Bowflex Treadmill Reviews: Best Rated Models Compared

Everyone needs cardio to maintain their overall health and well-being. That’s where a good treadmill comes in.

The best treadmills will provide you with an amazing cardio workout from the comfort of your own home without needing to travel to a gym or fight the elements.

When you’re shopping for a treadmill, one of the best brands to choose from is Bowflex.

Everyone has heard of Bowflex before. Even people who don’t exercise often have heard of Bowflex. That tells you all you need to know about the quality of Bowflex and their products when you’re wondering are Bowflex treadmills any good?

Pre-set Workout Programs

Almost every Bowflex product will come equipped with pre-set workout programs. No matter what type of workout you're looking for, Bowflex machines will have plenty of pre-set options. 

Maintenance Free Workout Belts

Thanks to the maintenance-free workout belts Bowflex is famous for, maintaining your equipment is a breeze. Just a dusting off every now and then is all you need.

High-Grade Belt Rollers

Bowflex prides itself on its high-quality roller construction, so it is doubtful that you'll have trouble with their rollers during the machine's lifespan.

Full-Color Display

Bowflex offers a full-color display that is breathtaking. But it also makes everything on the display console much easier to see. So you won't have to struggle reading your workout progress as you run.

Compact/Space Saving Designs

Many people don't invest in workout equipment because they think they don't have room. But with the compact, space-saving designs that Bowflex offers, anyone can find the space for a Bowflex treadmill.

Burn Rate Data Console

Considering your weight, heart rate, and workout habits, new Bowflex machines give you a calorie-focused burn rate that helps you burn the optimal amount of calories during a workout.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With Bluetooth connectivity, Bowflex allows you to connect your phone to your machine and sync your workout progress. You can sync your progress with the Bowflex app as well as your preferred fitness app. 

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

It's not uncommon for treadmills to come with a heart rate monitoring system. However, Bowflex ups the ante by offering a heart rate chest strap that syncs with the machine to deliver 100% accurate heart rate readings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Perhaps the most important part of your Bowflex treadmill is the satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, Bowflex will give you your money back.

Best Bowflex Treadmills Reviewed

Bowflex T116

Bowflex Treadmill BXT116 (Discontinued)
215 Reviews
Bowflex Treadmill BXT116 (Discontinued)
  • 7. 5 inch color backlit LCD screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to...
  • 20" x 60" running surface
  • 9 intuitive “push and go” workout...

The Bowflex T116 is designed to meet and even exceed its major competitors' abilities while showing more finesse with fitness apps and workout data.

The Bowflex T116 is ideal for any dedicated trainee who wants an intense cardio workout at home. It's also great for fit families because it can store up to four user profiles. 

One of our favorite features of the T116 is the 3.75 CHP belt motor. This motor is strong enough for just about anyone's treadmill running. To put it in perspective, 3.0 to 3.5 CHP is typical for the most durable at home treadmills. The T116 falls just below the 4.0 HP used for marathon treadmills.

We love the folding frame of the Bowflex T116 that helps you make the most out of your living space. When you're done with your workout, you can fold up the treadmill and store it until you're ready to use it again. The deck is easily pushed forward, and when it's released, it drops safely to the floor.

For the home users who are really serious about their workouts will love the burn rate console with advanced calorie burn feedback. I know we love it. When you use the T116, you get the typical feedback, but you also get a per-minute calorie burn calculation for an extra push of motivation. We loved seeing the immediate effect of our efforts, and it made us work harder longer.

Bluetooth capability is essential these days, and the T116 delivers. The Bluetooth connectivity on the burn rate console makes it very easy to log all of your fitness stats. You can sync your stats with the Bowflex app or fitness apps from other providers.

We love that the T116 comes equipped with chest straps for wireless heart rate monitoring. With the wireless system, you can get the additional cardio benefit of heartrate-controlled workouts.

The Bowflex T116 is the perfect treadmill for at home cardio warriors.

