Assault Air Bike Vs. Schwinn Airdyne Pro: Rated & Compared

If you're looking to stay in shape from the comfort of your own home, an indoor air resistance exercise bike might be just what you're looking for. Two of the best air resistance exercise bikes on the market are the Assault Airbike and the Airdyne Pro.

Both of these exercise bikes are extremely popular, and both brands have a stellar reputation in the world of at-home fitness.

Although similar, the Assault Airbike Classic and the Airdyne Pro each offer their own unique benefits. In this guide, we will help you decide which air bike is best for you.

The Assault AirBike and the Airdyne Pro both have a good-sized LCD screen with all the essential metrics. On both, you can see your heart rate, calories burnt, distance, etc. The Assault Bike comes with Tabata, Intervals, Watts, and Heart Rate Programs. The Airdyne Pro comes with multiple HIIT programs

Both bikes have a frame made out of durable steel. The fan on the Assault bike is visibly larger at 25 inches in diameter with steel blades. The Airdyne Pro's fan is smaller with multiple plastic blades. Metal blades are much noisier, so the Airdyne Pro exercise bike is the quieter one of the two.

The Airdyne Pro has multi-directional handles that deliver an exceptional grip, whether you prefer gripping horizontally or vertically. The Assault Airbike is equipped with a chain drive, and the Airdyne machine features a belt drive.


Assault Air Bike

Schwinn Airdyne Pro


ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic, Black

Schwinn Fitness AD Pro Airdyne Bike

Drive System

Chain Drive

Belt Drive

Noise Level




Durable Steel



Tabata, Intervals, Watts, Heart Rate Programs

Built-in HIIT programs


Fixed Handles

Multi-directional handles




More Expensive

Check Price

Exercise Bike Features We Considered

  • Build Quality  
    No one wants to work out on something that feels like it's going to break. You want an exercise air bike that will endure the most grueling workouts.
  • Max User Weight & Height  
    Let's face it; you can't get a good workout on your exercise bike if you don't fit on it. Always pay attention to max user weight and height and make sure the bike will work for you.
  • Footprint & Transportability  
    Not all of us have colossal garages for all of our indoor exercise equipment. That's why we need an air bike that can be easily moved, and that doesn't take up our entire living room when we use it.
  • Resistance Mechanism & Exercise Levels  
    The resistance mechanism and exercise levels determine how hard of a workout you're going to get. You need an exercise bike that will meet you where you are now and grow with you as you get stronger.
  • Comfort & Adjustability  
    Your exercise bike should only hurt you because it's burning fat and toning muscle, not because it is uncomfortable to sit on or operate. Look for an exercise bike with a comfortable seat and easy to use handles.
  • Convenience  
    Look for a machine that is easy to assemble, operate, and maintain. You should spend most of your time with your exercise bike exercising, not fixing or maintaining it.
  • Price Guide  
    The old saying that you get what you pay for holds true in the world of exercise air bikes, but don't spend money for the sake of spending money. Have a budget in mind, and buy accordingly.
  • Quiet & Smooth Operation  
    This is especially critical if you live in an apartment building. You can't disturb your neighbors, kids, or sleeping spouse while you workout. Look for an exercise bike that can stay as quiet as you need to be.
  • Integration With Different Tech  
    Some air bikes will have Bluetooth capabilities, the ability to monitor your heart rate, and sync with some of your favorite fitness apps. If this is important to you, keep an eye out for these things.
  • Warranty Length & Type  
    You don't want to be stuck with a lemon after you buy your air exercise bike, so look for a warranty that covers you if something goes wrong.
  • Extra Features  
    Some air bikes will go above and beyond and throw in things like Preset Workout Programs, a Built-In Fan, Water Bottle Holder, and Tablet Trays.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Assault Bike Vs. Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Durability & Build Quality

Both of these exercise bikes are made with solid steel frames. The Assault Bike features high-tensile steel and is sealed with a protective layer of powder coating for a bit of added durability. Even the fan on the Assault Air Bike is steel.

User Weight & Height Needs

Because of the solid steel frame, both of these air exercise bikes can support weights up to 350lbs. The Airdyne Pro and the Assault Bike also allow the seat to be moved forward and backward for the tall people.

Size of Unit & Portability

We have to admit, neither one of these bikes is very portable. The Assault bike is almost 100lbs, and the Airdyne Pro is right around 113. The space needed by both bikes is similar. The Air Assault Bike is a bit longer, and the Airdyne is a bit wider.

