6 Best Treadmills Under $2000: Reviewed For Garage Gyms

When setting up your home gym, it is vital to invest in durable quality pieces without breaking the bank. Treadmills are an essential feature of any home or commercial gym due to their versatile and reliable nature.

This review is perfect for those looking to find the best treadmill under 2000 dollars.

What To Expect From Treadmills At This Price Point

For treadmills under the 2000 dollar price point, you can find decent to excellent quality builds with various helpful features. While some models are more basic, others have features such as:

  • Modern LED consoles
  • Multiple pre-programmed workouts plus some customizable ones
  • Video or live-streamed workouts
  • Excellent stability and durability
  • Shock absorption under the wide belt
  • Multiple heart rate tracking options
  • Safety features such as auto shut off

Buyer’s Guide: Quality Treadmills Under $2000

Max User Weight

To function correctly, machines like treadmills have a maximum user weight limit. Consider the weight of you and any other users and find a treadmill with a weight limit with an additional 30-40 lbs. Often, the max user weight ranges from 220-350 pounds, with some going even larger than that.

Size Vs. Space

Before purchasing, measure out the size of your new workout space. Whether you have a dedicated gym room or a corner of your garage, you need to find a treadmill that fits into your space while giving you enough room to move around.

Once you have decided on the right area, you need to know where and how you will store the treadmill; can you leave it up, or do you need a foldable option?

Deck Length

When running, your stride length and width is different compared to when you are merely walking. Get someone to help you measure your stride along with any other users and find a treadmill with plenty of room to move. It is better to get a treadmill on a larger size than one that is too small.

Core Components

  • Motor/Motor Capacity 
    Some core components of treadmills in this range are powerful motors of around 2.0 to 3.0 continuous horsepower, with some having safety features built into their system. A treadmill with 2.0 horsepower is good for a walker, 2.5 horsepower is suitable for joggers, and 3.0 and over is best for runners.
  • Incline Selection
    There are typically 10-15 levels of incline, and potentially two decline options, to choose from for added challenge as well as proper deck cushioning and shock absorption to cushion your joints and prevent unnecessary strain.

    You want to be able to switch incline and speed levels easily with a one-touch or easy touch system, and you want a wide range to choose from. Most treadmills typically reach max speeds of 12 miles per hour and max inclines of 15 percent.
  • Shock absorption
    Deck cushioning is a system that tries to cushion your joints on impact with the belt, often using air, to prevent added stress and potential injury. This is most important on treadmills because, unlike when running on natural roads and elements, treadmills are hard and unyielding surfaces that will wear your joints over time.

Secondary Features

Alongside basic treadmill features, treadmills that cost under 2000 dollars often have a variety of useful secondary components, such as:

  • Heart rate sensors to map your progress
  • Monitor displays with larger screens then lower price treadmills
  • Immersive programming to customize or select pre-prepared training
  • Mp3 compatibility to play music, podcasts, or movies
  • Bluetooth compatibility to blast your playlist while you workout
  • Noise levels that vary from low to medium levels

Safety Features

No matter what you pay, your treadmill needs to have adequate and accessible safety features to protect you while you run. Typically, treadmill safety features to watch out for include:

  • Safety keys can stop the treadmill should you trip or fall
  • Handrails are available to keep you steady or prevent you from being flung from the back if you fall
  • Automatic slow start allows you to gradually adjust to a higher speed in a safe and natural way


Accidents and malfunctions happen; getting a treadmill with an extended warranty is great for future-proofing. Whether the motor stops functioning or the display doesn't work, a warranty can ensure that you are protected.

For treadmills in this category, frames and motors are typically covered from 10 years to life while labor and parts are typically 1 to 5 years.

6 Best Treadmills Under $2000 Reviewed

1. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill +...
  • 30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included;...
  • Immersive 10-inch interactive HD touchscreen...
  • -3 to 15 % OneTouch incline control; 12 MPH...
  • Innovative SpaceSaver design with EasyLift...

Best treadmill Under $2000

Running Surface (Belt Size)

22 x 60 inches

Motor Size

3.75 CHP

Speed Range

0-12 mph

Incline Range


Max User Weight

300 lbs

An Amazon's Choice product and our top pick for the best treadmill under $2000, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is perfect for home and gym use alike.

A powerful 3.75 continuous horsepower motor ensures that you can maintain a 0 to 12 miles per hour training session on your decent-sized belt with ease. FlexSelect cushioning works to protect your joints and prevent injury while running regularly. The 10-inch HD smart touchscreen display allows you to easily follow a streamed workout or watch a movie while working.

