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It’s been some time since I reviewed a more complex home exercise machine.

In most situations there are great additions to all-in-one home gyms and Total Gym Fitness Fusion exercise machine is no exception.

Total Gym brand has been on the market since 1974 and is one of the leaders on the fitness industry market.

They manufacture many different exercise machines, but mostly complete or partial home gyms.

They focus on “total body workout” machines and have delivered thousands of products of great quality over the years.

So without further explanation, let check out the features of Fusion exercise machine.

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Extras Inclued

Nutrition guide, workout DVDs, and exercise wall chart

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Our Experience Using This home Gym

The Total Gym Fitness Fusion is designed to give you a full body workout, and that's what I got. 

It works using a cable pulley system which gives you a smooth and consistent level of resistance when you're training. 

The angle of the device can be changed and the handles moved to exercise different parts of your body, and I found it simple to switch during workouts.

The back-pad is large enough and quite comfortable on the back thanks to the padding, and the handles are comfortable to use. 

I liked the fact that there were 12 different resistance levels. This is great for more intense workouts and lets you ease off the pressure on other muscle groups as needed. 

I also liked the fact that it supported over 60 different exercises.

I wouldn't necessarily use this for building muscle, but the mixture of functional strength exercises, cardio, and flexibility training works really well.

There's also a Pilates kit which is great for overall conditioning [1]. 

The only thing I did I didn't particularly like was the weight. At 86 pounds it's a lot heavier than some other Total Gym models and some users may find it hard to fold and store on their own. 

However, I didn't really have any complaints, and though the Total Gym Fitness Fusion offered a great full body workout. 

Size & Dimensions In The Home

Total Gym products are designed for home use so they're all compact, but the Fusion is one of their smallest models. 

At 55.25 x 17.3 x 9.3 inches (L x W x H) it's a good 40 inches smaller than some other models, and well suited in a compact home. 

The Fusion is designed to fold up too, so you can store it when it's not in use. Just bear in mind that it's heavier and can be a bit awkward to carry and put away. 

This makes it perfect for a small apartment home gym or other small workout space.

Design & Build Quality

The Fusion is designed to be simple. It offers a one stop shop for training at home, and they've kept the design very minimalist. This makes it easy to use and assemble. 

Total Gym are well known for producing good quality products. The Fusion is made from sturdy materials and I haven't noticed any issues when using it.

The cushioning and padding seems to be able to stand up to heavy use as well. 

The maximum user weight of the Fusion is 375 pounds. This is good for a home gym system, and should be plenty for almost every user. 

The only issue I did notice was when I was assembling it. Some of the pre drilled holes in the frame didn't seem to align properly to the holes in the crossbar.

I was able to get it assembled, but it took me a bit of wiggling to sort it. 

Other than that small issue I found it solidly built and felt completely safe when I used it. 


The Fusion is designed to be versatile, and it really is. The cables and handles are easy to move into position and you can do over 60 different exercises, including cardio, stretching, and strength exercises.

The best part for me was the mix of cardio and strength exercise choices.

This let me mix up my workouts, and it's definitely a good piece of equipment for anyone looking to tone up and lose weight. 

Resistance Levels

The Fusion has 12 different levels of resistance. This is good for most users because you can up the intensity as and when you need it.

You can also adjust the angle of the bench to let gravity add some extra resistance if you need it. 

I did find that some of the higher resistance levels were quite a big jump, so just be careful when you're changing it. 

The Fusion has a fair amount of choice to help you customize the resistance of your workouts, and while it isn't designed for heavy strength training, it's useful for helping you develop your functional strength.

Assembling The Product

Assembling the Fusion is very straight forward and to be honest, there isn't a lot to do. The back rest comes already built, and you just have to attach the cables and cross bar. 

The instructions were easy to follow, but I did have a small issue because the pre drilled holes weren't aligned properly on the frame. 

However, it didn't take me long to get it into place. 

You should be able to assemble the Fusion in under an hour, but you may want a friend to help you lift the different parts into position. 

Price Guide

The price for all in one gym machines like this does vary. The Fusion costs about $1200, which is on the expensive side because some other Total Fitness products cost under $500. 

However, the Fusion does offer reasonable value at that price point. 

It's made from good quality materials which will last, and it supports over 60 different workouts - including cardio exercises. 

This removes the need for other equipment and can save you money in the long run. 

Shipping & Warranty

The Total Gym Fitness Fusion full body workout system is available from a lot of different retailers.

You can buy in store from various fitness equipment sellers, or online through Amazon or other 3rd party marketplaces. 

I ordered mind from Amazon and it took less than 2 days to arrive, which is good. It will vary depending on where you order from though. 

My Fusion arrived in a single box which was packaged well, with clear instructions on how to go about assembling it [2]. Again, this may vary from seller to seller. 

The Total Gym Fitness Fusion comes with a 2 year warranty on the frame. This is ok coverage, but some other brands do offer a lifetime warranty to really protect your investment. 

personal trainer showing a woman how to use the total gym fusion

Pros and Cons of The Fusion Model By Total Gym

As with most fitness machines out there, this one has its pros and cons alike.


  • Sturdy machine
  • Easy assembly
  • Compact – does not take much space
  • Supports over 60 different workouts
  • Quality materials and comfortable back-rest


  • Quite awkward to move 
  • More expensive than other Total Gym products 

Who Is It Best Suited For?

The Fusion is best suited for those who want to tone up and lose weight at home. It's perfect for those rehabilitating from injury, and great for those with limited mobility. 

The range of exercises it offers, and relatively small footprint, make this total gym machine great for small home gyms because it removes the need for other equipment. 

However, the Fusion is definitely not for those interested in serious strength training.

The resistance levels just don't get high enough and if your goal is to build muscle then you're better off using the space for some free weights. 

It's also not for those on a tight budget. The Total Gym Fitness Fusion offers some good value, but if you are looking to save money then you should consider something like the Total Gym Apex G5. 

If you want to improve your flexibility, tone your body, rehab from injury, or just improve your mobility - then the Total Gym Fitness is a good investment and should help you reach your goals.

Not sure if this is the right Total Gym model for you? Head on over to our complete guide to every Total Gym model on the market to see which one is right for you!

Unique Features Of The Total Gym Fusion

12 Resistance Levels

The Fusion comes with 12 different resistance levels so you can take your bodyweight movements to the next level for arms, chest, back, legs, and more.

This makes it really useful for rehabilitation exercises where you need to keep adding to the resistance each time. 

60 Different Exercises

The Fusion lets you do over 60 different exercises.

This includes upper and lower body movements, and it has an effective rowing function for aerobic cardio. 

Fitness Guide & DVDs

The Fusion comes with a helpful nutrition booklet, Rosalie Brown's Fitspiration guide, and 5 different workout DVDs.

This package is really useful for beginners and can help you get the most from the fitness equipment. 

Additional Accessories

The Fusion comes with all the accessories you need, including a toe bar, dip bars, a leg pulley system, Pilates kit, squat stand, and ab roller / crunch accessory. This lets you get a true full body workout from the machine. 

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


Conclusion - Is It Worth It?

The Total Gym Fitness Fusion is slightly more expensive than other cable home gym systems, but it offers a lot of value for money. 

It's durable, easy to use, simple to assemble, and has a lot of versatility.

If you're serious about getting in better shape at home then the Fusion should help you get there, and it's a good investment for your home gym if you can afford it. 




Last Updated on January 13, 2023