Bowflex T216

Bowflex Treadmill BXT216 (Discontinued)
196 Reviews
Bowflex Treadmill BXT216 (Discontinued)
  • Introducing Bowflex JRNY, the personalized...
  • Stay engaged by exploring dozens of virtual...
  • Motorized incline up to 15% to vary workout...
  • 22" x 60" running path with Comfort Tech...

The Bowflex T216 is a slight upgrade over the T116, but that is a testament to this treadmill and not a knock on the T116. The enhancements it has over the T116 make this treadmill the ideal machine for serious runners. If you're the type to train all year for the Boston Marathon, this treadmill is for you.

Keep in mind that these upgrades will also bring a higher price tag with them, but if you're a serious runner, the T216 treadmill is worth the investment.

The T216 has the same 15% incline that the T116 has, but this treadmill has a slightly more powerful motor, with a 4.0 CHP belt motor. You read it right; the T216 comes packed with four horsepower. The power this treadmill packs can virtually guarantee that it can smoothly handle several workouts a day, as well as any marathon training sessions.

And if you are buying the treadmill to lose weight, it will have no problem handling larger athletes.

The width of this treadmill belt is also larger than the T116. The T216 is about two inches wider, which might not seem like a lot, but it makes a massive difference to runners, especially runners who prefer to run outside and feel cramped on treadmills. If that's you, it would be a good idea for you to choose a slightly larger treadmill, like the Bowflex T216.

The belt comes in at 22" wide and 60" long, and since it is a Bowflex treadmill, it has a three-ply maintenance-free workout belt. That means you don't have to wax the belt or recalibrate it due to stretching.

If you're a marathon runner serious about running who loves the great outdoors, the Bowflex T216 is the treadmill for you for the days you're stuck inside.

2 Bowflex Tradmills Compared


Bowflex T116

Bowflex T216

Speed Range

0-12 mph

0-12 mph

Incline %



Weight Capacity

375 lbs

400 lbs

Motor Size

3.75 HP

4.0 HP

Workout Programs

9 intuitive “push and go” workout programs

11 intuitive “push and go” workout programs


84.6" L x 36.3" W x 55.2" H

84.5" L x 38.5" W x 54.7" H


15 years frame & motor, 5 years parts & electronics, 2 years labor.

15 years frame & motor, 5 years parts & electronics, 2 years labor.

Also Notable

USB charging port

Bigger Belt

History of the Bowflex Brand

Bowflex was born in 1986 in Vancouver, Washington. While other companies were still building expensive, conventional gym equipment, Bowflex was developing equipment for the home. Bowflex's first product was the 2000x, a machine that used a combination of polymer rods to create constant resistance or tension.

Now Bowflex specializes in all kinds of fitness equipment, from treadmills all the way to adjustable dumbbells. Bowflex is marketed and sold by Nautilus, Inc.

Comparison to Other Treadmill Brands

Bowflex Vs. Sole

Both Bowflex and Sole Fitness make high-quality products. Bowflex and Sole are neck and neck on many levels if you're in the market for a treadmill, but Bowflex edges out Sole in a few categories.

The Bowflex machines are more powerful, and they come with a chest strap monitor for accurate heart rate readings. And the Bowflex's come with larger running belts compared to Sole. So when you add up these factors, Bowflex gives you more bang for your buck compared to Sole.

Bowflex Vs. Nordictrack

Nordictrack and Bowflex have made big names for themselves by offering the latest high-quality home gym equipment. You really can't go wrong with either company when you are shopping for a treadmill, and it comes down to what you need in a treadmill.

The Bowflex BXT216 has a stronger motor as well as side handrail controls and the media shelf. But Nordictrack has a treadmill with a slightly better console. So it all depends on what you prefer.

Bowflex Vs. Life Fitness

Bowflex machines are designed to provide you with optimum and efficient results without having to dangerously overexert yourself during your workouts.