An iFit membership is included with your purchase of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. With this membership, you have access to thousands of pre-prepared and live workouts that focus on running, sculpting, cross-training, and more.

There are also various global terrain videos to get the feeling of working out around the world. In terms of downsides, this membership automatically charges you after that one year is up; be careful and bear this in mind before purchase. The built-in fan up front lets you immerse yourself while providing a little relief.

Once your workout is over, you can track your stats, use Google Maps, and make room for multiple users. Once you are ready to put everything away, the Commercial 1750 folds easily using the Easylift Assist feature. With how easy this product is to use and store, you have no excuse to skip your cardio workout.


  • One year iFit membership included – 160,000 programs
  • FlexSelect cushioning
  • Multiple users allowed
  • Warranty = 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor


  • Customer service could be better
  • Automatic charge for iFit after one year

2. Reebok Jet 100 Series

Reebok Jet 100 Series Treadmill + Bluetooth
  • Air Motion technology reacts to each foot...
  • Compatible with the Reebok Fitness App,...
  • Reaching 10 mph across 12 power incline...
  • Fitted with a 5 LED windows + Profile Chart...

Runner Up

Running Surface (Belt Size)

17 x 51.2 inches

Motor Size

10 HP

Speed Range

0-10 mph

Incline Range

0-12 %

Max User Weight

242 lbs

Our runner up for the top spot, the Reebok Jet 100 series treadmill, is perfect for busy households looking to get a good workout in at home. With a decent running surface and a powerful motor, this treadmill can reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour and an incline of 12 percent.

This is not quite as high as others on our list, but the Reebok Jet 100 Series does make up for that with 24 pre-set programs to keep your goals in reach.

AirMotion technology pushes air to exactly where your feet fall to give you optimum comfort and joint protection. An adjustable cooling fan is built-in to keep you from overheating, and the AutoStop safety feature gives you peace of mind to do your best.

Multiple heart rate monitor options are available. All of your stats can be synced with various health apps, including the Reebok Fitness App. Multiple users can be tracked at once, and there are multiple LED displays for the stat-conscious.

It is important to note that the user weight limit is a mere 242 pounds; please bear this in mind before purchase. Overall, the Reebok Jet 100 Series is an excellent option for families and couples looking to get an effective workout at home.


  • AirMotion Technology
  • Three users allowed
  • AutoStop safety feature
  • 24 pre-set programs
  • adjustable cooling fan built-in


  • Low max user weight limit

3. 3G Cardio 80i

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill -...
  • 3G Cardio, an Arizona-based company with a...
  • The 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill is the...
  • Heavy-duty Ortho Flex suspension limits the...
  • All the necessary built-in programs with...

Best Home Treadmill Under $2000

Running Surface (Belt Size)

18.5 x 58 inches

Motor Size

3.0 HP

Speed Range

0-11 mph

Incline Range


Max User Weight

325 lbs

Our top pick for the best home treadmill under $2000, the 3G Cardio 80i is an excellent option for fitness enthusiasts with very little floor and storage space. The large belt works together with the three horsepower motor to bring you speeds of up to eleven miles per hour and inclines of up to 15 percent.

Large easy to read displays ensure that you can read your heart rate and other stats no matter when you workout. One-touch speed and incline adjustment remove any awkward movement to keep you in the flow.

In terms of comfort, the 3G Cardio has OrthoFlex suspension for ultimate comfort and security in your joints. While we love the 3G’s built-in speakers and iPhone and MP3 connections, we wish that there were more than eight built-in programs and four custom ones to choose from.

Once your workout is complete, this model folds completely flat and can even fit underneath your bed for optimum space-saving and storage.

The warranties on the 3G are five years for parts and one year for drive, frame and labor, which is some of the lowest on this list. In terms of the user weight limit, the maximum for the 3G Cardio 80i is 325 pounds, which is pretty high and should suit many users.


  • Built-in speakers
  • iPhone/ MP3 connection available
  • Can fold flat to be stored underneath beds
  • Orthoflex suspension system
  • One-touch speed and incline adjust


  • Short warranty

4. 3G Cardio Pro Runner

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill, Silver -...
  • 3G Cardio, an Arizona-based company with a...
  • The perfect solution for those who want a...
  • 3.0 HP motor powers the 216 lb. Pro Runner...
  • All the necessary built-in programs with...

Best Running Treadmill Under $2000

Running Surface (Belt Size)

20.5 x 58 inches

Motor Size

3.0 HP

Speed Range

0-12 mph

Incline Range


Max User Weight

350 lbs

The chosen model for the best running treadmill under $2000, the 3G Cardio Pro Runner is perfect for amateur and regular runners to train no matter the weather or season. A powerful three horsepower motor propels the belt up to twelve miles per hour and a 15 percent incline, easily adjusted through a one-touch system.

