to you.

Most of their used range is tough commercial gym products, but they may accept some home gym equipment if it's in working order.

The prices they offer are reasonable but less than other brands, so if you're selling, you might want to shop around.  

Used Fitness Sales cater to large commercial gym owners primarily, but they have a range suitable for home gyms too.

They offer significant savings compared to new products and are cheaper than competitors selling used equipment, so you can score some bargains.

Their selection is good, but their used selection is less diverse than some other retailers, and stock levels can vary.

However, if you have a small or medium-sized gym and a tight budget, Used Fitness Sales is a great option. 

Primo Fitness

Primo Fitness offers used gym equipment in the USAChinaSingapore, and Australia with some well-developed infrastructure that allows them to ship efficiently [9]. 

The range of goods varies in each region, but there's an extensive selection of commercial gym equipment available to choose from, including cardio, strength, multi-gym machines, and package deals.

They also offer a gym installation service in some areas to help you get everything set up.  

Primo Fitness work with all the major brands to collect used equipment which is in good enough condition to be reused.

They test extensively to ensure consistent quality, so there's minimal risk of a dodgy product. They also offer guarantees on some equipment (but not all) to help protect your investment.  

Primo Fitness will buy commercial-grade gym equipment from certain suppliers, but only if it meets quite high standards.

They will very rarely buy individual pieces, and they will only collect from a very limited area, so it's worth checking before you start the process. 

Primo Fitness is popular with new gym owners because they can provide everything in one place. They offer discounted equipment, installation, and even gym movers so you can get it set up quickly. 

You’ll find they are more expensive than online marketplaces but up to 50% cheaper than buying new equipment.  


If you want to find reliable used gym equipment in the UK, Gymkit is a great option. They acquire old commercial quality gym equipment and refurbish it, so it's ready to be used again [10].  

The founder of the company was looking for a way to provide users with better quality equipment at an affordable rate and remove the reliance on flimsy fitness machines with a very short lifespan. 

Over the last 20 years, he’s built a company that’s done just that and provided high-quality gym equipment for hospitals, schools, football clubs, and even some Olympic teams.  

Gymkit has an extensive assurance process to ensure the quality of products they sell is consistent. They offer everything, from cardio equipment to lockers, so you can fully fit out your gym at a discount rate. 

They also provide a servicing function to help keep your equipment functioning as it should and have links to gym moving firms so you can reconfigure the gym.  

Gymkit currently has a limited international presence, but their stock of products is impressive. 

They are one of the most affordable places to pick up used gym equipment in the UK and offer finance options to spread the cost out. One to check out if you need equipment and accessories.  

used treadmills in a warehouse

Things To Consider When Buying Used Exercise Equipment

As a buyer, you need to be wary when buying new gym equipment, but you need to be even more careful when buying used.

Getting the wrong equipment or faulty pieces can impact the quality of your commercial gym and can be hazardous.

Here are the key factors to help make sure you get the best used gym equipment: 

The Quality Of The Item 

When you're buying from a known brand or gym equipment store, you know that the item is new.

This doesn't guarantee that there are no issues with it, but you know it hasn't been used before, so there's less risk of damage.

Many people worry that used gym and fitness equipment is damaged or has seen too much use, which puts them off.

This is almost never the case, and the majority of used gym equipment is in very good condition, but you should always check.

Look out for excessive wear or any visible cracks, and try before you buy if you can.  

Ensure that all safety features are in good working order and that all electrics function. Most used gym equipment isn’t covered by a warranty, so it's vital that you check before you buy.

The Overall Value Of The Piece 

Whether buying used gym equipment for a commercial or home gym, you want to ensure you get good value. This means balancing the price you pay with the quality of the product.

You don't expect to pay full market value for the piece, but you also can't expect the same longevity as you would get with new gym equipment.

Once you've settled on a piece of used gym equipment, have a look on a retailer’s website to see what the price would be new.

By understanding the market price, you'll be in a better position to negotiate and get the most value.

Where You Are Buying It From 

Used gym equipment is sold worldwide, and there are a lot of international platforms (more on that later in the article).

Unlike when you buy new, shipping will likely not be included, and it will be down to you to transport the item into your home.

Make sure you have a good idea of where the seller is and go local if you can because it will be a lot easier.

You may need to discuss pick-up or drop-off points with your seller so understanding the geographical barriers is vital.

Seller Situation & Information Provided 

It's important to consider the seller alongside the product. You want to look for a reputable seller who has experience trading fitness equipment, or at least some used goods.

Most platforms will have buyer reviews, and it's worth looking through to see if you can find any feedback about the seller.  

You should also carefully consider the information provided on the product. Make sure it matches other product descriptions of the same equipment online and that there’s nothing strange in the specifications.

Only once you have confidence in the seller and the product should you get into negotiations.

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What The Equipment Offers 

When shopping for gym equipment, you need to be focused. Ask yourself the important questions:  

  • What do you need the equipment for?  
  • What types of exercise are you planning to do?  
  • Does it need to be multi-purpose?  

Remember, when looking for used gym equipment, you'll have to search through a few different platforms to get the best value.

This can be time-consuming, so having clear answers to these questions will help narrow down your search and make sure you don’t settle for less. 

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The Brand

The brand matters just as much as when you're buying new gym equipment. Recognizable brands are often of better quality and have more longevity.

They may also have more user-friendly features, making them more enjoyable to use. 

Buying used gym equipment is about trying to get the premium pieces at a discount rate. If you know there's a particular fitness brand that you have used before and like, then you should search for that.  

Try to avoid unrecognized brands in the reseller market as it may mean the quality is poor. 

Instead, look for known manufacturers with a good reputation, especially when it comes to electronics and larger pieces of gym equipment; it will save you a lot of money in the long run.  