Workout Programs & Resistance Levels

The Airdyne Pro includes several programmed workouts. The Assault Bike has pre-programmed settings based on the type of workout that you're interested in. You might prefer the programmed workouts of the Airdyne Pro, or you might like the simplicity of the Assault Bike settings.

Seat & Handles

The Airdyne Pro has multi-directional handles that deliver an exceptional grip. You can grip horizontally or vertically. The Assualt AirBike has always included a fully adjustable seat for added comfort. Still, some users believe that the seat isn't very comfortable. This is an easy fix, though, because you can replace it with another bike seat if you prefer.

Ease of Use

Both of these bikes are extremely easy to use. There isn't much setup involved, and you can get on and start working out right away. If you want more of a guided workout, you can use the preset programs they offer.

Value for Money

At the time of this writing, the Assault Bike was $300 cheaper than the Airdyn Pro, making it a great deal. Again, these air bikes are very similar, so if money is an issue, the Assualt Air Bike is a great buy.

Noise Levels

The Assualt Air Bike utilizes metal blades, and metal blades are much noisier. That makes the Airdyne Pro exercise bike, with its plastic blades, the quieter exercise bike of the two, while the Assault Bike may be slightly more durable.

Compatibility with Tech

The Assualt Air Bike utilizes Bluetooth. For example, with Bluetooth, it can pick up signals from a heart rate monitor. On the other hand, the Airdyne Pro doesn't include Bluetooth and other options available on Schwinn's recumbent and traditional upright exercise bikes.


The Airdyne Pro comes has a better warranty. Its frame is covered for ten years, parts are covered for two years, and labor is covered for six months. The frame of the Assault Bike is only covered for five years. Both air exercise bikes feature solid steel frames that are unlikely to break.

More Bike Features

The Airdyne Pro doesn't include many extra features, such as music or a holder for your phone or tablet. But it still delivers an exceptional workout. The Assault Air Bike gives you the ability to dock mobile phones and tablets to keep your devices close while working out.

Airdyne Pro vs. Assault Air Bike Comparison

Bike Feature

Airdyne Pro

Assault Air Bike

Resistance Type

26-blade fan

25-inch fan




Bluetooth Connectivity



Preset Exercise Programs


Pre-programmed settings

Crank System

Belt drive

Chain drive


Ten years on the frame, two years on parts, six months for labor

Five years on the frame, two years on parts


55 x 26 x 53 inches

59.95 x 23.34 x 50 inches

Pros of These Air Exercise Bikes

What We Like

Schwinn Airdyne Pro
  • The workout programs
  • Larger fan
  • Comfortable seat
  • Warranty
Assault Air Bike
  • Great price
  • User friendly
  • Very Durable
  • Classic design

Cons of These Air Exercise Bikes

What We Didn't Like

Schwinn Airdyne Pro
  • Expensive
Assault Air Bike
  • Limited warranty
  • Resistance not as strong

Assembling & Using These Air Bikes

Most people will be able to assembly the Airdyne Pro or the Assault Air Bike without issue. The user manual for the Assualt Bike and the Airdyne Pro can both be found online, and there are videos you can watch that will walk you through each air exercise bikes assembly.

These videos and manuals will show you how to connect a heart rate monitor, how to connect to Bluetooth, and more.

To exercise, pedal slowly and move the handles back and forth until you get used to the movement. The resistance increases based on how hard you pump the pedals and handles. Once you’re comfortable, you can speed up. Keep your back straight, and don’t lean forward.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are these air bikes loud compared to other types of exercise bikes?

How much noise your air bike will create depends on how hard you work out on it. A typical air bike can create at most 70 Db to 75 Db of noise. That's similar to a vacuum cleaner.

How does the Rogue Fitness bike compare to the Assault and Airdyne Pro?

The Rogue Echo Bike is stable but not quite as noisy. It also felt a little easier to pedal the Rogue bike, which may be nice if you're looking for less intense workouts.

How do these bikes compare to other cardio equipment?

Exercise bikes are an excellent alternative for people who can't do other forms of cardio like running on a treadmill or using an elliptical. Air exercise bikes are perfect for interval training or High-Intensity Interval Training.

Where is the best place to buy these air bikes?

The best place to get the Assualt Air Bike or the Airdyne Pro is Amazon. Rogue Fitness is another reliable place to pick them up.


The Airdyne Pro and the Assault Bike are two highly-rated air bikes available. When choosing between these two bikes, you should consider which features are more important to you. If you want the quietest bike, you may prefer the Airdyne Pro

If you need durability and stability, the Assault Bike has a slight edge. When it comes down to it, you can't go wrong with either bike.

Last Updated on January 30, 2023