Multiple heart rate monitoring options are available, including a wireless chest belt and a touch-based system. There are three different fitness tests to choose from and pit yourself against, along with eight pre-programmed workouts and two custom ones.

No matter how taxing your workout is, an adjustable fan is built to keep you cool. This foldable treadmill has a compact design that can be stored in most narrow areas in a garage or a corner.

In terms of warranties, the Cardio Pro Runner has some of the longest on this list. Its motor warranty lasts a lifetime and the parts warranty that lasts for five years.

If you lose your manual or need to register your warranties, you can easily do that on Amazon and the brand’s website, respectively. In customer reviews, some have noted that the belt is prone to wear down quickly and could be better quality.


  • Compact foldable design
  • Multiple heart rate monitoring options
  • Multiple fitness tests
  • Built-in fan with multiple intensities
  • Long warranty


  • The belt could be better

5. LifeSpan TR4000i

On Sale Today
LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Foldable Treadmill...
  • BUILT TO LAST: With a robotically-welded,...
  • SAFETY FIRST: The patented Intelli-Guard...

Best Folding Treadmill Under $2000

Running Surface (Belt Size)

20 x 60 inches

Motor Size

3.25 HP

Speed Range

0-12 mph

Incline Range

15 levels

Max User Weight

350 lbs

Our top pick for the best folding treadmill for under $2000, the LifeSpan TR4000i is an effective and compact model suitable for those with smaller living spaces. Along with handling 12 miles per hour, a 15 percent incline, and two decline options, the max user weight for the TR4000i is 350 pounds, making it perfect for users with a variety of body types.

Twenty-one different trainer programs are available to push you to reach your fitness goals. They are easy to track using the three different 7-inch dashboards. Listening to your playlist or a podcast is easy with Bluetooth connected speakers and a USB charger built right into the treadmill for your convenience.

In terms of warranties, the LifeSpan TR4000i is covered by a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a five-year parts warranty, and a one-year labor warranty. This puts it towards the top when compared to other entrants on this list.

That being said, some customers have noted that this treadmill can be quite loud, and touching certain metal parts can give you a small static shock at times. Once your workout is over, the EZFold technology and soft drop system ensure that putting away and pulling out your folding treadmill is as comfortable and safe as possible.


  • Foldable with EZFold tech and soft drop features
  • 21 trainer programs
  • Two decline levels
  • Long warranty
  • Syncs with other health apps


  • Loud
  • Metallic parts can give light shock

6. Studio Series

Horizon Fitness 7.8 at Studio Series Smart...
  • CONNECT: Quick and easy app connectivity....
  • PRECISION CONTROL: Experience fast, smooth...
  • PROGRAM CHOICES: Custom Interval Keys,...

Best Smart Treadmill Under $2000

Running Surface (Belt Size)

22 x 60 inches

Motor Size

4.0 HP

Speed Range

0-12 mph

Incline Range


Max User Weight

330 lbs

For tech fitness geeks, the Studio Series is the best smart treadmill for under $2000 thanks to its variety of convenient secondary features. Not only does it have a powerful motor, large belt, and decent speed and incline, but it is also capable of holding a max user weight of 330 pounds.

QuickDial response controls provide a smooth and unique wat to tailor the settings to your exact needs up to 33 percent faster than treadmills with standard touch keys.

A 9.3-inch full-color display allows you to keep track of your stats, and there are plenty of places to put your tablet or phone to watch movies or stream workouts. Media controls make changing the volume or song easy, while Bluetooth speakers make sure that your music keeps you going.

A rapid charge USB port ensures that your device is as ready to go as you are once your workout is complete. To keep your joints from wearing down or becoming injured, the Studio Series has a three-zone variable response system to cushion and protect your body as you run.

For those who want to shred through fat quickly, the Sprints program provided with the treadmill can help you see results in 8 weeks. In terms of warranties, the Studio Series delivers the best ones with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a five-year parts warranty, and a two-year labor warranty.

While we would recommend the Studio Series, it is essential to note that some customers have had issues with the motor in the past.


  • QuickDial high response controls
  • Multiple device positions and holders
  • Integrated speakers
  • Rapid charge USB port
  • Three-zone variable response cushioning


  • The motor could be better quality

Different Types Of Treadmills Explained

Motorized Vs. Manual

A motorized treadmill is arguably the most common style of treadmill. It has a motor that helps drive the belt and allows you to change the belt's speed. Motorized treadmills are best for running and HIIT training.