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The Necessary Maintenance 

You should try to get a feel from the seller to understand how much maintenance is involved with the piece, especially if it’s gym equipment you haven’t owned before. Some basic fitness equipment won’t need much, but others can be a handful.  

The seller should be able to answer these questions and give you an idea of the work involved.

Remember to keep asking questions, and if you don't feel like you have enough information, then it probably isn't the piece for you.  

precor technician working on a used exercise machine

Buying Used Gym Gear – 9 Tips For Getting The Best Price

The key to getting good value with used gym equipment is to get the best price. Here are some key pieces of advice to keep the costs down: 

1. Make A Plan  

Like any major project, you need to start with a plan. Identify exactly what you need and get as specific as possible.

Note down the specific features you need, the timescales you need products and the additional services you might benefit from.

This information will save you time searching and help narrow down options so you can get the best value products.

Remember, many suppliers will offer packages, so if you need accessories like gym mats or some used gym lockers, it's worth identifying them early and checking them out.

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2. Research Platforms  

As you've seen in this article, there are many different places to pick up used gym equipment from. Once you have the plan of what you need, you should consider your options.

Online marketplaces will be better for used gym weights or used gym benches, but they may have less used commercial gym equipment. 

Remember, to get the best value and lowest price, you may decide to buy different pieces from different platforms. 

3. Check Your Seller  

Always investigate your seller. You want to find a seller with a good reputation and high customer satisfaction score.

Look at the reviews, and if you're using a platform like eBay, there will probably be a seller score.

Anything above 90% will show that it isn’t a fraudster and the product is legit.

Buying used fitness equipment from reliable sellers will save you money in the long run because you’re more likely to get a long-lasting product.  

4. Investigate The Product 

Whether you're buying a used treadmill or used weights, you need to investigate the product. 

Look at the listing description and check all the images associated with the gym equipment, so you know definitively if it’s what you need.

Talk to the seller about the quality of the product and if possible, try to test it out before you buy. 

You can probably find the specs for a new version of the equipment online and find out what the price is. This will help you when you’re negotiating the price.  

5. Look For Accessories  

If you’re looking to find used equipment for a commercial gym, then you may want accessories to go with it. 

For example, you may want free weights to go with a bar, or lockers for users and it's often best to buy these as a package.

Check what would compliment your product and what the seller is offering. If you go for more products in one place, you can usually get a better deal.  

used power rack with rogue gymnastics rings and a barbell

6. Evaluate Costs  

Once you've identified everything you want from the seller, you need to calculate the costs.

That includes the tax, shipping, and any other charges that the platform may consist of.

Only at this stage can you work out if it's within your budget and whether you’re getting better value than buying new.

Remember, a lot of retailers will give you free shipping when buying new, and this can represent a significant cost.   

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7. Negotiate The Price  

The best thing about buying used gym equipment is that you can negotiate the price. To do this effectively, you need to understand the original cost of the item new, the amount of wear and tear on the unit, and how long you expect it to last.

Remember that you should never pay more than 80% of the original price for the equipment and significantly less if it's older.

Try to negotiate package deals with the used equipment companies, and don't be afraid to message sellers and give a low offer.

The worst they can say is no, and a lot of the time, they want to shift it quickly, so they’ll accept the lower price.  

8. Use Specific Payment Methods 

When you’ve negotiated a fair price, you should consider how you’re going to pay. Big platforms have their own built-in pay systems, but others will give you a choice.

Some payment operators like PayPal give you extra protection in case the goods never arrive, and it's worth seeing what options are available.

Remember to check for fees, especially if you're buying in a foreign currency, because conversion fees can add up quickly.  

9. Check The Product 

Finally, you want to make sure you’ve got what you pay for. Check all the equipment thoroughly for any cracks, dents, or visible damage. 

When buying used treadmills or other commercial gym equipment, you should check the electrical components to ensure they're all working.  

There might not be much you can do in some cases, but if you do spot an issue, you can usually contact the seller through the marketplace and ask for a replacement or refund. 

Whatever buyer protection you do have will only last for a set period, so it pays to check the equipment as quickly as possible.  

used power racks in a warehouse

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Used Gym Equipment?

When you’re buying new gym equipment, you'll typically look for New Year sales when everyone is making resolutions to lose weight and get in shape.  

While some used gym equipment suppliers will have New Year sales, the best time to get used fitness gear is late spring/early summer.

That's when a lot of equipment is available and fewer people buying. This means you'll get the most choice at the best prices.  

During sale periods, you won't get as significant a discount on used gym equipment because the profit margins are already thinner.

However, you should expect 10-25% off the usual price, which means extra savings and better value.

Frequently Asked Buying Used Gym Equipment Questions

How can I get cheap used dumbbells? 

Dumbbells are very popular pieces of home equipment, so it can be tricky to get hold of them cheaply.

The best thing to do is browse local marketplaces to see if anyone is selling and grab them as fast as you can. Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are good places to look.

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Does gym equipment hold value? 

Compared to some other investments, gym equipment holds its value relatively well. Used gym equipment will generally go for 50-80% of the market rate but will be significantly under 50% if there’s damage.

What do gyms do with old equipment? 

Most old commercial gym equipment is refurbished or sold. This is usually how the larger used gym equipment sellers end up with their stock.

Where can I buy cheap gym lockers? 

Used gym lockers are tough to find on individual marketplaces, but you can get them for a good price from used gym equipment companies like Primo Fitness.


Used gym equipment isn’t usually as popular with home users but is increasingly popular with commercial gym owners.

If you look in the right places, you can get some good quality gym equipment and accessories at a heavily discounted price. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you some valuable tips to help you get some great value used gym equipment.  


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