Life Fitness offers seven home treadmill models that are all high quality and bring the feel of health club fitness machines to our home. We give the edge here to Bowflex because if you can achieve greater results with minimal impact, you can work out more consistently.

Bowflex Vs. Ancheer

Ancheer is not a household name like Bowflex when it comes to the fitness industry. But Ancheer still has treadmills with features that should work well in your home and provide you access to a cardio machine.

Since the Ancheer brand doesn't have the power that many other top brands like Bowflex have, you should stick with Bowflex if you are looking for a top of the line treadmill.

How to Setup & Use a Bowflex Treadmill

Fortunately, Bowflex makes assembly as easy as possible. You should have a friend with you to make the setup process as easy as possible.

Bowflex has treadmill assembly videos online that will walk you step-by-step through the entire setup process. Setup is relatively straightforward, but never rush through it and make your safety a priority. Your machine will be bulky with heavy parts, so it will be easy to smash a finger or toe.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do treadmills help with weight loss?

Using a treadmill is an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Combine the cardio from your treadmill workout with strength training for optimal results.

Do I need to consult a doctor before using these treadmills?

If you have used a treadmill before and are in relatively good condition, you should be fine without speaking to a doctor. But, if you're unsure of your health status, have pre-existing conditions, or are pregnant, you should always talk to a doctor before starting any fitness program.

How do you reset a Bowflex treadmill?

Resetting your Bowflex treadmill is similar to resetting other devices. Just press and hold the ENTER and POWER keys for 3 seconds to put the treadmill into dormant mode. Once in dormant mode, refer to your user manual for each feature and how to access it.

What is the best Bowflex Treadmill workout routine that is easy to follow?

There are several great workouts available for your Bowflex treadmill. If you're looking for a quick, high-intensity workout to get your day started, check out this workout from the Bowflex website.

How do I maintain these treadmills in good condition?

There are a few simple things to do to maintain your treadmill. First, lubricate your treadmill by applying a silicone or paraffin-based lubricant to the underside of the treadmill belt. You should also vacuum inside the motor compartment.  

Wipe down your treadmill after every use, especially if you sweat a lot. Be sure to always keep the belt centered to ensure your treadmill is working efficiently. And finally, install a treadmill mat under your treadmill to keep from damaging your floor and keep noise levels down.

Where can one get a decent Bowflex treadmill manual?

Fortunately, Bowflex offers almost every treadmill manual online. You can find them by clicking this link.

How do I contact Bowflex customer service?

In case of any questions, concerns or problems, Bowflex’s customer service can be easily reached. You can contact them by phone, email, online chat, or even their Facebook page. All of those links can be found here.

How much is a Bowflex treadmill?

Depending on the type of treadmill you buy, they can range from just under $1,000 to a little over $3,000.

How can I connect Bluetooth to Bowflex treadmill?

Bowflex uses the latest Bluetooth technology. First, be sure Bluetooth is activated on your device. Once you have the proper app on your device, make sure your treadmill is turned on. Then open your app to search for your treadmill. Once it’s detected, you can pair your treadmill with your device.

Is the Bowflex treadclimber better than a treadmill?

When deciding between a treadmill or treadclimber, you have to determine what kind of workout you want. For a low impact, highly effective walking workout, a treadclimber is best. If you're a serious jogger or runner, though, and you want to be able to incline or decline your machine and have a touch screen and internet, a treadmill is the right choice for you.

Where is the best place to buy Bowflex treadmills & replacement parts?

If you’re ready to buy a Bowflex treadmill, or you ever need replacement parts, the Bowflex website is a great place to start. And, you can always find what you need on Amazon with fast shipping.


When it comes to losing weight and burning calories, or preparing for the next big race and enhancing your cardio health, Bowflex is a name you can trust. If you're serious about running and want to get the best bang for your buck, we recommend the T216.

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Last Updated on August 19, 2021