Body-Solid Best Fitness BFPR100 Power Rack Reviewed

It isn’t a home gym without a power tower, also known as a power rack. These versatile pieces of equipment can handle numerous tasks. Some parts of them serve as a pull-up bar, while other sections hold weight bars and barbells.

You can place a weight bench inside, giving you a place to do everything from abdominal crunches to quick lifts. One of these power racks – the Best Fitness Power Rack BFPR100 – claims to be the best (hence it’s name.)

In this Best Fitness Power Rack review, we’ll go over many aspects of the device in order to see whether or not that name truly is accurate.

Product Specifications








117 lbs

Max User Weight

500 lbs


3 years

Adjustment Levels


This full cage power rack is designed to encompass the entire body, providing you with additional stability. It can also handle plenty of lifting styles. The Best Fitness Power Rack is made of steel and has an overall capacity of 500 pounds.

It has an integrated pull-up bar, as well as 23 different adjustment positions. Some of the many exercises that you can do on this power tower include overhead presses, squats, rack pulls, inverted rows, and barbell curls.

The Best Fitness Power Rack is made by Body Solid, a fitness equipment company that also creates devices under the brands Pro-Dual, PowerLine, and ProClubLine. Along with the Best Fitness Power Rack and its attachments, they also make an Olympic weightlifting bench, recumbent bikes, and inversion tables, among other things.

When you purchase something made by this company, you know that you’re getting a quality piece of home gym equipment. Plus, Body Solid is known for their power racks. They make more of these devices than anyone else in the fitness industry. They truly are experts.

Their Best Fitness line of equipment is designed for in-home use. The machines and devices are sturdy enough to be used every day, and they are meant to be less intimidating than going to a gym. All of the home gym equipment made by them is both attractive and easy to use.

You’ll find that the BFPR100 fits in with the rest of this product line quite nicely. If you want a versatile piece of equipment for your home gym, then this is definitely one to consider.

Pros and Cons

The Best Fitness Power Rack has several pros and cons. They include:


  • The Best Fitness Power Rack is made of strong, 14-gauge steel.
  • Its finish is powder-coated for additional durability. It shouldn’t scratch, dent, or ding easily.
  • The cage-style design works like a human spotter for all of your weight lifting exercises.
  • The lift-offs and safeties are located in ideal spots.
  • Comes with a built-in pull-up bar.


  • You’ll need to assemble it yourself, so you need to have the required tools and other things at your disposal.
  • It doesn’t come with floor anchors. If you want to fasten it to the floor, you’ll have to devise your own method of doing so.
  • The power tower doesn’t come with weights, a weight bench, or anything else that you’ll need in order to use it for lifting purposes.

Features of the Body Solid Power Rack

It wouldn’t be a Best Fitness Power Rack review without a breakdown of the device’s features. This home gym essential comes with everything that you need to get started, except for the weight bench, lifting bar, and weights of course.

Best Fitness Power Rack

There are several optional features that you can purchase to add to this power tower – the lat attachment, a set of bar catches, some cannonball grips, gut buster ab slings, and a dip rack attachment. All of them add quite a bit of versatility to this already useful device.

This power rack also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The frame is covered for three years, while the parts have one year of coverage, just in case there are defects. The Bests Fitness Power Rack weighs 117 pounds, although it can support a whopping 500 pounds worth of weight.

It has 23 different adjustment positions on the sides, plus a built-in chin-up bar. There are also two lift-off locations, as well as two built-in safeties.

The inside of the power rack cage is 42.5 inches wide, by 24 inches deep. This can accommodate any number of available commercial weight benches. The overall dimensions of this device are 45 inches long by 83 inches high and 47 inches wide.

It should fit in many household spaces, without taking up too much room. The adjustment holes are one inch wide, and this piece of equipment will support a seven-foot-long weight bar.

Best Fitness Power Rack vs. PowerLine PPR200X

No Best Fitness Power Rack review would be complete without a comparison between this power tower and a similar model. The PowerLine PPR200X is made by the same company – Body Solid – just under a different brand name.

This power rack is silver in color, and is around the same dimensions: 44 inches wide by 82 inches high and 46 inches deep. The warranty is different, however; the PowerLine model comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame alone. It’s also made of 12 gauge steel and can support up to 600 pounds.

With that said, the PPR200X lacks many of the bells and whistles that make the BFPR100 a better choice. The additional attachments for the BFPR100 are better and make the device much more versatile. The powder-coated steel on the Best Fitness model will hold up much better (and not show as many scratches) than the uncoated PowerLine power rack.

On top of this, the Best Fitness device offers more positions – 23 to the PowerLine’s 18. Both pieces of equipment come with built-in chin-up bars, although the one on the PowerLine is knurled for comfort.

What it all comes down to is the level of function that you require. The Best Fitness Power Rack can handle more exercises and is much more versatile than the other model. It also comes in a very snappy red finish.

Final Words & Recommendation

Body-Solid Best Fitness BFPR100 Adjustable...
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Body-Solid Best Fitness BFPR100 Adjustable...
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Our Rating: 4.8 Star Rating 4.8 / 5

That being said, I highly recommend the Best Fitness Power Rack. If you’ve been looking for the best power rack for your home gym, then look no further. This workout essential is both strong and versatile, especially with the additional attachments.

However, even without those attachments, the device can handle any number of exercises, both involving weightlifting and calisthenics, where you use your own body weight to get in an even better workout.

Between the red powder-coated finish and the hulking 82-inch height, this power rack will look great in your home gym – and it will function even better. No basement gym is complete without one.

If you would prefer something of a full-commercial quality, then check out Fitness Reality X-Class power rack.

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Last Updated on August 19, 2021