Manual treadmills, on the other hand, are moved by your own feet and effort. This means that working out can be more demanding and potentially have increased joint stress. This style of treadmill is best for walkers who want added challenges at home.

Folding Vs. Curved

Folding treadmills are designed to be folded in half to be stored as efficiently as possible. These types of treadmill are best for those with limited storage space or smaller living spaces.

Curved treadmills are non-motorized devices with concave belts that try to mimic the body’s natural running movement. These treadmills are a great way to complement a running program due to their consistent speed but are not the most common.

Cheap vs. Commercial

While a cheap treadmill may seem like a good deal, it can be much more expensive to maintain in the long run. Cheap treadmills often have subpar quality builds and parts that can easily break within a short time of purchase.

Commercial treadmills are durable models with plenty of pre-programmed workouts and safety features. Treadmills of this quality go through a lot of rigorous use each day by various gym members and need to handle a wide variety of needs, weights, and goals.

How to Safely Use a Treadmill

Once your treadmill arrives, it is possible to have it professionally built or build it yourself. We recommend hiring a service, but it is possible to assemble it using the manual provided. Once the treadmill is assembled, carefully inspect each of its parts and features to ensure that it is safe to use and properly built.

Whether you are running or walking, it is best to follow these rules when using a treadmill:

  • Before starting the machine, clip on the safety key and enable any additional safety features
  • Straddle the deck with one foot on either side before turning the treadmill on
  • Always face forward while using the treadmill
  • Do not use the treadmill barefoot; wear comfortable running shoes
  • Please wait for the belt to stop completely before getting off of it. Step on and off slowly and carefully, keeping one hand on a rail
  • Do not allow children to use the treadmill
  • Leave plenty of space surrounding the treadmill, particularly behind it
  • Tuck or even tape power cords away from high traffic areas such as the sides and rear of the treadmill
  • Stay in the center of the belt as much as possible; stop using the machine immediately if you sway
  • Do not train too hard right away. Build yourself up to it, gradually increasing the pace over time
  • Warm-up and cool down your muscles thoroughly before beginning your workout

While it is possible to do smaller workouts every day, we recommend working out for a maximum of five or six days a week. Giving your muscles time to rest is vital to improving your health and preventing injury.

Recommended Treadmill Exercises & Workouts

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned treadmill user, there is plenty of fun and challenging workouts that can be done on a treadmill.

Some treadmill models come with pre-programmed workouts or even subscriptions to the brand’s live-streamed activities for added value. Various workout plans can be followed online. Still, you can’t go too wrong with a HIIT or high-intensity interval training workout. An example of HIIT training for beginners can be found here.

Depending on your choice of plan or workout, you can target muscles such as the glutes, calves, thighs, and abdominals, among others.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Should I place a treadmill on a mat?

We recommend placing your treadmill on a thin mat if you intend to place the treadmill on the carpet or if your living space is rented.

How much should one exercise on a treadmill?

That depends entirely on your fitness level, health, and any past injuries, as well as your personal fitness goals. We recommend speaking to a doctor to decide on the best course of action for your body. Many people typically start at 20 minutes three times a week.

What is the best speed on treadmill to burn fat?

There is no such thing as the best speed to burn fat, but HIIT training is reputed to burn through fat. With the right effort, diet, and a consistent regimen, you can see an improvement in your overall health and fat percentage.

What are the most popular and recommended treadmill brands under $2000?

Some popular treadmill brands in this price range include:

  • Life Fitness, known for its multiple console options, commercial models, and reliability.
  • Horizon, known for their lifelong warranties, free shipping, and durable, cushioned builds.
  • Bowflex, known for their extended warranties and excellent secondary features.
  • Sole, known for its high weight limits and secondary features.
  • NordicTrack, known for its FlexSelect cushioning, iFit training program, and extended warranties.
it safe for pregnant women, the elderly, or anyone with health issues to use a treadmill?

Alongside proper construction and standard electrical safety rules, treadmill use is often dictated by your personal goals and health. Pregnant women, the elderly, and those with health issues need to work out at a lower intensity and consistency than those in peak physical condition. We recommend talking to your doctor to tailor a workout program to you and your needs.

Where is the best place to buy treadmills at this price point?

We recommend buying your treadmill from Amazon due to its range of models, brands, customer reviews, great value prices, and speedy delivery.


But what is the best treadmill under $2000? Considering all the excellent models on our list, we recommend the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 due to its durability, reliability, and useful secondary features.

Last Updated on February 23, 2023